Barry M Under The Sea Nail Paint in Butterflyfish and Jellyfish – Review

Urgh just a couple of days ago I had written half this blog post and popped out to see some people. Then come this afternoon I have come to continue with said post and it’s gone. It didn’t save and I have done everything I could possibly do to get it back, with zero luck. URRRRGH! So I am having to start again. Yuck.

As many of you may have seen on my February wish list that I’ve been eyeing up the new Barry M nail paints for quite some time now, in fact every since they announced their new Under The Sea range back a month ago via a live Instagram video. I watched a couple of times in awe of the new nail paints and knew I needed them  in my life.

When they finally came out a couple of weeks ago at the end of January/start of February I picked up two shades that I had been lusting after.

I’ve been using this on and off since then and it’s definitely something I will wear loads when the spring and summer months hit us! Of course I had to share my love of these through a review.

I picked these up on an offer in Superdrug. If you spent £7 you would get a free Strobe Cream. WOOHOO! Even though I don’t wear highlighter I’ll definitely use this over liquid lipsticks to give them a pop! Otherwise these cost me £3.99 each, which for a nail paint is a really good price in my mind.

Under The Sea nail paint is a duo chrome nail polish that shifts in colour in the light. There are currently four shades to choose from, I picked up two of them.

Butterflyfish on the left and Jellyfish on the right.


Butterflyfish not in direct light

Butterflyfish in direct light


Jellyfish not in direct light

Jellyfish in direct light

There’s Angelfish (a pearly pink shade which shifts to silver), Pinktail (a pink shade which shifts to orange), Butterflyfish (a blue shade which shifts to pink) and Jellyfish (a purple shade which shifts to green). The latter two are the shades I picked up.

Before I talk about the shades themselves and how the formula works, I want to quickly touch on the design of the bottle lids. Barry M aren’t really OTT when it comes to their packaging designs for their nail paints and that isn’t exactly a bad thing. Good looking products are always a must, especially if you keep them in your handbag and show them off when out and about. But who takes nail paints out with them? 😛

These however are aesthetically pleasing to look at when they’re in your nail polish collections! They have a white lid with metallic blue sea designs on them, which includes seaweed, starfish, seahorses and fish. Very cute! It also makes them easy to find when looking in your collection for these to dig out and use!

Now that I’ve briefly spoken about the design of the nail paints themselves, I’ll go into the formula and look of the polishes when worn!

One thing I love about the Molten Metals collection is how thick the brushes are for them all and this is the same when it comes to the Under The Sea nail paints too! It means you don’t need to keep applying loads of little coats with a thinner brush. Instead you only need one or two strokes of colour applied, which is great! I have small nails so this means I only need two or three max.

The pigmentation of this isn’t anything “amazing” but it definitely does the job of being a lovely iridescent polish, no matter how sheer! The colour shift still works with one and two coats as well, although I do prefer three coats to give it a stronger pigmentation to the colour.

Butterflyfish – one coat

Jellyfish – one coat

I find with this polish that you can get away with one dip into the bottle to get a good finish all over, but due to how sheer it is on the first coat I found I dipped into the bottle a couple of times, just to ensure I had enough on the brush to give an even coat all over the nail. I found throughout all coats of polish that I had to keep dipping into the bottle to make sure I had enough on the brush to get enough on the nail. This was a tad disappointing, but so worth it!

Butterflyfish – two coats

Jellyfish – two coats

With a second coat you really start to get a good colour payoff and pigmentation! As I said before however, I do prefer three coats of polish when it comes to these polishes. I just love a strong look to the nail, especially now I can wear nail polish alllllll the time. 😛

Butteflyfish – three coats

Butterflyfish – three coats

Butterflyfish – showing the pink duo chrome effect

Jellyfish – three coats

Jellyfish – three coats

Jellyfish – showing the green duo chrome

I’ve seen people posting on Instagram of them using these polishes over different coloured polishes including black, white and shades with the same base shade(s) as the polish in use. For example people used a light blue cream shade with Butterflyfish over the top. It looked gorgeous! I’ll definitely be giving this a go myself with a black polish underneath!

NOW with the chip test! I never use a base or a top coat and this is for a few reasons… 1. I don’t own one right now and 2. Every time I ever do or have my polish never dries and doesn’t look good after a while.

I wore both of these shades to work and after four days they started to chip. This wasn’t a bad amount of days really considering I type loads at work, write a lot and do bits and pieces around the office. I also found that cleaning the bathroom after applying these polishes lasted REALLY WELL! I was pleasantly surprised!

Overall what do I think of these nail paints then? Well, they’re bloody stunning and I love them so much! They’re definitely going to do well throughout spring and summer this year and this type of finish with nail paints and polishes is on the rise!

Jellyfish on the left, Butterflyfish on the right.

I can’t decide which of the two shades I love the most though to be honest! Out of the two I love the look of Jellyfish the most, but when wearing them I feel like I look at Butterflyfish more! I couldn’t tell you really to be honest. I think they’re both gorgeous in different ways! Butterflyfish seems more shimmery to me, whilst Jellyfish is more metallic looking. Either way, they’re both gorgeous! Fuck it, I can’t pick one!

If you do want to pick one up for yourself, you can find them on Barry M Cosmetics official website!

What do you think? Have you given the Under The Sea nail paints a go, or do you want to? Make sure to let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time take care all and I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend!


7 thoughts on “Barry M Under The Sea Nail Paint in Butterflyfish and Jellyfish – Review

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  2. What a great in-depth review! I was going to say I really like the look of the Butterflyfish in the bottle and Jellyfish on the nails but once I got to the end comparison photo I really liked them both haha.

    3,99 is a good price for a decent nail paint, imagine cheaper polishes probably don’t last as long or have stronger smelling chemicals in them or whatever. Now I want to paint my nails! ^_^

    • Aww thank you for your comment sweetheart! ❤

      That's exactly how I was with them both as well! I love them both so much and wear them loads for work lately! It's just a gorgeous light polish and nothing too in your face. 🙂

      You'll have to get yourself some if you can over there! 😀


  3. Oh my god I have been looking for a decent review (actual review not just pictures) of these polishes EVERYWHERE and finally I’ve found one! I’m so glad you liked these, I’ve been a little hesitant because I knew they were on the sheer side, but now I know they can be built up to a more solid colour I’m totally sold and will go and indulge my seawitch/mermaid realness fantasies. Thank you for your thoughts! x

    • Aww! I’m so glad you liked my review, comments like this make me so happy and you’ve honestly made my day. ^_^

      They’re definitely build able and I’ve seen people apply a coat of these over white and black polishes, as well as coloured polishes that match the shade! I really want to give this a go myself. ^_^

      Again, thank you so much for your comment m’love! I’ll be checking your blog out! 😀


  4. Oh no, I hate when that happens! I have thought that I saved a post a few times only to discover later that it’s disappeared >.< ugh the struggles of being a blogger!

    Fantastic review 🙂 I always love your review posts, you include so much detail! I also couldn't resist buying myself one of these nail polishes when they were released, I wish I could have bought more! I chose Jellyfish, and have kept it unopened to use for my holiday in May so this post was great to read, and I finally got to see what the nail polish looks like on!

    Ooo what a great idea to wear them over the top of other nail polishes; I love the idea of a black combo too 🙂 I can't wait to wear my Jellyfish nail polish! I think the iridescence like look great in the sunshine!

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

    • YES! It’s only my boyfriends computer that does this though as well! My laptop is all gravy when it comes to writing and saving posts. Still, so annoying if I want to sit at the desk to do work. 😦

      Aww thank you sweetie! I still always worry after so long that my reviews are rubbish. xD

      Aww Jellyfish is probably my favourite to be honest! Since then I bought Pinkfish or whatever it’s called too, but sadly it’s not really my colour. 😦

      I need to try these over black polish yet! I think I’ll give it a go later. My nails need painting, they look awful after a week. 😛


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