Laurer Mercier Wish List

Back in May my friend Poppy took me into House Of Fraser and introduced me to some body products by Laura Mercier that I would end wanting so badly for months, so much so every time I go near House Of Fraser or Selfridges I have to pop to the Laura Mercier stand quickly to check out a few products that I’m dying to own…

When me and Poppy met up during October we went into Laura Mercier to check out said products, as she has her eye on some of these too, and I near bought something but I bought my Zara scarf instead. When I got home from seeing Poppy I began to wonder if I should show you all what my wish list is from Laura Mercier and as I’m busy this month with NaNoWriMo, I thought it would be a great idea!

I’ve had my four eyes set on the crème de pistache collection she has out and I pretty much want most of what is in this collection, so I’m going to talk about each item, as well as show you said item, prices, places to buy etc. 😀

Within her body line there are five scents to choose from, crème brûlée, fresh fig, ambre vanille, crème de pistache and almond coconut.

As I mentioned I really like crème de pistache but I also love crème brûlée too, but out of the two crème de pistache won due to its lovely sweet nutty taste, the fact I love pistachio macaroons and ice cream and finally the body products are mostly green, which I love!

Each scent offers plenty of body products to choose from, from bubble bath, hand cream, body wash and body cream. Here’s just some of the products I would really like to add to my bathroom.

On Sunday I tried out Crème de Pistache hand crème and I can say it is definitely at the top of this wish list. As regular readers will know, I suffer from really bad eczema on my hands and whilst I have my steroid cream to calm it down it’s nice to use something else in the meantime, as I’m only allowed to use my steroid cream once a day. I popped some of this cream on my hands whilst Poppy and I were looking at the Laura Mercier products and it made my hands so lovely and soft, as well as smelling absolutely amazing! It lasted ages on my hands too, even after washing them which I was really pleased about. I nearly bought the Hand Crème Sampler Collection for £20.00, but as I mentioned earlier I bought my Zara scarf instead. I’ll be talking about this set in a while. This hand cream isn’t cheap but for £13.00 it would be used every once in a while, possibly kept in my handbag for when I’m out and about but I know I’m definitely going to be picking this up either at the end of 2013, or at the start of 2014. If you don’t have a House Of Fraser or Selfridges near you to purchase this, then I have linked this on both stores online for you to check out.

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I haven’t yet tried this out on my skin when in store, but I have tried the Crème de Pistache soufflé body crème which feels beautiful but at £43.50 a jar, I don’t think I’ll be buying that anytime soon so it’s staying on my Beauty Bucket List for the meantime. I don’t really moisturise my skin (yes I know that’s really bad) so to spend that much money on something I probably wouldn’t use much due to that, plus the price tag it would be a waste of money for now. However, the Crème de pistache body butter isn’t that much money at £26.00 a tube, which isn’t too bad in my opinion. I would use this once a week or before special occasions/outings as at the same time, it isn’t cheap and I would want to try and make it last to get my moneys worth. My skin can get quite dry but as this is a butter it would be thick and this moisturise my skin until it’s heart is content. This is said to sink straight into the skin, which is exactly what I would want, as with The Body Shop’s body butters I’ve always ended up washing them off after use as they feel really greasy and I have to wait ages to even get dressed! I’ll be making sure to try this on my hand/arm before I buy of course, just to make sure it is right for me. If you don’t have a House Of Fraser or Selfridges near you to purchase this, then I have linked this on both stores online for you to check out.

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As I mentioned above, I would be talking about the Hand Crème Sampler Collection, which I saw when I was shopping with Poppy on Sunday. You get four of the five different scents to try in the set, these being Almond Coconut Milk, Crème Brulée, Crème de Pistache and Fresh Fig. The original sized Hand Crème is a 50g tube, whilst each little sampler tube is 30ml, which isn’t too bad. I really would like to try the Crème Brulée version of the Hand Crème so it’s great that it’s in this little sampler collection. I think these little tubes would be perfect to keep in the car, at home and in my handbag, maybe one at my boyfriend’s house too just incase I ever forget my eczema cream or my hand lotion. The only Hand Crème I wouldn’t really use from this collection would be Fresh Fig, as whilst I’m sure it’s one of the best ones for your skin, I don’t like the smell of it all that much, so I would probably give this one away to a family member or a friend. I could see me buying this for myself around Christmas time, or at the start of 2014 for my birthday as I’m usually given money to spend on whatever I wish. If you don’t have a House Of Fraser or Selfridges near you to purchase this, then I have linked this on both stores online for you to check out.

I would like to say there is more from Laura Mercier that I would like to buy, but for how much they are it would be unrealistic at this moment in time to put them on this wish list… So for now they shall stay on my Beauty Bucket List, which I’ll be making a post about in the near future. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these lovely products will all be mine by my birthday just after the start of 2014!

Until then I’ll keep trying them out when I go near a Laura Mercier counter and dream that soon enough they’ll be mine.

Do you like Laura Mercier? If so what products would you like to own? This can include make-up too!

Until next time, take care!

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