Sometimes Life gets in the way…


This line is so damn true to my life right now… Ha! I don’t know why I found this so funny. As regular readers of my blog may have noticed, I’ve been quiet for up to five days and then had a post come up. Why? Because I am just so damn busy with work. My shifts aren’t all one set like they used to be, I’ll be working really early one morning, a normal 9-5 the next, and then a really late shift. Of course I use my days off in the week to catch up, but sometimes it isn’t enough time to actually sort my blog out to last me until my next days off.

I usually apologise for this sort of behaviour, but not this time. Not because it is okay, but it’s my blog. If I’m busy, I’m busy. I’m not a student anymore with plenty of time (outside of doing uni work of course…) or work part time, hell my blog isn’t my job either! I don’t earn anything money wise from doing this, but I LOVE to do it. It’s my biggest hobby and I intend to stick around to do it for as long as possible.

I have a lot I want to do with my blog soon, and I intend to make a blog goals post very soon about all that.

So this is just to let readers know why I’m so quiet, but to be honest I’m sure you all have enough brains to realise I’m just a busy lady right now.

My blog being neglected is always in the back of my head, niggling at me saying, “Hey Nat? You haven’t written on me in a while… Why? Did I do something wrong?” and I just want to scream and cry at my blog, “NO MY PRECIOUS I LOVE YOU. I’M JUST TOO BUSY RIGHT NOW!”

God help me when I finally get a puppy! Oh dear. It’s too early in the morning and I haven’t finished my coffee yet…


On that note, I shall leave this here and wander off. I have an exciting post coming up tomorrow to make up for some quietness.

Is there any posts that my readers would like to see? Make sure to let me know in the comments!

Until next time, take care all.

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