Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream in Fairy Cake review

I heard about the cream puff lip creams by Collection 2000 months ago from a random blog I happened to stumble across. They sounded like great products to try out but when I researched more about them I found that they’re like Marmite, people either love them or hate them. Many commented positively how long-lasting and creamy they are, with four great shades to choose from whilst others commented negatively how they’re too drying due to their matt finish and this caused their lips to chap and be sore.

For £2.99 each I decided it wouldn’t break the bank to give one of these a go, even if I was one of the negative commentators. I know own two of the four shades and they’re my go to lip product at the moment.

In this review I’ll be talking about Fairy Cake, the second cream puff I purchased.



Fairy Cake is the third shade in the cream puff collection and is one of the pinker shades. It’s a gorgeous coral pink shade with orange undertones, perfect for spring and summer! For a 5ml tube this stuff lasts for ages!


This goes onto the lips like a cream gloss and dries like a matt lipstick, which is great. However if you put loads on it’ll take longer to dry, not good if you want to give someone a kiss. Due to it drying as a matt it lasts aggges and by just adding some more can make it last a little bit longer. It smells amazing too, just like a red velvet cake or vanilla frosting.

I love wearing this product during the day and on nights out due to its staying power and since I’m not longer single this stuff is perfect for it’s staying power whilst having cheeky kisses here and there.

Now to compare to what other people have said, whether they be positive or negative comments.

As mentioned this product is really long-lasting and with a simple touch up lasts even longer, which is perfect for me as there’s nothing worse than wearing a lipstick that feathers! I love going out shopping in the day and not feel the need to worry if I need to top my lipstick up or not but as this is like a gloss, it’s really easy to apply some more on the move if I need to.

The product is described as velvety soft, which is pretty accurate! It’s like applying a cream onto the lips, which is obviously where it got its name from and thus leaves my lips feeling soft and looking great.

There are four shades to choose from, Cotton Candy which is a creamy bubblegum pink shade (which I also own), Powder Puff which is a light brown nude shade and Angel Delight which is a darker brown nude shade. I’m not a fan of brown or nude so I doubt I’ll be purchasing the other two shades in the collection. I’ll also be writing a review on Cotton Candy in the future!

Now time to cover the negatives that have been commented on time and time again by various different blogs. These products CAN be drying but I find that if I put more of the product on or some clear lip balm then there’s no issue to be had. I usually pop some Vaseline, Palmers lip balm or Chap Stick over the top and I have no problem. This being said, for all I know during the colder months my lips may dry more with these products, but I put that down to the weather, not the product itself.

These products are amazing, my own flaw and complaint with them is that they only have four shades to choose from, but the two shades that I own and like (Cotton Candy and Fairy Cake) are pretty damn good and will both work throughout any season.

I definitely recommend these products if you fancy trying something different to your average lip stick or gloss and if you’re lazy like me and find it a chore to apply more lipstick whilst on the move. These go on quick and easy and look great!



As you can see I like sitting on my bath, pulling funny faces and all for you lovely readers! The product works and looks great and my weird face shows that perfectly.

Would you give these a go for £2.99? If so which shade would you get? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time though, take care!

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