Sorry (Not Sorry)…


The first thing I would think if I read a post with a title like this is, “Holy shit! Are they quitting blogging?!” or jokingly, “What the fuck? Have they murdered someone?!”

Alas this is neither of those things, thank God.

So what am I apologising for? Well my absence of course! I haven’t written anything for my blog for a nearly two weeks now. SHOCKING! I do have my reasons though.

 photo Photo 22-09-2016 4 34 59 pm_zpsnijzyyrd.jpg

A week ago I was informed that I would be sent off to Chichester (West Sussex) for 5 days for work. Now I didn’t really get a chance to get myself together or prepare for this which was a bit shit, but meh it all worked out in the end.

 photo Photo 22-09-2016 8 46 25 am_zpsdgs1c6ps.jpg

Where I was sent was gorgeous and it was only a short walk to work, which made a change from my 10 minute drive in the car. It meant I got to play a bit of Pokemon Go and listen to some music. Lucky for me it never rained the whole time I was there, even though it apparently chucked it down back at home in Birmingham.

 photo Photo 20-09-2016 7 04 27 pm_zpsyodhxjmg.jpg

I was meant to do some blog work whilst I was down there but I was too anxious to take my laptop and I’m not going to lie, having a  break from my blog was a really nice change. I usually spend at least 2-5 hours doing blog related work on my days off so it was great to just be able to veg out.

 photo Photo 20-09-2016 5 12 41 pm_zpskdbnvq9x.jpg

I ended up binge watching Only Fools and Horses whilst playing Pokemon Yellow. I also got to watch GBBO on Wednesday and talk to Dane lots whilst there too.

 photo Photo 23-09-2016 5 08 37 pm_zps9wgz4dp4.jpg

I also did a lot of shopping in Homesense… It wasn’t good to be honest. I’ll be posting a couple of haul posts in the next couple of weeks about what I picked up.

The one thing I hated the most about being away from home for so long (and on my own…) was eating. I felt extremely anxious going down for breakfast every morning on my own. I felt on edge about what I wanted to eat and questioning whether or not I should be eating it etc. In the end it’s worked out okay but I do feel like I need a HUGE detox now!

 photo Photo 23-09-2016 5 35 20 pm_zpsq3ewgqng.jpg

 photo Photo 23-09-2016 5 45 18 pm_zpspuydwnch.jpg

On the last couple of days there I went to explore the little town centre, which was gorgeous. I just wish Dane had of been with me so we could have explored it all together. I’ve mentioned to him how I’d love to go back for a couple of days but next time I would stay in Portsmouth, which isn’t TOO far away.

 photo Photo 23-09-2016 5 31 42 pm_zpsmcnebehd.jpg

This was my favourite picture from my trip. 🙂

Overall it was a great experience and although it was frightening being so far away from home on my own it was really fun at the same time. I hope work send me on another adventure like this soon. ^_^

Have you ever been to Chichester? Let me know in the comments!

Again I’m sorry for how quiet I’ve been, but I’m back and I won’t go away again any time soon. 🙂

Until next time take care all and have a lovely weekend.

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