Deadpool – Film Review (Guest Post)

My friend Gabriella is here again to bring you awesome readers another film review. As soon as the Deadpool movie came out in cinemas I asked her if she could review it for me so I could share it on my blog. I love her reviews, whether the be for films, games, books, etc. She’s amazing at writing them, so who better to ask eh?

I’m pretty sure most of you have seen the film already, but if you haven’t, get a ticket booked because this film is selling out! As Gabriella is a legend, she hasn’t put any spoilers in her review, so don’t worry about having anything ruined for you. It won’t be.


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Deadpool (15)

Action and Dark Humour.

Ideal for:
Fans of the Marvel movies; fans of Deadpool.

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Review (No spoilers):
After what feels like years of anticipation, there was every chance that Deadpool was going to buckle under the weight of the hype and disappoint, but this couldn’t be further than the truth. Played by Ryan Reynolds, Wade Wilson is a mercenary for hire who is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and then undergoes experimental treatment that leads to a severe mutation of his skin that makes him essentially immortal but at the cost of his skin looking scarred and burned. This sounds like an incredibly depressing premise for a story, one that should be filled with a brooding and angst-filled lead, but that’s certainly not the case. Instead, Wade is loud, obnoxious in the best way, funny and incredibly crude. There isn’t a moment where he isn’t running his mouth, reeling off quip after quip, and yet somehow it never feels forced or pushed in – every joke is incredibly well timed and beautifully blended in with the dark themes of the film. In fact, some of the best jokes are ones that are interlaced with the more serious scenes, because the contrast leads to a more powerful emotional impact.

Although the film is Deadpool’s origin story, the supporting characters are overall just as interesting as the merc with a mouth. Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), who plays his romantic interest, wasn’t subjected to the general female and damsel in distress cliché, but instead has a complex and believable personality, and some of my favourite scenes were the interactions between her and Wade. The other two supporting characters, Weasel (TJ Miller) and Blind Al (Leslie Uggams) were equally hilarious, and their cutting sarcasm was a refreshing counterpoint to Deadpool’s loud and often unsubtle jokes. The only two supporting characters who didn’t feel as developed were Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (played by Stefan Kapicic and Brianna Hildebrand respectively). Although they appear for a significant portion of the second half of the film, their characters felt rushed, and I walked away knowing very little about them other than very basic knowledge. While this is partly understandable because the film is primarily about Deadpool, all the other supporting characters felt considerably more fleshed out, which made the lack of it with Colossus and Warhead all the more jarring.

Of course I can’t do this review without mentioning the antagonists. Ajax (Ed Skrein) is a great force against Deadpool, both in terms of sheer power and wittiness. There was a level of one-upmanship between the two enemies, which was both hilarious and fascinating to watch. Reynolds and Skein bounced off each other incredibly well, and some of the more memorable scenes of the entire film were their conversations. However, my one criticism with Ajax is that he suffers from an issue that most of the villains in Marvel films suffer from: being a Generic Villain. His own origin story is explained away in a 10-second exposition, with his motivations behind his villainy feeling underdeveloped. He was still an interesting character, but I spent the film wanting to know more about him, and I never got it. While I understand that there’s only so much they can do in a film, because they need to maintain the pace, but a little more time spent wouldn’t have gone amiss. Angel Dust (Gina Carano), the other antagonist, despite being the strong, silent type was a nice addition, and Carano played her perfectly.

Overall, it’s an excellent film that lives up to every expectation. It’s crude and laugh-out-loud funny but with some genuine moments of darkness and emotion, so everything that we wanted in a Deadpool film. Reynolds was born to play Deadpool, and it truly felt as though I was watching the comics come to life. For any fan of Deadpool, I wholeheartedly recommend it. You will not be disappointed.

Short Review:
• Plus sides: Hilarious and dark; Reynolds was the perfect Deadpool; great side characters.
• Down sides: Generic villain.

Thanks again Gabriella for this film review, it was amazing! I’ve inserting a video of ALL the promotional trailers, videos, etc that came out for Deadpool below!

Have you been to see Deadpool yet? If so, what did you think of it? If you haven’t been yet (WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUUUUUU????) then has Gabriella’s review convinced you to go? Make sure to let me know down in the comments!

Until next time all, take care and have a great weekend.

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