Artists I Can’t Stop Listening To This Summer

I remember many moons ago and after researching it’s actually been 4 years on Wednesday! Wow! You can read that post here, it’s actually about what albums I was l listening to that summer.

This post is going to be very similar but instead of listening an amount of albums I’ll be listening to it’ll be a mixture of that, singles and all around artists I can’t get enough of this year.

I always  listen to my music on the way to and from work, but lately I’ve been listening to my music loads, especially when doing blog work.

Considering how long it has been since I last wrote a post like this I think this one is long overdue! I’ll be talking about all sorts of genres here as well… Well I’ll try to anyway! 😛

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Nirvana – Miscellaneous

If there is a band I have always loved it has been Nirvana, BUT I have really fallen in love with them since moving into the house and for a while just binge listened to them. I still find myself doing this now, especially when I finish work for the weekend. I end up blasting these wherever I go! It’s more so Nevermind that I listen to than anything. The start of this album is always one that gets me in the “party” mood without there even being a part in the first place. 😛

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Rammstein – “Du Hast”

If there is one Rammstein song that I’ll listen to it’ll be this oldie but goldie. This is a song I always go back to when I want a heavy metal song to listen to on  my way home from work. Me and Dane also have a fond moment from this song a couple of summers ago. We were coming back from the Lake District and stuck in some pretty shitty traffic. A car near us was playing some fugly music (no I shouldn’t judge other peoples music tastes… But I will… :P) and they kept turning it up louder and louder, so I put “Du Hast” on, turned it up loud and watched them turn their shit down. We laughed about it loads afterwards. 😛

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The Real McKenzies – “Sailor Man”

The reason this song is here is 1. because it’s fucking amazing and 2. because it plays straight after “Du Hast” on my iPod and it work so damn well! You know when you’re out in a club and the DJ just combines and makes two songs flow really well one after the other? Yeah, THAT! I’m my own personal DJ! 😛 Other than that this song is a cover of Turbonegro’s song and it’s so much better than the original, which in turn makes me happy! It’s thanks to Bam Margera that I discovered this song… As well as a lot of my other music on my iPod. 😛 That is also one of the reasons why I have Johnny Knoxville dressed as an old man dancing above this. 😉

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Metallica – Miscellaneous

I don’t know why but I find myself listening to the small collection of Metallica songs I have on my iPod loads at the moment! A part of me blames my friend Lee as since him and Dane had their jamming session about a month back this is when I started listening to them again. I don’t know what my favourite song by them is, as I love so many! To name three it would have to be “Enter Sandman”, “Whiskey In The Jar” and “The Unforgiven II”. “Enter Sandman” is definitely my favourite of the three however and I love to sing it whenever I have it on. Of course I had to attach the clip from Jimmy Fallon where the guys played it on toy instruments. Such an awesome moment.

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Metronomy – “The Look”

This song is kinda old now but one I always love putting on and listening to. It’s a classic summer staple for my playlists in the car and is one I love listening to both to and from work, as well as when I’m out running errands. It’s a very 80’s sounding song to me due to the way the keyboards are played. It’s classed as a mixture of pop and indie and some are calling them indietronica which is a new genre to me. 😛 Either way I love this song!

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Clean Bandit – “Rather Be” Feat. Jess Glynne

This song actually reminds me of winter if anything but it’s one I can listen to whenever really. Sadly sometimes it does just remind me of M&S thanks to the adverts using it for quite a while. This is an old song though to be honest and one although I don’t find myself listening to as much, it’s on a couple of chillout CD’s I keep in my car for if my iPod dies, so I listen to this on car journeys quite a bit.

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Ivy & Gold – “Lullaby” The Cure cover

I remember when I was younger not being a fan of The Cure at all and I mostly blame this on being in class with someone who was OBSESSED with them. It kinda put me off. When I worked at Costa though they played The Cure quite a lot and I ended up falling in love with some of their songs, including “Lullaby” and “Close To Me”. As I tend to do, I looked for a cover of some of their songs and found this gem, which I actually like more than the original. It’s by Ivy & Gold who (as far as I’m aware) aren’t that well-known. I started listening to this song again and I forgot just how much I love it. You’ll have to YouTube search it if you want to have a listen yourself.

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The Bloodhound Gang – EVERYTHING!!!

Oh man I can’t even talk about this band enough. They’re one of my favourites and for so many fucking reasons. Their latest album is probably my favourite one and it’s the one I find myself listening to the most alongside their greatest hits. Their songs aren’t anything special but the lyrics are so fucking funny and dark and offensive and because of that I love them. Like most the first song I heard from them was “The Bad Touch” and that was through a dancing game my cousin owned. I remember we called it the waffle song… If you don’t get why then you need to go and Google the lyrics RIGHT NOW. One of my favourite songs has to be “Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo” just because it was one of the first songs I REALLY heard knowing who it was actually by. After hearing this song I then discovered who the waffle song was by and what it was actually about. 😛

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Klaypex – “Chinter’s Will” Feat. Sara Kay

This is an old song on my iPod and one I actually forgot that I had! It’s the kind of song I would edit onto some snowboarding footage as it just sounds like the sort of music Deadmau5 would bring out. The singer Sara Kay who features on the track has a lovely singing voice too! For a drum and bass style song this is somewhat relaxing to listen to.

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Knife Party – Mix Tapes

I’ve loved Knife Party since they came out in 2011 and have followed their music since then. If you don’t know WHO they are then do you remember Pendulum? Well it’s them guys but behind a new name and with much better music! Although I love the singles they’ve released, I love their mix tapes more as I love hearing all sorts of music mashed with those singles. I remember when their first mix tape came out from when they played in Miami. It’s still my favourite tape yet! Their mix tapes are perfect to play at parties and when out in the garden. I played loads of Knife Party in 2015 when I went to Fuerteventura and I’m sure I’ll do the same again in a few months..

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 Savant – Vario

This is an artist and album that Dane introduced me to when we first met and since then it’s definitely an album I listen to throughout the summer months. Again it’ll be one I play when we’re in Fuerteventura. Savant is an electronic artist and his music reminds me of chiptune a little due to the sort of game play sounding elements throughout his songs, on Vario anyway! I would love to see him play live as I can just imagine what a buzz everyone would get whilst certain songs play, such as “Splinter”, “Living iPod” and “Burgertime”. I can just imagine these sorts of songs (again!) going really well on snowboarding videos. If you think you’ll like the sound of some of his stuff then go and give him a listen, as his music is amazing. It’s nothing like what is out there right now.

With that I have come to the end of this  list as otherwise I will go on forever! There are so many of my favourite artists that I didn’t even mention, such as Evanescence, The Pretty Reckless, cKy, Daft Punk, Limp Bizkit, Queens of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters, etc. BUT I don’t think bands like that need mentioning here. 😉

What music do you like listening to throughout the summer? Are there certain artists or genres? Make sure to let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time take care all and I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!


Give Me Glow Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Bad Gal – Review

As regular readers of my blog will know, I LOVE liquid lipsticks and since towards the end of 2015 I have started to grow myself a nice little collection… Mostly Jeffree Star Cosmetics to be honest, with the odd one or two different ones. One of these including my newest purchase from Give Me Glow Cosmetics.

Give Me Glow Cosmetics is an American cosmetics company who started out on Etsy, but recently created their own store online. Woohoo! Due to this their products have had a new design to them, as well as loads more shades! They mostly focus on creating duplicates for liquid lipsticks on the market at the moment such as Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and Kylie Jenner Cosmetics, two of the hottest liquid lipstick creators right now.

I have previously ordered from Give Me Glow but due to the two liquid lipsticks I purchased being from bad batches, I was given this liquid lipstick as a replacement for them both, which was lovely of Brandy, the owner of Give Me Glow.

So after using this for a week and falling head over heels in love with it, I just knew I had to review it. Here is my review of Bad Gal.

Bad Gal is a beautiful dark purple shade, which was inspired by an image of Rihanna. It’s described by Give Me Glow as “deep vampy cranberry purple”, which is pretty accurate. It is a very risque colour to say the least, and one many people wouldn’t have the balls to wear. I won’t lie after it arrived at my house I did gulp in fear of wearing it out… I’ll talk that a bit more later however.

The tube is a little bigger than the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks, sadly I wasn’t able to get a picture for comparison at the time as I was at Dane’s house.

The applicator is something I actually really like! I thought I was going to dislike it due to being used to the doe foot applicator that my Jeffree Star and Aromi liquid lipsticks have. Instead this one is a paddle applicator, which makes it a little bit more flat, and also means that there is more control when applying this product to the line of the lip. Even though I use a lip liner before applying liquid lipsticks anyway.

The applicator also picks up plenty of product so I don’t feel the need to keep dipping back into the tube to grab more product for a full coverage.

The product itself is amazing! It’s pigmented to the max, and lasts ages! This is just a stroke of the colour, and you can just see how great it is on my hand. I did a couple of pictures as I wanted to attempt to show how it looks in the light, but it looks good either way!

I wore this out for an evening of drinks with Dane and some of our friends and it didn’t transfer once, even after loads of Disaronno and cokes. 😛 However it didn’t last as long before we went out during eating Chinese, but this is due to the oil in the food, which is a no no when it comes to liquid lipsticks. This is the norm, so don’t be surprised if this happens with ANY liquid lipstick.

I’m not sure if it’s due to the fact I didn’t remove with an oil based make up remover (I used a baby wipe…) or because of how pigmented and dark the shade is, but this stained my lips the next day. I wasn’t fussed about that though to be honest. I have the same issue with Masochist by Jeffree Star Cosmetics (review here) so it’s the norm for me. It shows is a good colour and formula in my eyes!

I found re-applying this was at times a bit tricky, and I’m not sure if it was due to me eating oily food, but the middle of my lower lip went a little patchy after re-applying, but I also have a feeling this was due to rubbing my lips whilst it was still dry. I left my mouth open slight and it dried perfectly. I had no issues after this.

With all my liquid lipsticks I do the kiss test, which worked! I gave my boyfriend kisses and had no product come off! YAY! This is always a thumbs up for me.

As I always do, here’s some pictures of my mug showing off Bad Gal!

I said earlier I would briefly cover how I felt wearing such a bold shade out and about… I’m pretty sure I had people staring at me in the pub… But you know what? I don’t care! It takes quite a lot of guts to wear a shade like this, feel comfortable, and actually pull it off. I like to think that I can pull of shades like this. I can’t wear nudes, they don’t suit me, and I don’t like them. Dark shades however I feel 100% comfortable in, and personally I feel they suit me perfectly.

I really want to wear this for work, but due to how dark it is I don’t know if I can get away with it or not… I’ll have to try it one day and see how I get on! 😛

Overall I really love this formula! I probably won’t buy another lipstick from Give Me Glow for a while for various reasons, which aren’t anything to do with the product. The first one being that I need to save money, and the second that the postage isn’t exactly cheap… Which isn’t the sellers fault at all! If they release any shades soon that I feel I NEED in my life, then I may pick a couple up at once to save on postage.

For a newish indie liquid lipstick brand they are amazing, and they customer service was perfect when I had issues with two of my liquid lipsticks too. I would highly recommend them if you want a duplicate of a shade, or something a little different! Each shade costs $13.25 (roughly £9.21), and I paid $15.85 (roughly £11.01) so the postage actually cost more than the liquid lipstick! Bit crap really, but honestly these are worth it!

Do you like the look of Give Me Glow Cosmetics? If so, which shades do you have your eye on? Would you be risque and wear Bad Gal out? Make sure to let me know in the comments!

Until next time all take care.

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