Oh Dear…


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Have I really been M.I.A. for two weeks? Ouch. >.<

I have my reasons and like every single post I’ve ever made saying sorry for my absence it’ll be due to life… Getting in the way.

I’ve been a busy bunny of late and if I haven’t been busy I’ve been bloody knackered! My days off work have been spent with Dane or with friends or family. I’ve also just got back from a couple of days seeing my friend Sophi in London and going shopping. I’m shattered from that and due to this I’ll probably stay in bed most of the morning and early afternoon today doing some blog work.

I have the ideas but I just haven’t had time or the energy to turn on my laptop to type anything. I did start typing up one post last week but ended up stopping due to ending up watching a film with Dane.

I love my blog, I really do but sometimes my life is more important than this. Sadly this isn’t my job, it’s my hobbie. Hell if I was being paid to do this I would be writing content and blog posts all the time! However I work full time and have my own home so I have to set my priorities correctly.

I’m hoping to have a Lush review up on my blog tomorrow, as well as some various different posts running up to December. I want to try and do something nice throughout December for Christmas but sadly I have a feeling I won’t get the time.

Just bear with me at the moment with my blog as I’m just super busy. Thank you to the 149 of you who have stuck around on Bloglovin’ and to everyone everywhere else too!

I’m off to make myself a big cup of coffee, some toast and then get back into bed as I am knackered!

I hope all my readers are well! Make sure to drop me a hello down in the comments or over on my Twitter (@maybeecoffee).

Until next time take care all and see you soon!


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