Organique Greek Bath Bomb – Review*

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This review has been well overdue for a couple of months now, but alas I just haven’t had time to use it due to how busy I’ve been.

I spoke back in February about the Organique blog event I attended at their Birmingham store (you can read about that here) and how amazing it was. Whilst I was at the event I picked up one of their bath bombs, the Greek one! I was going to pick up a couple, but decided to just buy one due to being skint.

I gave all the various ones a sniff and found this one to be the nicest out of the bunch.

The power of vitamins and revitalization combined with refreshing aroma of juicy grapes.
Nutritional soybean and grapeseed oils, smooth, regenerate and nourish. Natural starch softens the skin and soothes irritation. After the bath, the skin is delicate with fragrant protective film.

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This one smells delicious of white grapes, which took me ages to realise until one of the members of staff at the event told me. It’s safe to say I was pretty damn excited to give this bath bomb a go!

You can either use this as a whole, or as a half. Due to how sensitive my skin can be I only used half. The members of staff at Organique said half is good for giving you soft beautiful scented skin, whilst a whole one will obviously leaving you being twice as soft and scented.

The ingredients in the Organique bath bombs are supposed to be gentler than Lush bath bombs due to less chemicals and such… I won’t lie I never try to think about this sort of stuff as it freaks me out… HA!

This isn’t going to be like a Lush bath bomb and wow you when it hits the water. There’s no underlying surprises like bright pink, blue, yellow, etc. It’s just green. Which I don’t personally mind. It doesn’t hurt having a “boring” bath bomb.

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I found that the half I threw into my bath fizzed rather quickly and left a lovely lime green colour behind. It honestly doesn’t get any better than this… That isn’t a bad thing either! No glitter to cling to your skin and sit around until you wash it off the next day. No bubbles that wear off after five seconds. AND no annoying little leaves or anything else to float around your bath for the majority of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind something that melts away after a while, but I HATE when companies put leaves, petals, etc into their bath bombs. If I wanted that I would add them myself.

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Ahh a lovely picture of me sitting in the bath! Oh shh you, it has to be done. 😛

Throughout my time in the bath I could feel the oils in the bath bomb moisturising my skin, which felt really lovely. However, this only seemed to feel like it lasted for about 10 minutes and then wore off towards the end of my bath… Which was a tad disappointing. I imagine this is due to just using half of the bath bomb as opposed to the whole thing.

I don’t feel that I could smell the gorgeous grape scent of the bath bomb at all whilst in the bath… Not even on my skin after getting out which was the biggest disappointment for me. I was excited to be getting into bed after having my bath and being able to smell that scent all evening. I don’t know if this is due to just using half, but nonetheless I felt I should be able to smell it a little bit. Especially when inside the plastic it smelt really strongly.

This isn’t a bad bath bomb to be honest, it’s certainly a lovely treat if you don’t want anything too indulgent. I think my reasons for being disappointed are all due to Lush and their bath bombs being in your face with their look, and scent.

I would still like to try more of Organique’s bath bombs as they are a gorgeous treat away from Lush bath bombs, which I don’t tend to use as much as I used to.

At the Organique event I was given some bath powder (basically a ground up bath bomb) in the Africa scent and it was gorgeous! I used the whole bag and it left me feeling really soft and gorgeous scented. I would prefer to use these than the bath bombs myself. I think I’ll be picking up some of those the next time I want some indulgent treats for my bath!

These retail at £3.65, so roughly the same as you would pay for a Lush bath bomb. I think this is a great price for what you get!

Some of the scents I am yet and want to try are Raspberry, Milk, Africa (as a bath bomb), and Masculini.

Do you like the sound of Organique? Make sure to let me know in the comments!

Until next time all, take care.

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