Work Wear/Office Haul

If someone had of told me 6 months ago that I would be writing this sort of post I would fast tell them to shut up. I am so excited to write this post and it would have been up sooner, but due to being bust it’s a tad behind (3 days to be exact…).

I recently went on a mini shopping spree to grab some essential pieces for my new job (which you can read all about here!) and I’m so pleased with what I managed to get.

The three places I shopped at were Primark, New Look and Peacocks, most of my purchases were from Primark. I’m also including a few older pieces in here that I’ll be wearing for my new job too. 1. Because the wonderful Vikki over at Cuteek wanted to see one of the dresses and 2. I didn’t pick up any dresses for my new job (yet) so I thought I’d show what ones I have for it at the moment. I also didn’t pick up any shoes so I’ll be showing off two pairs I already own. AND I have a shirt I picked up from M&S just before my holiday that I want to show off too, as it’s one of the best shirts I’ve ever owned.

I also have a cardigan I’ve ordered but as that hasn’t arrived yet, I’ll be using a stock photo.

As well as showing off what items I bought, where from and prices I’ll also be showing off how I’ll style pieces together.

Let’s get on with the haul!

  • Primark Supersoft Jumper in the colours cream, mustard yellow, red and dark grey – £6.00 each.

I love, love, LOVE these jumpers so damn much! I picked the mustard yellow one up nearly a month ago and have worn it quite a bit since then. I haven’t yet worn it for work, but I’ve teamed this up outside of work with my denim shorts, as well as black skinny fit jeans. I wore the red one for work on my first day with the black skater skirt I picked up from New Look and it looked lovely. These jumpers are so damn comfortable and don’t feel tight. If anything they feel slightly baggy on the sleeves, which I love as I have shy hands and love to cover them up. I especially love the button detailing on the shoulders. These are available in a wide range of colours! If there were certain colours I really wanted them they were cobalt blue, burgundy and dark green.

  • Primark Red, black and white Floral Shirt – £7.00.

I didn’t have many high hopes for this shirt when I took it to the changing rooms to try on, but it actually really surprised me and I knew straight away that I would be buying it. That and £7?! BARGAIN! It’s a gorgeous vintage looking shirt and one I have tried on with both trousers and skirt and looks amazing with both. The only issue I had with it when tucking it into the skirt was that it left a bit of a bulge underneath my bust, which made me look fat/pregnant. When I tried this on and didn’t tuck it in it didn’t show off my bust through the buttons etc, but when I tucked it into the skirt it did just this, as well as the bulge, so I can see this being worn mostly with trousers. With one pair that I bought (houndstooth print) they look very vintage together, which I really like. They did have another shirt for £7.00, which was white and navy vertical stripes with pink/red roses on. I was half tempted to pick it up, but decided not to as it wasn’t really my sort of thing.

  • New Look Black Mini Skater Skirt – £12.99 (link)

I was looking everywhere for a black skater skirt for work as I used to own one from Topshop many moons ago, but due to washing it so much it’s kind of shrunk and it definitely isn’t something I wanted to wear around the office due to that. The member of staff in the New Look store I visited was so lovely. Even though they only had 2 skirts on the shop floor (neither in my size!) she still had a look on the system for me to see if they had anymore in the back in my size, they had 1 left! I was chuffed and tried it on with some of the pieces I picked up from Primark. I wore this skirt on my first day with my red Primark jumper and I felt so comfortable and confident! My only issue with it is it feels a tad short for my linking, but I think I was wearing it too high at the same time. I intend to wear this skirt loads at my new job and when I get paid and have some spare cash I want to pick up another one. I can’t wait to wear my skirts with this, as well as my mustard yellow and cream jumper!

  • New Look Black Check Tapered Trousers – £19.99 (link)

I knew that I wanted some trousers like this for the job as soon as I found out I got it. I’ve always wanted a pair like this but have never been a job where I could wear them until now. I decided to try these ones on as they have an elasticated waist band, a bloated girl on her period DREAM PAIR OF TROUSERS! These are high-waisted, which I didn’t know until I got home and had a look on the New Look website to show someone. I’ll definitely wear these both normal and high-waisted with shirts, t-shirts and jumpers. I doubt I’d wear socks with them and would just wear my flats. I am anxious to wear these as I worry they’ll look daft, but whatever, you only live once and THEY’RE ELASTICATED!

  • Peacocks Womens Bistretch Bootcut Trousers – £9.00 (currently £7.20 online only) (link)

Since back in the day when I worked at Costa I have always sworn by Peacocks smart trousers for work. They’re comfortable, come in all sorts of sizes and styles and are affordable! I paid the normal £9.00 price for these as I picked them up in store and I ended up getting my usual long leg, as well as a regular leg. I tried on my size and although they felt fine, I actually went for a size up so that they were a little baggy. I’ve had to deal with nearly 2 years of uncomfortable (but tolerable) smart trousers and I don’t want to anymore if I can help it! I’ll wear these with all sorts to be honest!

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  • EMP Yuri!!! On Ice Logo Cardigan – £41.99 (Currently reduced to £24.99) (link)

This is a cardigan that I’ve been eyeing up for ages and I don’t know why but I nearly paid the full price for it! I think I had a 10% voucher available to use alongside it, BUT I’m so glad I waited. This recently went into the sale and as well as that EMP brought out an extra 15% code so I saved an extra £3.00 something! I loved Yuri!!! On Ice when it came out and me and my best friend both love it. She’s also ordered this cardigan so we can be twinsies. 😛 I’ll probably feel odd and out of place wearing this in the office, but I don’t care! I’d team it up with trousers or skirt and a white top (long or short sleeved). To be honest, I’d soon snuggle up in this at home too.

  • H! By Henry Holland Fox Dress – (previously spoken about here).

I LOVE this dress and it’s actually the dress I wore for my interview for the job. I decided to go for this as I love foxes and felt it would leave a lasting impression with the company, which it obviously did! This is the dress that Vikki over at Cuteek wanted to see! It’s a gorgeous black skater dress with foxes all over. It’s one I always reach for for special nights out, birthdays and now for office wear! I want another dress like this but I can’t seem to find one anywhere. 😦

  • Daisy Dress (So old that I can’t remember where it’s from 100%).

I’ve owned this dress for years and I mean years! It’s been so long that the shop I originally bought it from a clothing store that went into administration… I think it was called Republic… Either way this dress has always been one I’ve gone back to time and time again and I’m pretty sure it’ll be worn to death at my new job as well!

So that’s my haul of what goodies I’ve picked up for my new job! I hope to pick up some more stuff in the future as there’s loads more bits and pieces I wish to pick up.

I’ll be doing a wish list post next week of more stuff I would like to get in future, both clothing and office stationary items I’d love to have on my future desk.

If you work in an office where do you shop for your clothes? Make sure to let me know in the comments as I would love more places to find new pieces at!

Until next time, take care all and I hope you’re having a great week so far.


Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining…

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I do apologise for being a bit quiet on my blog the past fortnight, but to say I’ve had a mixture of one would be a huge understatement! I would have written a review, or even any other type of post but I just felt the need to write about this this evening.

Basically a fortnight ago I did some damage to my car… I was gutted, crying and even had a panic attack. I did it trying to rush away from work, a stupid silly mistake that I regret doing so much.

Sadly the damage needs to be fixed and paid for, which I won’t be able to do until after Christmas. I wanted to get it done as soon as possible but it just isn’t going to happen this side of Christmas.

To be honest with what happened with my car, it left me feeling really depressed. I already felt crappy and low but that just seemed to add so much on top of it. I constantly flooded myself with guilt and only the past couple of days have I actually started to feel better.

My dad and Dane have both been really helpful with sorting out my car and I don’t think I can thank them both enough than I already have.

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As you see from the title of this post, every cloud has a silver lining, and I bet you’re wondering where that comes into play with my car?

Well… I start a new job on Monday and I am so bloody excited! I left my previous job today and it’s strange thinking that I won’t need to go back in on Friday (tomorrow is usually my day off).

I did wonder if I would get emotional and upset when leaving that job, but alas that isn’t the case and I actually feel kinda okay about leaving. I don’t feel happy about it but I feel like I’m making a huge change and one I really needed for quite some time now.

Let’s just put it this way, I have been working in retail/hospitality since I was 22 and although that’s only 5 years, that’s just 5 years too many for me. I hate working in retail and hospitality and honestly I think everyone should have work experience at least in it so they can see how it feels.

It’s so shitty when a customer is nasty to you about something that is out of your control and it’s especially shitty when you don’t even get a simple please and thank you.

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It isn’t just the customers though that makes retail and hospitality crap, it’s the whole working bank holidays, Christmas and weekends. I know that sounds pathetic but I missed having weekends off so much whilst working my previous job. I worked every other weekend and to be honest that was enough! Weekends went by quickly and I couldn’t really complain, but it always sucked if me and Dane had birthdays and events happening during my weekends in work. We would either have to go to events and leave super early for me working early the next day, not go at all or use up all my holiday time on weekends.

When I think about it, if there is one thing I’ll miss about my previous job it’s the people I go on with and had “banter” with during my shifts. I could name at least a handful of people who really knew how to cheer me up on days when I felt at my worst, but I won’t. If they read this post, I’m sure they’ll know who they are!

Since moving from my old position in the store to the one I was doing when I left, I have met some incredible people and ones I feel like I’ve now got as friends for life (well… I hope so anyway!). I’m just sad I won’t get to see them every day anymore and have a laugh. We are planning to hang out and do stuff anyway, so that’ll be awesome.

I’ll also miss my discount, I’ve never had a discount so good!

I don’t particularly want to go into too much detail about my new job as I of course want to keep some privacy on here. I never really spoke about where I worked in my previous job and I don’t really intend to for a while, if at all.

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The only thing I’ll say about my new job is that it’s in administration, which I have been wanting to do for years, probably for the past 2-3 years to be honest. I start on Monday and I feel a mixture of excited and nervous, you know the usual first day feelings of a new job!

One thing I am excited for at the moment is meeting up with my best friend Gabriella and our friend Megan in a couple of days to go for a girly day out! I need some new clothing for my new job so I need some help and honest opinions with outfits, etc. As well as that we’ll more than likely hunt around for some Japanese food to eat too!

To be honest it was only due to what happened to my car that I tried for my new job. I wonder if I’d have even tried for it if I haven’t of done what I had to my car.

I used to always say, “Everything happens for a reason.” But was put off due to people being offended by the saying. The older I get, the more I realise that it’s still a good saying and one I should start using again.

I’m so excited to share my future stories of the next step in my career and of course I will do a haul post for all the new office threads I get!

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Again, I am sorry for being a tad quiet lately. I’ve just felt so crappy and tired. I’m sure this won’t be as frequent as it used to be with my old job. I won’t need to wake up until 7am for work now instead of 4.30am (I’m seriously not even joking…).

What have my readers been up to lately? Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Make sure to let me know in the comments if not over on my Twitter account @maybeecoffee

Until next time, take care all!