January Favourites 2014


I can’t believe it’s the 1st February already! ūüėź We’ve only just waved goodbye to 2013 and given 2014 a warm welcome and now we are the second month in, only 11 away until we’re getting ready to say goodbye to 2014! It’s crazy! I’m sure the older I get, the quicker each year goes by.

Of course with each month that passes, I post about my favourite items from the previous month, so here we have it, the first favourites post of 2014!

I’ve decided that each month I will try and feature at least 10 products to talk about, which I usually do anyway!

So let’s get on with the post.


  • Soap & Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream (mentioned here and¬† here).

I love this foot cream! I received it in The Yule Monty gift set and since then I’ve been using it loads and it’s safe to say that this cream has saved my poor tootsies! It’s a lovely gel like cream and it’s blue and it smells really fresh and nice, exactly what you want your feet to smell of. You don’t need a lot of this so I know the tube will last me quite a while. I used to pop this on my feet before putting my socks on in the mornings before heading to work, as I use this for work and another one for whenever I have my days off. You’re meant to wear this whilst sleeping with moistursing socks, but only recently was I able to find my old pair. I’ve been using them with this foot cream at night and when I wake up the next day my feet are gorgeous and soft and even after showering the softness remains. I recommend this foot cream if your feet are rather dry and needing some major TLC but you don’t wish to spend much money. This tube only costs ¬£5.50 and as I said, you don’t need a lot for it to go a long way. I use this pretty much everyday, every other day if I forget and my feet are so nice and soft now, I love it!

  • Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath (mentioned here).

This was a Christmas present from my Mom and bloody hell is it lovely to use! It smells heavenly and is quite a calming smell, so I like to use this before I go to bed in a nice relaxing bath. It doesn’t create bubbles which is a nice change, as sometimes I really don’t fancy the bubbles in my bath, so the milk texture of this is really nice. As well as that it leaves you feeling lovely and moisturised as well as smelling lovely too. I would definitely re purchase this, even though it was a present! I would say how much it was but obviously I don’t know and I don’t really wish to go and look so if you wish to know yourselves, you’ll have to go and do the research yourself I’m afraid. This is a treat for me to use, as I don’t want to use it so quickly as it was a present and a lovely one at that!

  • Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Ultra Nourishing Fruity Liquid Moisture Lotion (mentioned here).

Oh my God, I can’t put into words how much I love this body lotion! I also got this in The Yule Monty gift set and I’m so glad I discovered this when I did, as if I hadn’t I don’t think I’d have realised what an amazing product I would be missing out on. With this lotion it only takes me 5 minutes max to apply and it smells beautiful. As it contains lots of yummy fruit juices it smells like a fruit cocktail which just smells delicious. It’s more of a gel consistency than a cream which means it sinks into the skin quicker than a body butter would but also moisturises just as much, this is probably why it takes me next to no time to apply this to my skin. As well as that you only need a pump of this stuff to cover each part of your body like arms, legs, chest, tummy, bum (I like a soft bum, thank you very much!), etc. I will for sure be buying this again, as well as trying to discover anymore products by Soap & Glory with the same scent as this. This costs ¬£10.00 but a little goes a long way, so to me it is well worth the money!


  • The Body Shop Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator (mentioned here).

I bought this exfoliator back in November and I’ve noticed since using this that it really does help my dry skin, as well as keeping my face nice and clean. Seaweed is good for combination skin, which is what I have so this has really helped it the past couple of months of usage. Not only is it a scrub but it foams up too when it comes in contact with water, which is perfect for me! I love a soapy scrub as it actually feels like it’s cleaning, whilst getting rid of all the rough skin too, which is lovely. I use this scrub twice a week and I feel like it does the job enough for me. I think you can use this daily and you’re meant to but it feels too much for my skin to use this daily! I do really like this scrub and when it’s run out I would like to try one of The Body Shops other facial exfoliators. I did get this in a face wash set but this on its own is ¬£9.00, which to be honest is rather expensive for what it is! But all you need is a 20 pence piece size and it goes a long way.

  • The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Hand Cleanse Gel (mentioned here).

Sad news, this isn’t actually for sale anymore but if you’re lucky enough to find one in The Body Shop and you wish to try it, then grab it with both hands because chances are you won’t see it again! I picked this up on my birthday when I popped in to get a new hand cream and whilst having a pick through the hand gels I noticed this one. I love lemon and was really sad that The Body Shop discontinued their Sweet Lemon range! I had so much I wanted to try and with lack of funds I never got a change to try. So every time I’m near The Body Shop I’m going to have a look for some more of these are I love them. I keep this by my bed to use when I fancy some cleansing. This is only ¬£2.50 and is lovely for the money! You get double the amount you would in a Bath & Body Works Pocketbac and yet it’s the same price! I’ll be trying more of the hand cleanse gels from The Body Shop in future as they have loads of scents to choose from, Coconut, Pink Grapefruit, Satsuma, Strawberry, and Mango. I’d love to try them all!

  • Elemis Quiet Mind Room Mist (mentioned here).

This is definitely a must have product for me and one that my Mom chose well when she gave it to me for Christmas! I don’t sleep very well, I never have and I don’t know why (probably due to anxiety!) but when I opened this and gave it a smell, I instantly knew that it would help me. I’ve tried all sorts of remedies, balms, body creams, bubble bath, etc, and nothing has worked! However the night I first tried this, I fell to sleep straight away and every time since then the same has happened again. I spray this onto my pillow, as well as on the little fox my boyfriend bought me for Christmas, as I snuggle it whilst I sleep and as soon as my head hits the pillow, I’ll fall to sleep! It smells like lavender and camomile which are perfect for helping you get to sleep and this really does work a treat. I don’t use it every night, but a couple of nights a week does the trick. Once again as this was a present I don’t know how much it cost my Mom to buy and I’m not going to have a look, however if you wish to know you can do the research.

  • Avon Clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask.

This was a recent buy this month which my Mom picked up for me and her to try out, but it turned out she didn’t like it so kindly donated it to me. Although I’ve not owned this for ages, it’s bloody amazing! You apply this to the skin and as it dries it goes from a black mud to a grey clay. However when it dries you notice that wherever your blackheads are, the mask will show each blackhead up and when you wash the mask away, you will then notice that where your blackheads were, are now clean and less noticeable than before! I tried this on my boyfriend to see how this would be on his skin and whilst it didn’t work on his blackheads as well as it did on mine, it did help them dramatically and he said he would gladly use it again. I use this once¬† a week and it really has been helping my skin, which is great! This isn’t that expensive and only cost ¬£3.00, well worth the money!


  • L‚ÄôOreal Paris Color Riche Collection Priv√©e Lipstick in Barely Peach By Julianne Moore (review here).

I love this lipstick and since buying it before Christmas I’ve been using it quite a bit for work, as well as outside of work too. My review will explain all but this lipstick is just creamy and looks gorgeous on the lips! Perfect for if I want to wear lipstick but want something more toned down. This wasn’t cheap at ¬£8.19 but it seems to me now that this was well worth the money and I know I shall continue to use this for a long time. This is my first nude lipstick I’ve bought and with that it will probably be the only nude lipstick I buy ever again. Check these lipsticks out if you haven’t already.

  • OPI Nail Lacquer in Snowflakes in the Air (mentioned here).

This was a recent purchase and one my Mom bought me alongside some other OPI polishes. This was from a top coat set and this set as well as the other she bought me were both 50% off, so we got a lot of polishes for not a lot of money! I love this polish so much and it has fast turned into one of my favourites now. It’s great alone or as a glittery top coat on top of any colour nail polish. For the first time in nearly 10 years I’ve painted my toe nails and it’s been with this stuff. It’s a gorgeous polish to wear as when I wake up in the morning and have a look at my toes they look all sparkly and gorgeous. Can’t go wrong with that really.

  • L’Occitane Almond Smooth Hands Hand Cream (mentioned here).

This was one of my many Christmas presents from my Mom in 2013 and one of my favourites! I recently picked up a 10ml version of this (keep your eyes peeled for that post about that soon!) and it’s a gorgeous hand cream! It’s not really thick and more like a gel than a cream based formula, which I love! I don’t tend to use this all that much, which is a shame but due to how much it can cost to buy a new one, I like to save this for best and use it whenever I’m with my friends or my boyfriend. Not only does it¬† make my hands feel lovely and soft, but it smells gorgeous too! Can never go wrong with almonds. I just love this hand cream so much and when it runs out I will be repurchasing, as it makes my hands feel and look lovely and soft!

So those were my favourites for January!

Do you like any of the products I mentioned? Also what were your favourite products for January? Let me know in the comments down below.

Until next time, take care all and apologies for this post being a day late, I’ve been a tad on the busy side.

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