New Year, New Car!

If you read one of my older posts a few months ago about my life lately, then you may have noticed that I said that I had some things happening that I couldn’t talk about yet.

This happens to be my new car! Well, I say new but it’s actually a second-hand car, but you get what I mean.

I’ve stated since Christmas how I would like a newer car than my old one, just because I wanted to start traveling on the motorway and I wasn’t able to do so in my old car.

Whilst on holiday in January I discussed with my parents the idea of getting a new Peugeot, which is what my first car was. However if it wasn’t the engine size being too small, it was the finance being a rip off and unreasonable.

Randomly my dad found a gorgeous Citroen for sale and showed it me as soon as he could. I fell in love with it and said yes to it becoming mine. I checked the insurance and the tax and that was what made my decision official.

I’ve owned my new car for two months now and I can safely say that I LOVE it.

As my first car was pretty old, had a small engine and also had no power steering, my new car has been like heaven to drive. Two engine sizes larger, power steering and also ten years younger than my previous, it’s ideal for my motorway traveling needs now.

As my Peugeot was my first car I was pretty sad to let it go, but I’ve sold it to a family member and I know they’ll take good care of it! I owned that car nearly five years and it did me well until now and hey, it could have done me well for even longer but it just wasn’t doing what I needed it to do anymore and the time came for me to get myself an upgrade.

I feel so grown up and special with my Citroen and I won’t lie when I state how excited I got for my key having an unlocking and locking mode on it. Not to mention loads of other little things that made me happy.

Some being the light inside my car working as the one in my old car broke due to the roof leaking!

Another being how amazing the car radio works, it’s really loud and the speakers sound really good quality.

Something else I really like is that my new car is five doors, unlike my old car which was three doors. It just looks and feels so different.

As I said before and will say again, I really do feel grown up!

Something cool about my new car is that it’s actually limited edition, although I don’t know how… I don’t mind to be honest.

I’m hoping that this is just the start to me changing dramatically this year, I want to become a better person and the person I want to be as soon as I can… This is only the start but I already feel so much better.

I’ve already driven on the motorway quite a bit but I do still feel really anxious and as of yet I haven’t driven to uni or my boyfriends house on my own yet. But I hope after May to be confident enough to be driving on my own.

I will keep you updated on this for sure!

I hope you enjoyed this post today, is definitely something different and something I have been waiting months to talk about, but I’ve just been so busy.

Do you drive? If so, which car do you drive? I’d love to find out!

Have a great weekend all and take care.

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