Win A Lindt Bear Advent Calendar*

Wow this week has flown and I already can’t believe it’s Saturday morning. I’m pretty sure you guys must feel the same!

Can you believe it’s only 2 weeks until the 1st December? I honestly can’t! November feels like it’s dragging, but flying by so quickly.

The important question is, have you bought yourself an advent calendar yet? Whether it’s food, or beauty related? Well if not, I’m going to tell you why you should pick up the Lindt Bear Advent Calendar and if you keep reading, you could even try and win one! 😛

The lovely people over at WOW Free Stuff have kindly sent me over the Lindt Bear Advent Calendar* for me to show you guys, as well as tell you all about a competition they’re hosting so that you can one for yourself.

Last year I had quite a few advent calendars as I was gifted two by my workplace, which was lovely! This year I now have THREE! Wow… WOW! I may just have to share the Lindt bear advent calendar with my boyfriend Dane. 😛

The Lindt Bear Advent Calendar is definitely luxurious and perfect for people of any age. What really sold me with the advent calendar is the cute little gold bear peering through the window of the door. Of course this door is for Christmas Eve!

Throughout the advent calendar you get various different chocolates varying from Lindt teddy and gold reindeer milk chocolate, Lindt Swiss milk chocolate Napolitains, Lindor Mini milk chocolate truffles with a smooth melting filling and Milk chocolate Snowdrops with a creamy double milk filling.


So, how can you win one of your own you’re asking?!

WOW Free Stuff are currently holding a competition to offer you the chance to win 1 of 10 Lindt Bear Advent Calendars! All you have to do is click this link and follow what you need to do to win. The competition closes on 24th November 2018, so make sure to get in quick to be in the chance to win yourself this adorable advent calendar!

Terms & Conditions

This competition ends on the 24th November 2018

By entering you agree to sign up to WOW FreeStuff Newsletter

Must be over 18 and based in the UK

Are you going to give this amazing competition a go? Make sure to let me know in the comments. Also if you’ve bought any advent calendars yet, which one(s) have you bought?

Until next time all, take care and I hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

October Favourites ’17

It’s definitely and rapidly becoming my favourite time of year! It’s getting darker earlier now, we get an “extra hour” in bed, Halloween was yesterday, Bonfire Night is over the weekend AND Christmas is going to be here before we know it.

It’s a new month, November at that which can only mean one thing, it’s time for a new favourites post. It also means Christmas is looming, AHH! 😀

Let’s just jump straight into this months favourites.

  • Hask Monoi Coconut Oil Nourishing Shampoo.

I picked this shampoo up not long after I got back from holiday. I knew I was short of the Liz Earle shampoo I use so went to order some more, only to find out that Boots doesn’t appear to be stocking it anymore! I know I can get it elsewhere… But at £10 a bottle I wanted to try and pick something up a little lighter on my monies. This was definitely cheaper and it’s amazing for the price too! I’ve found it’s really helped my hair stay cleaner for longer, as well as look and feel soft and healthy. The Liz Earle one did too, but I just felt like it didn’t leave my hair feeling as clean as this one does! It also carries a gorgeous coconut scent which reminds me of Fuerteventura.

  • Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet EDT.

I’ve owned this perfume quite a while now and when I first bought it I loved it, but after a while I fell out of love with it… I found that whilst it smelt amazing, due to it being a toilette that the scent wouldn’t last as long as I wanted it to. This being said it’s also really nice to use a light perfume and it’s one I wore to work one day and it’s just stuck in my handbag since. I’ll probably end up switching it up soon, as I always tend to do, but I am trying to use up some of my older perfumes so I can make way for any new ones I wish to try.

  • Nails Inc Rainbow Wishes Nail Polish.

This is one part of the Unicorn Nail Polish Duo Kit and although I love both shades just as much, I prefer this one out of the two. I love wearing it on my weekends off of work as it looks so pretty without being over the top. I think I’ll wear this Bonfire Night alongside the other shade from the duo.

  • Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Paint in shade Pop Up (review here).

I haven’t worn my Barry M lip paints much since buying them, which is a shame as they’re actually amazing! My mental health hasn’t been too great towards the end of October so to try and cheer myself up I wore this shade quite a lot and I forgot what a gorgeous cherry red it is! I know I’m going to wear the hell out of it throughout the festive period!

  • Palmolive Gourmet Chocolate Shower Cream.

Ages ago when these shower creams first came out I made sure to stock up on them whilst the were a £1 each and after stocking up on those I bought LOADS of other shower cream/gel. Finally those are all gone and used and I can start using this amazing chocolate shower cream again. These are some of my favourite shower creams to use as they smell and even look like melted milk chocolate. Not only does it smell amazing but it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth all day long. I really recommend these shower creams in all of the scents!

So now my beauty favourites are done, time to talk about the miscellaneous favourites of the month!

Favourite TV Show – Stranger Things.

As many people will know season 2 of Stranger Things came out under a week ago and everyone has gone crazy for it, including me and Dane! As soon as it went live on Netflix me and Dane started to watch it. We got the new season completed in just 2 days and it is AMAZING! I didn’t know what to expect from watching the trailers and I didn’t really think much about it. Only when we watched it was I trying to constantly guess what was going on. At one point towards the end of the season I was shouting at the character(s), you know, as you do. 😛 I just enjoyed it so much and I already can’t wait for season 3… Which sounds like it’s already been announced.

Favourite Film – The Anthem of the Heart (Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda).

This was a film Dane had told me about and we watched it one of the days in October. I can safely said I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and would gladly watch again! It’s about a girl who loves to talk and talks loads, which ends up getting her into some “trouble”. She is cursed after this and whenever she talks after she feels like she needs to be sick. From there she becomes part of a school project which involves music, which also seems to help her find her voice and start to talk again. I won’t say anymore as I don’t want to give anything away! It’s an amazing anime film and one you should watch if you love films such as A Silent Voice or Your Name.

Favourite Book – Erm…

I actually don’t know why I have this option on here anymore as I don’t seem to read these days! I feel bad for not reading, but I feel like all I do lately is write my blog, watch random films and shows and play games. Reading hasn’t really factored into it lately. I really want to start reading manga again however! I have loads of K-ON! that I need to read! November will definitely be the month of starting to read again. 😛

Favourite Song/Album – Saliva – Back Into Your System

This is an album I actually listened to earlier on in the week when driving my car and I always forget how much I love it. It’s by far one of my favourite albums and whenever I listen to it it cheers me up so much. I’ve had a crappy couple of months recently so to listen to this album before and even after some good news it’s made me very happy. This is the song that introduced me to Saliva and due to that it’s my favourite of theirs, as well as from this album.

Favourite Game – South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

I can’t believe how long I had to wait for this game to come out, but it has definitely been worth it! I’m surprised I haven’t finished it yet to be honest but this is due to various reasons, Netflix being the main one. 😛 It’s nothing like the first game in my opinion and if anything it’s way better! There just feels like there’s more to do and it already feels like there’s more game play as well which is amazing. I just can’t wait to finish it! I intend to play loads Friday when I finish work as well as over the weekend.

So those were my favourites from October! I still can’t believe we’re into November now, the year is still going by way too quickly and it creeps me out.

Not only is Christmas and New Year next month, but my birthday will be the month after and I can’t believe I’ll be 28!

I’m excited for all those things to come however! So what were your favourites from October? Make sure to let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time, take care all and I hope you had an awesome Halloween.


Happy Easter!

Image taken from

I can’t for the life of me remember if I’ve ever written and wished my readers a happy Easter… Well no time for the present!

It’s late Easter Sunday now and me and Dane have had a really lazy day together. It was Dane’s birthday on Friday so we did contemplate doing a long weekend full of outings and nice things that he’d want to do for his birthday. Alas we didn’t really do that today.

As I did last year I baked Dane a birthday cake. Last year I made him a Deadpool cake and this year I decided to do an Easter nest cake to coincide with the Easter weekend. It turned out better than I planned and I loved making it. I’ve only had once slice so far, but I intend to polish off the last piece Tuesday on my day off of work.

Today consisted of playing retro games on my PlayStation 1 and 2, which was a lot of fun! Played some oldies such as Crazy Taxi, Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

I sadly didn’t get a copy of the Easter egg Dane bought before he smashed it and ate some, but we got a picture of mine! I haven’t eaten it still… It looks so cute and too nice to eat. 😥 I did however tuck into some Mini Eggs. Has to be done!

I also had myself a relaxing bath after starting out Easter Sunday dinner, which Dane finished off with a bit of assistance from myself.

For the first time ever I made my own roast potatoes and guess what? They turned out just as I hoped they would, if not better according to Dane! I’ve not made us a proper Sunday roast yet but I plan to give it a go very soon for my family. Me and Dane decided recently that for Christmas this year we’ll spend the day at home together and cook our Christmas dinner together. I know that’s a long way ahead to think of but it’ll be here again before we know it!

This Easter has been amazing and definitely one of my favourites. Not only was it Dane’s birthday, but we also spent a lovely long weekend together. We went for a birthday lunch with Dane’s parents, I baked his birthday cake, cooked our alternative Sunday dinner and we went to the Nature Centre in Birmingham together too and got to see the red pandas playing together.

It’s definitely been a weekend I’ve needed. The week after next we have a week off together to do fun things, as well as do some little finishing touches to the house. I honestly cannot wait.

Times like this remind me of how much I love Dane and just how much he means to me… Which is the world.

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you have had a lovely day, and weekend as a matter of fact.

Have you done anything special? Make sure to let me know in the comments down below.

Until next time take care all and I hope you enjoy the rest of the day.


London Haul

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 04 53 pm_zps72nthk0b.jpg

Wow what a long week it has been since returning from London! Of course I do apologise for how quiet I have been the past two weeks, but as I said on my Twitter account, I have been way too busy with the house to think or have time to do anything with my blog. Sorry about this, but I know that my regular readers understand, and for this I love you all and thank you as much as I can!

I have just got back from London after visiting my good friend Sophi, and I had an amazing time! I ended up spending more than I intended to as we went shopping around London, as well as in Stratford shopping centre. So I thought why not show all my lovelies what I bought down in the smoke!

I said from the start of my trip to London that I wouldn’t buy any clothing, as I don’t need any, but I found that was the majority of what I bought. Oops! I picked up three t-shirts, and a coat.

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 09 14 pm_zpsqknekfma.jpg

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 09 20 pm_zps7salqyz3.jpg

The first t-shirt I picked up was this Rugrats Reptar one from the Nickelodeon shop in London. It wasn’t cheap to be honest at £20, but I thought it would make a nice treat and was a real throwback to my childhood as I loved watching Rugrats growing up. So much so that I still watch it to this day if I fancy a bit of a nostalgia trip. As you can see it’s a purple t-shirt, with Reptar on, as well as his name in metallic pink writing. You can pick this up online here.

The second and third t-shirts that I bought were both from HMV, not usually a place you would think sold clothing. They do sell t-shirts though, usually relating to bands, TV shows, movies, and games, etc. You get the point! These two t-shirts were both £12.99 each, however HMV have an offer where you can buy two for £20, which is a bargain really! So of course I took them up on that offer, because it would have been rude not to.

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 12 03 pm_zpspj00kltj.jpg

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 12 08 pm_zpsaefwhead.jpg

The Harley Quinn one is to coincide with The Suicide Squad, as it’s meant to be the same as the t-shirt she wears in the movie (which FYI I am excited to see when it comes out!). I just love the design of it, it’ll be something nice to rock in the summer with shorts… Like Harley Quinn really! A girl I work with (Hi Rhi! ^_^) has this t-shirt too, and I heard about it from her before my trip to London. As you can probably gather this is a woman’s t-shirt. Sadly any men out there who want it won’t find it in HMV. I would have linked back to this for people to look into buying from HMV, but it isn’t on the website sadly.

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 11 08 pm_zpss2vbfvwj.jpg

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 11 13 pm_zpsbqltktol.jpg

I also picked up a Deadpool t-shirt from HMV. It had to be done, as I LOVE Deadpool and I knew whilst I was in London I wanted to pick up some Deadpool goodies, or at least one. This was the only thing I actually managed to pick up, and I don’t regret it. This is a pretty straight forward tee with just a picture of Deadpool with his arms folded, nothing spectacular or special. I don’t mind that to be perfectly honest. This is a mans tee, sorry ladies they don’t have any specifically for us! I don’t mind this though as I picked up a smaller size so it would fit snug on me. You can find this on the website, and I have linked it here for you.

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 13 34 pm_zpsv48s47qc.jpg

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 13 46 pm_zpsqhqaq6wo.jpg

As well as the two t-shirts I picked up from HMV I also bought myself a few other things, not clothing related. I picked up these Kurt Cobain pin badges for my backpack, as during my trip to London I decided that I would start to use it again more often. I love Nirvana and Kurt so I though it would be cool to get some badges with his face on them. These were a steal at £3.99 and I can’t wait to pop a few on my backpack. I also picked up a DVD copy of Forrest Gump after visiting Bubba Gump Shrimp. It’s a film I’ve been meaning to buy and add to my collection for some time now, as it’s one of my favourite films. I put it on for me and Dane to watch when I got back from London, and I cried so many times that I ended up losing count. Oh dear. 😦 It was another bargain at only £2.99!

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 17 29 pm_zpsclr2iz7o.jpg

 photo Photo 14-06-2016 11 51 00 am_zps497ei0su.jpg

My favourite purchase of my trip to London was definitely my new coat, a yellow raincoat! I have been after one of Topshop’s raincoats for years now, and every time I saw one I liked the look of it seemed to sell out really quickly, if not straight away. I saw this one in the Oxford Street store and decided to grab it with both hands before I was never able to buy one again! I’ve bought it two sizes too big for me so it didn’t feel snug, but instead was more roomy and baggy. Reason being so that in autumn and winter I can layer up and not feel uncomfortable. I found from wearing it around London for a couple of days that this coat is incredibly warm, and will be perfect for rainy days! The hood is huge which I’m really pleased about, as I love any jacket, coat, or hoodie was a hood that swamps my whole face. I can’t wait to wear these with my Jake Dr Martens boots (you can read about them here) as they’re both yellow and will look amazing! With all this rain we’ve been having they’ll work perfectly together. Yay! You can fine this raincoat on Topshop’s website here.

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 15 43 pm_zpse5itzivk.jpg

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 15 50 pm_zpsiktlwr8l.jpg

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 16 50 pm_zps8qiwzzjv.jpg

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 17 00 pm_zpsxuq0rm2w.jpg

I mentioned before that I went to Bubba Gump Shrimp whilst in London and shortly after having a meal there with Sophi, I decided I wanted to get some goodies from the gift shop. Before heading down the restaurant gave us our blue flashing glasses that we’d had drinks in. As Sophi already had a blue glass already, she kindly gave me hers so that me and Dane could have one each in the house. I love that she does things like that! I also bought two pint glasses from the gift shop, which were meant to be two for £10, but the guy only charged me £5.98 for two. I didn’t say anything and accepted how cheap they were! One is going to be for my dad whenever he comes to visit me at the house, and the other for myself and Dane to use whenever. They’re just bog standard pint glasses, which will come in handy for pop, beer, etc. By the way I do apologise for the pint glasses still being wrapped up. I don’t want to open them until me and Dane have moved into the house. But you all know what a pint glass looks like anyway! 😛

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 14 43 pm_zpsdlnmzlm3.jpg

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 14 46 pm_zps54tgodcb.jpg

Of course I couldn’t go down to London and not pop into the Lush on Oxford Street. That would just be out of order, and it was one of the last shops me and Sophi popped into on my first day in London. I had promised Dane (and myself) that I wouldn’t buy anything… But I caved in and ended up buying two things. DOH! I took in five empty black pots and bagged myself a free pot of The Prince of Darkness face mask, which I was super happy about! I haven’t used it yet, but I hope to soon.

The two products I bought were Supertramp bubble bar, which is an exclusive to Oxford Street, and their newest bath bomb Lava Lamp (link here), which Oxford Street did release when they first opened last year, but discontinued it shortly after. I imagine to work on a better formula and scent for it… Who knows! Either way I thought I was going to go crazy and want to buy more, but alas I only really wanted to get my favourite exclusive, that being Supertramp, and I’ve always wanted to try Lava Lamp. I’ll be giving them a go soon enough and reviewing them. Woop!

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 22 52 pm_zpsmrlcrylv.jpg

The majority of the rest of things I bought were food and drinks related, either Japanese or American. I said that I would be coming back with loads of Japanese snacks, but I didn’t really think about bringing this much back! Boy do I have a lot to show…

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 22 58 pm_zps0zejm2ws.jpg

All my Japanese goodies are mostly from Japan Centre, but I also grabbed some stuff from an independent Japanese supermarket too. I bought two types of Pocky, banana and matcha (green tea), my two favourites! They cost less than a £1 each so I bought two of each, because why not! I also bought some random goodies too such as Pokemon wafers, a panda wafer, as well as three bottles of ramune soda! One is missing however due to me and Dane drinking it… Oops!

I also bought plenty of American sweets, mostly blue raspberry flavoured as they have always been my favourite. Just loads of random things. These were mostly from Gobstoppers in Stratford shopping centre, and I’m just going to say that I will never go there again. I will try the one in Birmingham to see what it’s like, but I judged the Stratford one so hard. They were selling out of date stock from over a year ago, AT FULL PRICE, the staff were rude, and they charged ridiculous prices for things you can buy in Asda for 99p. A complete joke, and I won’t be going there again…

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 23 02 pm_zpsrumn1bnv.jpg

Another sweet related place I bought stuff from was the legendary Choccywoccydoodah, which I had never heard about until my friend Sophi told me about it. We ventured into the cafe there, which was amazing, and to be honest (for me) the best part about it. The shop itself was lovely, with some beautiful creations, but at the same time I do feel like it was really tacky… Sorry (I’m not sorry…)! I ended up buying some chocolate, one little slab of dark (which you can buy here), and a larger slab of chocolate with green tea flavour (which you can buy here). I’m excited to try these, as the dark chocolate we had in the cafe was gorgeous! It was ridiculously overpriced to be honest, and I doubt I’ll ever buy anything from there again. I feel bitchy saying that, but it just seems a rip off for what you’re getting, especially when I’m not a huge chocolate lover anyway.

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 19 48 pm_zpsoaxxd10i.jpg

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 28 25 pm_zpssrvhpzhy.jpg

 photo Photo 19-06-2016 9 28 34 pm_zpsiff9tlm0.jpg

Apart from the goodies that I also picked up for Dane (a Fallout 4 Dogmeat Pop Vinyl!, a book, and some sweeties) that is all I bought! My friend Sophi gave me and Dane one of the nicest moving in presents we have received so far, with it being matching Disney mugs! Lady and The Tramp for me, and Stitch for Dane. We love them, and will be using them lots when we move into the house. She also gave me a medium Pink Sands Yankee Candle that she didn’t want, as well as a Charity Pot lotion from Lush that she didn’t want either. All the goodies! I intend to give her something very soon as a thank you for having me stay at hers whilst we were in London. That and it’s her birthday soon!

So that was all the stuff I bought whilst in London! I wish I could have ventured to more places that sold Japanese related things, but that will be for next time.

What have you bought nice for yourself lately? Make sure to let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time take care all, and I hope you’re having a good week.

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The Chocolate Quarter – Review*

 photo Photo 17-05-2016 1 05 11 pm_zpslmpa20ug.jpg

This review is way overdue on my blog and I feel bad for only getting around to writing it now. To be honest I wanted to save eating all these yummy chocolates that I’ll be talking about today for a rainy day… Today isn’t a rainy day, but I am in the mood for something sweet, and so is Dane who will help me try these chocolates today.

Back at the start of the month I attended a blog event at The Chocolate Quarter, down in the jewellery quarter in Birmingham. The event was amazing, and one of my favourites to date. We go to learn about chocolate, sample some of their goodies, as well as make some chocolates of our own! You can read all about the event here.

At the end of the event we were offered 10% a box of chocolates, so instead of £6.00 they only cost us £5.00. This including the four we made during the event, AND a special Star Wars chocolate to celebrate May 4th (or May the fourth be with you – AKA Star Wars Day) I thought this was a complete bargain for 10 chocolates.

 photo Photo 17-05-2016 1 05 56 pm_zpsmcyzm6ao.jpg

 photo Photo 17-05-2016 1 05 38 pm_zpsk8vvwc5p.jpg

From top to bottom I’ll talk about the chocolates I bought with a description from The Chocolate Quarter website, and then do a small review of each. Oh hello sugar rush! 😛

 photo Photo 17-05-2016 1 06 07 pm_zpsupxmtcnc.jpg

From L-R:

Coffee & Cardamon – A lot of cardamom and little coffee. Our new mashup.

Chocolate caramel truffle with chocolate powder coating which I made.

Chocolate caramel truffle with icing sugar-coating which I made.

 photo Photo 17-05-2016 1 06 04 pm_zps1aezvqiz.jpg

From L-R:

Sea Salt Caramel – Firm caramel seasoned with fleur de sel salt.

Cappuccino – Coffee caramel topped with white chocolate “foam” in a dark cup.

Irish Cream – Irish Cream liqueur drenched in gorgeous milk chocolate.

 photo Photo 17-05-2016 1 06 01 pm_zpslk1kboi5.jpg

From L-R:

Chocolate caramel truffle which I made.

Freshy – Refreshing zesty lemon and lime in sweet white chocolate.

Now that I have shown them off with their descriptions, it’s onto the reviews! I will be reviewing them in the order that I have shown them above.

 photo Photo 17-05-2016 1 06 38 pm_zpsvwpfjmrx.jpg

Coffee & Cardamom – I LOVE coffee chocolates so I knew I had to pick this one up when I read that it contained coffee… However I was slightly disappointed because I couldn’t take any coffee! Dane could however, so maybe my taste buds just aren’t doing as good today. The centre was a nice creamy/gooey consistency, but not the sort of gooey that goes all over your chin and down your favourite t-shirt. I liked that! The look of this one was plain but also really cute with the little gold coffee bean design on top. I would buy this again, as although I couldn’t taste the coffee, it was still lovely due to the creamy centre.

 photo Photo 17-05-2016 1 06 50 pm_zpsdbxagqbc.jpg

Sea Salt Caramel – I love salted caramel flavoured things. The nicest salted caramel chocolate I ever tried was some that my friend Gabriella bought me from Thorntons for my birthday last year. Well I can’t decide which I like best! They’re both nice in different ways to be honest. Thorntons has a gooey centre, whilst this one is a chewy caramel centre which has chunks of salt inside. To be honest I think I do prefer Thorntons for various different reasons, but this just ticks all the boxes for me and I would definitely buy this again! The salt is really salty tasting and I bloody love it!

 photo Photo 17-05-2016 1 06 28 pm_zpsf5r6en37.jpg

Cappuccino – I have so much to say about this chocolate. It is the best one in the box, both for appearance and for how it tastes. As you can see this is in the shape of a gorgeous little coffee cup with cappuccino inside. It’s dark chocolate which makes the cup itself, and white chocolate to make the foam. However when I bit into this it also had some caramel at the bottom of the white chocolate, whether this was to hold it in place (which I’m sure it was…) I don’t know, but damn it was a nice surprise! I shared these chocolates with Dane, but I really wish I didn’t have to because I could have eaten this all to myself. I will be buying this one again in the future! Especially for my dad as he loves chocolate, novelty things like this, and he drinks cappuccino so it’s a win win situation!

 photo Photo 17-05-2016 1 06 59 pm_zpsqlxz1k43.jpg

Irish Cream – This is definitely one of my favourites from the bunch. Oh boy do I love this chocolate! It’s got a lovely strong taste of Irish Cream in there, alongside the smooth and creamy centre. If you love alcoholic chocolates, and especially love chocolate such as Bailey’s (which for the record is one of  my favourites!) then you will love this! The look of it is simple with some white chocolate on top, but I like how simplistic it is, considering it packs a punch when you eat it! Gold stars to The Chocolate Quarter for this beauty.

 photo Photo 17-05-2016 1 07 15 pm_zpspl2aaid5.jpg

Freshy – This was one that I pondered over buying for quite some time. I love my lemon and lime tasting things due to how refreshing they are. This is a white chocolate with a lemon and lime citrus mousse in the centre. We liked this one but we weren’t overly keen. Personally I found it was a little sickly due to the white chocolate, but I’m more of a dark chocolate lover so this is probably why. Dane commented saying that he wasn’t sure if the lemon and lime worked with the white chocolate. The one thing I like about this however is how it looked. It reminded me of a marble effect which I thought was really clever. If I was offered this I would eat it, but to buy it again myself… I would prefer to pick up something else.

 photo Photo 17-05-2016 1 07 57 pm_zpsqcidsiin.jpg

 photo Photo 17-05-2016 1 08 00 pm_zps7bebzxlu.jpg

Another one of the chocolates I mentioned I was given after the event was a Star Wars one, and out of the four we could choose, I decided on a Stormtrooper. This was your bog standard milk chocolate, nothing in the centre etc. It was yummy and I would buy these on their own to be honest, and keep them in a jar in the fridge for rainy days.

So what did I think of all the chocolates overall?

Like? Cappuccino and Irish Cream. These two were perfect chocolates for me, and I adored them so damn much.

Dislike? Freshy. What a massive let down in comparison to the others. I’m glad this was the first one I tried because it set me up for some amazing goodies later on.

Would I go to The Chocolate Quarter and buy from them again? A definite yes! I really want to buy the two I liked again, as well as try some of the other ones they have up for grabs, oh and the ones I got to try for Father’s Day at the event.

Here is a list of ones I want to try next time; Jewellery Porter, Smoked Bacon, Dairy Free Peppermint, Pistachio Halva, and Sea Salt Praline.

Overall I really do love the chocolates I bought! They were all yummy, and are now in a happy place in mine and Dane’s bellies.

Will you be checking out The Chocolate Quarter anytime soon? If so which chocolates do you have your eyes on buying? Make sure to let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time, take care all and I hope you’re having a great week.

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The Chocolate Quarter – Blog Event*

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 6 27 22 am_zps0j7s8zsr.png

Last week for me was pretty intense, stressful, and busy. It was mentally draining, and I hadn’t felt that way since my last couple of weeks studying my masters last year. However last Wednesday I attended a blog event organised by the amazing Suzie over at Suzie 81 Speaks (link to her blog here) and hosted by the lovely bunch over at The Chocolate Quarter.

I’m not going to lie when I say that this event was the highlight of my week, and I had more fun than I thought I was going to have. The invite said how it was going to be on for an hour and a half, it lasted nearly three hours! Not going to complain about that mind, as I had so much fun and met some awesome people!

The Chocolate Quarter has only been open since February this year, and is located in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. It isn’t rocket science when I say what kind of shop it is… It’s obviously a chocolate shop, but I found that it was a lot different than your usual Thorntons, or Hotel Chocolat. This is an independent company and their chocolate is just different from anywhere else, they have some interesting, and unusual flavours that you won’t be able to find in chain stores.

I was invited to the event by Suzie nearly a month prior to it happening, so I had a good look on their website to have a nose at what yummy chocolate goodness I was in for! I was in heaven, let me tell you, so can you imagine how I was when I entered the actual shop last week?!

I just want to quickly add, that I was in a bit of a rush to get to this event as I had finished work, had to get home and quickly get ready, and then get through traffic in the city centre to haul my booty to the event. Due to this I wasn’t able to take my digital SLR with me and get the best pictures I could. This being said, my iPhone does produce some pretty good pictures. Oh and by the way, this post is going to be hella picture heavy!

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 photo Photo 04-05-2016 6 45 38 pm_zpsm9w2f9ia.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 6 44 34 pm_zpsxhqbbpjo.jpg

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the shop (apart from all the lovely people attending the event :P) was the amazing display of chocolates which was in front of me. I literally died and went to unique chocolate heaven! As I had already eyed up what goodies were on offer to buy I already had an idea of what I wanted, so I got to have a proper look at them in the flesh. Which by the way, I bought! But I’m going to save that for a separate post. 😛

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 6 42 42 pm_zpsrarqxycg.jpg

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 photo Photo 04-05-2016 6 44 41 pm_zpsoygynifd.jpg

The store itself wasn’t the biggest, but it was the perfect size, and due to the decor was light and airy. Definitely nice to venture into and was very welcoming. The store itself was decorated lightly in products they sell, and I was salivating at the thought of some of them. They had hampers you could buy, biscuits, chocolates, sweets, as well as the chocolates they make and sell. So there is various options for everyone!

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 6 43 30 pm_zps1vviilqx.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 6 46 56 pm_zpsbfxuywez.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 6 47 40 pm_zpsbh93ybkf.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 6 49 36 pm_zpsi2jlbalb.jpg

To kick start the event we all got to have some of the Aztec drinking chocolate that they had prepared for us. From working in a coffee shop, I’ve made some kick ass hot chocolate in my time, but this stuff was beautiful! It wasn’t made with milk, which usually a lot of coffee shops do, but instead just water, hot of course. They owners were telling us how milk doesn’t really help give the true taste of chocolate, but instead masks it and hides the taste, whereas hot water doesn’t do this and you get the full flavour of the chocolate. It was delicious, and we got to add various spices to it such as ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and even chilli! For my first cup of hot chocolate I decided to add nutmeg. It was pretty subtle, but tasted amazing!

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 6 58 06 pm_zpsoixkyqxy.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 6 41 01 pm_zpshfewhu6z.jpg

After trying the hot chocolate it was onto finding out a few in depth details about chocolate, and how it is made, as well as how The Chocolate Quarter make their amazing chocolates! It was really interesting to listen to, and Jay who was telling us all about it was very thorough, but not like school teacher boring thorough. We got to try three different types of chocolate to try and find the key notes to each. If you don’t like dark chocolate, you would have hated this. I love dark chocolate so this was fun for me to do. You placed a couple of little buttons onto your tongue, let it melt, and then swirled the chocolate around your mouth to get a taste for it. It reminded me of tasting coffee after testing it at my old job (as well as my current one) and it was nice. I love doing things like this!

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 03 43 pm_zpss7cs0dly.jpg

Through talking about chocolate Jay went on to show us one of their newest chocolate inventions, the cappuccino chocolate! I ended up buying one of these, but I’ve yet to try it! I mean look at it, it looks like a cute little cappuccino drink, even has chocolate sprinkles! I think out of all the chocolates I saw and bought, this one was the most impressive out of them all. It’s just so unique, and such an awesome idea for people who love coffee flavoured chocolate, like myself.

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 6 55 25 pm_zps7etlo2qv.jpg

He then went on to tell us we would be having a go at making four chocolates ourselves and went on to show us the five stages that it takes to make a truffle. Technically it should be six, but they did the first part for us by creating our little dark chocolate shells.

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 08 16 pm_zpskftfcj2i.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 09 27 pm_zpshqtaases.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 10 44 pm_zpswfbsdkig.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 37 10 pm_zpsqubeuusl.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 40 19 pm_zpshm7catzp.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 40 23 pm_zpsykwo4erc.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 43 27 pm_zpsb4djtkgf.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 47 28 pm_zpssbafvxds.jpg

The first stage was to inject a gooey caramel into our truffles. It reminded me of piping buttercream on a cake, especially as we used piping bags! But this caramel was pretty damn hard, and it took a bit of time to get the hang of it. I like to think I didn’t do too badly though… It could have gone worse. It would have gone everywhere! Thank God it didn’t mind.

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 15 53 pm_zpsuasbdngy.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 22 23 pm_zps06eqtktp.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 47 21 pm_zpssknp8eqf.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 47 22 pm_zps49ak9ypy.jpg

The second stage was to start temping the chocolate ready to use for our truffles. We got to find out how they temp their chocolate, as well as be given some hints and tips as to how we can do it ourselves at home. We of course got to have a go at doing this stage ourselves, which was pretty fun to do in teams. I worked with Laura from Fill to the Brum who was lovely! We both took it in turns to stir the chocolate and make sure it was ready to use to seal our chocolates, and cover them in gooey chocolate goodness!

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 25 58 pm_zpsosrvxlu1.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 26 05 pm_zpsxvv5ty7d.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 26 30 pm_zps9oeqck6g.jpg

That’s where the third stage comes in! Time to cover and seal our chocolates! This was a pretty simple stage where you got a little bit of the chocolate and covered the whole where you had just injected all the gooey caramel so it stays there for the next couple of stages. We left this to set for a couple of minutes and then moved onto covering the truffles in creamy chocolate.

The fourth stage was pretty straight forward… Although a tad on the messy side! We could either dunk our truffle into the chocolate, move it around a little and be done, or we could do the same process and then remove with a special dipping tool. Where it is swirly you hold the chocolate covered truffle onto this and use it to remove any leftover chocolate so it gives the finished truffle a nice smooth finish and texture. I kept dropping the first one I did this to, and I felt a tad silly due to it.

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 10 23 pm_zpsq1xufu55.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 31 06 pm_zpsgouftix8.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 04 10 pm_zps8zlj9m4t.jpg

Finally we got to cover our truffles in either powdered chocolate, coconut shavings, or powdered sugar. As I’m not a fan of coconut shavings I went for the powdered chocolate and sugar! I made such a mess, which you can tell by my glove on the picture above. I felt like a little kid all over again in my cooking classes… Oh dear! I’m never usually this mucky, I promise.

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 07 19 pm_zpsrxh0m8pc.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 07 22 pm_zpsa8xgrrsz.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 07 24 pm_zps03xhqpcy.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 07 26 pm_zpsbyyaa5bo.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 07 28 pm_zpsa4cqgsss.jpg

So here are my finished chocolates! I did two with a smooth chocolate look to them, and two where I covered them in yummy powdered chocolate and sugar. The sugar one didn’t work out too great to be honest, but oh well. It’s trying that counts, isn’t it?

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 15 24 pm_zpsjaemgdkn.jpg

After this we popped our names on our chocolates, had another hot chocolate (this time I had cinnamon and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!), and had everything cleared away so that we could move onto the next part of the event, tasting the new Father’s Day chocolates. Man, I can’t believe Father’s Day is just a month away. SRSLY 2016 can you stop going by so quickly???

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 15 37 pm_zpsjlwjhjr3.jpg

There were three chocolates we were given to try, jewellery porter, smoked bacon, and “the renaissance” single malt. That was also the order we got to try them in too. One thing about this chocolate’s were is that they all had alcohol in them. They were yummy let me tell you, and would make a great gift for someone’s father or grandfather who has a sweet tooth and loves a strong drink every now and then.

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 15 55 pm_zpsjmczpblg.jpg

So the first one was jewellery porter, and it was the nicest one of the bunch! It’s described as, “A collaboration of two locals! Two Towers brewery provided their famous Jewellery Porter Stout and we provided the chocolate. A rich and chocolatey caramel in a thick dark shell with a sustained happy end note.” This was my favourite as it just ticked all the boxes. It looked lovely as it wasn’t too in your face, and it tasted amazing. The caramel was really gooey, which I love with chocolates like this, and the alcohol wasn’t really strong. I know some people prefer this, but personally I’m never fussed. This was more of a chocolate I would imagine a woman to enjoy though, due to both the taste, as well as how it looked.

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 15 59 pm_zpsg5mkd4yf.jpg

The second was smoked bacon and whilst this wasn’t horrible, it was really weird and I’m not sure if I liked it or not… I wouldn’t chose it myself, but if someone gave it to me I would eat it. If that makes sense? Out of the three I found it was a the prettiest to look at. The description for this one was, “Bacon in a chocolate?! – You can’t do that! O’ yes we can. This caramel truffle contains actual salty bacon and a dash of laphroig single malt to give it a smokey kick start.” This was a strange chocolate… The gooey caramel was amazing, of course it was! But to then bite into and taste bacon was strange, in a somewhat nice way. I didn’t dislike it but I didn’t love it either. I can’t say I didn’t like it when I’ve eaten Marmite chocolate… 😛

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 15 51 pm_zpsd0c0asfe.jpg

The third and final one was “the renaissance” single malt which wasn’t my favourite out of the three. It’s described as, “Recommended by the experts at Hard To Find Whisky this chocolate is made with pure Glen Garioch single malt whisky. Notes of butterscotch, ginger and orange interlaced with caramel and barley are balanced with a Belgian milk chocolate shell.” This wasn’t a horrible chocolate, but it really wasn’t my cup of tea. It was really strong due to the whisky which was off putting for myself, and to look at it, it wasn’t anything special. I don’t expect mind blowing chocolate, my reason for putting this is due to how they wanted us to rate them. I’m not THAT mean!

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 36 45 pm_zps7bugbj8z.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 36 48 pm_zpsdrz1mngx.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 37 18 pm_zpstr3n1xmy.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 38 29 pm_zpswkuudwts.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 39 54 pm_zpssqp5xbwq.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 39 58 pm_zpsss17sugy.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 40 01 pm_zpserc6k5cr.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 48 44 pm_zpssszljwla.jpg

After the chocolate tasting was over, it was time to begin the final part of the event which was a chocolate fondue, with lots of yummy food to dunk in, as well as some prosecco to wash it down! There was lots to choose from with various fruits like banana, strawberries, and satsuma, and some naughtier choices with gingerbread men, turkish delight, doughnuts, and honeycomb. As I’m either allergic or not a fan I didn’t eat any of the fruit, so I mostly ate the naughty treats. My favourite was the doughnuts! I didn’t try the turkish delight, sadly. The honeycomb was really yummy, but it stuck to my teeth, haha!

I already had an idea what chocolates I wanted to buy, and as we were given 10% off any purchases, I decided to grab some goodies to take home with me for me and Dane to share. I’ll be doing a full review on these the weekend to be honest, but I’ll definitely show off what I picked up here.

As well as my own four chocolates I made, I also picked up cappuccino, lemon and lime, Irish cream, and sea salt caramels. As well as that due to the event being on the 4th of May, which is known as Star Wars day they made Star Wars themed chocolates! I went for a Stormtrooper, because why not?

Overall what did I think about the event and The Chocolate Quarter? I LOVED it! I had a really crap week and this was the highlight of my week. Making chocolate, and getting to find out some more in depth details and information about how chocolate is made etc is really interesting and it was so much fun. It was also great to network and talk to some lovely fellow bloggers, especially food related ones.

If you love the sound of the chocolate making then you can book a chocolate experience to have a go yourselves with a minimum of 3 people but from memory the price was £50. This would be great for team building for work, maybe if you study a food related subject at college or university then it’d be great to learn about something new! My friends want to have a go, so it might be something I look into around Christmas time, or for birthday’s.

I’ll be visited The Chocolate Quarter again as there is so much more I want to try!

A massive thanks to Suzie for once again being a total beaut for inviting me, and always being so lovely and welcoming. If you haven’t heard of her, make sure to go and check out her blog. I’ve popped the link near the start of this post.

I also want to say a huge thank you to the guys at The Chocolate Quarter for being so welcoming and friendly to all of us! You were great hosts for your event and your hot chocolate is very yummy!

I’ve had three of my friends already ask me if we can go to The Chocolate Quarter soon to go and buy some goodies, so I already know I’ll be going again very soon.

If you aren’t local to the store like I am and really want to try some of their chocolate, then don’t fret! You can go to their website and look at what they have on offer, as well as make orders. I’m going to pop all the links for The Chocolate Quarter down below for you, so don’t worry.

The Chocolate Quarter website

The Chocolate Quarter Facebook

The Chocolate Quarter Twitter

The Chocolate Quarter Instagram

Will you be paying The Chocolate Quarter a visit anytime soon? Or have you already? Make sure to let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time, take care all and I hope you’re having a great week!

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Happy Easter!

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Just a little post today to wish everyone a lovely Easter!

Don’t eat too much chocolate and make sure to have a yummy Sunday roast.

I’ve been spending Easter snuggled up with my boyfriend in bed whilst I do uni work. We bought ourselves some chocolate eggs to indulge in and boy have they been yummy! Think we’ve eaten too much though.

As well as that I’ve just been thinking about some exciting posts I want to write on my blog in the future.

I’m so pleased to have two weeks off of uni for Easter. It means I get to have a break, as well as get some of my assignments started.

But enough of me going on, here are some cute Easter related pictures for you to enjoy.

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I hope everyone has a great day and I’ll see you again soon.

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Happy Easter!

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This is just a quick post from me to wish all my readers a happy Easter, no matter where you’re from or how often you read my blog. ^_^

I’ve had a lovely relaxing day with my boyfriend, where we pretty much stayed in bed all day playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf all day, played with some Japanese DIY sweets we bought from Cybercandy yesterday, and ate cold leftover macaroni cheese that I cooked for us last night for lunch.

It’s not the traditional way to spend Easter with chocolate eggs and bunnies, crappy films on the TV with family and a huge roast dinner, but we like being different!

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I do have a chocolate bunny in my fridge waiting to be devoured, but I’m waiting until I have a real chocolate craving… Which will probably be tomorrow after work.

Other than that I’ve had a lovely day and I wanted to wish everyone else a lovely day too.

I’ll be trying to write some posts for next week, I have some ideas I want to get written down and once again I apologise for being so quiet lately. It makes me sad that I don’t write as much as I used to. 😦

But let’s not get a downer started!

Now my boyfriend has gone home, I’m off to play more Animal Crossing: New Leaf, watch a movie and later on cook myself some noodles.

Until next time, take care and have a lovely Easter!

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