Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb – Review

Another week, another Lush review and I’ve been really excited to review this one since I first used it months ago. This used to be an Oxford Street exclusive, but like some of the most recent products I’ve been reviewing, this one is now a permanent member of the Lush family. Something I was really happy about, because now I can buy these as often, and at the plenty as my heart wants. I am of course talking about Intergalactic Bath Bomb, my new favourite, and also the first bath bomb I’ll be reviewing by Lush. Exciting times!

I just want to quickly add how there are two different baths in the images as I took some pictures of my usage of this both at home, as well as at my boyfriends.

I have heard nothing but praise and love for this bath bomb and when I finally got to try it, I could see why. It really is something unique from Lush and in turn, like nothing they’ve ever released before, both in scent and the way it works in the bath.

I love this bath bomb so much that I’m on my second one of it after already using up my first, the one I also bought from the Oxford Street store in July. Bath bombs last me a lot longer than they probably do for a lot of people, as due to the ingredient that causes the bath bombs to fizz in the water, it causes an allergic reaction on my skin if I come into contact with a lot of it. So if I divide my bath bombs into halves, and quarters then I can get away with it without getting an allergic rash, yay! However, with Intergalactic I can get away with using half without any worries, which I’m really happy about. But even with a quarter this bath bomb works just as well, but I’ll go more into that soon.

But onto how pretty this bath bomb is… Pretty is such a bad word for this, I think stunning, and breathtaking do the job just fine, don’t you say so? This is probably one of the prettiest bath bombs I’ve ever seen Lush create. It reminded me of the Christmas limited edition, Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb when I first saw it, but alas it is nothing like that. The colour of the bath bomb is the colour it turns the bath water into, a gorgeous dark blue shade. It also has some pink and yellow colours around the middle of it, which don’t really show up in the bath… But I may have this issue due to not using a whole bath bomb. This is also said to contain popping candy, but once again I’ve never seen this myself.

Intergalactic contains peppermint oil, grapefruit oil, vetivert oil, and cedarwood oil. The peppermint oil is what stands out the most in this bath bomb to me and in turn gives it a fresh, clean, minty scent that lasts for ages on the skin, as well as in the bathroom after use.

It reminds me of toothpaste, or chewing gum. Unlike most menthol scents, this bath bomb doesn’t cause you to have a cooling sensation on the skin, which is something I was really worried about. I’m a huge fan of mint scents, but I hate the cooling feeling they leave behind, a discussion I had with two friends of mine whilst on a long weekend away with them (hello Becky and Dave!).

This is probably the darkest bath bomb I have ever used to be honest, and I love it! When popped into the bath it leaves behind a beautiful dark blue shade, something that can even be made possible from a quarter of a bath bomb, which is really good in my eyes. A flaw of only being able to use such a small amount means that I don’t get the same bold and gorgeous colours that everyone else gains from using a whole bomb. So this one has really made me happy.

As well as the beautiful colour, this is also packed full of shimmer. I am one of those who hates glittery baths, I hate how it sticks all over the skin and leaves me looking like something from the 80’s. However, Intergalactic doesn’t do this. I mean, it does leave a little shimmer behind but nothing heavy, just the odd twinkle here and there. It also leaves the gorgeous minty scent behind, something my mom noticed when I first used this, twinkles too. Of course it left me feeling lovely and soft, which is always a must have after using a bath bomb.

Due to the shimmer, it does leave it behind in the bath when it’s finished draining, but it’s nothing a quick go around with the shower won’t get rid of.

I honestly don’t know what else to say about this bath bomb other than how much I adore it. It’s definitely fast turned into my favourite, and I really do hope it sticks around for good and not just for summer… Or I may cry… A lot! Each time I come close to finishing one of these off, I’ll pick up another. I don’t think I can live without this bath bomb in my life now, as it really is a treat for me, and for £3.95 each, it doesn’t hurt!

Do you like the sound of Intergalactic? If you haven’t tried it yet, are you looking to? Hey, you may have already tried it, if so what do you think? Make sure to let me know your views on it in the comments.

Until next time however, take care all and have a great weekend!

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Lush Oxford Street and Haul!

I don’t even know where to start with this post other than saying how cool the Oxford Street store was. It was bigger than I thought it was going to be and really easy to navigate around. It also wasn’t as busy as I thought it was going to be, which I’m really pleased about.

I sadly didn’t get any pictures inside the store, although I think my boyfriend took some video footage… But don’t quote me! I wanted to take pictures but I was so excited about sniffing things, buying things, and being quick due to wanting to look around the rest of London that I forgot… The only images I have at this moment in time is my bag of goodies and the wrapping of them… At the time I hadn’t taken things out of the packets so there aren’t any pictures of what I bought… Although I will attach a picture of each item as I talk about it briefly (luxury bath oil images taken from Coal Harbour).

Lots of purchases!

I do apologise that I can’t show anything off but I took these pictures at my boyfriends house and I didn’t really wish to open anything until I got home. I will be reviewing each item as and when I use it however so keep eyes peeled in the future for those.

Overall I spend £30.50 and I wanted to ideally spend £20-£30 and as my dad gave me some spending money for London, I was able to put that towards these purchases. For all I got it is a lot of money, but due to my sensitive skin I don’t use a lot of product in each bath anyway so this selection is sure to last me months! Probably up to Christmas!

SO! Let’s go over what I picked up.

The first products I’ll be talking about are the luxury bath oils, which were something I was rather excited about, due to these little bad boys being new to Lush. They’re exactly the same as the luxury bath melts, only smaller and with a lot more variety to choose from. I can imagine these will replace the bath melts at some point considering two of the bath oils I picked up are exactly remakes of the bath melts.

Floating Island – “Float away and clear your mind. Let your troubles melt away with sandalwood and lemon essential oils.” This isn’t one I thought I would pick up, but I remember the bath bomb version of this and it always smelt so amazing! This is available as a larger version of the bath melt, which I can see me trying in the future. This reminds me of vanilla ice cream, and I honestly cannot smell the sandalwood and lemon, which is odd.

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment – “Sweet treat for silky skin. Moisturising marshmallow oil whipped up with cocoa butter and almond oil.” When I saw that Lush had made this popular bath melt into a bath oil, I wondered what the point in it was. However when I smelt it in the store me and my boyfriend fell in love and I bought one for myself, and for him. We gave this a go the second night we stayed in London and its probably one of the nicest Lush bath products I have used in quite some time. It smells JUST LIKE Snow Fairy, which is a favourite of mine and left us smelling gorgeous and feeling soft and silky. I wish I could have bought more of these, but it’s definitely made me want to try the bath melt version.

Double Vitality“Zing zing zing went my heartstrings. Revitalising peppermint and lemon awaken the sense and put a zine in your step.” I hadn’t really thought about looking at this bath oil until my friend Mali (over at maliberrymakeup) reviewed it on her blog and it didn’t just sound lovely, but it looked lovely too when used in the bath. It smells so delicious! You can definitely smell both the peppermint and lemon and it’s just so refreshing and perfect for refreshing and waking you up in the morning. I can’t wait to try this one! I was going to pick up two, but I left it.

Shark Infested Custard“What’s yellow and dangerous? Not this! Full of luxurious butters, oils and irresistible fragrance you’ll be heading jaws first into the bath.” This was a bath oil I had ummed and ahhed over as I wasn’t sure whether or not I would like it. However when I smelt it, I fell in love. It’s a gorgeous vanilla/custard scent that just reminds me of when I was little. My parents have always loved vanilla flavoured things and that is something that has rubbed off on me. This will be nice to use in the evenings when I just want a chilled out bath.

I was pretty excited for what the Oxford Street exclusives were when it came to bubble bars as they just appeared to be more varied than the bath bombs. Two of the bubble bars also carry the same scents as two of my all time favourite Lush products that have now been discontinued, so I was pretty excited for those two. I could have probably bought more, but I was good.

Milky Bath“Hot milk? Don’t cry over spilt milk – bathe in it! Made with fairly traded cocoa butter for softness.” Out of all the products this is probably the one I am worrying that I won’t like. But that being said, once again my friend Mali reviewed this and made it sound exactly how I hoped it would be… So I guess I just need to try it out and see how I feel about it. It does look gorgeous though, like a little baby milk bottle. This comes in a soap too, but I didn’t look at that.

Supertramp“Oh I wood! A bath with this mossy number is like getting down and dirty in the undergrowth.” I loved Tramp shower gel when it was out and literally as I started to fall in love with it, Lush took it away and discontinued it, now only to charge a fucking fortune through the Lush Kitchen. Something that honestly annoys me about Lush… But that’s for another post. This is a huge bubble bar though, the same size as The Comforter and yet for a pound cheaper! This will last me AGES, probably six baths at least. I love the strong scent that this has of sandalwood as it really clears my head and reminds me of late spring and autumn. Seriously Lush, bring back Tramp shower gel!

Cherry Blossom“Pops your cherry! Pop your bathtime cherry with the sweet scent of Majorcan almonds and decadent pink bubbles.” This is the other Lush product that reminds me of a discontinued one and shares the same scent with the ever so amazing Happy Blooming bath melt. It smells of yummy cherries and almonds and really does leave me feeling comforted and full of happy smiles and awesome! Lush really annoyed me that they took ages to release Happy Blooming after announcing it and then they only had it out for a couple of months before taking it away. I call bullshit that it wasn’t selling well as everyone I know who loves Lush loved this. It has since been released as a shower jelly, but I missed out. So this will have to do! It was the most expensive thing I bought at nearly £6.00 but I hope to get loads of baths out of it for the money…

Big Bang“It started with a bang. Start baths off with a lemon myrtle bang. Lie back and think of the universe.” This is a new scent and one I hope Lush keeps using in other products as it smells so lovely! It’s very citrusy without being too strong as it contains grapefruit and lemon, which somewhat reminds me of Whoosh shower jelly, but honestly as I said, it isn’t that strong. This will be nice to use in the summer evening to keep the day bright and especially nice in winter. It just looks gorgeous too! Reminds me of something that would come out for Christmas.

Finally I have one product left which is a bath bomb… One lonely bath bomb… I won’t lie, I found the majority of bath bombs for the exclusive products very samey. They were either very citrus, floral, or woody smells. When I was walking around giving the majority a sniff I didn’t really feel like there was anything unique there… Some reminded me of previous bath bombs, and some just weren’t to my liking. I feel that a majority of the bath bombs out in the exclusive collection are aimed towards men, or at least people who like manly smells. I love these, don’t get me wrong… But I dunno. I feel very meh about the bath bombs in the collection. I’m sad about that to be honest. I wanted some mind blowing scents! But I guess Lush will do that when it comes to Christmas this year…

Intergalactic“Blast off into funky. This awesome mix will have you hooked on a feeling. Be the guardian of a galaxy as it explodes in your bath.” Something I’m rather excited with about this bath bomb is that it contains popping candy! How awesome is that, huh? This being said, a majority of Lush’s products contain popping candy now… So it’s not really something to get so excited over anymore. Anyway… This reminds me of Double Vitality with it’s peppermint and lemon scents, two things I really like together. I can’t wait to use this, hopefully soon!

So those are all the products I bought from the Oxford Street store! I really enjoyed my experience there and it was really good. The staff were lovely and helpful and the store was laid out perfectly too. I will be writing a post of products I regret not picking up but I know in the future I will get these. I know I will.

I will of course be reviewing each product as and when I use it with more pictures etc.

Lush announced that these won’t stay exclusive products for long, and I hope that’s true… I can’t keep traveling to London to get my fix!

Have you visited the Oxford Street store? If so what did you think, and what did you buy? Make sure to let me know in the comments.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far, and until next time take care.

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