Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Scorpio – Review

Yes I am naughty! I’m meant to be saving money, but alas I recently bought myself not one, but two new Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks. These are fast becoming my favourite beauty brand at the moment, yes they’re even shoving MAC Cosmetics away. They’re just the best liquid lipsticks I have tried, and I want to own them all.

Instead of ordering from Cocktail Cosmetics like I usually do, I bought these from the official Jeffree Star Cosmetics website. My reasons being that I didn’t want to worry I would miss out on Scorpio and Redrum is I waited and went through Cocktail Cosmetics. I’ll be reviewing Redrum next week by the way!

I haven’t been so excited for one of Jeffree Stars launches since Hoe Hoe Hoe before Christmas (you can read my review on that shade here), so when he started to talk about Scorpio on Instragram, and giving us sneak peaks, I knew I had to have it.

Scorpio is a grey purple shade, and very unique in my opinion! It’s described as, “This is what happens when grey and purple make love. Jeffree is a Scorpio so it’s only fitting he made a color in it’s honor!” I honestly couldn’t have explained it any differently myself! I love my purple shades and this is one I knew I had to add to my ever growing collection when I first saw it on Instagram.

First thing I want to talk about is how long delivery took from America, and oh boy did it take a while! I ordered the two shades the day that Scorpio came out, and it took three weeks for them to arrive to me! What was more annoying was I had to pay £13.00 import fees as well. That’s the price of one from Cocktail Cosmetics! Which was really annoying… I understand that I think a week was held up due to the Jeffree Star Cosmetics factory getting broken into. My friend Claire and a few other UK bloggers received their purchases nearly a week before I got mine, which really sucked! Me and Claire ordered minutes apart from one another, which is what was the most annoying part. I was devastated as I wanted to try my products on my day off work. So you can only imagine how on the edge of my seat I was to try these bad boys out?! I got them on my weekend off mind, which wasn’t so bad. It just made me incredibly anxious that my items were lost.

Finally they arrived, and were totally worth the wait! The first one I had a play with was Scorpio, chanting “be still my beating heart!” as I tried it on. I wore Scorpio the day after it arrived to go to Dane’s parents house for Sunday lunch. Dane’s gran complimented the colour I had on, which surprised me! I thought she would have said it was too dark, or too grey looking, so I was pleased that she liked it. After we had to pop to CEX to return a damaged item we bought but I put Redrum on for this.

Like the majority of Jeffree Star Comestics, Scorpio comes in the signature pink box and of course is in the same tube as all the liquid lipsticks come in. The applicator is a doe foot and is really fluffy, which means it picks up more product, and therefore leaves more product behind on the lips. I did find however that this doe foot was a bit different than usual and had a distinctive scoop type shape to it. I imagine this is for grabbing more product, and also because the shape of the applicator fits snug onto the lips when applying the product. The product itself doesn’t have a scent to it, which is still a shame. Even though Jeffree Star is bringing some of his newer shades out with scents! WOOP! I like having a light scent to my lip products, but at the same time due to what kind of lip product this is, I’m still pretty pleased this is scentless.

Like the other velour liquid lipsticks I own, Scorpio is super duper pigmented, which by now is no surprise to me, due to the high quality of these liquid lipsticks. In the three weeks this took to arrive I did a lot of research on Instagram to see how this could possibly look on my skin tone. When I swatched it I was pleasantly surprised, although at first I found it looked more grey than purple, but this changed when I applied it to my lips, when it went to look more like a purple with grey undertones. Like all the liquid lipsticks this is really pigmented and therefore a little bit goes a long way. I did apply this a couple of times without a lip liner, and due to how dark it is I found it didn’t look as good as it could. So from then on I have used a lip liner to get a nice defined line for my lips, especially my cupid’s bow.

From L-R: Masochist, Hoe Hoe Hoe, Unicorn Blood, and Scorpio.

From Top to bottom: Masochist, Hoe Hoe Hoe, Unicorn Blood, and Scorpio.

I did wonder if the formula of this one would be different from Masochist (you can read my review of that here), and Hoe Hoe Hoe (you can read my review of that here) and to be honest it is extremely different! I found the formula was more watery/liquidy than the ones mentioned, but I actually liked this as it meant I didn’t need to use as much as I find I sometimes have to with Masochist due to it being a little thicker. I recently found out that Hoe Hoe Hoe has a thick formula due to the ingredients used to give it that shimmer/glitter affect inside. I also discovered that pretty much all the liquid lipstick shades are like this, so I’m no longer going to be surprised by the consistency of the formula.

Since Masochist was my first Jeffree Star shade and it stains your lips, I also worry that any shade I buy now will do the same thing. Alas though Redrum doesn’t stain, which I was really happy about.

As I mentioned before the first time I wore this was the day after I got it and I wore it to for Sunday lunch with Dane’s family. I have since then worn it for work and everyone has complimented it, and said how pretty it looked. I know a couple of the girls I work with love and want Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks, so I’m forever talking to them about the shades.

Like all liquid lipsticks this will get worn away if you are in contact with any food (or possibly drinks) that contain oil. This lasts throughout my shift at work too, only budging on my lunch break when I grab something to eat, which of course is perfect! Re-applying this is really easy as well. You can just apply it to the parts of your  lips where needed, or even all over.

I of course used the “kiss” and “finger” test to show off that this product doesn’t come off when in contact with anything, and everyone I have shown it to has been impressed, especially my boyfriend who hates being covered in lip shapes kisses.

I have in the past found these hard to remove and have had to scrub away at my lips to remove the shade, only Masochist to be honest. I apply an oil based remover to a cotton pad and then apply it to the lips and wipe away when I feel the oil has soaked up the lipstick. Even for such a dark shade it comes off really easily, which I really do love.

As I always do, I show off my mug wearing said lip colour… ENJOY! 😛

Overall how do I feel about Scorpio? Well it was a shade I was extremely excited about and I worried that I was in fact TOO excited about it and when it would arrive I wouldn’t like it. However this isn’t the case at all, and I really love it. It is a very unique shade and one I have been after since I felt confident enough to wear purple shades. I was also concerned that the shade Miss Mauve by Aromi Beauty (link to review here) would be exactly the same, but they’re nothing alike! This is a shade that I’ll rock throughout the year, but I think during the winter months it’ll be amazing worn with winter shades like mustard, navy, and burgundy.

This shade sold out hella quick and at the time of writing this post (12th May) it is currently sold out, both from the Jeffree Star website, as well as Cocktail Cosmetics. However! If you are able to travel to the actual Cocktail Cosmetic store I know when I went there last weekend they had quite a few Scorpio’s left so maybe make the trip there if you really want to pick it up soon, as it’ll sell out fast. I would say drop Cocktail Cosmetics a tweet before making the journey mind, as if they have none left then it’ll be a journey for nothing.

When in stock you can buy this from Jeffree Star Cosmetics for $18.00, or Cocktail Cosmetics for £14.00.

I write on every Jeffree Star review I write three shades I am lusting after. So my current 3 shades I am now lusting after (STILL!!!!!) Abused (This purpled toned navy blue is one of a kind. Matte. Bold. Sultry. We ALL abuse something. Whether it’s power, love, money or beauty… Just don’t let it control you.), Doll Parts (This soft cool toned pink looks like Lindsay Lohan’s life in the movie Mean Girls.), and Gemini (Inspired by Jeffree’s best friend who is a Gemini, this terra-cotta warm-toned nude is the perfect finish to any makeup look!).

What shades are you after, or what shades do you own? Any you recommend? Make sure to let me know in the comments!

Until next time, take care all and have a great weekend!

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