28 Random Pieces Of Advice & Ideas

This is a blog post that I knew I wanted to write, but wasn’t sure what to write about exactly. What I mean is the whole 28 thing… With me turning 28 at the start of the month. I want to do something like this every year to do with my age and I want it to be different each time… Maybe a facts about me one every 5 years but other than that, something new!

You can read the one I did for my 27th here which is a facts about me post!

I asked on Twitter and I pondered for ages about what I could do with the number 28 and although I actually drafted up an idea from a Twitter suggestion I ended up coming up and going with this idea for my 28 post as I thought of some funny and yet serious pieces of advice that I’d love to share with my readers. I’ve also included some ideas in here too which you can use throughout 2018! I really hope you enjoy this post, I really enjoyed writing it whilst watching SovietWomble stream on his gaming channel (I’ll link it here in case you want to watch him in future!) over on Twitch.

On with the post!

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1. When out in a bar if a guy offers to buy you a drink, go with him! You don’t know if he’s going to tamper with it in anyway.

2. When out shopping for clothes always try them on and if you do and you feel a slight bit of doubt, don’t buy it.

3. Don’t be afraid to let out your true colours and be yourself around everyone. Whether this is your sexuality, your fashion sense, or even the things you’re into. Just be yourself.

4. If you want to pursue a new hobbie then go for it! Whether it’s streaming games online, blogging, or even art the possibilities are endless and affordable. If you can eventually turn it into a job to make a little money then you’re winning.

5. When sales come out and you want to grab all the bargains, think for a moment, “Do I need this?” and “Will I use this?” and see how many pennies you’ll save.

6. If you can afford it, go travelling! Whether it’s around your country or to another. Life’s too short to regret not doing things you wanted to.

7. Take care of your skin the older you get as it’s not getting any younger.

8. Get a money jar and every £1 and £2 coin you get put it in the jar and see how much money you have saved up each month. You can do this with £5 notes too!

9. If you’re short of cash but love eating at certain restaurants then teach yourself how to make it at home. I’ve done this with katsu curry as it’s one of my favourite foods. Now I need to learn how to make sushi. 😛

Image taken from weheartit.com

10. If you never have before and want to, start collecting something! I’ve started collecting pin badges.

11. Get yourself a gorgeous notebook and start a journal. I started it last year with my Deadpool journal and used it as a place to write down positive and negative thoughts that I wanted to document, as well as sticking in special things from places I’d been. Like a scrapbook really. I’ve already started my 2018 journal and I love it so much.

12. Are you a massive fan girl of a certain thing but can’t get any merchandise from it? Then make your own! To coincide with the above advice buy a notebook with a black cover and head over to Redbubble and search for stickers from one thing you like or various things! You can get offers on the stickers including buy 10 and save 50%! So you could decorate the whole notebook with stickers. Of course there’s loads of people on Etsy and Tictail who do these too.

13. If you’re planning on going to Comic Con for the first time this year than first of all YES GO YOU and second of all be prepared! Make sure to take plenty of cash with you if you’re intending to spend monies. Cash machines are scarce inside and the few that they do have will always be packed with people trying to get cash out. I never recommend paying on card inside either… I just never trust it myself with the amount of fake merchandise that flies around for someone to steal your card details.

14. Spring is coming and with that comes spring cleaning. Go through your wardrobe and anywhere else to see what clothes you haven’t worn once in 2017 and maybe think about selling or donating to charity. Same can be said for other things including old books, games, etc.

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15. Keep a diary and I don’t mean one where you write inside it every day, unless you want to do that. I just mean one where you can keep track of things you need to do like errands, appointments, bills etc. The older I’ve got the more I’ve really needed my Filofax to keep track of stuff like my car MOT and tax, work holidays, dental appointments and more.

16. If you’re able and wish to, got to college and learn something new! Whether it be during the day or even a night school. I’d love to go and learn Japanese at an evening language school this year, but I’ll have to wait until I have the cash to spare for it.

17. If you like acting then see if you have any amateur acting groups in your area. I was planning to join one last year but didn’t have any interest in it due to what was happening at the time. My best friend Gabriella is part of one and it sounds like so much fun!

18. Is there something that makes you anxious to do? One of mine is going for a food shop on my own as I worry about putting it all on the till to be scanned and packing it all. I have done tiny food shops on my own but I still like to go with Dane to do it. If you have something like this and more that you can attempt to overcome this year then try it! I know it can be hard for us guys with anxiety, but if you can attempt it, then give it a try. You may surprise yourself.

19. If you still have your grandparents and see them once in a blue moon, then go and see them more! Make it once a week if possible! Before my gran died I hardly saw her due to being too busy, tired and depressed from my old job and I regret it so much. I tell Dane to go and visit his gran as much as he can but due to the journey and how tired he often is after work he just wants to be at home. If you can go and see your grandparents, please do it. It’s nice for them and just as nice for you. Take them a packet of biscuits, old people always love having a pack in the cupboard for visitors.

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20. This goes to both girls and guys, if someone is trying to pressurise you to send pictures or step stuff up to the next level then don’t do anything. No one should be forced into doing anything they don’t yet feel comfortable or don’t wish to do. I’ve been rushed and pushed into doing stuff I wasn’t comfortable or ready to do and although I don’t regret it, I don’t like thinking others will feel the need to go through what I did because you don’t want to look frigid.
21. Depending on the situation stand your ground no matter what! Whether this is someone trying to accuse you of something you haven’t done, or someone being rude to you. You being quiet when you can open your mouth won’t help the situation. Obviously I say depending because I know sometimes being quiet is better. Just don’t let people put you down when you shouldn’t be. The last thing you want to do is walk away and say, “I should have said something.”

22. If you think you have a mental health issue then seek advice for it. Whether it be anxiety, depression or even worries of schizophrenia or psychosis it doesn’t hurt for you to raise your concerns with your doctor, or even contacting Mind. They’re a mental health charity and very helpful to talk to. I won’t go into detail about it but I recently had to call them about something which wasn’t regarding myself, but someone else and they were so helpful. They listened to everything I had to say and gave me as much advice and info as I needed at the time. They’re also private and confidential and will help you as much as possible. I’ll link their website here (https://www.mind.org.uk).

23. If you’re thinking of buying your first home this year then make sure to do LOADS of research beforehand! Buying a house is a lot of hard work and it’s also a big commitment too so it’s not something to take lightly. Make sure to research areas carefully before buying including looking online at any Facebook groups/pages and driving around the area. There’s loads of could write here on this but I want to try and write a post about buying a house soon.

24. Take a random day trip to a part of the country you’ve never been to before. Me and Dane used to do this all the time and we loved it. We always ventured to places in the Midlands near Coventry and Birmingham but it was always nice to do. We’ve found some hidden gems in the past from villages, attractions and cafes. I want to try and do this more often this year, especially during the summer months.

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25. If you want to get a pet this year then please look in your local animal rehoming centre. There are so many pets that need loving homes and there’s people out there who can give them the love they need and deserve. Last year me and Dane looked to adopt a young bunny but sadly he passed away before we got the chance to. If you do decide you want to adopt a pet then be prepared for lots of questions about your home, as well as your working hours. The RSPCA did this with us as they want to ensure that the pets in their care are going to a loving forever home. This is probably used more so when it comes to dogs as when left over long periods of time on their own it can make them anxious.

26. If you’re able to and want to then please support independent and indie sellers over on Etsy! I intend to do this more this year with my bath products. I’m sick of supporting Lush when their prices rise each year and they don’t appear to give a toss for their long supporting customers. Alongside that sort of stuff it’s always nice to grab some pin badges off of there, as well as other bits and pieces like artwork. I always like to look on Etsy for fangirl related goodies as Persona 5 merchandise is hard to get a hold of in the UK, so I always look at Etsy for handmade merchandise instead.

27. If you’re like me and want a bargain always search around for it! The first place I go to is eBay, as well as Depop, Shpock and Gumtree. eBay is always my go to website though and I always try and find items with pictures of the actual item. If I’m not sure questions will be asked, especially if I want more pictures of said item! Never be afraid of asking questions with this sort of stuff, if the seller is keen to sell the item so bad and that it’s genuine too they won’t have issues sending you more pictures or information.

28. Finally we have the last one here and it’s be happy! Do whatever you need to do to accomplish this, whether it be to leave toxic people behind, quit your job, take some risks and chances or even just travel for a while to get away from everything. No matter how minute or drastic your life changes may need to be, just do whatever makes you happy in 2018, I know I will be!

Woohoo those are all the snippets of advice and ideas for 2018 and indefinitely for you guys to take on board! I’m sorry if some are very random here but I just thought of stuff on the spot and added them here.

I hope you like this post however and if so, which number was your favourite one? Make sure to let me know in the comments!

Until next time, take care all and I hope you’re all well.


2 thoughts on “28 Random Pieces Of Advice & Ideas

  1. Thanks for sharing this post 🙂 It’s a really cool idea & you shared some brilliant advice! I definitely need to take your advice on not being afraid to be who I am, to let my true colours shrine through more… I am a lot better than I was as a teenager but I still have a bit to go with my self confidence, and to work on my anxiety more even if it’s just by taking little baby steps at a time 🙂 I need to make sure I use my Filofax more this year, I’ve bought custom inserts for it and everything to try to motivate myself more. I also would love to make a scrapbook of the year, and say this every year but never do it! I’m totally gonna order a scrapbook asap 🙂 – Sarah x

    • Aww it makes me happy that you liked some of the advice and ideas I shared! 😀 I find that the older people get the less they “give a shit” about things and just relax about who they really are and what things they’re into. 😛

      Custom inserts!? If they’re cute ones you MUST link me to website(s) on Twitter! 😀 I’d love some for my Filofax! 😀

      Order one in the sales if you can! 😀


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