Benefit Gogotint Cheek & Lip Stain – Review

Don’t you just love when you have enough Boots Advantage points to treat yourself to something fancy? I noticed recently that Benefit Cosmetics had added a new lip stain to their ever growing collection and it’s definitely one of the nicest I’ve seen! I was going to be good and wait until me and Dane go on holiday, as I could have picked it up in the airport but I fancied a treat now… 😛 I had nearly £90 worth of points on my Boots card so I decided to treat myself before payday.

I’ve owned this stain for a week now and I am in love with it! I knew I had to review it for you all and compare it to Posie Tint, which I own the mini version of.

If you didn’t know Benefit have a lip stain line which you can use on the cheeks and lips. Before adding the new Gogo shade they had 4 shades in the collection, Gogo makes it 5.

There’s Benetint which is a rose colour and from swatching it in the past on my hand it’s actually my least favourite of all the tints. It’s a water like consistency is really awkward and annoying to work with and due to that I also feel that the colour doesn’t built up much and isn’t very pigmented due to it. I know it’s just a stain and isn’t meant to be pigmented but for the price I don’t feel that Benetint is worth it.

Rant over! 😛 The rest of the lip stains have a gel like texture to them, which is what I love! It’s easy to apply and feels really comfortable on the lips. The other shades include Chachatint which is a mango shade, Lollitint which is a candy-orchid shade and Posietint which is a poppy pink shade.

Of course we have the new shade Gogotint which is a bright cherry shade. Of course this will be the shade I’ll be reviewing today. I found this chart on the official Benefit website so thought I would pop it into this post. I don’t personally feel like it’s accurate though. I wish I had all the shades to swatch for you guys. As I own Posietint I’ll be swatching that alongside Gogotint so you can compare. I’ll probably review it in the future though as I’m hoping to pick it up in the airport before we go on holiday. I currently only own a mini version of Posietint so I’ll take pictures next to my full size of Gogotint for comparison.

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Posietint mini next to full sized Gogotint

The full size of all the Benefit lip stains is 10ml, and the minis which you can buy or get in gift sets are usually 4ml. I got my 4ml mini lip stain from Boots about a year ago for £5.00, which was a complete bargain in my opinion! I don’t think Boots do the lip stain minis anymore, but they do do other minis as well.

ANYWAY! I want to talk about the packaging first. It’s got the typical Benefit retro pin up style to it that they’re so well known for. I love the bottle for Gogotint so damn much! It’s a gorgeous metallic glass bottle in a cherry pink colour to match the colour of the shade itself and a white lid with some detailing on it. I’m sure the detailing on the lid has only been introduced recently. The fact that it’s a glass bottle makes me a little wary and nervous, but I’m sure I wouldn’t damage it in anyway, unless I threw it. 😛

I love the bottle so much as it looks simple, yet expensive and pretty at the same time. However, the one thing I don’t like is not being able to see how much product you have left. It’s kind of a guessing game with these. The only lip stain to be in a clear bottle is Benetint. All the others are in the metallic coloured bottles.

Gogotint brush with product

Gogotint brush without product

Posietint brush

The brush for the Benefit lip stains remind me nail polish brushes. It’s really weird to be honest due to how flexible it is but how fiddly it is at the same time! I’ve struggled a little at times to use it when lining my cupids bow. It’s not too bad really as you can wipe away any mistakes you make, but all in all it is a pain in the arse if you’re in a rush. I find with my mini Posietint that due to the size the brush is a little thicker and therefore easier to use. I do wonder if a lip brush might be worth using when trying to be precise with the full size bottles. Either way I manage. 😛

Now I’ve spoken about the basics of Gogotint, I’ll FINALLY talk about the product itself!

I found a bit about it on the official website and Boots website too:

Brighten up with cherry red lips & cheeks!

Gogotint is the wildest flush you can get from a bottle! Our see-through bright cherry red lip & cheek stain is vibrant, juicy & pops till you drop. You gogo, girl!

• Cherry red lips & cheeks
• Kiss-proof & smudge-proof
• Longwear cheek & lip stain
• Instant pop of color
• Bright, see-through flush of color

Gogo-getter! Too busy for beauty? Never! Brush gogotint cherry red tint on cheeks and lips then blend for a vibrant flush. It only takes 5 seconds! BEAUTY TIP: Thank you CHERRY much! Gogotint’s flush will get you lots of flattery. Not used to all the attention? Just respond “thank you cherry much”…they’ll get the hint!

I had a look around Instagram and YouTube for ages of people swatching and showing off the colour of this so that I could get an idea of whether I would like this colour or not. When I heard it was a cherry red/pink shade I KNEW I would love it. These sorts of pinks are right up my street. I can’t be dealing with light colours. 😛

Dark heart – Gogotint, light heart – Posietint and circle beneath is Gogotint blended out

This really is a bright colour and would actually be a great lip colour for anyone who is wanting to venture over to the dark side of the none nude variety! This in my opinion is the most vibrant and pigmented shade that Benefit have brought out in their lip stain collection to date. I love it!

Wearing Gogotint

Wearing Gogotint

As I’ve already mentioned this has a gel consistency to it and isn’t too thick and isn’t too thin, so it’s perfect for applying. It’s especially great for applying to the centre of your lips for a just bitten look. This is something I have tried somewhat with Gogotint and it looks gorgeous with this shade.

The one thing I really like about this shade is that it’s buildable so you can dab a little on with your finger to create a soft pink shade and look, or apply a couple of coats to really pack a punch with that gorgeous cherry red colour for an alternative pin up girl look.

Wearing Posietint and Gogotint

Wearing Posietint and Gogotint

Wearing Posietint and Gogotint

I have tried both and love them both just as much as the other. I also applied this in the inside of  my lips and then applied Posietint on the outside for a gradient and just bitten look.

I’ve worn both of these at work and they last really well to be honest! I’ll have to top them up when I go for my break (4-6 hours into my shift) but that’s kind of normal to me for something like this. I also use my Vaseline before applying this and making sure to wipe away most of the excess when applying the lip stain. I also use it over the top of the stain throughout the day to keep my lips soft. It doesn’t dry out the lips though and if anything feels comfortable and not like you’re wearing anything on your lips.

I can’t really put my finger on what the scent of this is and it smells exactly the same as Posietint. I don’t want to say a chemical smell because it doesn’t smell like that at all… But it doesn’t smell of anything either… It’s scentless! 😛 It doesn’t smell disgusting, let’s put it that way and it doesn’t smell when you apply it to the lips, which is good.

Of course as the name states, you don’t have to just use this on the lips, you can also use it on your cheeks as a blush. I won’t be doing this but it looks so pretty when blended out!

I tried to test if you can remove this with my Garnier micellar cleansing water and it removed really easily which I was surprised about. This is a little disappointing but at the same time I can’t complain! I’d be moaning about it staining if it didn’t come off. 😛

Wearing Gogotint with a blue highlighter on top

Wearing Gogotint with a blue highlighter on top

Another little thing I like to do with Gogotint is I like to apply a highlight onto my lips to give it a pop of colour! I never thought of doing this before and I’m so chuffed with the outcome, which I’ll show on here of course!

As I always do, here are some picture of me wearing Gogotint alone, with Posietint and of course with the highlighter. Loads of pictures await you!

My overall feelings on Gogotint is that it’s an amazing lip stain and one that I don’t regret buying. If anything it will become one of my go to lipsticks now! I’m definitely going to take it on holiday with me as it’ll be lovely to wear both in the daytime and the evening when going out.

All 5 of the lip stains by Benefit cost £25.50 from both the official Benefit Cosmetics website and Boots. As I mentioned before you get 10ml of product for this price and right now I feel it’s well worth the money as a little bit of the lip stains really does go a long way and of course it’s a 2 in 1 product, you can also use this on your cheeks as a blush!

What do you think of the new lip stain? You like it, or are you not sure? Do you own any of the Benefit lip stains? Make sure to let me know in the comments!

Until next time all, take care and I hope you’ve had a lovely week so far.



I’m Hosting My First Twitter Chat!

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Oh and it is so damn exciting! AHHHH!

GirlBoss Network recently put a tweet out there on their Twitter account (obvs!) asking for people to come and host chats for them. Of course I dropped them a tweet and asked if I could take part soon if not in the future. They said in the future at the time but the next day I got a message on Twitter asking if I could host this Sunday!

I’m a mixture of excited and nervous. I’ve never hosted a Twitter chat before so I’m nervous about not doing things I should be, or that my questions will be lame. Of course I am excited to take part in a chat that I’m hosting.

I love taking part in Twitter chats, especially blog related ones. It’s lovely to be able to talk and discover new bloggers through the chats. Of late I haven’t taken part in as many chats as I used to, but I intend to change that as of this week!

So, MY Twitter chat? What’s the topic going to be I hear you all ask? Well it’s going to be geek and nerd themed, OF COURSE!!!

I’m going to try and think of some questions from tonight now that the chat topic is set in stone.

The chat will be hosted for an hour and starts at 12pm this Sunday (20/04/17) over on my Twitter account @maybeecoffee

If you’re wondering what the Twitter handle is for GirlBoss Network, it’s here @GirlBoss_Net

So yeah I thought I’d share this exciting little bit of news today instead of a usual blog post!

If you have any questions to ask about the Twitter chat I’ll be hosting then please ask away in the comments down below or over at my Twitter account (@maybeecoffee).

I hope everyone’s weeks are going well so far! Me and Dane both have a week off work to get on with some finishing touches on the house, including the garden, hanging up some pictures, blah, blah, blah. OH and whilst I was mowing this grass this afternoon it started to snow… 😛 It only went sunny AFTER it was finished. TYPICAL!!!

I’ll soon be writing a post about the artwork I have in the house, I’m so excited for that!

Would you guys like me to do a house tour next week if possible? Make sure to let me know!

Until next time take care all and have a lovely evening… Hopefully snow free! 😛


Stuffster – Win Your Wishlist competition!

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This post today is to let all you lot know about Stuffster and the amazing competition that they’re currently holding.

Some of you may not know what Stuffster is, so I’ll just give you a bit of information about it.

So, what is Stuffster? Stuffster is a website that you use whilst you shop and helps you save money, as it alerts you to if they have dropped in price or go on sale! Great isn’t it?

Every time you see an item you like the look of (but not the price tag) all you have to do is click the Stuffster +STUFF button in your browser (I keep mine in my bookmarks) and it’ll be added to your Stuffster.

Here you can save lots of different items from different shops, whether they be fashion, beauty of even games related, anything can be put into your Stuffster! You can also organise different Stufflist folders to keep your items in. You could have on labelled “fashion”, one labelled “beauty” and you could even have one labelled “nerdy things”. The possibilities are endless!

Once you have added your items to your Stuffster they will continuously keep their eyes peeled on your items and will alert you via email if any of your items drop in price or go on sale.

At one point or another we’ve all seen something we wanted, praying it will go on sale only to come back to it when it has a little too late and those cute shorts that you wanted are all gone in your size. Well no longer worry about this happening with the Stuffster app!

The best part about it is, it’s absolutely free! All you need to do is sign up and that’s it!

Now onto the competition!

If you ARE already a Stuffster user, you may or may not have heard about the competition they’re holding.

Win EVERYTHING in your Wish List up to £250! $400 if you’re in the States.

It’s just as easy as signing up, here’s what you need to do to be in with a chance of winning:

  1. Create a Stuffboard in your Stuffster account called ‘Win My Wishlist’
  2. When adding products you want to Stuffster select your ‘Win My Wishlist’ Stuffboard (see image below)
  3. That’s it! When the competition closes we will pick a ‘Win My Wishlist’ Stuffboard at random and that lucky winner will win all the items in their list up to a maximum value of £250 or $400!

Image taken from

Competition closes at 11.59pm on 30/09/13. Winner will be announced on 01/10/13, so what are you waiting for? Get those items added to your lists and good luck everyone!

If you want to know more about the competition, check out this link.

Are you already using Stuffster? If so what do you think of it? If you don’t use it, do you think you’ll be giving it a go? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, take care everyone and I hope everyone’s having a good week so far!

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Win £200 to spend at Chi Chi!!!

etailPR are holding an amazing new blogger competition for a lucky beauty blogger to win a £200 voucher to spend at Chi Chi.

With only one day to go, I thought I’d give it a go myself, as well as encourage fellow beauty bloggers to give it a go!

Like the sound of this competition? Well it doesn’t take long to enter, I’m going to tell you just how to go about it yourselves at the end of this post!

Dresses1. Krista Dress – £39.99.

2. Jana Dress – Was £49.99, now £22.99.

3. Gala Dress – £44.99.

I looked at all the dresses on Chi Chi’s website and I found myself more drawn and attracted to these three dresses than any of the others on the website. Coming in at £107.97 altogether, I would use the £200 voucher to buy these, that’s if I’m lucky enough to win the voucher! I love their new autumn and winter collections and especially love their maxi dresses, they’re so elegant and gorgeous. The Krista Dress would be perfect teamed up with some spiked flats and a spiked biker jacket to match to give it that edgy rocker feel. I really love the red of the Jana Dress and this would be perfect to wear on evenings out with friends with some wedges and a cute little shrug over the top. The Gala Dress would be worn on nights out with heels and a blazer to smarten it up, I’d add a neon pink clutch with it to clash against the pretty pastel pink skirt on the dress. I love all of these dresses for different occasions and I know I would wear them all to death, especially the Krista Dress.

Now, onto how you can try for this competition yourself!

Create a wishlist style post of your favourite Chi Chi pieces.

Your wishlist can include as many items as you like, we’d just like to see your favourites! The wishlist does not have to equal £200.

In your post you need to link to the Chi Chi website using this link:

Also link back to etailPR’s original blog post, which you can find here.

Once your post is live, please email the link to

And hey presto! You’ve entered yourself into the competition!

Please make sure to email your entry over by 5pm on Wednesday 21st August, otherwise your entry won’t be counted! The winner will be announced on Thursday 22nd August.

If you wish to find out more about this competition then please head over to etailPR’s blog!

Good luck everyone, may the best man… I mean beauty blogger win. 😉

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