Lush Tooth Fairy Tooth Powder – Review

This review has been a long time coming… Well since I moved into the house with Dane over three weeks ago anyway! Jesus I can’t believe it’s been that long already…

I didn’t know whether or not I was going to use this product or even review it! But I haven’t reviewed a Lush product for ages and I just HAD to review this. That makes this sound like it’s going to be a super exciting review now doesn’t it? Well don’t get too excited.

The first thing I am going to say about this tooth powder is how incredibly disappointed I was by it. I’m sorry Lush but what were you thinking?!

I had heard mostly good things about Tooth Fairy from how tasty it is, to what a great job it does. I didn’t get either of these.

First of all let’s talk about what Lush say the product is all about! They claim that it’s a strawberry tooth powder that will turn your toothbrush into a magical wand. I’m sorry to sound rude but I don’t know what the Lush employee who came up with this was smoking at the time but I want some! 😛

When you open the tub the powder inside is incredibly sparkly and looks really pretty. It reminds me of something you would see being launched at Christmas time as part of the Snow Fairy range. I gave it a sniff to see if I could inhale some of that yummy strawberry flavour they insist is in this product, only to feel like I was sniffing a bar of soap. ICK!

As the instructions state you dip a wet toothbrush into the powder and then brush away. I did this only to find that there was no strawberry taste at all and I was left with a horrible taste in my mouth, as well as a horrible feeling too. Literally like someone had washed my mouth out with soap. URGH.

I thought it might have been just me or even something I had maybe eaten before brushing but I encouraged Dane to try this too and he felt exactly the same as I did. I tried it again the next morning for good measure, but I encountered the same problem.

The one thing that both me and Dane picked up on with this product is that it contains no fluoride, which is a key factor for good dental hygiene as it can help prevent tooth decay.

This review was never going to be long due to my major dislike for it, but I just feel that sometimes Lush gets super gimmicky and hipster with their products and I personally feel like Tooth Fairy is one of them for sure! I have tried their toothy tabs in the past in store with a friend and we both had to spit them out because they tasted foul! I don’t get how people go through tubes and tubs of these.

Before writing my review for this I decided to check out what other users of Tooth Fairy thought about it over on Lush’s website and one persons review really caught my attention. She had felt the same way that I feel about the product and said how she had tried the product out as a body shimmer. I gave it and go and hey presto! It really works as a body shimmer! I’ll definitely be using it for this on evenings out with Dane when I fancy a bit of glitz. My only issue with it is it smells a bit funny… Like chemical, which isn’t very pleasant. I know this isn’t what it’s original intention was for, but hey it saves wasting it doesn’t it?

This was free as it was a gift, but to buy this yourself it’ll cost you £4.95. I’m sorry but my regular toothpaste costs me under £3.00 and leaves my teeth feeling clean and breath smelling fresh.

Lush you disappointed me this time around… I’ll just stick to the bath and shower products from now on.

Have you tried Tooth Fairy Tooth Powder? If so what did you think of it? Have you contemplated trying this product? If so how do you feel about it after my review? Make sure to let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time take care all and I hope you have a great weekend.


One thought on “Lush Tooth Fairy Tooth Powder – Review

  1. I have to agree with this review! It did taste like soap and the lady at the store said it had a nice taste. She even said I should use it on my 15mos olds teeth!?!!! I’m VERY glad I didn’t fall for the idea and hit a sample first! I am also VERY glad I didn’t try using it to brush my 15mos’ teeth! I think it would be poisonous and a total turn off for teeth brushing! I questioned if I had the right sample, because it tasted like something toxic! It did make my teeth feel clean, but I agree that regular toothpaste is a better purchase!

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