Lush Santa’s Postbox Soap – Review*

Woohoo it is the first Lush Christmas review of the year! I don’t think I reviewed any Christmas goodies last year which is a real shame to be honest. I just never ended up buying anything until the Boxing Day sales… Hey if I can grab loads of bargains then hell why not?!

A couple of weeks ago I attended a Lush bloggers event in their Coventry store (you can read about it here!) and when the event was over they gave us all goody bags which was amazing! I got four items altogether, one being a bubble bar I got to make during the event, as well as the soap I am about to review.

Santa’s Postbox is a new edition to Lush’s Christmas products this year and one I really like. I’ve never been a big fan of the Lush soaps for various reasons, the main one being that I’m allergic to a lot of Lush’s soaps. However I haven’t yet had a negative experience with this soap.

Lush describe Santa’s Postbox as:

Attention please! Attention please!
Last call for post! No time to freeze!
Rush to the postbox. Lick the stamp.
Ignore the painful writer’s cramp.
Ha ha, you’ll say, new gifts for me!
Ho ho, he’ll answer, wait and see!

The colourful envelopes and presents inside every chunk of this soap were posted before yours, so there’s no time to waste! When you’re ready to seek out the nearest pillar box, simply follow your nose. Fresh satsumas are squeezed to give this an energising, citrusy scent. Orange flower absolute, bergamot and Sicilian mandarin oils evoke the inimitable excitement of peeling the satsuma at the bottom of your stocking.


The soap before it is cut up looks amazing and just like a red British postbox and shares it’s scent with Satsuma bath bomb. The bath bomb was originally called Dashing Santa but Lush have changed it this year and also made it an Oxford Street Exclusive. It smells as you can guess just like juicy satsumas and like oranges and lemons which I love! It’s really nice to use in the evenings as a pick me up and in the mornings before work to wake me up. Depending how the big postbox soap is cut depends on the colour of your chunk of soap. Mine is mostly red with one dark orange patch. I love the colour of it.

As this contains extra virgin coconut oil it means it’s lovely and moisturising for the skin, which I love as when the weather gets colder my eczema really does hit strongly, so I need something that will calm it down during the week when it’s flaring.

I mostly use this soap in the bath after a long day at work as well as for using to shave with both in the shower and in the bath. That’s what I mostly do with Lush soaps as I find they work great for shaving due to the creamy lather they produce. However due to the gel like consistency of this soap it doesn’t lather up as creamy as (for example) Rock Star soap would.

I have noticed the past couple of days a little bit of a drying on my legs and I’m unsure if this is from the soap or from something else. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was from the soap sadly but I’ll make sure to keep my eye on it of course!

Sadly I don’t know what size chunk Lush gave me, but I can only assume that it was their standard 100g size. The soap is available to buy in a small 100g size for £3.25, a medium 250g size for £8.10 or a large 500g size for £16.25.

Personally I probably wouldn’t pick Santa’s Postbox up again, not because I don’t like it because I love it, but because I want to try other soaps instead.

I know this isn’t a very long Lush review but I’m not going to lie… What can I really say about a soap? 😛

Have you tried Santa’s Postbox? If so what do you think of it? Or if you haven’t tried it yet would you like to pick it up? Also!!! Make sure to let me know what your favourite Lush Christmas product is this year.

Until next time, take care all and have a lovely weekend!


* This item has been donated to me either for review purposes or for free after an event.

Organique Birmingham – Blog Event*


Woop I have a really exciting post for you all today. I’m sorry I have been so quiet the past week, I’ve just been a tad busy with work… Again…

Last week I was invited to a blog event by the lovely Suzie over at Suzie Speaks (link to her blog here) at Organique in Birmingham, which I attended on Thursday, alongside a couple of handfuls of bloggers like myself, and they were all lovely!

The store has been open since August 2015, and although it might sound like an unrecognisable name, it’s actually a well known one in other countries in Europe, such as the Netherlands, Canada, Kuwait, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, and Poland where there are 50! So it’s a well known name, which has now joined the UK.

I hadn’t even realised where it was until I rocked up outside it half an hour before the event started! It really is a hidden gem, and is located in the North Western Arcade right next door to House of Fraser.

I did a little research into the brand before popping along to the event, and was delighted to discover that they have been around for over 14 years, and produce natural cosmetics for body, hair, and face. So, me being into all things pampering and cosmeticesque, I knew I would love the place straight away, and boy did I fall hard!

Even though the store has been open for six months it still looks brand new, and was laid out beautifully. It isn’t a huge store, but to me it was the perfect size to walk around to have a look, and take everything in without getting lost, or anything like that.



The first thing I noticed when I walked into the store was how beautiful it smelt, not anything heavy or in your face either like Lush, just gentle, natural scent. I loved it. Then wondering what the smell was coming from, I soon saw that it was from the bath bombs, powder, and salts in the middle of the store. They were probably my favourite part of the event as they were just so colourful and gorgeous. I just love giving things like that a good ol’ sniff too, which I made sure to do throughout the event.




Another thing that was really lovely to see was all the novelty soaps on display to the right of the entrance. It reminded me of the soaps my mom used to buy me when I was a kid. There were some really beautiful smelling ones, and I wish I had picked one up at the time, but alas I shall wait until next time.


The two I liked the most were chocolate and coconut, pictured above.


Image taken from






We had Justyna the manager of the store demonstrate some of the products for us, which was lovely. I was hoping she would show us face masks, as I was after something new. She showed us two of the algae masks, a clay one which you apply and wash off with warm water, and a peeling one, which was so satisfying to peel off the back of my hand!


Image taken from



We were allowed to walk around the store to look at the various products on offer, as well as drink some orange juice, eat some yummy Polish doughnuts, and of course talk with fellow bloggers who were there! I had a good natter with just about everyone, and it was just nice to talk about some common interests! None of my friends are bloggers (well two were but they don’t do it anymore… *insert sad face here*) so it’s nice to be able to talk about it with someone new, who can relate.


I’m pretty skint at the moment, and I so would have bought more if I’d have had the money, but alas I only had a little bit of spending money so I decided to treat myself to a few little things whilst I was there.


I picked up the lip balm in Cherry Candies (link) and although I don’t neeeed anymore lip balms, I am really glad I picked this up as it’s such a lovely balm. It reminds me of Cherry Drops, which I loved as a kid. I’ll be keeping it by my bed to use on days off, and I’ll probably end up throwing it in my handbag for when I’m over at my boyfriends the weekend.

Being a bath freak, I KNEW I would end up picking up one of the bath bombs, and whilst I liked the scent of all of them, Greek stood out most to me (link) as it reminded me of something I just couldn’t put my finger on, until I was talking to one of Justyna’s friends who was helping her during the event (I’m sorry that I can’t remember your name *sad face inserted here*) and she told me it was white grapes. Then I realised exactly what it reminded me of, Yankee Candle’s Vineyard scent! It smells just like this, and is a candle I have loved for years. I cannot wait to try this out, I really do want an alternative to Lush bath bombs and these sound divine. You only need to use half to get a good bath, which is what I use with Lush bath bombs anyway! I’ll make sure to review this bad boy.

Finally I picked up a face mask, which for the life of me I can’t find on the Organique website, so sadly I can’t link you guys to it. As I mentioned before, we were demonstrated two types of face masks, and me being me, I fell in love with the cool peel off one. I also sighted that they sold a blueberry face mask, which I KNEW I had to have. I love anything with blueberries in, whether I can eat them or not. A good example of this being at work. I found out this morning that we sell a blueberry chutney! BLUEBERRY CHUTNEY! I’ll have to buy it at some point. 😛 Anyway back to Organique! I can’t wait to try this face mask out tomorrow on my day off work. I’ll be reviewing this too I’m sure. Justyna gave me a serum sample to use after the face mask, but I’m not sure which one it was… I have a feeling it was the Green & White Tea Immuno-Serum (link) but don’t quote me!


Image taken from


Image taken from

Sadly a few hours after the event started, it was time to head home. We were all given goodie bags by Justyna, which was so lovely of her! She was an amazing host, and I hope she does another event like this in the future. All the bloggers who were there were all so friendly, chatty, and just plain awesome! I have previously been to blog events where most of the bloggers there were a bit snobby, didn’t want to talk to me, and put me off going to anymore. I’m glad that I attended this event though as I had such a lovely time chatting to the girls, trying some new products, and discovering an amazing new cosmetics company!

So you’re probably wondering what I got in my goodie bag? I was given four lovely things to try out, one of them being something I wanted to buy myself!



I was given the a sample of the Anti-Age Hair Shampoo (link), a sample of the Ghassoul Clay Powder (link), a full size of the Africa Bath Powder (well bath bomb but it isn’t in the shape of a bath bomb!) (link), and a sample of Chocolate Sugar Peeling (link), which is the product I really wanted to try!




I honestly cannot wait to give all these a go over the next week or so, and hopefully be able to pick up some goodies soon. I have my eye on the Sensitive Bath Nectar (link), Caffeine Slimming Serum (link), and pretty much ALL the bath bombs!


What do you think of Organique Cosmetics? If you’re in Birmingham City Centre, will you pop in and have a look?

If you aren’t local to Birmingham, don’t worry because Organique do indeed have a website! I’ll link their website down below, as well as all their social media too.





Until next time all, take care and I hope you had a lovely weekend!

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