The Chocolate Quarter – Blog Event*

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Last week for me was pretty intense, stressful, and busy. It was mentally draining, and I hadn’t felt that way since my last couple of weeks studying my masters last year. However last Wednesday I attended a blog event organised by the amazing Suzie over at Suzie 81 Speaks (link to her blog here) and hosted by the lovely bunch over at The Chocolate Quarter.

I’m not going to lie when I say that this event was the highlight of my week, and I had more fun than I thought I was going to have. The invite said how it was going to be on for an hour and a half, it lasted nearly three hours! Not going to complain about that mind, as I had so much fun and met some awesome people!

The Chocolate Quarter has only been open since February this year, and is located in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. It isn’t rocket science when I say what kind of shop it is… It’s obviously a chocolate shop, but I found that it was a lot different than your usual Thorntons, or Hotel Chocolat. This is an independent company and their chocolate is just different from anywhere else, they have some interesting, and unusual flavours that you won’t be able to find in chain stores.

I was invited to the event by Suzie nearly a month prior to it happening, so I had a good look on their website to have a nose at what yummy chocolate goodness I was in for! I was in heaven, let me tell you, so can you imagine how I was when I entered the actual shop last week?!

I just want to quickly add, that I was in a bit of a rush to get to this event as I had finished work, had to get home and quickly get ready, and then get through traffic in the city centre to haul my booty to the event. Due to this I wasn’t able to take my digital SLR with me and get the best pictures I could. This being said, my iPhone does produce some pretty good pictures. Oh and by the way, this post is going to be hella picture heavy!

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The first thing I noticed when I walked into the shop (apart from all the lovely people attending the event :P) was the amazing display of chocolates which was in front of me. I literally died and went to unique chocolate heaven! As I had already eyed up what goodies were on offer to buy I already had an idea of what I wanted, so I got to have a proper look at them in the flesh. Which by the way, I bought! But I’m going to save that for a separate post. 😛

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The store itself wasn’t the biggest, but it was the perfect size, and due to the decor was light and airy. Definitely nice to venture into and was very welcoming. The store itself was decorated lightly in products they sell, and I was salivating at the thought of some of them. They had hampers you could buy, biscuits, chocolates, sweets, as well as the chocolates they make and sell. So there is various options for everyone!

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 6 43 30 pm_zps1vviilqx.jpg

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To kick start the event we all got to have some of the Aztec drinking chocolate that they had prepared for us. From working in a coffee shop, I’ve made some kick ass hot chocolate in my time, but this stuff was beautiful! It wasn’t made with milk, which usually a lot of coffee shops do, but instead just water, hot of course. They owners were telling us how milk doesn’t really help give the true taste of chocolate, but instead masks it and hides the taste, whereas hot water doesn’t do this and you get the full flavour of the chocolate. It was delicious, and we got to add various spices to it such as ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and even chilli! For my first cup of hot chocolate I decided to add nutmeg. It was pretty subtle, but tasted amazing!

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 6 58 06 pm_zpsoixkyqxy.jpg

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After trying the hot chocolate it was onto finding out a few in depth details about chocolate, and how it is made, as well as how The Chocolate Quarter make their amazing chocolates! It was really interesting to listen to, and Jay who was telling us all about it was very thorough, but not like school teacher boring thorough. We got to try three different types of chocolate to try and find the key notes to each. If you don’t like dark chocolate, you would have hated this. I love dark chocolate so this was fun for me to do. You placed a couple of little buttons onto your tongue, let it melt, and then swirled the chocolate around your mouth to get a taste for it. It reminded me of tasting coffee after testing it at my old job (as well as my current one) and it was nice. I love doing things like this!

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 03 43 pm_zpss7cs0dly.jpg

Through talking about chocolate Jay went on to show us one of their newest chocolate inventions, the cappuccino chocolate! I ended up buying one of these, but I’ve yet to try it! I mean look at it, it looks like a cute little cappuccino drink, even has chocolate sprinkles! I think out of all the chocolates I saw and bought, this one was the most impressive out of them all. It’s just so unique, and such an awesome idea for people who love coffee flavoured chocolate, like myself.

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 6 55 25 pm_zps7etlo2qv.jpg

He then went on to tell us we would be having a go at making four chocolates ourselves and went on to show us the five stages that it takes to make a truffle. Technically it should be six, but they did the first part for us by creating our little dark chocolate shells.

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 08 16 pm_zpskftfcj2i.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 09 27 pm_zpshqtaases.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 10 44 pm_zpswfbsdkig.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 37 10 pm_zpsqubeuusl.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 40 19 pm_zpshm7catzp.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 40 23 pm_zpsykwo4erc.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 43 27 pm_zpsb4djtkgf.jpg

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The first stage was to inject a gooey caramel into our truffles. It reminded me of piping buttercream on a cake, especially as we used piping bags! But this caramel was pretty damn hard, and it took a bit of time to get the hang of it. I like to think I didn’t do too badly though… It could have gone worse. It would have gone everywhere! Thank God it didn’t mind.

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 15 53 pm_zpsuasbdngy.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 22 23 pm_zps06eqtktp.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 47 21 pm_zpssknp8eqf.jpg

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The second stage was to start temping the chocolate ready to use for our truffles. We got to find out how they temp their chocolate, as well as be given some hints and tips as to how we can do it ourselves at home. We of course got to have a go at doing this stage ourselves, which was pretty fun to do in teams. I worked with Laura from Fill to the Brum who was lovely! We both took it in turns to stir the chocolate and make sure it was ready to use to seal our chocolates, and cover them in gooey chocolate goodness!

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 25 58 pm_zpsosrvxlu1.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 26 05 pm_zpsxvv5ty7d.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 26 30 pm_zps9oeqck6g.jpg

That’s where the third stage comes in! Time to cover and seal our chocolates! This was a pretty simple stage where you got a little bit of the chocolate and covered the whole where you had just injected all the gooey caramel so it stays there for the next couple of stages. We left this to set for a couple of minutes and then moved onto covering the truffles in creamy chocolate.

The fourth stage was pretty straight forward… Although a tad on the messy side! We could either dunk our truffle into the chocolate, move it around a little and be done, or we could do the same process and then remove with a special dipping tool. Where it is swirly you hold the chocolate covered truffle onto this and use it to remove any leftover chocolate so it gives the finished truffle a nice smooth finish and texture. I kept dropping the first one I did this to, and I felt a tad silly due to it.

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 10 23 pm_zpsq1xufu55.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 7 31 06 pm_zpsgouftix8.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 04 10 pm_zps8zlj9m4t.jpg

Finally we got to cover our truffles in either powdered chocolate, coconut shavings, or powdered sugar. As I’m not a fan of coconut shavings I went for the powdered chocolate and sugar! I made such a mess, which you can tell by my glove on the picture above. I felt like a little kid all over again in my cooking classes… Oh dear! I’m never usually this mucky, I promise.

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 07 19 pm_zpsrxh0m8pc.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 07 22 pm_zpsa8xgrrsz.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 07 24 pm_zps03xhqpcy.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 07 26 pm_zpsbyyaa5bo.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 07 28 pm_zpsa4cqgsss.jpg

So here are my finished chocolates! I did two with a smooth chocolate look to them, and two where I covered them in yummy powdered chocolate and sugar. The sugar one didn’t work out too great to be honest, but oh well. It’s trying that counts, isn’t it?

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 15 24 pm_zpsjaemgdkn.jpg

After this we popped our names on our chocolates, had another hot chocolate (this time I had cinnamon and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!), and had everything cleared away so that we could move onto the next part of the event, tasting the new Father’s Day chocolates. Man, I can’t believe Father’s Day is just a month away. SRSLY 2016 can you stop going by so quickly???

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 15 37 pm_zpsjlwjhjr3.jpg

There were three chocolates we were given to try, jewellery porter, smoked bacon, and “the renaissance” single malt. That was also the order we got to try them in too. One thing about this chocolate’s were is that they all had alcohol in them. They were yummy let me tell you, and would make a great gift for someone’s father or grandfather who has a sweet tooth and loves a strong drink every now and then.

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 15 55 pm_zpsjmczpblg.jpg

So the first one was jewellery porter, and it was the nicest one of the bunch! It’s described as, “A collaboration of two locals! Two Towers brewery provided their famous Jewellery Porter Stout and we provided the chocolate. A rich and chocolatey caramel in a thick dark shell with a sustained happy end note.” This was my favourite as it just ticked all the boxes. It looked lovely as it wasn’t too in your face, and it tasted amazing. The caramel was really gooey, which I love with chocolates like this, and the alcohol wasn’t really strong. I know some people prefer this, but personally I’m never fussed. This was more of a chocolate I would imagine a woman to enjoy though, due to both the taste, as well as how it looked.

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 15 59 pm_zpsg5mkd4yf.jpg

The second was smoked bacon and whilst this wasn’t horrible, it was really weird and I’m not sure if I liked it or not… I wouldn’t chose it myself, but if someone gave it to me I would eat it. If that makes sense? Out of the three I found it was a the prettiest to look at. The description for this one was, “Bacon in a chocolate?! – You can’t do that! O’ yes we can. This caramel truffle contains actual salty bacon and a dash of laphroig single malt to give it a smokey kick start.” This was a strange chocolate… The gooey caramel was amazing, of course it was! But to then bite into and taste bacon was strange, in a somewhat nice way. I didn’t dislike it but I didn’t love it either. I can’t say I didn’t like it when I’ve eaten Marmite chocolate… 😛

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 15 51 pm_zpsd0c0asfe.jpg

The third and final one was “the renaissance” single malt which wasn’t my favourite out of the three. It’s described as, “Recommended by the experts at Hard To Find Whisky this chocolate is made with pure Glen Garioch single malt whisky. Notes of butterscotch, ginger and orange interlaced with caramel and barley are balanced with a Belgian milk chocolate shell.” This wasn’t a horrible chocolate, but it really wasn’t my cup of tea. It was really strong due to the whisky which was off putting for myself, and to look at it, it wasn’t anything special. I don’t expect mind blowing chocolate, my reason for putting this is due to how they wanted us to rate them. I’m not THAT mean!

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 36 45 pm_zps7bugbj8z.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 36 48 pm_zpsdrz1mngx.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 37 18 pm_zpstr3n1xmy.jpg

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 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 39 54 pm_zpssqp5xbwq.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 39 58 pm_zpsss17sugy.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 40 01 pm_zpserc6k5cr.jpg

 photo Photo 04-05-2016 8 48 44 pm_zpssszljwla.jpg

After the chocolate tasting was over, it was time to begin the final part of the event which was a chocolate fondue, with lots of yummy food to dunk in, as well as some prosecco to wash it down! There was lots to choose from with various fruits like banana, strawberries, and satsuma, and some naughtier choices with gingerbread men, turkish delight, doughnuts, and honeycomb. As I’m either allergic or not a fan I didn’t eat any of the fruit, so I mostly ate the naughty treats. My favourite was the doughnuts! I didn’t try the turkish delight, sadly. The honeycomb was really yummy, but it stuck to my teeth, haha!

I already had an idea what chocolates I wanted to buy, and as we were given 10% off any purchases, I decided to grab some goodies to take home with me for me and Dane to share. I’ll be doing a full review on these the weekend to be honest, but I’ll definitely show off what I picked up here.

As well as my own four chocolates I made, I also picked up cappuccino, lemon and lime, Irish cream, and sea salt caramels. As well as that due to the event being on the 4th of May, which is known as Star Wars day they made Star Wars themed chocolates! I went for a Stormtrooper, because why not?

Overall what did I think about the event and The Chocolate Quarter? I LOVED it! I had a really crap week and this was the highlight of my week. Making chocolate, and getting to find out some more in depth details and information about how chocolate is made etc is really interesting and it was so much fun. It was also great to network and talk to some lovely fellow bloggers, especially food related ones.

If you love the sound of the chocolate making then you can book a chocolate experience to have a go yourselves with a minimum of 3 people but from memory the price was £50. This would be great for team building for work, maybe if you study a food related subject at college or university then it’d be great to learn about something new! My friends want to have a go, so it might be something I look into around Christmas time, or for birthday’s.

I’ll be visited The Chocolate Quarter again as there is so much more I want to try!

A massive thanks to Suzie for once again being a total beaut for inviting me, and always being so lovely and welcoming. If you haven’t heard of her, make sure to go and check out her blog. I’ve popped the link near the start of this post.

I also want to say a huge thank you to the guys at The Chocolate Quarter for being so welcoming and friendly to all of us! You were great hosts for your event and your hot chocolate is very yummy!

I’ve had three of my friends already ask me if we can go to The Chocolate Quarter soon to go and buy some goodies, so I already know I’ll be going again very soon.

If you aren’t local to the store like I am and really want to try some of their chocolate, then don’t fret! You can go to their website and look at what they have on offer, as well as make orders. I’m going to pop all the links for The Chocolate Quarter down below for you, so don’t worry.

The Chocolate Quarter website

The Chocolate Quarter Facebook

The Chocolate Quarter Twitter

The Chocolate Quarter Instagram

Will you be paying The Chocolate Quarter a visit anytime soon? Or have you already? Make sure to let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time, take care all and I hope you’re having a great week!

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Autumn is Officially Here!

Me last autumn on a walk

The 23rd September 2015 is the day that officially marks the start of autumn, which is definitely my favourite season of the year. I love so much about it and as I do every year I post pictures of all my favourite things about autumn and talk about them a little. I’m pretty sure everyone will relate to this post, and probably feel inspired themselves to get out there and enjoy autumn now it’s here, and whilst it lasts.

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Five drinks I love:

  1. Hot Ribena
  2. Peppermint hot chocolate
  3. Whittard creme brulee white hot chocolate
  4. Vanilla latte
  5. Whittard salted caramel hot chocolate

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Five films I like to watch:

  1. The Fault in Our Stars
  2. Spirited Away
  3. Snatch
  4. This Is England
  5. Amelie

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Five colours I like to rock:

  1. Mustard
  2. Berry
  3. Khaki
  4. Red
  5. Royal blue

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Five fragrances I like to wear:

  1. Alien by Thierry Mugler
  2. Loverdose by Diesel
  3. La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain
  4. DIOR Addict by Dior
  5. Earl Grey & Cucumber by Jo Malone

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Five things I like to do on autumn days:

  1. Lie in bed with my boyfriend in our pajamas all wrapped up and snuggly
  2. Go out for a walk in the park with my camera
  3. Go to an animal park
  4. Hang out with friends
  5. Stay in bed and play Minecraft

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That’s my little list of things I love doing in autumn! I love lists, and instead of just talking in detail about what I love, or taking a tag quiz, I thought the lists would work better. I hope you guys like it, I would love to do more lists in the future, and may make it a weekly thing from here on in!

What do you love about autumn? Please let me know in the comments down below.

Until next time, take care all and hello autumn!

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Things I Love About Spring

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It’s been spring officially for a month now and I always forget how much I love it until it comes around late March.

Thanks to plenty of early shifts at work, weekends spent out and about with my boyfriend, as well as my curtains being able to stay open for longer due to lighter nights, I’ve began to notice loads of things I love about spring, which I thought I would share with you this evening.

ALSO I realise this post is very LATE coming up on my blog today, but I’ve been rather tired since finishing work this afternoon. However now I’m wearing my new onesie (which I will be posting about next week!), watching Goodnight Mister Tom, texting my boyfriend, and having a cup of tea I’m ready to get this post written and posted on my blog.

So I hope you enjoy it, I know I’m going to enjoy writing it!

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The sound of rain, especially light and heavy rain.

I just HAD to include a picture from Bambi here! Something we have been seeing the past few days is rain, and plenty of it. We were told we were going to be getting some lovely weather for Easter and whilst it hasn’t been so bad it’s just a bit rotten at the moment, which is a bit of a shame. This being said, I do rather like the sound of rain, both light and heavy especially. I’m one of these people where if the weather isn’t too cold outside whilst it’s raining, I’ll open the window so that I can listen to it whilst I do whatever I need to. It’s just a relaxing sound and before now I’ve listened to those hour-long videos on YouTube of where you listen to sound effects whilst trying to sleep. Some of my favourite rain related ones are the sound of rain whilst in a car and in a tent. As well as how lovely it sounds, it’s good for all the new spring plants and flowers that are growing through beautifully!

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Still being able to drink hot chocolate throughout the day (especially the evenings!) due to it still being chilly.

I love hot chocolate and as I work in a coffee shop, I have hot chocolate on tap, however I want it, whenever I want it. I don’t drink it every shift I work as that would take away the treat of having a hot chocolate in the first place, but when I do have one, it’s yummy! I especially love mint hot chocolate and honeycomb hot chocolate. I treated myself to a naughty mint hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, it was amazing!

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Burning candles, although that is acceptable throughout the year.

I love candles, especially my Yankee Candles! I received a large Sweet Strawberry Yankee Candle at the start of the year for my birthday from my boyfriend and only since the start of this month have I been burning it. It’s lovely to pop on a candle and watch it burn into late into the night, there’s just something nicer about burning a candle in the spring, than there is in the winter and I don’t know why! My boyfriend shares my love for yummy candles, and he’s owned two apple scented ones since the start of the year, so whenever I go to his for the weekend he burns his yummy Apple candle by Lily Flame. Can’t go wrong with candles, no matter what season!

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Cherry blossom trees.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always liked something about cherry blossom trees. I don’t know why but they’re just so beautiful and symbolise spring perfectly. Cherry blossoms only last until the end of spring, which is a real shame as they’re so gorgeous and add something bright and colourful to the season and especially to the UK. On my drive to and from work, as well as wherever I go really I drive/walk past loads of cherry blossom trees at the moment. Some are a light pink, some are a dark pink, but no matter what they’re all beautiful! My two apple trees sprout beautiful white blossoms every spring, which makes me happy and as we’re growing a cherry tree in the garden now, we’ll eventually have some gorgeous pink blossoms of our own. I intend to go out with my camera and get snap happy whilst the blossoms are around. Cherry blossom trees are my favourite trees!

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Lighter, thus later evenings.

A year ago I would have thrived off of this due to being able to go to the pub any night of the week (especially the weekend) and due to it not getting dark until nearly 10pm I’d be able to sit outside in the beer garden with people getting drunk and laughing my head off… Although I still want to occasionally go out and enjoy the lighter evenings in a beer garden with my friends, I don’t wish to get drunk, just merry. As well as that this past year has taught me that there is more to life than going out every weekend to get drunk. I’m 24 now and I’m not getting any younger, I sound rather soppy but I’m getting to that time in my life where I would like to start settling down, getting what I want from life and making the most of it. Now instead of going out every weekend to get drunk, I spend it with my boyfriend, and sometimes even our friends where we’ll go out somewhere nice for the day and in the evening too. With the weather picking up a little and the later evenings, it means late walks and merry pub outings will be occurring. As well as all those things I love the view from my window from the late afternoon until it finally gets dark, it’s just gorgeous and I can’t really put into words how much I love it.

SO those were all the things I love about spring! Well, the ones worth mentioning anyway! As well as all those I also enjoy new baby animals being born, Easter, being able to wear my spring clothing, and finally the joys of pollen soon taking its toll on my nose, throat and eyes (I hate having hay fever)!

So, what do you love about spring? Let me know in the comments!

I’ve really enjoyed writing this post and sadly it is a day late, but better late than never eh?

Well I’m off to write some more blog posts up, I’ve got a long night ahead of me. 😉

Until next time all, take care and hope you’re excited for the weekend!

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The Winter Tag!

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There’s nothing better than Winter and as today is the official start of winter I thought I would take part in The Winter Tag! I know it was only last week I was doing The Christmas Tag but who cares! Tags are fun and as it’s Christmas then I shall do as I want. 😛

I wasn’t tagged to do this but I thought I’d take part in it anyway as it looked like a nice one to do. I found this over on Charlotte’s blog – Makeup by Candlelight. Go check out her blog, she’s lovely! I’ll mention at the end of the tag who I’ll be tagging myself to go this too.

So, on with the questions!

What are your favourite things about winter?

Has to be wrapping up warm in your favourite coat and jumper, with some boots and a chunky scarf. As well as that I love going into the countryside during the winter to venture around the woods and take walks. I’m really excited about doing this with my boyfriend this year!

What is your favourite winter outfit?

I have so many to be honest but one that’s standing out right now are my wine skinny fit jeans, black slim fit t-shirt, my boyfriends grey jumper, my Dr Martens boots or my Chelsea boots and either my brown hounds tooth coat or my navy military coat.

What is your favourite winter food?

I’d like to say soup but I don’t really cook and eat soup all that much! Definitely something comforting like a jacket potato with cheese or garlic bread. Something stodgy but so amazingly good! I think I’ll say soup is fast becoming a favourite, it just warms you up after a really cold day and it’s healthy too.

Favourite winter drink?

Definitely mint hot chocolate! Red Bush tea has worked its way up there since NaNoWriMo too.

What is your dream way to spend a Winter’s day?

There’s a couple. Walking around a part of the countryside with someone and taking in the crisp winter scenery and air, another being to stay in bed all day whilst looking at the cold outside and just have a lazy day with vast amounts of tea and hot chocolate. Also The German Market has proven to be a really nice one too, just to walk around and look at the stalls.

How do you like to do your make-up in the Winter?

Well as I don’t wear a full face (just the lips) I LOVE wearing red and dark vampy shades for winter. I think it just looks gorgeous and somewhat warming. I’m wearing Illamasqua’s Magnetism loads at the moment (review here)!

What are you hoping Santa brings you?

What I REALLY want is a 2DS with Pokemon X but I know I won’t get that. I’m really wanting a Roxy hoodie I spotted with my boyfriend a couple of weeks back. I tried it on and fell in love but at £69.99 I really can’t afford to splurge right now. 😦 Other than that some Yankee Candles would be nice and maybe some new jeans as I think I could do with some! Anything with foxes on too, I’m obsessed!

What are the first three things that remind you of Winter?

Hot chocolate, the colour burgundy and pub food.

What is your favourite Winter song?

Favourite winter song? Mmm I dunno if I have one, well not one I can think of anyway! Possibly something by Evanescence to be honest with you but which song? I don’t know, most of Fallen and The Open Door seeing as I got then both during the winter season when they first came out.

 What is your favourite Winter memory?

Walking around The German Market recently in both Birmingham and Coventry. It was lovely to just walk around with my boyfriend and our friends discussing all sorts and cupping our warm and cold drinks. When my boyfriend and I walked around Coventry late Sunday afternoon it was somewhat relaxing even though everyone was rushing around us getting their Christmas shopping done and all we were thinking about was how to kill three hours.I can’t wait for more winter memories with my boyfriend, I just love being in his company more than ever right now.

What is your favourite Winter scent?

I answered this on The Christmas Tag so I’ll just copy and paste my answer here:

Oh this is a tough one, I have so many to choose from! Literally have my perfume box next to me so I can sniff away at all my perfumes! I can’t pick one, but since purchasing them the ones I have found myself going towards during the winter have been Thierry Mugler’s Alien EDP and Chanel’s Chance EDP. I also love Diesel’s Loverdose EDP too but as I’m running out I haven’t been able to use it, which in turn makes me rather sad. Gucci by Gucci also reminds me of Christmas time as my Mom gave it to me the night of the only Christmas party I attended when I went to university. It’s a gorgeous smell and definitely one for winter time.

Finish this sentence… If I could have one wish this Christmas it would be…

To be honest I really don’t know. I just want to have a good Christmas this year with no stress, upset, falling out or arguing with people, which in all honesty happens every year! I really want to spend it with my boyfriend this year, as I want our first Christmas together to be a memorable one. As well as this I want the present I’m getting for him to be one of the best he’s ever had. :’) So I wish for a wonderful Christmas as in all honesty every year I have felt really quite low. I don’t want that anymore.

So that was The Winter Tag! Did you enjoy reading it?

I really did enjoy doing this tag and therefore I tag ALL OF YOU to take part in it!

If you do have a go at this tag please comment below linking me to your post or even drop me a tweet over at MayBeeCoffee! 😀

Anyhoo I’m shattered, so I’m off to bed. I’m writing this tag up at 1am, deary me.

Take care all and here’s too a wonderful and very cold winter!

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The Christmas Tag!

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As it’s only 12 days now until Christmas, I thought I would take part in the Christmas tag! I wasn’t specifically tagged to do this post but after reading Amy’s Christmas tag she encouraged fellow bloggers to take part!

I’m not all that Christmassy (as this post explains) but since December starting I’ve been trying to get as festive as possible! I have my second EVER Christmas meal on Saturday evening which I’m super excited about.

So now I have a cup of caramel coffee (not from work, sadly) and a yummy candle burning, let’s get on with the tag!

What is your favourite Christmas film?

Gosh I really don’t know… Probably the Home Alone films. I remember watching Home Alone as a kid and laughing my arse off! Then Home Alone 2 when I was younger and I loved it so much, it was the reason behind me wanting to go to New York, which I of course still wish to do. Although not many like Home Alone 3, I love it just as much as the first two as I find it hilarious. Think I might watch them all over the weekend, I know last Sunday Home Alone was on TV  but I missed it, sad times.

FYI I just Google searched Home Alone and I found this YouTube video. It’s so damn cute and has just fueled my want for a pug puppy! I want a white one so I could call him/her Marshmallow. ^_^

What is your favourite festive colour?

Mmm this is a tough one… This year it’s definitely green, like a wine bottle green shade. That and wine red. I now sound like an alcoholic! I’m liking a bit of red too this year but it’s definitely dark green and burgundy shades. They just look great together as well as with other colours likes navy, black and grey, although those are technically shades. Christmas wise I’ve always loved blue, silver and white as it reminds me of snow, although red and green is nice too.

Do you open your gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Neither, we don’t open our gifts in the house until Christmas Day afternoon-evening time. One time we didn’t open anything until Boxing Day. We don’t do anything traditionally at all and a lot of people find that weird.

What is your favourite Christmas scent?

Oh this is a tough one, I have so many to choose from! Literally have my perfume box next to me so I can sniff away at all my perfumes! I can’t pick one, but since purchasing them the ones I have found myself going towards during the winter have been Thierry Mugler’s Alien EDP and Chanel’s Chance EDP. I also love Diesel’s Loverdose EDP too but as I’m running out I haven’t been able to use it, which in turn makes me rather sad. Gucci by Gucci also reminds me of Christmas time as my Mom gave it to me the night of the only Christmas party I attended when I went to university. It’s a gorgeous smell and definitely one for winter time.

What is your favourite holiday drink?

Non alcoholic it has to be a mint hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows! But otherwise it’s a Bailey’s hot chocolate or coffee. Something warming and I tend to have these when I’m out of an evening. I want to try Amaretto hot chocolate and Jägermeister hot chocolate too!

Candy Canes or Gingerbread Men?

Gingerbread Men definitely win this one! Candy Cane’s are okay but I find they’re prettier to look at than eat, whereas Gingerbread Men win both, they’re cute to look at but so yummy to munch on.

What is your favourite Christmas song?

I really can’t say I have one, we have loads that play in work and some do stick out to me, two in particular but “Wonderful Christmastime” by Paul McCartney has always been one I’ve enjoyed singing along to, but since the age of 16 I’ve really liked singing along to is Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” which I heard God knows how many times last Friday at The German Market. Also I’ve heard this song I’ll be linking to below on YouTube and whilst it isn’t a famous song its beautiful and I MUST share!

Have you ever made a snowman?

I have done when I was a child but since then I really can’t recall going outside and making one. I prefer to leave the snow to settle and look beautiful and untouched, especially in my own back garden.

What is the most important thing to you about Christmas?

To be honest I really don’t know how to answer this because for as long as I can remember I haven’t really had a memorable Christmas. I guess about being happy that one day of the year alongside family, friends and loved ones.

So that’s the end of The Christmas Tag! Although she didn’t tag me, I want to thank Amy for doing this tag post as I wouldn’t have found it otherwise I don’t think. I really enjoyed doing it!

I tag everyone who reads this post, as well as my friend Poppy, who loves Christmas and I thought she would enjoy taking part in this tag! 😀

Make sure to comment or drop me a tweet at MayBeeCoffee if you take part in this tag! I want to see all your answers. 😀

Only 12 more days until Christmas, and I haven’t even finished my Christmas shopping! 😛

Take care all and I hope your week is going well.

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Why hello autumn, lovely to see you again!

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Well it’s September and it marks a lot of things, but the start of the autumn season is one of them. It officially be upon us until 22nd September but I couldn’t wait until then to make this post! My favourite season by far is autumn, always has been since a young age, so I’m so happy for it to finally be coming upon us at the end of this month.

Here’s some of my personal reasons for loving Autumn so much!

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The colours

Autumn colours are beautiful and show us how things can change so quickly, as every season does. The orange, red, yellow and brown are so gorgeous. One of the streets I walk down to go to places (train to Coventry, bus to town, work, etc) is lined with horse-chestnut trees and I remember fondly as a child at the start of every new school year going along the street with my dad picking up conkers to use in conker fights against each other. The last time we gathered any was the last time we ever did, as I grew out of it and we had gathered enough conkers to last us for years! I just love the sounds of the leaves crunching under my feet whilst I walk around and the lovely sunshine that we seem to get in September too, the sunshine we usually crave all summer. However this year we’ve had a great summer, which is a nice change!

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Note-able dates

With autumn comes some two of my favourite holidays of the year,  Halloween and Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night. Halloween is one of the funnest nights of the year, not matter how old you are as you get to dress up for one night as anything you want and have lots of fun! I only ever went treat or tricking once as a kid and I can safely say I hated it! Something about knocking on strangers doors and shouting, “TRICK OR TREAT!” felt wrong to me and half the time I was either ignored or greeted by someone with old out of date sweets. A few people gave me money and I ended up gathering £10, which I can’t remember for the life of me what I spent it on. Since going to university I have started to dress up for Halloween again, one year being a Japanese school girl, another year being Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange, my favourite Halloween costume yet! This year I would like to be an asylum runaway so straight jacket, scars across mouth to show some sort of insanity. I was intending to do it last year but due to lack of time and funds, it was never done in time. I shall attempt it this year mind! As well as Halloween there is Bonfire Night, which I enjoy celebrating every year if I can. The smell of a fire burning is just lush and the noise of the cracking from what is burning on the fire is amazing too. I’m hoping to go somewhere to celebrate Bonfire Night this year, as I don’t recall doing so last year.

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Hot chocolate

Autumn is the perfect excuse to drink a huge mug of your favourite hot chocolate. If not at home, then at your favourite coffee shop. I always make myself a mint hot chocolate in my 101 Dalmatians mug, nothing better than your favourite hot drink in a Disney Store mug. I always pop some marshmallows or hot chocolate on top if I fancy something special, and both if I’m feeling a little gloomy. The best hot chocolate though is Bailey’s hot chocolate, which I always treat myself to after a long day at work or out and about. I can see me having many of these over the weekend! Also as I work in a coffee shop, we have access to so many flavoured syrups! My favourites are mint (as already mentioned), salted caramel and crème brûlée. I love hot chocolate, really does perk me up on a cold day and when I’m feeling a little crappy.

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Early nights

The clocks go back and the late nights go away until next spring and summer. I really like early nights, even though it makes traveling home from my partners feel a little dangerous, but I should be driving back and forth soon enough anyway. I like watching the sky go dark as I walk and travel home and even though my bedroom window. I’ll miss having my curtains open until 9pm and I’ve already had to start shutting them around 7.30pm-8pm. With the early nights, the weather gets chilly too, but for a while in September the weather will be a little on the warm side. Whether chilly or warm, early nights involve baggy jumpers, jeans and a big coat. As well as boots and a chunky scarf to finish off the warm look.

So if you hadn’t already noticed from the above, I LOVE AUTUMN! I intend to make the most of it this year too!

Do you like autumn too? If so, why? Let me know in the comments down below.

Apologies for being a little quiet of late, I’ve just been a tad busy with my new job, but all will be settled and back to normal soon.

Until next time, take care all!

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