Quirkory Patreon Baukery Pin Club

I feel like I’ve not spoken about Quirkory on here for quite some time and that in itself makes me sad (last post being in April 2021!), so this post has been long overdue!

As regular readers (and followers of my Instagram) may know, not only are Quirkory my favourite enamel pin creators, but they’re also my friends, AND I’m their brand ambassador too! So, whenever it comes down to writing for Quirkory it’s always a pleasure to do and a blog post I really look forward to writing.

This time I want to share with you Quirkory’s Patreon pin club called Baukery. I wanted to wait for the first couple of months (November, December and January) enamel pin rewards to arrive so I had more than one pin to talk about and show off, but I am planning to talk about February and March’s enamel pins too! SPOLIER, one is so bloody cute and UK related… 😛

I really hope you enjoy reading this post today just as much as I enjoyed writing it. Honestly, talking about Quirkory and showing off their cute designs really makes me smile and it especially makes my day when I see new designs come from them. Their Patreon is amazing for showcasing any new and upcoming designs and for as little as £2.50 a month you’ll get access to all this and more! This price does not include their pin club. I’ll go into more detail of how much the pin club costs later on in the post.

At the start of October 2021, the Baukery officially opened! I know opening up their own pin club is something that Quirkory has wanted to do for the longest time, so to FINALLY be able to launch it was a dream come true for them… And for me because Quirkory and cute designs are my jam… 😛

The name of the pin club comes from merging the Italian word “bau”, which means “woof” together with the English word “bakery”. Quirkory felt the perfect blend between the two languages represented them perfectly and hence, Baukery was born!

As you may have already gathered just by the name of the pin club, Baukery is all about adorable dogs from around the world bringing us their countries best and most knowable baked goods! I love dogs, (which I don’t think comes as a surprise to many) and as an avid lover of savoury foods, baked goods is something I adore, so, mixing the two together really did appeal to me when Quirkory first told me about their idea back in 2021!

The overall presentation of the Baukery rewards when they arrive on your doorstep is amazing and as always, Quirkory have really paid attention to every detail, which I always find to be unique to them.

The packaging for the enamel pins is adorable as it comes in a white jiffy bag for that month with a thank you sticker with the dog of that month on it. I loved these so much I cut out November to keep and will do so with December and January too!

Alongside your enamel pin you will also get a special sticker with the relevant dogs paw pad which also states which month it is. E.g. November is the first month, December is the second month and January is the third month.

Each pin comes in a little brown packet that resembles what you may get in a bakery when buying goods. Quirkory even went to the lengths of adding some nutritional facts about each enamel pin, as I’ve shown about. They’re all unique to each dog breed too, so it’s not like a generic sticker that has been added. Each brown packet is sealed with a ribbon sticker that has the Baukery logo on.

The backing card is like a little book (if you will!) for the enamel pins and each one is the same with a bakery theme. One side you have the café door and the Baukery logo/sign and on the other side you had some seating outside of he Baukery café window. The café is decorated in wisteria flowers, which just give it such a gorgeous look and touch!

Then when you open up the backing card you are presented with your enamel pin of the month, as well as a “Puppy & Treat ID Card”, which Quirkory have partially filled in. I love how the “Puppy name”, “Adoption date” and “Owner Name & Signature” fields are blank for you to fill in.

The part of the backing card the enamel pin sits on is adorable too. When you remove the pin you get to see what the whole design looks like, which is a serving area in the bakery/café. I love that the dog of the month sits on the serving board.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Quirkory and their attention to detail is 100% and I’m here for it!!!

Finally, it’s time to show off all of the enamel pins with you! I’ll include my images of the pins of course, but I’ll also include the mock up from Quirkory.

November 2021 – Croatia – Dalmatian and povitica.

The first enamel pin that was announced for Baukery is this adorable Dalmatian pin and it was such a good one to open up with as well! The design is (as always) really cute and recognisable as Quirkory, in my opinion. The Dalmatian is holding povitica, which I’d seen, but never knew the name of until now! Povitica is a sweet bread similar to babka and is made from a butter pastry dough which is rolled into thin layers and covered with brown sugar, spices and walnuts. It sounds amazing! I think the main design on the Dalmatian pin that I love the most is the little heart shaped black spot on its nose. So cute!!! I always love the little details like this that Quirkory put into their designs.

December 2021 – Germany – German Shephard and pretzel.

Now, German Shepherds always remind me of one of my friends (as she used to own them when we were younger) and my boyfriend, as he always wanted one. Unfortunately we won’t ever be able to own a German Shepherd due to how much they shed and the fact I’m allergic to pet hair. This enamel pin will make up for that for sure, I mean, look how bloody cute it is, with its pretzel treat at the ready too. I do love this enamel pin design for the reasons I stated previously, as well as the fact I always love getting pretzels from German markets at Christmas and Lidl when I go shopping. Me and Dane once made pretzels together too, which was so much fun! Pretzels are just so yummy and I think Quirkory definitely went for the right baked food when picking one for Germany!

January 2022 – France – French Bulldog and baguette.

The French Bulldog design is so adorable with the way it’s sitting, as it’s clearly sitting on its back legs in a puppy like stance. My friends dog sits like this and it looks so cute and derpy! PLUS there are paw pads on show! AHH! How can you not include a baguette for a French breed, eh? it’s just something France are known for food wise, alongside their other amazing pastries… and fries. 😛 This little cutie reminds me of Emma’s French Bulldog, Frank!

So, those are the pins I currently own, but I will share the designs for the other designs that have been announced and are yet to be released.

February 2022 – Canada – Labrador and sugar cinnamon beaver tail.

This design really confused me at first and from showing it off to you guys, I don’t know if you feel the same? As mentioned this is a Labrador for Canada, which I didn’t realise was a Canadian breed at all, but what confused me more is what baked good it’s carrying in its mouth. It reminded me of melon pan (Japanese sweet bun) but of course it wasn’t that at all. I had a read of the description of the pin on Patreon and it’s a sugar cinnamon beaver tail! It’s basically fried dough covered in cinnamon sugar that is said to resemble a beaver, which Canada are known for! I’d never heard of one until Quirkory announced their February pin, so I definitely learnt something new through the Baukery pin club! 😀

March 2022 – Golden Retriever and Cornish pasty.

Finally we have the most recent enamel pin design announcement and one for the UK, the Golden Retriever! I didn’t know that this breed was from the UK… Shame on me! I even turned to Dane to ask him and he didn’t know either. I don’t know why, but when I see Golden Retrievers, I think of Canada or America, but I think this is due to the breed being so popular on the other side of the pond. Of course the UK pupper has to be holding a Cornish pasty, it would be rude not to. This is probably my favourite enamel pin design to come out of Baukery so far, purely for how bloody cute the Golden Retriever looks with its fluffy fur and flappy long ears! I can just imagine a real Golden Retriever running along the beach after stealing a tourists Cornish pasty! I’m so excited for this one to arrive, that’s for sure!

So, those are all of the designs that Quirkory has shown off to us on Patreon so far! I’m really excited to see what’s to come in the future. I’m hoping we get a Shiba Inu holding a Taiyaki fish treat for Japan as well as an Australian Cattle Dog with an Australian treat… I don’t know of any off the top of my head. xD

Overall I just want to say how proud I am of Quirkory for setting themselves this Patreon pin club goal and really fulfilling it by bringing adorable dogs and baked goods themed pins into our lives! Looking at their enamel pin designs daily in my home really does bring a smile to my face and I’m excited for what 2022 brings for them.

I know that Quirkory will be bringing out their fandom pin club in the near future, so make sure to keep eyes peeled for that! Alongside this Quirkory will be launching a new Kickstarter campaign, more updates on their Patreon, as well as some apparel too, so make sure to go and follow their social media handles below to keep your eyes peeled.


Store (Etsy)




If you’d like to see more from them behind the scenes you can also join their Patreon, I’ll pop all the details below, including the Baukery pin club details too with prices! If you want anymore information in regards, make sure to click on the Patreon link below!


Three tiers to choose from:

Tasty Pastry ʕ๑•ᴥ•๑ʔ.:*☆ – £2.50 per month +VAT

Baukery PIN CLUB (WORLDWIDE) ૮ฅ・ﻌ・აฅ – £12.50 per month +VAT

Baukery Pin Club (WORLDWIDE) [TRACKED] ૮ฅ・ﻌ・აฅ – £20.00 per month +VAT

Which Baukery design is your favourite so far? What dog breeds and baked treats do you hope to see from around the world as well? Make sure to leave plenty of answers and love for me and Quirkory down below!

One final thing to add here is that Quirkory have announced their “Delicows ~ enamel pins & more” Kickstarter will launch on Monday 21st February! You can follow the project here, so you can be notified as soon as it goes live!

Until next time guys, take care and have an amazing weekend!


Independent Artists I Love! #1 Cosmicolor

This is a mini series I have been meaning to write for as long as I can remember but I’ve just never really got around to it, until now! I love independent artists thanks to conventions and shops like Etsy and Tictail!

For my first post in this little series I wanted to talk about Roo who owns and designs for their store Cosmicolor. I discovered them through Twitter funnily enough and fell in love with their Persona 5 designs straight away! I waited patiently for them to be released in the store and as soon as they did I had to order some!

NOW this post would have gone up on my blog on Thursday instead of the ranting post BUT this post actually contains one of my best friends birthday presents. I only saw her yesterday to give it to her so I wanted to make sure it was kept as a secret.

I ordered 2 charms, even though a part of me wanted to buy all of them! I bought myself Akira/Joker/The Protagonist and I ordered Ysuske/Fox for Gabriella. They’re both our favourites in Persona 5!

It took about 2 weeks for my parcel to arrive, which was fine as it travelled all the way from Canada. The price of the charms was reasonable in my mind, as well as the postage! They cost $12 each, Morgana costing $10. Altogether it came to about £20 for the charms AND the postage from memory. Either way it was well worth the money for these cute charms.

When you ordered any Persona 5 charms you also got a cute little card with them too, which of course I got. I wish I had asked for two now to be honest seeing as one of the charms is a gift for Gabriella. Oh well, coulda, woulda, shoulda.

The charms themselves have a clasp style chain so they’re easy to attach and detach. They also have black or red stars on, mine has the black star and Gabriella’s has the red one. The charm designs are also double sided with one side being happy and the other being serious.

Image taken from cosmicolor.tictail.com

If you’re a Persona 5 player you may have noticed that Akira and Yusuke are wearing their personas costumes, so they’re little cosplayers! All the members of the Phantom Thieves are dressed in their personas costumes, which I love! I haven’t seen anyone else do this and it really does add something new and different to the characters.

So, down to the charms themselves!

As I mentioned above I picked up Akira for myself as he’s my favourite character for various different reasons. He’s so damn cute in Arsene’s (his main/first persona’s name) outfit and I especially love that all the characters also have happy and serious fighting style faces. It really adds to the characters more. You can tell that all of these were really well thought into in so many ways. I mean look at all the detailing! Even so much as adding the cards for all of the characters that you get throughout the game. I love it so much! He’s going to go onto my Loungefly Pokemon bag (which you can read about here).

As I mentioned this charm is for my friend Gabriella so I’ve had to try and keep it a surprise on social media, as well as on my blog! Yusuke is the same as Akira and the other characters in his personas costume, as well as having a happy and serious face. I’ve obviously left him in the packaging due to him being a gift. I want him to get to her safe and sound! I hope she likes it. 🙂

This is the card that Roo sent out with the Persona 5 goodies and it is so damn cute! I love how Roo sent these out attached to a bit of card so that they wouldn’t get bent in places and ruined. I don’t yet know what I’ll do with the card but I think it’ll probably end up in a frame somewhere, especially if I create a Persona 5 themed picture for the office.

The designs on both of the cards are amazing and I would LOVE a proper print of the Leblanc design for my kitchen. I am just in love with all the little touches on the Leblanc image. If you don’t know what Leblanc is it’s the coffee and curry restaurant that Akira the main character stays in throughout the game. As you can see from the picture there’s a cappuccino/latte with a cat face in the milk froth, the phone can be seen peeping in the corner and finally Morgana and Akira are both staring at a plate of curry. SO DAMN CUTE! It actually makes me happy to look at. I didn’t really capture it in the picture but this side of the card is holographic, WHICH IS AMAZING! The other side is simpler as it’s meant to be like a playing card with Joker (Akira’s nickname) and both Akira and Morgana dressed  up in the middle. Morgana in a dress is so damn cute and this also makes me happy! FYI Morgana is a boy. 😛

I wish I could have ordered more goodies from Roo when I originally ordered these goodies, but I wanted to watch my money at the time. I was going to make another order last week for a couple more charms, but left it due to needing my cash for holiday goodies. I’ll probably wait until October now when I’m back from holiday to get myself some more charms. I want to own all of them!

Images taken from cosmicolor.tictail.com

My current mini wish list of items I want to buy next from Roo is the Ryuji and Morgana charms. I’m thinking ordering 2 each time will be a nice treat every other month.

Image taken from cosmicolor.tictail.com

As well as wanting to own all of those charms I also really want some of the mice charms too. I was going to just select a couple BUT I can’t decide which ones I really want. I want them all! If I had to choose three I’d pick Akira, Ryuji and Akechi. I’d want them all to link them together, which is what Roo will do if you ask! I’d hang them up somewhere in the office, or maybe the living room.

Overall I am in love with Roo’s designs and I can see me going back for more, whatever they design! Not only does Roo draw Persona 5 pictures but they also do Love Live, Tales of Berseria, Nier, Kingsmen and many more!

If you like what Roo does, then please check out Cosmicolor as well as all the social media! I’ll leave all the links below.





So that was the post to kick start this new series off! I for one am so damn excited to continue this series as I love discovering new independent artists. Posts will probably be once a fortnight if not once a month. I’ll see how I feel! 😛

Do you like the look of the amazing work Roo creates? If so make sure to go and let them know over on Twitter! The link is above.

Until next time all take care and I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.


I someday hope to fill my own Adventure Book…

Image taken from weheartit.com

Once again this isn’t a beauty or a fashion related post but more of a personal and travel one.

I’ve recently decided on places I wish to see before I die and I’d like to see them sooner rather than later.

The only place I have ever traveled to is Fuerteventura which is my second home and the place I would love to make my first home in the future.

I have wondered over the past two years about where I want to go in the world and why I want to go and explore these places. I have different reasons for each but to be perfectly honest, I think they all have food related reasons, as well as others of course.

I have five places I wish to see the most, these being:

Canada, Finland, New York, New Zealand and Japan… Not in that order though! I just popped them alphabetically.

New York

Image taken from weheartit.com

When I was around the age of 10 I remember watching Home Alone 2 with my Dad and him telling me of all the places he had visited in New York when he went out there for work when he was younger. “I’ll take you to the Twin Towers when you’re older” he promised, but of course that was never meant to be and after 9/11 the idea of us going to New York faded away. I was devastated, for years I’d looked forward to the day when my Dad would come home and say we were going. When I started college in 2006 I began watching Sex & The City and it brought back the idea of going to New York and I grew obsessed with the idea! I know so many people who have been and come back telling me how amazing is it there for the sights, the shops and especially the food.

With New York I don’t want to go for the sights, I had that dream years ago when I was a kid and after 9/11 it faded away. I want to go and find the places that people don’t go and explore because they’re too busy looking at everything everyone is paying to see. I wouldn’t know where to start, but I reckon I’ll figure that out as and when I go there.

As I mentioned before, I want to go to New York for the shops and the food! I’ve watched many beauty gurus on YouTube vlog their adventures at The Great Apple and the places they go for food is amazing. Pancake houses, BBQ, cute pastry places, pizza the size of your head, ice creams of every flavour imaginable. You name it, New York probably has it and I want to see these bloody places!

I don’t know when I’ll go to New York but one day it WILL be a reality. I’ll make sure of that!


Image taken from weheartit.com

CANADA home of poutine! If you don’t know what poutine is it’s pretty much chips/fries with chunks of mozzarella cheese and gravy. I’ve made this for myself many times but I want to try it the way Canadian’s make it.

But this isn’t the only reason I want to visit Canada of course! I can’t remember when I realised I wanted to visit Canada, but it’s up there in the top 3! A beauty guru from Canada I watch on YouTube used to take photography and she often vlogged her adventures of going into the countryside in Canada to take her pictures and it just looked so beautiful, especially in the Spring and Autumn months, which are both my favourite times of year.

People from Canada just seem so laid back, which is something I need a little more of in my life. I’d love to visit Canada in the Winter too when there’s thick snow everywhere to go and play in. Who cares if it’s cold, it’s fun!

Plus, am I the only one who thinks of South Park The Movie when it comes to Canada? I feel sorry for the Canadian’s in that movie, but at the same time I can see the funny side, and I’m not even American OR Canadian.

Some awesome people come from Canada too! One of my favourite You Tuber’s like MattG124, myeyeshadowisodd, FLuffeeTalks and JyuusanKaidan (although she currently lives in Japan…). As well as that Deadmau5, one of my favourite musicians comes from Canada.

I just want to be able to go there for about a month to explore so much of Canada, maybe during autumn season, they have an amazing theme park there called Wonderland and although I don’t like theme parks much, from images it looks absolutely beautiful.

I’d explore the majority  of Canada with my digital SLR!


Image taken from weheartit.com

Since I was the age of 17, I’ve wanted to visit Japan. From a young age I have been interested in anime and manga but when I was 6 years old my brother started dating a Chinese woman who I loved to bits. She was so lovely, honest and down to Earth and was mixed race Chinese, her mother was Chinese whilst her father was English. She was from Hong Kong and visited her family a lot out there, even taking my brother with her on the odd occasion. One time she bought me back loads of cute goodies and I loved them all. I remember saying, “This stuff is all so cute and adorable!” and she responded with, “I know I’m Chinese but in Japanese they say ‘kawaii’ for something cute. You should try saying it sometime!” So I gave it a go and it’s stuck.

So I’ve always liked cute things, I went to school with some Korean students and they were lovely, the one even brought us back some cute things from Korea when he went back for Christmas. To this day I’ve kept all the cute things he brought me back, it was so nice and thoughtful of him and he knew how much I loved that sort of stuff.

Before studying for my GCSE’s I learnt about Japan and their culture, which I thought was so beautiful and different to how we do things. In our house we don’t wear shoes inside or around the house due to dirt from the outside and I know when I move out, this rule will remain the same.

I want to visit Japan for their culture, their kawaii things and especially the fashion! Japanese fashion although weird at times, is amazing and is where most of the top designers get their ideas from. Since the Spice Girls started their short dresses and huge platform shoes, the Japanese have carried it on over the years, it only coming back into fashion recently because of them!

I know if and when I go on holiday in Japan I will want to take with me an empty suitcase and bring it back home full of clothes and goodies!

Japan has some awesome food too… Not sushi but ramen! I prefer Chinese food over Japanese to be perfectly honest, so I would go more for their culture, their beautiful countryside and to visit their fashion stores.

Japan is the next place I want to visit and I’ve recently been watching a few You Tuber’s who aren’t from Japan but currently live and study there. I would love to study in Japan for a year teaching English and is something my friend Gabriella and I discussed about a year ago.

I really want to learn Japanese too, but it seems extremely awkward, but I can see myself setting it as a goal for 2014, to learn Japanese by 2015… Or as least the bog standard parts anyway!

When my boyfriend and I first got together we discussed about saving up and going on holiday to Japan whilst watching Spirited Away. I’d still love to go with him, it’d be lovely.


Image taken from weheartit.com

This is one of the newest discoveries of places I would like to go visit. After I quit my job and was in search of a new one, I watched a lot of The Dudesons and whilst they’re hilarious, do stupid things etc I soon discovered what a beautiful country it appears to be and what an amazing language they speak too.

I fast learnt their swear words and was being naughty and using them at work whenever something annoyed me or didn’t go right. Customers wouldn’t have a clue what I was saying and neither did the people I worked alongside, so it suited me well! I would love to learn Finnish as it really is a beautiful language and from what I’ve heard, not a very heard one to learn either!

I reckon it would be amazing to visit Finland in the winter time, especially around Christmas due to the holidays being celebrated, and also to go snowboarding too. But from researching it with my boyfriend before, it’s pretty expensive.

I’d want to go with my digital SLR, lots of warm layers and some Finnish words so that I could go exploring, as it really looks like a beautiful place to visit, even if it’s suicide rate is one of the highest in Europe (apparently!).

New Zealand

Image taken from weheartit.com

Since Lord of The Rings came out, I’ve wanted to go visit New Zealand. It just looks like such a beautiful wide and vast country to visit and Kiwi’s seem so down to Earth people.

I really want to visit New Zealand to go and visit Hobbiton where The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings was filmed. I love The Hobbit and I’m counting down the days until 13th December when the second Hobbit film is out! The little Hobbit houses just look so quaint and cute and I would just love to go and have a look around them and take pictures.

This being said, I just love the look of New Zealand. It looks very countryside and like you could get lost exploring everywhere. As well as this they have their beautiful beaches and it’d be a fun place to have a go at surfboarding or even just going out on a boat for the day.

As for their food, I don’t know much about it, but I have a feeling it would be really yummy. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t have really good Chinese food down there though… Just sayin’.

Their accents are amazing and one of my favourites, I could listen to it all day and I’m a little sad that I don’t have any Kiwi friends! I used to know someone who was from New Zealand and she moved here from there a good three or four years ago but we didn’t talk all that much, even though she lived a 20 minute drive from my house! She had the cutest accent ever, it was a high-pitched, quiet but strong New Zealand accent and I loved it!

This would be a place I would want to visit for quite a while as I would want enough time to explore everything there was to explore. New Zealand seems like a big place and with so much to explore, a week or two wouldn’t be enough for me.

So that’s all the places I want to visit in my life before I die. The first one on the list is Japan and I know for a fact after going there the once I’ll want to go there again and again and again!

Where do you want to go before you die?

Let me know in the comments below!

I hope everyone’s week is going well, mines been lovely so far as I’ve had the past two days and today off work.

Until next time, take care.

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