The Bear & The Hare and a bit of a Christmas ramble

So like most people out here on the World Wide Web, as well as in person, I’m going to be talking about the Christmas advert that John Lewis has brought out this year.

I have so many things that I love about it that I couldn’t NOT make a post about it.

If you don’t know me very well then you won’t know that I am a complete humbug and only this year am  I actually getting into the Christmas spirit, thanks to my boyfriend as well as my friend Poppy who said she would get me into such festive spirits.

I also don’t watch television so when everyone started to talk about the advert online I began to wonder what all the fuss was about and decided to investigate myself one morning before getting ready for work.

If you don’t know which advert I’m talking about here it is:

The advert just reminds me of something I would watch as a child on Christmas morning and the whole feel of the story behind the advert is just beautiful.

As someone who doesn’t like Christmas due to so many negative reasons I’ve always just wanted someone to come along and give  me a reason to see that it’s actually a wonderful time of year.

Anyway I’m going into a ramble here, every year I have done the same. Got myself excited for Christmas towards the end of November and then as December goes on and on nothing goes the way I would like it to and come Christmas Day I feel low and miserable, wishing for the festive period to be over. This is due to personal reasons, which I won’t be mentioning on this post… Sorry.

This year however, as nervous as I am about getting my hopes up I’m going to try my best to get into the Christmas spirit and make sure to enjoy Christmas Day.

My boyfriend knows the true reasons why I don’t enjoy Christmas and he offered for me to go to his for Christmas Day, in the evening so that I can spend most of the day with my family and quite frankly, I’m really nervous. My family aren’t exactly the closest of families, especially at Christmas, whereas my boyfriends family are.

I’m going to wear my best Christmas jumper, some comfortable jeans and some red lippy and as anxious as I’ll be, I’m going to try my best to enjoy the rest of Christmas Day as well as Boxing Day.

I’ve never done this before, so it’s definitely a first for me to go round someones house for Christmas Day, which is why I’m so anxious.

Back to the advert. Everything about the advert makes me happy and look forward to Christmas. The message that the simplest of gifts can be the best ones you’ll ever receive or give to someone, the animation and especially Lily Allen covering Keane’s first single “Somewhere Only We Know” which I have very fond memories of from when it first came out.

In a way my boyfriend telling me he wants me to spend Christmas with him and that he wants me to have a good day actually makes me cry at the thought of it. I’ve never had anyone be so special to me as he is and in the 5 months we’ve been together he already means a lot to me (sorry Dane for being soppy!). It’s like I’m The Bear, I’ve not experienced a memorable Christmas since I was a child and my boyfriend is The Hare, he just wants me to have a wonderful time and a Christmas I can remember for years and years.

I probably sound stupid, but if you knew the sort of rubbish I’ve had to put up with the past God knows how many Christmases, you’d understand. But of course it’s all too personal. Plus this year is going to be incredibly hard for myself and my family as it is the first Christmas we will be celebrating where my Gran isn’t here with us to celebrate too, which at the thought of it earlier today made me want to cry. It hurts that I won’t be able to buy her another Christmas card or buy her something with my Mom that she can keepsake in her room or in the living room and worse of all the house that she had lived in since my Mom was born (nearly 60 years!) will soon be gone, redecorated and have new people living there for Christmas and quite frankly, it breaks my heart.

But I can’t keep being gloomy and sad, I know my boyfriend wouldn’t allow it and my friends wouldn’t either.

Finally I am concluding this post with two points:

I bloody LOVE John Lewis’ Christmas advert this year and hands down it beats all the others and I haven’t even seen them yet! I can’t stop watching it, which sounds rather pathetic. 😛

And finally, I hope that this will be the first of many wonderful Christmases spent with my boyfriend as whilst I’m really nervous about Christmas Day this year, I’m also really excited. He’s fast turned into my rock and after all the crap that has happened before as well as since I met him, I’m just so glad he’s so understanding and wonderful. Could I ask for a better ginger man? Possibly, but only of the edible kind. 😛

I apologise for rambling on this post, Christmas is a sore subject for me, especially this year so throughout December I will be doing plenty of Christmas related posts, as well as some normal ones!

So do you like the John Lewis advert? AND what posts would you like to see during December? Let me know in comments!

I hope everyone is having a brilliant November, I can’t wait to get back to blogging every other day as I really miss it at the moment. Until next time, take care all.

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