The Chocolate Quarter – Review*

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This review is way overdue on my blog and I feel bad for only getting around to writing it now. To be honest I wanted to save eating all these yummy chocolates that I’ll be talking about today for a rainy day… Today isn’t a rainy day, but I am in the mood for something sweet, and so is Dane who will help me try these chocolates today.

Back at the start of the month I attended a blog event at The Chocolate Quarter, down in the jewellery quarter in Birmingham. The event was amazing, and one of my favourites to date. We go to learn about chocolate, sample some of their goodies, as well as make some chocolates of our own! You can read all about the event here.

At the end of the event we were offered 10% a box of chocolates, so instead of £6.00 they only cost us £5.00. This including the four we made during the event, AND a special Star Wars chocolate to celebrate May 4th (or May the fourth be with you – AKA Star Wars Day) I thought this was a complete bargain for 10 chocolates.

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From top to bottom I’ll talk about the chocolates I bought with a description from The Chocolate Quarter website, and then do a small review of each. Oh hello sugar rush! 😛

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From L-R:

Coffee & Cardamon – A lot of cardamom and little coffee. Our new mashup.

Chocolate caramel truffle with chocolate powder coating which I made.

Chocolate caramel truffle with icing sugar-coating which I made.

 photo Photo 17-05-2016 1 06 04 pm_zps1aezvqiz.jpg

From L-R:

Sea Salt Caramel – Firm caramel seasoned with fleur de sel salt.

Cappuccino – Coffee caramel topped with white chocolate “foam” in a dark cup.

Irish Cream – Irish Cream liqueur drenched in gorgeous milk chocolate.

 photo Photo 17-05-2016 1 06 01 pm_zpslk1kboi5.jpg

From L-R:

Chocolate caramel truffle which I made.

Freshy – Refreshing zesty lemon and lime in sweet white chocolate.

Now that I have shown them off with their descriptions, it’s onto the reviews! I will be reviewing them in the order that I have shown them above.

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Coffee & Cardamom – I LOVE coffee chocolates so I knew I had to pick this one up when I read that it contained coffee… However I was slightly disappointed because I couldn’t take any coffee! Dane could however, so maybe my taste buds just aren’t doing as good today. The centre was a nice creamy/gooey consistency, but not the sort of gooey that goes all over your chin and down your favourite t-shirt. I liked that! The look of this one was plain but also really cute with the little gold coffee bean design on top. I would buy this again, as although I couldn’t taste the coffee, it was still lovely due to the creamy centre.

 photo Photo 17-05-2016 1 06 50 pm_zpsdbxagqbc.jpg

Sea Salt Caramel – I love salted caramel flavoured things. The nicest salted caramel chocolate I ever tried was some that my friend Gabriella bought me from Thorntons for my birthday last year. Well I can’t decide which I like best! They’re both nice in different ways to be honest. Thorntons has a gooey centre, whilst this one is a chewy caramel centre which has chunks of salt inside. To be honest I think I do prefer Thorntons for various different reasons, but this just ticks all the boxes for me and I would definitely buy this again! The salt is really salty tasting and I bloody love it!

 photo Photo 17-05-2016 1 06 28 pm_zpsf5r6en37.jpg

Cappuccino – I have so much to say about this chocolate. It is the best one in the box, both for appearance and for how it tastes. As you can see this is in the shape of a gorgeous little coffee cup with cappuccino inside. It’s dark chocolate which makes the cup itself, and white chocolate to make the foam. However when I bit into this it also had some caramel at the bottom of the white chocolate, whether this was to hold it in place (which I’m sure it was…) I don’t know, but damn it was a nice surprise! I shared these chocolates with Dane, but I really wish I didn’t have to because I could have eaten this all to myself. I will be buying this one again in the future! Especially for my dad as he loves chocolate, novelty things like this, and he drinks cappuccino so it’s a win win situation!

 photo Photo 17-05-2016 1 06 59 pm_zpsqlxz1k43.jpg

Irish Cream – This is definitely one of my favourites from the bunch. Oh boy do I love this chocolate! It’s got a lovely strong taste of Irish Cream in there, alongside the smooth and creamy centre. If you love alcoholic chocolates, and especially love chocolate such as Bailey’s (which for the record is one of  my favourites!) then you will love this! The look of it is simple with some white chocolate on top, but I like how simplistic it is, considering it packs a punch when you eat it! Gold stars to The Chocolate Quarter for this beauty.

 photo Photo 17-05-2016 1 07 15 pm_zpspl2aaid5.jpg

Freshy – This was one that I pondered over buying for quite some time. I love my lemon and lime tasting things due to how refreshing they are. This is a white chocolate with a lemon and lime citrus mousse in the centre. We liked this one but we weren’t overly keen. Personally I found it was a little sickly due to the white chocolate, but I’m more of a dark chocolate lover so this is probably why. Dane commented saying that he wasn’t sure if the lemon and lime worked with the white chocolate. The one thing I like about this however is how it looked. It reminded me of a marble effect which I thought was really clever. If I was offered this I would eat it, but to buy it again myself… I would prefer to pick up something else.

 photo Photo 17-05-2016 1 07 57 pm_zpsqcidsiin.jpg

 photo Photo 17-05-2016 1 08 00 pm_zps7bebzxlu.jpg

Another one of the chocolates I mentioned I was given after the event was a Star Wars one, and out of the four we could choose, I decided on a Stormtrooper. This was your bog standard milk chocolate, nothing in the centre etc. It was yummy and I would buy these on their own to be honest, and keep them in a jar in the fridge for rainy days.

So what did I think of all the chocolates overall?

Like? Cappuccino and Irish Cream. These two were perfect chocolates for me, and I adored them so damn much.

Dislike? Freshy. What a massive let down in comparison to the others. I’m glad this was the first one I tried because it set me up for some amazing goodies later on.

Would I go to The Chocolate Quarter and buy from them again? A definite yes! I really want to buy the two I liked again, as well as try some of the other ones they have up for grabs, oh and the ones I got to try for Father’s Day at the event.

Here is a list of ones I want to try next time; Jewellery Porter, Smoked Bacon, Dairy Free Peppermint, Pistachio Halva, and Sea Salt Praline.

Overall I really do love the chocolates I bought! They were all yummy, and are now in a happy place in mine and Dane’s bellies.

Will you be checking out The Chocolate Quarter anytime soon? If so which chocolates do you have your eyes on buying? Make sure to let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time, take care all and I hope you’re having a great week.

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