April Favourites ’17

Easter holidays are over, all the chocolate eggs have been sold or are still on sale in the shops, and Mini Eggs won’t be back until New Year… This is the saddest thing for me. I fucking love Mini Eggs! 😛

But we’re into May now and happy May Day! I’m off work for a change and I intend to spend the day doing sod all and chilling out with Dane. I might make us sausage and mash… Love it!

ANYWAY! With a new month of course comes my monthly posts, including my favourites. April was a funny month, but I discovered a lot of new items this month gone and luckily stuff I needed… Not just buying for the sake of it. 😛

  • Imperial Leather Marshmallow Shower Cream.

I’ve used this in the past and I’m pretty sure it has featured on my monthly favourites before. It being featured on here again just shows what an amazing product it is! I actually forgot how good it was until I recently started using it again. It smells beautiful and leaves your skin not only smelling yummy but feeling lovely and soft too. For only a £1 you cannot go wrong!

  • Vaseline Lip Therapy with Cocoa Butter.

It’s shit to admit but my lips are STILL bad. Well they appear to be on the mend now and better than before but still bad… Urgh. I finally got some decent answers from two doctors recently and was given the right treatments. Alongside using the treatment creams I’ve also been slathering on this Vaseline in between applications to keep my lips nice and moist… Ew I hate that word but it’s the only word I can use right now and it be accurate. This tub is for around the house, as I bought an aloe vera one for out on the go and for work. I don’t like that one as much as the cocoa butter though to be honest. I find the smell to be fresh, but that doesn’t apply when on the lips. I feel like the cocoa butter scent is lovely both in the jar and when applied to the lips. You can never go wrong with cocoa butter to be fair! I love this better than the original Vaseline though to be honest! 😀

  • Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Gel.

I needed a new eye gel last month and wanted to make sure to get something that would cool my eyes whilst hydrating them throughout the day. I wouldn’t usually go for a low budget eye gel due to the whole, “It’s not going to do sod all…” but I thought for £1.50 it wouldn’t break the bank to give it a whirl! I hate eye creams and have always opted to buying gels if I can. This one is amazing and really does soothe and cool tired eyes either in the morning before work or after a long day in the evening. Either way I love this and I think I’ll end up buying another soon for mine and Dane’s holiday in September!

  • Barry M Molten Metal Nail Paint in shade Copper Mine.

When I was off work during April I decided to paint my nails as due to the job I do I’m not allowed to wear it whilst working. I have a couple of these Molten Metal polishes but this one is my favourite. I find the copper shade suits my yellow skin tone the best and it just looks gorgeous too. The formula is lovely and it lasts ages before chipping! Even whilst doing loads of work on the house last week it hardly chipped. This was without a top coat too! I’ll be reviewing these very soon as they deserve a review. I plan to get myself the new holographic shade that recently came out. These are on 2 for £7 at the moment so I’ll be getting that and another shade.

  • Radox Feel Heavenly Bath Soak with Coconut & Milk.

Finally we have a bubble bath on my monthly favourites. I still use my Lush products, don’t get me wrong but more often than not I find if I overuse them it actually causes more harm to my body than good. That and I try to make my money last at the moment. ANYWAY! This bath soak was bought on a whim that I wanted something nice and light to use on days off work and before bed. This is a gorgeous bubble bath where a little bit goes a long way, but I always add a generous amount to my bath to create LOADS of bubbles. I always find this leaves my skin lovely and soft after use. It’s amazing.

So now my beauty favourites are done, time to talk about the miscellaneous favourites of the month!

Favourite TV Show – Sirens (UK version).

This is a show I recently started to re-watch. It was out YEARS ago… (looks on Wikipedia) Holy shit 2011 was when this show first aired. I feel old. Very old. ANYWAY! As the title may give away this show is about 3 paramedics and it shows what they get up to during their shifts. It also shows a couple of members of the Police and Fire Service too. This is fiction I’ll have you know and is actually a comedy. I love it so much though, it just makes me laugh. There are some serious notes in it however and with that it does remind me of Only Fools and Horses. One moment it can be side splitting funny and the next bringing a tear to your eye. If you’ve never watched it and you fancy giving it a go then I think you’re only options now are going to be watching it online for free, or as a shitty YouTube upload. I’m being naughty and watching it online for free… Hey! I’d buy it if I could!

Favourite Film – Your Name (Kimi no Na wa).

Last month me and Dane went to go and watch this after he found out it was showing in the Mockingbird cinema in Birmingham’s Custard Factory. He booked it that day and that evening we were off to watch it. Oh my God it wasn’t even what I was expecting it to be to be honest. I knew what the basic plot was for the film but it has a lot of twists and such throughout the film. I don’t want to talk too in depth as I worry it could spoil the film for anyone who hasn’t seen it. You can watch a trailer here if you like the sound of it. BUT to be honest if you haven’t heard about it by now, whether you’re an anime fan or not then where have you been hiding? It keeps being spoken about how it’s the best anime film for quite some time. 😛

Favourite Book – K-ON!

As regular readers of my blog will know I have been reading nothing but manga since the start of the year and whilst it is an expensive thing to keep on top of, it is so damn worth it! I recently purchased all of the K-ON manga to read and whilst I am only somewhat through the series, I am in love with it. It’s just great to see some of my new favourite anime characters come to life on the pages of the manga as well as through the anime series. I’ll be reviewing in the future!

Favourite Songs – George Michael “Freedom! 90” and “Careless Whisper”.

This is kind of random I suppose but a few nights ago I just started listening to songs from the 00’s… Which led to songs from the 90’s and for some reason that then led me to listen to some of George Michael’s best singles. Of course he died at the end of last year which was a real shame. He was a talented guy in every way! I have always had a place for “Freedom! 90” and I don’t know why… I especially love the music video as I think it’s so clever, alongside the song as a dig at the music industry. 😛 Thanks to Deadpool now whenever I hear “Careless Whisper” I just think of Ryan Reynolds singing it at the end of the film. HA! 😛 BUT instead of popping either of the songs mentioned above I thought I would attach Seether’s cover of “Careless Whisper”. It’s amazing in my eyes and they did a really good job!

Favourite game – TsumTsum.

This is a game I have owned for as long as I’ve had my iPhone 6 to be honest… I remember when I went on holiday with my dad in November 2015 playing it whenever we were near a WiFi connection! ANYWAY… This is a game I have been playing nonstop this month and it’s one I always forget that I love to play. It’s a game that you can actually pay to play in Japan as an actual arcade game. I would love to play it like that! I’ve attached a video above of Sharla playing it! It’s just a great, free and relaxing game to play. It’s one of those where you need to match up 3 plus of the same Disney character to get rid of them, get a high score, coins etc. With those coins you can buy new characters etc. If you love Disney and love the Tsum Tsum’s then you’ll love this!

So those were my favourites from April! I can’t believe how quickly the year is going by though to be perfectly honest. Next month me and Dane will have been in our house for a year and I don’t know if I like that or if it scares me a little. Time is going wayyyyy too fast and I don’t think I like that. It also means next month marks our four year anniversary which IS exciting and I don’t mind that. 😛 It does feel like we’ve been together longer mind.

What products were you loving throughout April? Make sure to let me know in the comments down below.

Until next time take care all and I hope you have a lovely bank holiday Monday. I know I will be. 😛


Vaseline Paint The Town Red Lip Tint – Review

I think it is safe to say that most people use Vaseline Lip Therapy, why? Because aside Carmex and Chapstick, it’s probably one of the best lip balms out there! I myself have only ever owned one tin of the classic blue Vaseline and that was when I was 14 and suffered with really dry lips during the winter.

Since then I’ve owned Vaseline’s limited edition Lip Therapy in Pink Bubbly, which came out last year. The year before that we were graced with crème brûlée, which I stupidly never picked up and wish I had. This year Vaseline have brought out Paint The Town Red, a limited edition lip tint for this autumn and winter!

I knew when I spotted this in Boots during my shopping trip last month that I had to buy this and in my basket it popped itself. You can read about that shopping trip over on my most recent haul post.

I’d read other beauty bloggers reviews on this and I found that people either loved it or hated it. People who loved it seemed to be regular Vaseline users but as well as that they loved how it tinted your lips and how yummy it smelt and tasted whilst the people who hated it ranted how this was a waste of money as it didn’t tint and it smelt synthetic and horrible.

I won’t lie, I love this product and I haven’t put it down since buying it, so for £3.49 it’s been work every penny to me and I’m already contemplating stocking up before they’re discontinued.

I know there are probably hundreds of reviews out there of this but I wanted to share my thoughts on it, as I just love it so much!


Like all Vaseline Lip Therapy, Paint The Town Red comes in the classic metal tin, but of course due to this being limited edition, it comes with a pretty design on the front. As you can see its red paint dripping down the tin onto a black background to create a building affect, which I think is a cool idea.

It comes in the little round 20g tin like all the Vaseline Lip Therapy’s come in, which is good as it means it’s easy to fit in my pocket, on my desk, bed side table, bag, etc easily with no worries, but in a way this proves a problem, which I’ll talk about later on in this review.


When Vaseline described Paint The Town Red as a lip tint, they weren’t wrong. It’s bright red and looks so beautiful and eye-catching when you first open the tin and for me, every time I open this to use. It makes a change to a boring light pink or clear Vaseline Lip Therapy, don’t you think?


The balm itself contains Vaseline’s Petroleum Jelly, as well as some other skin caring products that make sure to keep your lips lovely and soft when they need that care most, but Paint The Town Red (as you can see) contains a lovely red tint. As I mentioned before, a lot of people are complaining how it doesn’t show up red enough for their liking and that other balms on the market show up a lot brighter. I won’t lie, this is true but if you apply enough of this onto the lips you’ll get a red shade similar to the colour pay off you would get from doing the same with Maybelline’s Baby Lips in Cherry Me. Personally the colour is just enough for me as it’s definitely noticeable when applied to the lips. This being said my lips are rather pigmented naturally anyway so this just enhances that for me.

Paint The Town Red doesn’t just look amazing but it smells and tastes wonderful as well! It’s enriched with a spiced berry flavour, perfect for autumn and winter and it isn’t a really strong scent, but it’s not weak either. As soon as you open the lid and have a sniff you can smell it straight away and it definitely reminds me of winter walks around The German Market and hot winter drinks in pubs and bars. It doesn’t just smell that way though, you can taste it on your lips too!

I’ve been using this at work a lot but instead of using my fingers, where get all dirty from making drinks, touching plenty of money, as well as cleaning plenty of things throughout the store I just brush the balm against my lips instead… I hope this makes sense as it does to me with the way I’ve written it…

This is so easy to just throw into my apron pocket and easy to pop on my lips as and when I need to. I’ve had a few comments from customers asking what it is as they recognise the little tin, but not the bright red jelly inside of it. Most of them have commented saying how they’ll be trying this out, don’t need to thank me just yet Vaseline. 😉

As I mentioned I’ve been using this a lot, especially at work as I’ll apply my dark berry to dark pink lipsticks and as my shift goes on, the lip colour will often feather or vanish completely and I don’t really get time to reapply, so I’ll just pop some Paint The Town Red on instead as it doesn’t take that long and keeps my lips feeling soft and nourished.

Now onto one of the flaws I have found with this product… When I pop out with my boyfriend or even on my own down the road to the shops I’ll usually take three things, my iPhone, my wallet and a lip balm, this at the moment being Paint The Town Red. I don’t bother taking a bag with me when I’m just taking three things as it just seems silly so I’ll carry my wallet like a clutch bag and my  iPhone and my lip balm go into my pockets. Due to this being in a tin and my body being warm, when it’s sat in my pocket for a maximum of say… 15 minutes it can start to go really warm and melt a tad which thank goodness hasn’t ruined this balm, but due to worry of it happening I’ve had to try and find other places on me to keep it which usually ends up in a coat pocket, my boyfriends coat pocket or at home due to worry of ruining it.

This isn’t a big problem though and during the colder months will be no issue as I’ll keep it in my coat pocket.

Photo 22-10-2013 15 07 54

Photo 22-10-2013 15 08 32

I apologise now if I look poorly or like crap in these photos. I wasn’t feeling too great to be perfectly honest but I knew I needed to get these blog pictures taken to be edited and uploaded on here. The photos probably don’t do the lip tint any justice either, even though I applied loads to my lips!

Overall I love this and I really can’t get enough. When I have some extra cash I’ll be stocking up on these, as well as buying a few friends of mine a tin of their own for Christmas as two of my friends use nothing but Vaseline and I know they would both love one of these.

It leaves a lovely red tint to your lips, with a gorgeous smell of winter berries all the time keeping your lips soft, smooth and kissable! I really want Vaseline to make this a permanent product as it’s just wonderful! Please make more tinted Lip Therapy Vaseline!

What do you think of Paint The Town Red? Do you love it, or hate it? If you haven’t tried it yet, will you? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments down below.

Until next time, take care all!

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