A Holiday Haul!

I’m sure I mentioned time and time again the past month (or two…) that I would write a holiday haul post when I’d bought all the goodies I wanted for my holiday. It now looks like I’ve bought all the goodies I’ll want (and need for that matter…) for my holiday IN LESS THAN A MONTHS TIME! Oh my, the days, weeks and months have gone by so damn quickly.

I’m not going to lie, I am hella excited for my holiday, but I’m also really nervous all at the same time. I know for a fact I won’t want to come home.

Anyway, I decided to be naughty as soon as pay day hit this month and bought myself quite a few bits and pieces for the holiday… As well as to wear in the UK as and when appropriate… I kind of used the holiday as an excuse to buy things. 😛

I don’t think I’ll be buying anything else for “the holiday” (hahaha :P) but if I do I can always make a second post about that! The only other thing(s) I can see me buying is a new bra for the dress I bought (you’ll see what I mean when I show it off) and maybe a choker.

Right, enough waffle. On with the haul! I’ll talk about things in the order I bought/received them.

  • Sixty Seven Silver Tone Holographic Sliders (no longer available).

Oh sliders, such ugly sandals when covered in fur and pom poms. I’m not a huge fan of wearing sandals, flip flips etc and more than not often opt for Vans when on holiday due to how comfortable and lightweight they are. However, I had a little thing for sliders this year… The none fluffy variety, of course! I had a look everywhere for a holographic pair but couldn’t find a single thing and when I did SEEM to find something decent it was stupidly priced or the colours were a little off.

As I do at least once a week I had a nosey over on TK Maxx and found these beauties! I waited a while to order them, but as sizes below and above my own started to sell out I knew I needed to get on it and get my pair ordered! These cost me £12.99 and retail for £33.99. WOW! They’re amazing though and I’m so glad I bought them! They’re really sturdy and feel like they’ll last a long time. The holographic is sort of matte in colour and doesn’t look too shiny, which I like. They’re not 100% comfortable to be honest and I find they’re rubbing a little on the top of my foot, but I’m hoping this is just them breaking in.

I plan to wear these both in the daytime and the evenings. Everything I’ll be showing off in this video what I bought I’ll probably wear with these sliders. I have to say I hate that they’re called sliders… I know why they are but I dislike it so damn much! I can’t wait to rock these to the beach in my matching bikini! 😛

My camera just wasn’t playing ball with me when trying to take pictures! It looks pretty cool though and shows off all the colours of the glitter really well. 😛

My camera just wasn’t playing ball with me when trying to take pictures! It looks pretty cool though and shows off all the colours of the glitter really well. 😛

  • Topshop Black Glitter Skater Skirt (no longer available).

I’ve been in need of a new skater skirt for quite a long time now but I just haven’t really seen anything I’ve liked. My previous skater skirt was from Topshop so I decided to have a look on their website for an upgrade, sadly I found nothing. I looked around various high street stores for a while and I remembered the one place I hadn’t even looked for a new skirt, a Topshop one at least. eBay, my holy grail and first place I often look for things I want at a decent price. I found this Topshop skater skirt straight away and I fell in love! It was bidding and considering there was only 2 of us bidding on it, it started on 99p and I did a ninja and bidded with 5 seconds left, I won. I only paid about £2.50 for this including postage.

It’s really gorgeous black skirt with pink, blue gold and silver pieces of glitter running throughout it. It’s a lightweight skirt which is nice as it doesn’t feel heavy at all when wearing it. I’m also glad to say that the glitter is embedded into the skirt itself so when wearing, washing, etc no glitter bits will shed anywhere. I don’t know how much the skirt originally retailed for, but knowing Topshop probably £20-£30.

I’m just so pleased I picked this skirt up as it’s amazing! It does make my bum look bigger than it actually is though due to the way it hangs and I’m not sure if I like this or not. It can be worn as a high-waisted skirt or normal. With my new crop top (which I’ll be talking about last) it looks gorgeous and works really well. If anything it has finally given me the push and courage to wear more crop tops. 🙂

  • Pretty Little Thing Anaiya Multi Tie Dye Denim Short (available here).

Urgh. Just getting this out there that if you have read my recent blog post you’ll know how annoyed at am at Pretty Little Thing and how I don’t recommend them. If you haven’t, here is the link.

That aside I love these shorts, even if they are a little on the snug side. They’re high-waisted denim shorts with a tie dye affect on them. Although not 100% they do have rainbow colors on them. You can see where they originally dyed them blue, pink and yellow only for the colours to run to create green, purple and orange. They look amazing and very eye catching! They’re distressed too which I love, all over the front of the legs and a little on the one back pocket. The pockets in these are really big and deep, which I love! Means you can keep a phone and money on you if you don’t want to carry a bag around.

I’ll be rocking these with my crop top, as well as various t-shirts tucked into it. I tried on one of my black long sleeved t-shirts and I loved how it looked! I’m tempted to take said t-shirt on holiday so I can wear it in the evenings. I’d wear it with either my pair of Star Wars or 101 Dalmatians Vans. Maybe even my DC high tops. I’ll see what shoes I decide to take with me closer to the time. I’ve even looked at wearing my chunky 90’s looking heels, but I’m not sure if I will or not yet.

I know they’re very bright to wear in the UK throughout the whole year (come on let’s face it, our summer lasts all of a week…) BUT I will wear these throughout the year over here. I’ll rock them with band tees, tights and Dr Martens boots for a grunge look. If anything, I can’t wait to when I’m back from holiday! 😛

  • Boohoo Manhattan Hologram Triangle Tie Bikini (available here).

I didn’t need a new bikini and in the end I bought two. Shit. For this holiday I have noticed a pattern of me lusting after things that are either holographic, mermaid scale print or turquoise sequins. This obviously caught my eye (like the little magpie I am…) when browsing around Boohoo. It’s a bog standard triangle bikini BUT OMG IT’S HOLOGRAPHIC AND SHINY AND PRETTY AND OMG! Breathe Nat, breathe.

You can’t go wrong with holographic and when it comes to a hot country where the sun is out most of the time, you definitely can’t go wrong! This is the bikini I’ll wear when tanning on the balcony. It’s the tie at the sides for the bottoms and at the neck and back for the top. As I said, bog standard.

These are still available on the Boohoo website as well as another here which is holographic too. I was tempted to order this one instead/as well as the one I bought but meh. Don’t need ALL THE BIKINIS! xD

I am seriously in love with this picture since taking it!

  • Killstar Pheadra Skater Dress (available here).

The day that Killstar launched this dress for sale on their website I KNEW I had to have it. I’m a massive fan of Killstar and my love of them has grown dramatically this past year. I want NO NEED to own more pieces by Killstar!

This is a skater dress with a mermaid print on, and a pentagram strappy back. This IS NOT a dress I would wear in the daytime, only in the evening when the sun isn’t out and at risk of tanning the pentagram shape into my back. I do not want. 😛 The pictures of this dress don’t do it justice. To me it just looks turquoise on the website but when it arrived I noticed that in the light the dress will shift and go a purple shade. Also as you can see it has a mermaid pattern on it. Oh Nat, you and those mermaid scales! I do like the smaller scales though and it makes a change from the bigger ones I rock on Black Milk Clothing pieces.

My only issue with this dress is I feel it’s too big… But I worry the size down would be too small… Also as amazing as the pentagram shape is on the back, it isn’t practical at all when wearing a bra. As of yet I haven’t got myself a new bra to wear with it yet… I hope I can get one before the holiday.

I know it sounds stupid because with a back like that you’d want to show off the dress, wouldn’t you? Alas this dress actually looks better with a jacket or cardigan over the top. In fact it looks so cute teamed up with my burgundy cardigan! Who’d have thought? I can’t wait to wear this throughout the year in the UK. I’ll definitely have to wear Dr Martens or brothel creepers. 😛

  • Killstar Arabella Halter Top (available here) and Posing Shorts (available here).

The same brand and the same print as the Killstar Pheadra dress. I couldn’t resist not getting this top and shorts. I don’t 100% know if you can swim in them, but damn I’ll give it a go! Nah if anything these won’t be for tanning in due to the top being the way it is, but more for popping out to the beach in for a walk with the shorts or even a pair of shorts over the top. I also wanted to pick these up for pole dancing in as I think they’d be gorgeous!

I do feel a little self conscious in this set due to how out there it is, but at the same time I actually feel really good about my body! I ordered both the top and shorts in the same size as I ordered the dress and whilst I don’t feel they’re too big, I do worry that the top part is a little baggy. I think I just need to get used to the style of it. I plan to try it on a few times at home before we leave for our holiday. I’d gladly wear this with shorts or a skirt with a little jacket over the top for if it’s chilly.

  • Black Milk Clothing Mermemerald Crop Top (no longer available).

Finally we have my last piece of clothing I bought in this haul and to be honest it’s by far my favourite! Everyone knows it, I love Black Milk Clothing and I especially love their mermaid printed pieces. I now own 3 mermaid pieces, including this new addition!

This is a size up from what I usually buy from Black Milk but it doesn’t matter as it fits lovely. It’s the Mermemerald crop top and guess what? It’s discontinued and now a museum item SO IT’S WORTH A FORTUNE! I picked this up second hand off of eBay for about £24.00, which I’m really chuffed about.

I didn’t expect it to be such a bright green when I took it out of the packaging though, but I adore it. At first when I tried it on I put it on the wrong way around. When I worked it out though and put it on properly I just fell in love. I paired it with my shorts, which looked amazing and then I paired it with my skater skirt. A part of me died and went to heaven for how lovely the two looked together. I haven’t felt all that great about my body the past month and more so the past week so to feel confident and nice about myself, I’m so happy. Black Milk seems to always have that affect on me. 😛

I already know I’m going to be wearing this most evenings when out with Dane for drinks and even for a day of shopping! I can’t wait to wear this back at home though to be honest. It’s such a stunning piece and when the weather is crap and gloomy over here, I can see this perking me up. It shifts from green to turquoise in the right light. How amazing!

One of my favourite pictures I’ve taken for such a long time! FYI I’m covering my face because I had some nasty zits on my cheek. YUCK! xD

PLZ DO NOT LOOK IN THE BIN. Nothing in there to hide, but still! xD

I was going to try and merge these four pictures in with the items themselves but it would have just been a mess… Sort of. SO I thought I would add said pictures at the end of the post, so you can see how I would wear some of the pieces together, as well as with other items. 😀

So that is everything I picked up for my holiday! I have so much more crap that I could buy and a part of me still wants to pick up a few more things to grunge up my outfits in the evenings. A choker being the main thing right now really. We shall see…

Have you guys been on your holidays yet? Where did you go?

Also, are there any items in this post YOU own or want to? Let me know all your thoughts and answers in the comments!

Until next time all, take care and I hope your weeks are going well so far.



Tips on Learning a New Language – Guest Post!

My friend Gabriella has been lovely enough to write a guest post for my blog whilst I’m away on holiday and I’m excited to share these tips she’s written for me about learning a new language!

So enjoy and please leave her comments down below letting her know what you thought of her post for me.

Image taken from weheartit.com

Learning a new language isn’t like learning to play an instrument, play a sport or bake like Mary Berry. You have to change how you think and interpret things, particularly when it comes to grammar and sentence structure. And to be truly proficient, you need to be able to not just speak the language but understand the subtle nuances of that language, such as the change in tone based on context, which is something we don’t have to think about when it comes to our own.

The language that I am in the process of learning is Japanese. It’s certainly not the easiest language in the world, and there is little in terms of similarities with English, unlike languages such as French and German, so people learning the more Latin-based languages may not always relate to my experiences. However, so that this article is helpful, I thought I’d keep my tips as general as possible, so that they may hopefully help you regardless of what language you’re learning.

After almost two years of learning the language, and just over a year of full-on learning, these are the five tips/words of advice that I’ve figured out from my own experiences.

Image taken from weheartit.com

1. Start off small

It can be very daunting to know where to start when it comes with a language. Think of how many words you use in a day. The chances are it’ll be in the hundreds without you even realising. Because of this, it’s better to start small. Learn to say hello and to introduce yourself. Learn to say goodbye, please and thank you. You’d be surprised at how useful these are.

2. You will struggle at times

I am not being cruel here – this is a fact. You will hit a roadblock at some point and it will frustrate you and make you want to give up. This has happened to me a few times. One example is being able to read and remember the Katakana alphabet, where for some reason my mind would just not compute with the symbols and it would leave feeling incredibly frustrated. In the end, what I did was what I advise you do as well: I took a step back from it, concentrated on other areas and went back to it. Looking at it with fresh eyes always seemed to help. If not, perhaps try a new method of remembering it. Regardless, the most important thing is to not give up completely. You will get there eventually.

3. Repetition is your friend

One of the best ways to get new information to stick in your head is repetition. Read it, write it, say it out loud over and over again. Keep going until you know the word off by heart. To start off with, do it with just one word, and then build a sentence around that word and memorise that. Keep going with this, adding more and more information until you feel confident on that topic. Then start again. One useful tool for helping to memorise words is a website called Memrise. You choose which courses you want to learn about (there are several on there, ranging from Chinese to Vulcan) and it plants the word in your mind and then tests you on the word every four hours initially, and then as it enters your long-term memory, it reduces how often it tests you from 12 hours, to a few days, all the way to a few weeks. Furthermore, there is a free app for you to download so that you can test yourself on the go. This system may not suit everyone, but I’ve found it incredibly helpful, particularly when it comes to learning Kanji.

Image taken from weheartit.com

4. Surround yourself in the language

The easiest way to do this is to be in the country where the language is spoken, but for most people this isn’t possible. Instead, you can do this in several ways, so do it in whatever way suits you. As long as it’s helping to immerse you in that language, use whatever method you want. One method I’ve found to be quite useful is looking for TV programmes/films in that language, or even find your favourites with a dub. I found Disney to be very good for this, because the language is simple enough due to the intended audience being children, and it has the added bonus of including music. Music for me is particularly useful because I find learning lyrics to be a strength of mine, so look around and see if you can find any music that you enjoy in the language you want to learn.

Another way to surround yourself in the language is to think about how to say what you’re doing right now in the language you’re learning, and if you don’t know, then look it up. For example, I would look up how to say “I am writing a blog post” in Japanese. Keep doing this as many times are you’re able to throughout the day. That way, you’re giving context to what you’re learning within your own life. I’ve learned so many new words and phrases from this!

5. Ask for help

This seems pretty obvious, but it’s a lot harder to do this than I’d expected. I believe it’s because of the worry of being wrong or embarrassing myself, but I found myself positively terrified of asking anyone, particularly natives. This is why websites like Lang8 are useful, because you get the advice but there’s a level of anonymity there. Just think of it as asking a teacher questions in class: it’s a little awkward, but it’s for your own benefit. If it’s related to Japanese, then you can always ask me too. I’m happy to help a fellow learner!

6. Learn the alphabet

For almost every other language, there is a separate alphabet with different pronunciations. For some, there’s just a few differences, like with French and German, and for other there’s a completely different alphabet that needs to be learned (e.g. Japanese, Russian, etc). Regardless, Irecommend learning this fairly early on in your study, otherwise you will struggle later on. A common mistake people make when they’re learning Japanese is that they focus too heavily on the Romaji (Japanese with Latin letters – eg. Japanese is 日本語/にほんご and in Romaji that would be Nihongo) for too long that they end up relying on it too much. I only ever come across Romaji in Learning Japanese texts – it’s certainly not common in Japan itself. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use Romaji, or the equivalents in other languages, but rather use it while you’re learning the alphabet. For Japanese, I’d personally recommend Hiragana, Katakana and then start on the behemoth that is Kanji. The pronunciation for Kanji is often in either Hiragana or Katakana, so learning those two first will certainly help.

Anyway, sorry for rambling on. I hope these tips helped you. Maybe it’s even made you go back to a language you were starting to learn but had given up on, or perhaps encouraged you to start. If you have any questions at all, feel free to send them my way by leaving a comment.

Until next time all take care and I hope your weeks been going good!

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I someday hope to fill my own Adventure Book…

Image taken from weheartit.com

Once again this isn’t a beauty or a fashion related post but more of a personal and travel one.

I’ve recently decided on places I wish to see before I die and I’d like to see them sooner rather than later.

The only place I have ever traveled to is Fuerteventura which is my second home and the place I would love to make my first home in the future.

I have wondered over the past two years about where I want to go in the world and why I want to go and explore these places. I have different reasons for each but to be perfectly honest, I think they all have food related reasons, as well as others of course.

I have five places I wish to see the most, these being:

Canada, Finland, New York, New Zealand and Japan… Not in that order though! I just popped them alphabetically.

New York

Image taken from weheartit.com

When I was around the age of 10 I remember watching Home Alone 2 with my Dad and him telling me of all the places he had visited in New York when he went out there for work when he was younger. “I’ll take you to the Twin Towers when you’re older” he promised, but of course that was never meant to be and after 9/11 the idea of us going to New York faded away. I was devastated, for years I’d looked forward to the day when my Dad would come home and say we were going. When I started college in 2006 I began watching Sex & The City and it brought back the idea of going to New York and I grew obsessed with the idea! I know so many people who have been and come back telling me how amazing is it there for the sights, the shops and especially the food.

With New York I don’t want to go for the sights, I had that dream years ago when I was a kid and after 9/11 it faded away. I want to go and find the places that people don’t go and explore because they’re too busy looking at everything everyone is paying to see. I wouldn’t know where to start, but I reckon I’ll figure that out as and when I go there.

As I mentioned before, I want to go to New York for the shops and the food! I’ve watched many beauty gurus on YouTube vlog their adventures at The Great Apple and the places they go for food is amazing. Pancake houses, BBQ, cute pastry places, pizza the size of your head, ice creams of every flavour imaginable. You name it, New York probably has it and I want to see these bloody places!

I don’t know when I’ll go to New York but one day it WILL be a reality. I’ll make sure of that!


Image taken from weheartit.com

CANADA home of poutine! If you don’t know what poutine is it’s pretty much chips/fries with chunks of mozzarella cheese and gravy. I’ve made this for myself many times but I want to try it the way Canadian’s make it.

But this isn’t the only reason I want to visit Canada of course! I can’t remember when I realised I wanted to visit Canada, but it’s up there in the top 3! A beauty guru from Canada I watch on YouTube used to take photography and she often vlogged her adventures of going into the countryside in Canada to take her pictures and it just looked so beautiful, especially in the Spring and Autumn months, which are both my favourite times of year.

People from Canada just seem so laid back, which is something I need a little more of in my life. I’d love to visit Canada in the Winter too when there’s thick snow everywhere to go and play in. Who cares if it’s cold, it’s fun!

Plus, am I the only one who thinks of South Park The Movie when it comes to Canada? I feel sorry for the Canadian’s in that movie, but at the same time I can see the funny side, and I’m not even American OR Canadian.

Some awesome people come from Canada too! One of my favourite You Tuber’s like MattG124, myeyeshadowisodd, FLuffeeTalks and JyuusanKaidan (although she currently lives in Japan…). As well as that Deadmau5, one of my favourite musicians comes from Canada.

I just want to be able to go there for about a month to explore so much of Canada, maybe during autumn season, they have an amazing theme park there called Wonderland and although I don’t like theme parks much, from images it looks absolutely beautiful.

I’d explore the majority  of Canada with my digital SLR!


Image taken from weheartit.com

Since I was the age of 17, I’ve wanted to visit Japan. From a young age I have been interested in anime and manga but when I was 6 years old my brother started dating a Chinese woman who I loved to bits. She was so lovely, honest and down to Earth and was mixed race Chinese, her mother was Chinese whilst her father was English. She was from Hong Kong and visited her family a lot out there, even taking my brother with her on the odd occasion. One time she bought me back loads of cute goodies and I loved them all. I remember saying, “This stuff is all so cute and adorable!” and she responded with, “I know I’m Chinese but in Japanese they say ‘kawaii’ for something cute. You should try saying it sometime!” So I gave it a go and it’s stuck.

So I’ve always liked cute things, I went to school with some Korean students and they were lovely, the one even brought us back some cute things from Korea when he went back for Christmas. To this day I’ve kept all the cute things he brought me back, it was so nice and thoughtful of him and he knew how much I loved that sort of stuff.

Before studying for my GCSE’s I learnt about Japan and their culture, which I thought was so beautiful and different to how we do things. In our house we don’t wear shoes inside or around the house due to dirt from the outside and I know when I move out, this rule will remain the same.

I want to visit Japan for their culture, their kawaii things and especially the fashion! Japanese fashion although weird at times, is amazing and is where most of the top designers get their ideas from. Since the Spice Girls started their short dresses and huge platform shoes, the Japanese have carried it on over the years, it only coming back into fashion recently because of them!

I know if and when I go on holiday in Japan I will want to take with me an empty suitcase and bring it back home full of clothes and goodies!

Japan has some awesome food too… Not sushi but ramen! I prefer Chinese food over Japanese to be perfectly honest, so I would go more for their culture, their beautiful countryside and to visit their fashion stores.

Japan is the next place I want to visit and I’ve recently been watching a few You Tuber’s who aren’t from Japan but currently live and study there. I would love to study in Japan for a year teaching English and is something my friend Gabriella and I discussed about a year ago.

I really want to learn Japanese too, but it seems extremely awkward, but I can see myself setting it as a goal for 2014, to learn Japanese by 2015… Or as least the bog standard parts anyway!

When my boyfriend and I first got together we discussed about saving up and going on holiday to Japan whilst watching Spirited Away. I’d still love to go with him, it’d be lovely.


Image taken from weheartit.com

This is one of the newest discoveries of places I would like to go visit. After I quit my job and was in search of a new one, I watched a lot of The Dudesons and whilst they’re hilarious, do stupid things etc I soon discovered what a beautiful country it appears to be and what an amazing language they speak too.

I fast learnt their swear words and was being naughty and using them at work whenever something annoyed me or didn’t go right. Customers wouldn’t have a clue what I was saying and neither did the people I worked alongside, so it suited me well! I would love to learn Finnish as it really is a beautiful language and from what I’ve heard, not a very heard one to learn either!

I reckon it would be amazing to visit Finland in the winter time, especially around Christmas due to the holidays being celebrated, and also to go snowboarding too. But from researching it with my boyfriend before, it’s pretty expensive.

I’d want to go with my digital SLR, lots of warm layers and some Finnish words so that I could go exploring, as it really looks like a beautiful place to visit, even if it’s suicide rate is one of the highest in Europe (apparently!).

New Zealand

Image taken from weheartit.com

Since Lord of The Rings came out, I’ve wanted to go visit New Zealand. It just looks like such a beautiful wide and vast country to visit and Kiwi’s seem so down to Earth people.

I really want to visit New Zealand to go and visit Hobbiton where The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings was filmed. I love The Hobbit and I’m counting down the days until 13th December when the second Hobbit film is out! The little Hobbit houses just look so quaint and cute and I would just love to go and have a look around them and take pictures.

This being said, I just love the look of New Zealand. It looks very countryside and like you could get lost exploring everywhere. As well as this they have their beautiful beaches and it’d be a fun place to have a go at surfboarding or even just going out on a boat for the day.

As for their food, I don’t know much about it, but I have a feeling it would be really yummy. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t have really good Chinese food down there though… Just sayin’.

Their accents are amazing and one of my favourites, I could listen to it all day and I’m a little sad that I don’t have any Kiwi friends! I used to know someone who was from New Zealand and she moved here from there a good three or four years ago but we didn’t talk all that much, even though she lived a 20 minute drive from my house! She had the cutest accent ever, it was a high-pitched, quiet but strong New Zealand accent and I loved it!

This would be a place I would want to visit for quite a while as I would want enough time to explore everything there was to explore. New Zealand seems like a big place and with so much to explore, a week or two wouldn’t be enough for me.

So that’s all the places I want to visit in my life before I die. The first one on the list is Japan and I know for a fact after going there the once I’ll want to go there again and again and again!

Where do you want to go before you die?

Let me know in the comments below!

I hope everyone’s week is going well, mines been lovely so far as I’ve had the past two days and today off work.

Until next time, take care.

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