Bomb Cosmetics Bath Tulips Review – Guest Post!

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Tulips
Hi everyone!  It’s Mali from Maliberry Makeup again, back with another guest post for the lovely Nat.  Long time readers of my blog will be familiar with my rather extensive knowledge and previous reviews of stuff from Lush.  To say I’m Queen of Bathing would be an understatement 😉 Even though I love Lush, I do enjoy trying other brands. Bomb Cosmetics have an impressive and fun range of bath products that I’m getting to know better, and today I’ll be talking about two of their Bath Tulips.  These are bath melts made of lovely butters and oils that dissolve in the bath and turn the water beautifully soft.
Bomb Cosmetics Bath Tulips
Bomb Cosmetics Bath Tulips
The Bath Tulips are swirls of solid butters and oils really prettily packaged in paper cases, making them look like little fairy cakes!  The Bath Tulip on the left is called Apple Catcher and has an appropriately green colour scheme, topped with red ‘berries’,  The one on the right is called Pearl’s a Zinger and is orange in colour, topped with more ‘berries’ and solid butters that actually look very much like chopped almonds!
Bomb Cosmetics Bath Tulips ingredients
Bomb Cosmetics Bath Tulips
Both Bath Tulips contain lots of Cocoa and Shea Butters, making them perfect for adding moisture to bath water.  Apple Catcher contains warming and calming Amyris and Nutmeg essential oils.  Pearl’s a Zinger contains uplifting and stimulating Orange and Mandarin essential oils
Bomb Cosmetics Bath Tulips in bath
In the water, these dissolve very slowly, turning it cloudy.  I found Apple Catcher to have a refreshing apple scent which was a little disappointing once in the water.  Pearl’s a Zinger, however, was so zesty and orangey and really packed a punch in terms of scent!  Of course, the cocoa and shea butters made the water really soft and silky and left my skin very moisturised.  I got 3 uses out of each Bath Tulip, and simply removed each one and let them dry once I was happy with the water softness.  They cost £2.99 each, which is pretty good value for money considering the uses you get out of them!
Bomb Cosmetics are definitely a company worth checking out if you love a good bath like I do.  My one issue with the company is that they can be quite hard to track down in physical stores.  Thanks again for inviting me to guest post Nat, and I’d love it if you checked out my blog if you’re reading this!
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Bomb Cosmetics Christmas Wish List

Why hello there! I hope everyone has been enjoying November and is getting themselves geared up to open their advent calendars, visit German Markets, hear Christmas songs everywhere they go as well as put up with all the rush of Christmas shoppers! I’m not, at all but that’s for another post.

However I am ready for what lovely Christmas treats shops have to offer and Bomb Cosmetics is one of those!

I don’t love Christmas, but I love what lovely smells it brings to shops such as Lush, The Body Shop and Bomb Cosmetics.

They have their Christmas products out now so I thought I would share with you all the products I am hoping to pick up over the next month, enjoy!

Like Lush, Bomb Cosmetics offer all sorts of products for you to use in both the bath and the shower. This ranges from bath blasters, bath creamers, bath mallows, bath brulees & tulips and finally soap.

I won’t lie I’ve never used any of Bomb Cosmetics products before, BUT I have smelt them in a little shop in Cheltenham (can’t remember the name, sorry) and they smelt amazing but I never bought any as I couldn’t decide what I wanted! Next time I go there though, I’ll be buying some things for myself.

However, that’s about to change as I really want to get my hands on some of their Christmas range and plenty of it at that, so we best get started.

Bath Blasters – All £2.29 each!

Chilly Millie is the latest addition to our snowman family, designed to melt even the coldest of hearts! A pretty, feminine snow-lady, incorporating a fresh and fruity cupcake fragrance, and with pure geranium and ylang ylang essential oils to refresh, nurture and condition.

Chilly Millie Bath Blaster.

This bath blaster looks so adorable and for me reminds me of winter in the UK, let alone Christmas! Whether or not we see snow in December or not, I’m unsure of but this year it lasted until February, or maybe even March! This being said, Chilly Millie sounds perfect for cold winter days after you’ve had a long day and just want a relaxing night, or even for a day off when you’re staying in. It’s a sweet bath blaster that will leave your bath smelling of festive berries, caramel and sugar. It sounds delicious and I can imagine me popping this into my bath to have as a treat after a long day at work or before my boyfriend comes over to see me.

Just like a tiny but perfectly formed Christmas tree, with gifts of spicy cinnamon and ginger pure essential oils, to enliven and refresh just when you need it most. All we need is a tiny Santa!

Gingerbread Trees Bath Blaster.

How I found out that Bomb Cosmetics now had their Christmas range available to buy (I’m writing this towards the end of October BTW…) was through a review of Gingerbread Trees and Holly Dolly over on The Sunday Girl’s blog. Gingerbread Trees sounds right up my treat and look how gorgeous it is too! I wouldn’t want to put this in the bath, but from the description, I know I would end up giving in. This is the sort of thing I would use in the morning before going out somewhere nice, maybe even before work as it sounds so refreshing to use. It contains lemon, strawberry, pineapple, ginger, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, caramel, creamy balsam and finally rum. It reminds me of a Christmas party, or even Christmas Day and is something I would enjoy using so much.

A fresh strawberries and champagne fragrance for festive celebrations, a dash of glitter for Christmas sparkle, and pure bergamot and Neroli oils to help you chill out after all that Christmas shopping.

Stocking Fizzler Bath Blaster.

How cute does this little present look? It’s a lovely pink colour with a red glitter bow on the top, so pretty and girly. Not only does it look lovely, but the scent of this sounds delicious too and something every woman needs this Christmas period. With strawberry and champagne, this will be perfect to use before a night out, especially due to it being glittery too. I love the smell of strawberry so I could see this being right up my street and champagne will just make me feel that little bit glamorous. This will be perfect to pop into someone’s stocking this Christmas, especially mine… Hint, hint.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, much pleasure canst thou give me! The words to a traditional carol, yes, but also a pretty accurate description of our new Xmas blaster. With grapefruit and cinnamon oils for a refreshing uplifting bath.

Oh Xmas Tree! Bath Blaster.

This little Christmas tree is adorable and the kind of thing I would like to use on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or even Boxing Day. It is said to give you a refreshing and uplifting bath, which is exactly what you want after Christmas after all that rushing around shopping, going to parties and cooking dinner. This contains apple and a subtle hint of cinnamon which is right up my street! Anything that smells of fresh, crisp apples wins me over every time and this is something I would love to use before dressing up in a baggy jumper and jeans so I can be all snuggly and warm whilst smelling this fresh scent. This alongside Chilly Millie are the two bath blasters I want the most and you can probably see why!

 Bath Creamers – Both £2.09 each!

Drop Mr Frosty into a warm bath and watch him melt, softly giving up his Cocoa and Shea butters and Rose essential oils. With a warming, satisfying hot chocolate fragrance for cold winter nights.

Mr Frosty Bath Creamer.

This bath creamer sounds so delicious and amazing and an added bonus is that it looks really cute too! The bath creamers contain cocoa butter so they’ll leave your skin feeling lovely and soft, as well as leaving you smelling gorgeous! Mr Frosty will be perfect for chocaholics and children and as I love sweet scents, the chocolate  and caramalised sugar in this bath creamer will make this perfect for evenings when I feel a treat but I’m trying to be good. I’d feel bad when using this one mind, look how cute he looks! If I really like this one I can see me stocking up, as these just sound so delicious!

Our little robin has two fragrances (greedy!), his cute little face is raspberry ripple and his brown feathers are double choc chip for a sumptuous feast for the senses! Rich cocoa butter and Shea butter will nourish and moisturise.

Robin the Rich Bath Creamer.

I love robin’s so the fact that Bath Cosmetics have a bath creamer to resemble one, is the cutest thing! As well as that, he’s also got a lovely scent to him. This cute little guy also contains cocoa butter so he’ll make sure you’re lovely and soft whilst making you smell of dark chocolate and raspberries. This is the sort of thing I would use when I’m feeling like something extra sweet and when it’s chilly outside too. This one sounds super delicious and is at the top of my wish list for how it sounds, as well as how cute he looks! I could see me buying this little fella for people, he’s so appealing, especially for children.

Bath Mallows, Bath Brulee & Bath Buttercup -Prices mentioned after each product.

A delicate cranberry and pomegranate snowflake, drifting down from the heavens, landing crisp and clean, untouched by any but angels, clasping pure essential ylang ylang oil to it’s heavenly bosom, and filled with the skin love only pure natural butters can bring.

Snowflakes on your Tongue Bath Mallow – £2.24.

I love the name of this bath mallow, I remember one year at school our teacher got us all out to look at the snowflakes and learn about them for a lesson. We all stuck out our tongues to try and catch the snowflakes, which is what you did as a child… Mmm dirty solid rain water… Anyhoo this bath mallow is nothing but clean and yummy smelling and is something that sounds conditioning for the skin too. It also looks gorgeous with it’s pink and white colours, as well as a cute little snowflakes on the top. This one is very fruity and contains cranberry, raspberry, cassis, plum, peach, red apple and finally vanilla. This is a very warming bath mallow and would be perfect for evenings before going to bed, as the vanilla would relax you. I really like the sound of this one and I think it’s something a mature woman would really enjoy.

Maybe the robin has been attracted by the scent of winter pomegranate, who knows? Maybe it’s the pure Sweet Orange and Lemongrass oils or the shea butter captured within? All we know is it’s called Robin’s nest.

Robin’s Nest Bath Brulee – £3.49.

How could I not resist this? I mean look at the cute little robin at the top, it looks like he’s playing in the snow or something. This is a cute little bath brulee and yes it’s a tad on the expensive side for £3.49 each BUT this is a re usable bath product and can be used up to 6 times in the bath. All you do is pop it in your bath, give it a bit of a swirl, or two if you’re feeling generous and pull it back out, leaving it on the side to dry before storing it away. But never mind that, onto the product itself! This contains pomegranate, sweet orange and lemongrass to give you that wonderful uplifting citrus scent, as well as some shea butter in there to condition and moisturise your skin while you bathe. This would be something I’d use in the mornings before tacking any busy Christmas rush, whether it be for shopping or just going out in the afternoon or evening and with the cute little robin on top, it’ll cheer me up too.

This apparently is Santa’s and Mr Frosty’s favourite bath time treat. Dosed liberally with Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils to give a little Xmas sparkle.

Snowcone Bath Buttercup – £2.09.

How cute is this little Santa cupcake? Adorable right?! This little guy sounds like bath creamers and as they are the same price, maybe it is but just in a cupcake style instead of a ball… Who knows but I know one thing, this stuff sounds amazing! Like Oh Xmas Tree! Bath Blaster it contains apple and cinnamon so these two bath products hand in hand could go swimmingly! Due to this being practically the same as Oh Xmas Tree! whether I’d buy one of these or not, I’m unsure but I suppose if I wanted something that would condition the skin more, I wouldn’t see the harm in picking one of these up.

I can see me buying some of these products as soon as possible and as I have a stockist near me, I’ll be popping down during the week at some point to see what I can pick up! Don’t forget all that I’m writing this post up late October, so by the time this is live, I could have bought and tried most of these products!

If sadly you don’t have a Bomb Cosmetics stockist near you, worry not as you buy online at and I hear the staff on there are lovely if you ever have any queries. I know they are over on their Twitter page anyhoo!

So, that was my wish list! Have you seen anything from my wish list, or from Bomb Cosmetics Christmas range that you would like yourself? Let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time, take care all.

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