2 thoughts on “BluePotionUK – Review*

  1. WOW! How amazing that you got to work with BluePotionUK ❤ it's definitely one of my favourite Etsy stores too! I absolutely love the adorable chibi designs of the characters, especially all of the Pokemon & Studio Ghibli ones! Omg!! First of all, that packaging is soooo cute :3 Those Studio Ghibli cards are amazing, the Totoro one is my favourite of the two! I love the design so much. How lovely of Steph to send you those, too 🙂 My favourite Ghibli animal is probably the Red Elk from Princess Mononoke so it's great that he's been included on the other card.

    The tote bag looks such fantastic quality and I love that it's black inside 🙂 Eeee! I have been lusting after the Ghibli characters phone case ever since I bought my pokemon one! It's super adorable and I love the pale blue background and also how eye-catching each character looks. The expression on Calcifer's face makes me smile everytime I see it, haha. It's literally the face I'll make when I can eventually buy myself that case XD

    My BluePotionUK wishlist is so big, omgosh. I love love love the new Fairly Cute pokemon design! This was such a great post to read 🙂

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

    • YES! I love the Pokemon fairy design too! 😀

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post Hun! I saw you recently reviewed BluePotionUK yourself and wondered if you’d seen this post yet. 😛 honestly since getting the Animal Crossing mug I haven’t stopped using it! 😀

      I really want notebooks to come out so I can buy loads! 😀 I’ll be having CBT soon so I would love a new notebook for that.

      I feel so lucky to have worked with Steph! 😀


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