London Adventure – What I Plan To Do

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I feel like this is going to be a heavy rambling post for a Saturday morning and for that I already apologise. πŸ˜› The idea came to me and meh, sod it I’m getting it down on my blog for you all.

In three weeks time I’ll be in London for a trip to see one of my oldest friends Sophi and we plan to do some shopping and drink LOTS of bubble tea!

I thought I would share with you all what we plan to do when I’m there, as well as which shops we intend to go to. I know this might be a bit of a boring post, but I thought for people who might be into the same things as myself might want to know where I shop when I go to London. I’m always looking for new places to discover when I’m there, especially if they’re geek, otaku, kawaii, ARGH JUST ALL THE AWESOME STUFF. πŸ˜›

So without further ado, let’s get to it!

It isn’t a trip to London if I don’t visit at least ONE Japan Centre! I feel like when I first went to London in 2015 that there was only one Japan Centre. Now there’s four! I usually got to theΒ Shaftesbury Avenue store as I find it’s got the best range. I have also visited the Stratford store which is pretty nice too. I don’t know which store we’ll visit yet, but I’ll be surprised if it isn’t our firm favourite. I plan to pick up some food bits I can bring back for me and Dane to eat on the Sunday as well as some possible Christmas presents for Dane and some treats for myself! πŸ˜› I never leave the Japan Centre without a bottle of ramune. πŸ˜›

Okay I know I’m not the biggest fan of Lush these days and in all honesty I’m not. I don’t really support them the way I used to when I was younger… Oh the good ol’ days of spending Β£30-Β£50 on shit I don’t need… πŸ˜› BUT I do like venturing into the Oxford Street store. They sell exclusives that I love, I always take LOADS of black pots so I can stock up on the Prince of Darkness fresh face mask and I like looking and smelling everything with Sophi. Although I’m not arsed about the Christmas range this year, I do feel like picking up myself some of the Yog Nog Yule Log bubble bar. Alongside Snow Fairy and The Comforter scents, Yog Nog is up there as one of my favourites, if not my favourite. So when I heard that they were bringing the Yog Nog scent back I did get a little excited. I don’t think I’ll be able to walk past this bubble bar without sniffing it and if I sniff it I’ll have to buy one… Or two! πŸ˜› I might also grab a bar of my favourite bubble bar Supertramp. Any other items I’d possibly pick up are Bewitched bubble bar and Monsters’ Ball bath bomb from the Halloween collection. I’ve just looked however at how much it would cost for all the stuff I’d pick up and it’s almost Β£30. Ouch. We’ll see. πŸ˜›

Ha this should not be on a list for London! You can go into Primark ANYWHERE but, I do really want to venture to Primark with Sophi. The last time I visited her we popped into her local Primark and it was nice to just look around all the cute pyjamas with her. I picked up my Pokemon pyjama bottoms when I went with her, which I still have almost 2 years later! πŸ˜› Sophi is a bit obsessed with Primark and she knows that’s true, but so am I! I love all the cute pyjamas and t-shirts they come out with. It’s also my go to for work clothing. Sophi has even banned me from shopping in Primark in case I buy anything that she’s already bought me for Christmas/birthday. πŸ˜›

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This is a kawaii store I’ve heard about for as long as I can remember, but as of yet I’ve never been into their London store and I really want to! I mentioned it to Sophi and she’s game for going! Woohoo I can’t wait for an injection of kawaii goodness! They stock brands like Sanrio, Rilakkuma, Pusheen, Moomin, Sumikko Gurashi, Tokidoki, Snoopy and more! I definitely want to go to have a nose at certain brands *cough* Pusheen and PomPomPurin *cough* πŸ˜› I don’t know if I’ll buy much or not here… I guess it’ll be a good place to venture to for some ideas of things I can ask for Christmas. I know Dane wants LOADS of present ideas for both Christmas and my birthday. Man why do they have to be so close together?!

The last time I visited London I went into the cafe in London’s Choccywoccydoodah and oh my, it was AMAZING! Just like you would imagine from a chocolate mad shop. I was so happy that I went with Sophi the last time I went to London as I discovered the chain as well as the amazing cafe they have. They’ve since moved to Covent Garden so we’re going to go and check them out together and probably have a chocolate lunch… As well as a coma!

Although I’m not fussed if we go here or not, there’s a Moomin shop?! I did not know of this and therefore this is pretty cool. Moomin’s remind me of when I was between the ages of 3 and 4 and they freaked me out. I remember one fond memory of it being on the TV in the living room and it was making me nervous so I curled up on the arm chair and threw my blanket over me, just peering out when I thought it was safe. Moomin’s isn’t that bad though and I was just being a typical kid. I’m just intrigued by this shop and what they sell.

I forgot that Sass & Belle have an actual store, which is pretty cool! I haven’t really looked on the website for the longest time, but I’ve just had a little mooch at their Christmas stock and it’s pretty cute. I used to love Sass & Belle back in the day, but I feel like since I’ve moved into the house with Dane and settled, I’m not as arsed anymore. I’ll definitely have a nose in here though, I’d like to have a mooch at what stuff looks like in the flesh. xD

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  • Anywhere that sells bubble tea!

Whenever I go and visit Sophi in London (well Essex) we always go and get bubble tea together! Only last weekend had I had bubble tear for the first time in FOREVER! I do love me a bubble tea, my favourite being green apple fruity tea (either black or green tea) with strawberry or cherry popping bubbles. As I said, I don’t have a clue where we’ll be going for our bubble tea fix, but I found an article about some of the best ones in London!

That’s pretty much most of the stuff I plan to do when I visit London! At this moment in time I can’t actually think of anything else, but I’m pretty sure we will as the weeks approach.

If you live and visit London a lot, where do you go to shop? What’s your favourite place to go to? Make sure to let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time, take care all and have an amazing weekend.


5 thoughts on “London Adventure – What I Plan To Do

  1. I really wanted to visit the Lush shop when I was in London a couple of days ago because I heard the shop has three floors! However, my mum and I ended up getting lost because of Google Maps so we didn’t have much time to explore London before the Bat out of Hell musical. I quite enjoy visiting London in small doses, although we’ve never visited solely to go shopping so I don’t know what shops are like, but I did hear it had a couple of themed restaurants that I would like to try. I hope you have a great trip!

    Jess xx

    • Aww no what a shame! 😦 I had a really weird dream last night that I went to London with my parents and I kept going into the Lush store in London but leaving again really quickly after buying one or two things, then I’d go back later to buy more, etc etc. I ended up visiting the store a handful of times and then going home as I’d used all my time in London into visiting the store! It was bizarre. πŸ˜›

      I’ve usually been for shopping and food, once I’ve been to Hyper Japan convention. πŸ™‚

  2. So far, I’ve only been to London once and I loved it and really need to go again. A friend of mine went this years and discovered the Moomin Store by accident and had to go and buy be something, even though she was running late fr the airport. I really want to go there, myself. And those Japan Centres sound amazing. Definitely need to put it on my list. I really hope that you’re gonna have ab amazing time. πŸ™‚

    xx Hailey –

    • I’ve only been to London 3 times, this will be my fourth time! xD I’m rather excited for it though to be honest with you. πŸ™‚ Yeah I’ll definitely check out the Moomin shop if I can! I’m hoping I’ll share how it was in London through pictures. πŸ˜›

      Japan Centre have a website so you can always have a nose online at what goodies they offer and such! πŸ˜€

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