Me, the Sea, and a Pair of Leggings

Can I just put this out there first of all and say how bloody hard it was to find a decent title for this post. I didn’t want anything The Little Mermaid themed, or mermaid for that matter, because that’s just been done way too much, and yeah I hate that shit.

Finally I came up with one which is actually some sort of meaning to it. I was intending to use some sort of lyric but I just couldn’t settle on one which sucked. I looked at certain band songs I’ve been loving at the moment but nothing really matched. So I just left it as something simple, and relevant.


One of the last days of our holiday in January 2015 we went out for a walk along the harbour and for a drink or two. There are huge rocks lining the sea which you can climb across, and sit on. I of course did the latter, alongside a bit of standing up too. I used to climb along these rocks all the time as a child, and it was a treat to look out at the ocean. The views are fantastic from those rocks, and some of the beautiful and fond ones I have of Fuerteventura.

I really love these pictures, and they actually cause me to miss Fuerteventura a lot. It’s my second home, and one I would live at permanently one day…


My outfit isn’t anything spectacular, I know. But my leggings are pretty much the whole outfit, the rest is just complimentary.



I’ve owned these Black Milk Clothing leggings for quite a while now, since 2014 to be exact and for ages I have wanted to write a look book post on them, but alas I haven’t until now. The pictures in this post are from my holiday to Fuerteventura at the start of 2015, again just over a year ago now. Which let me tell you, has flown by! Since then I’ve finished my masters, got a new job, bought a new car, AND gone on holiday to Fuerteventura again.

I don’t think I have ever spoken about my Black Milk leggings on my blog until now, so I may as well talk a little about them. They were find via eBay (oh I love eBay!) and at first i didn’t win the big, but someone pulled out and alas I was there with my money to snap them up. I think I paid just over £35 for them, which is a lot but considering how much they are direct from Black Milk, and custom fees it was well worth the money! PLUS you can’t buy this design anymore, so I have a limited pair. WOOP!


I teamed these up with my amazing Darth Vader Vans slip ons, which I wear quite a lot, even a year on. I wore these religiously on holiday as I had just bought them in the January sales for £20.00, a complete bargain. I wish I hadn’t worn socks with them at the time, but I think I was trying to avoid getting any sunburn on my fight. Oh and my feet were in really bad condition that holiday… So I was probably trying to hide how minging they were.



During that holiday I was a bit of a hippy with the way I had my hair, and the jewellery I started wearing. I wore loads of friend bracelets, and necklaces. My hair was forever curly, and wavy, which I loved!

I loved that holiday, and I remember on the way home crying because I missed it so much. The second time I went back in 2015 was November to December. I was pretty numb flying back, and didn’t get upset. But I still didn’t want to come back to the UK.



I hope to go back again soon, I really miss it there, and pictures like these remind me of why I love it so damn much.

I hope to buy myself another pair of Black Milk leggings soon… Hopefully another mermaid pair. Watch this space!

Do you own any Black Milk Clothing pieces? If you don’t, which pieces would you like to own? Make sure to let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, take care all and hope you’ve had a great weekend!

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Holiday 2015!

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I’m finally going on holiday! After nearly 10 years I’m finally getting away for a bit and whilst I am extremely anxious, I am also extremely excited!

I’m going to my second home, Fuerteventura and I really can’t wait to be back to somewhere that I have missed for a very long time.

I’ll be going with my boyfriend and my family and as well as going on holiday I’m also excited to be going with my boyfriend as this will be my first holiday with a partner, let alone with him!

I’ll be going pretty much the day after my birthday, which is really nice and I’m rather excited about it.

As I haven’t been on holiday for so long I actually can’t remember what sort of stuff you should pack, what stuff you can’t take, etc. But I know my family, friends and having a look at some blog posts will help me sort that out.

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I can’t wait to try some surfboarding there, get a tan, listen to some music, read a couple of books, go shopping, go on lot’s of adventures and finally ENJOY MYSELF!

The past two years have been pretty blah and rubbish so I think this holiday has been a long time coming and something I really can’t wait for, I won’t want to come home!

Over the next 4-5 months until my holiday I’ll be on the hunt for some holiday clothing, some good reads, as well as holiday essentials, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Gosh I am super excited! Now all I need to do is get a passport… Yes I don’t have a passport, yet anyway.

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I hope everyone has had a good weekend, I know this has rounded off mine nicely!

Take care all, I’m off to do some holiday window shopping. 😉

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