Sinful Colors nail polish in Cinderella – Review

Since their long-awaited release to the UK they finally arrived here at the start of the year! Sinful Colors nail polishes have been a huge success amongst beauty gurus and beauty bloggers alike due to their large range of shades and really cheap price tag.

Altogether there are 70 shades to go with whatever mood you’re in or whatever occasion you’re painting your nails for, there will be a shade for you in there somewhere. Plus they’re only £1.99 each, you can’t go wrong with that price, can you?

As well as various shades, they come in 5 different finishes, glitter, pearl, shimmer, matte and cream.

However for a long time I couldn’t seem to get onto the Sinful Colors bandwagon and every time I went into Boots in town I just couldn’t find a shade that made me think, “I NEED THAT SHADE IN MY LIFE!”

However, after looking around on Sinful Colors UK website and on various blogs for Sinful Color’s swatches, I finally found one that I didn’t yet have and needed in my nail polish collection.



I settled on Cinderella, a gorgeous baby blue with pink, silver and gold shimmer running throughout, thus being a shimmer finish on the nails. The colour of this polish really is unique and it definitely relates to the name of the Disney princess, the colours remind of her dress.

First of all I couldn’t help but notice the packaging for these polishes when I first saw them, they look very similar to O.P.I. polishes with the shape of the bottle, the black lid and the initials for the company on the top. In this case Sinful Colors have SC on the tops of their bottles.

DSC_0003With flash.

DSC_0004With flash.

DSC_0006Without flash.

DSC_0009Without flash.

On this picture I have two coats, one coat isn’t really enough, as due to this being a shimmer it isn’t a pigmented polish unless layered. I haven’t yet tried three coats, but I think I’ll try it in future.

The shimmer isn’t over the top which I like and has a jelly type feel to it, which I also like.

This is perfect for spring and summer, but I can see me wearing it a lot during winter too, due to the gorgeous shimmer.

The polish lasts for ages too on the nails, on my first wear of it lasted well over a week and that was without a top coat!

For £1.99 it’s an amazing price and if I ever hear of this discontinuing, I’ll be stocking up on loads of bottles!


I decided to team this up with a Revlon nail polish in Girly. I bought this months ago, only wearing it once and it went all tacky and refused to dry, but this time round I’ve had luck and the two polishes teamed together look beautiful.


I love wearing different coloured polishes on my ring finger to the colour on the majority of my nails. It just looks really delicate and pretty and these colours just work really well together.

Go check out Sinful Colors if you haven’t done so yet, I know I will be soon as I’ve seen a couple more shades I would like to pick up for when autumn and winter are upon us once again.

Which Sinful Color’s do you own? If you don’t yet own any, which ones do you have your eye on? Finally, would you buy Cinderella? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, take care and have a great weekend everyone, I know I will be.

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