May ’16 Favourites

It’s June and it’s also a hella exciting month! Oh God… Did I really just say hella?! Anyway! More to come as to why it is exciting in a couple of days time. 😛 It’s also mine and Dane’s three year anniversary on the 8th, yay! Of course, more into that next week.

However, it is once again time to share my favourites from the previous month, and boy was it hard to narrow it down to five! For once I actually struggled to decide, but eventually I found my favourites, which I’m sharing with you today.

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  • Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Bath (link)

Okay I know this is meant to be for babies, but there is something to me that is really comforting about Johnson’s original baby bath, as well as the bedtime one. Every time I have used the bedtime one before bed I have slept really early, and had a great nights sleep! So it doesn’t just work for babies, obviously. It’s just going to a real treat to keep using, as whilst I love using Twilight bath bomb by Lush before bed, I find this is a nice cheaper version that won’t break the bank.

  • Bourjois Paris Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer (link)

I am loving the Bourjois primers at the moment, the luminous one being the one out of the two (the other is the matte one) that I’ve been using pretty much everyday throughout May. Sadly it’s not pretty much run out, which is the only thing I am disappointed about, because at £10.99 a pop it’s a lot to fork out every month. I did however get this and the matte one on the 2 for £14 offer in May. Well I wish I had bought more as these are amazing primers, dare I say better than Benefit POREfessional? They really do matte my skin and this one leaves me with a nice healthy looking glow. You don’t need a lot either to get a matte affect. I just love it, but I think I’ll be waiting until another offer comes up where I can feel okay with splashing out £11… Still, it’s cheaper than Benefit! 😛

  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in shade Redrum (link) (review can be read here)

I love my Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks, that is a fact and everyone I know, knows this! I wear them quite often and every time I do I always get compliments. This was one of my recent purchases and oh my, do I love it. It might be my favourite shade to date and out of this and Scorpio, I find myself wearing this one more. It’s a gorgeous Marilyn Monroe red shade, perfect for any time of year. I get nothing but compliments on it, and since recently buying Jeffree Star’s white liquid lipstick shade Drug Lord, I’ve been mixing it with all my liquid lipstick to create my own shades! I recently tried it with Redrum and it looks just like Doll Parts! So pleased!

  • Lush Love and Light Hand Cream (link) (review can be read here)

Now this is a hand cream I have come to love when I first bought it, and then when the winter months came in and my hands were really bad, I grew to dislike it due to the fact it wasn’t nourishing my hands as much as I wanted and hoped that it would. However, I began using this again at the start of May and my hands looked beautiful and soft. I was so damn happy! I popped some in a little pot and started taking it with me to work to use after washing my hands. Towards the end of May though my hands have started to look rough again… I don’t know if it’s due to the hand cream not working as well as it did at first, or due to something else. Either way I am disappointed… I love what this hand cream did for my hands again, but I won’t be buying a pot ever again.

  • DKNY MY NY Eau de Parfum (link)

I can’t even remember how long I’ve owned this for now… Must be three or so years now, gosh I feel old! I remember to this day my mom buying me the huge 100ml bottle as it was on an offer, and I’m probably only just halfway through it now. This is a strong scent and one you don’t need a lot of. It isn’t the nicest DKNY scent I have had, but it isn’t awful either. I just use it for work these days, and I get NOTHING but compliments on it! Which is always a good thing. The only thing I dislike about it is how huge the bottle is. It JUST about fits in my handbag, which isn’t exactly huge. It’s a lovely scent though, and perfect for the summer months that are looming.

So those were my five favourite beauty products this month!

What did you enjoy using throughout May? Make sure to let me know in the comments.

Until next time take care all, and I hope everyone is having a good week so far.

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Lush Love & Light Hand Cream – Review

This is a product I have been meaning to review for quite some time now, but I wanted to make sure I used it enough so I could give you guys a thorough and honest review on it. I’m talking about the newest member of the hand cream family, Love and Light Hand Cream. This was originally an Oxford Street exclusive, but alas like many products this has finally joined the permanent range at Lush, and I’m glad it has as it’s so lovely!

I’ve been using this hand cream for over a month now and it’s absolutely lovely! As regular readers of my blog will know, I suffer from seasonal eczema so I am forever on the hunt for the perfect hand cream to see me through the seasons. Although I picked up the 100g pot, this does in fact come in two sizes, something I didn’t know about until I had a look at this online. The 100g pot retails for £7.95, and the larger 220g pot retails for £13.95. Although at first I wish I had picked up the larger tub, I’m pretty glad I didn’t, as you only need a little bit of this stuff and it really does go a long way!

I use this everyday and it’s a silky smooth, light hand cream which I’ve already said goes a long way. I make sure to slather on this stuff to ensure my hands stay soft and smooth until the afternoon when I get a chance to reapply this. This smells really fresh and of oranges and lemons, which makes sense considering this contains orange blossom. Due to how light this hand cream is it quickly sinks into the skin and leaves your hands soft and smooth, perfect for on the go!

I make sure to use this hand cream at least three times a day! In the morning before I leave for work, the afternoon when I get home, and in the evening before I go to bed. The consistency of the cream reminds me more of a gel, than a cream as it isn’t rich, but light and airy which I love. I like to ideally use this after using the Salted Coconut Hand Scrub so that all the goodness can get into my skin. I usually use this combo at night before bed so it can get to work whilst I sleep.

Usually my eczema plays up around now, leaving my hands feeling sore, red, and very bloody. However my hands are gorgeously soft and smooth, and I can safely say that it is down to Love and Light! It might be too early to say this, or I may have just jinxed it, but I am pretty sure that it’s down to this hand cream that my hands are in such good condition. Due to how light this hand cream is, I pop some into the little black sample pots that Lush give so that I can use this on the go, so I always have some on me!

I’m just so damn surprised at how moisturising this hand cream is considering how light it is. I’ve used so many light hand creams in the past that just didn’t work well for me at all! Due to the eczema I need a good thick cream to penetrate my skin and leave it soft, so the fact that the ingredients in Love and Light is just that good, makes it one of my favourite hand creams to date. It’s an added bonus that it lasts so damn long for how much you pay for it.

Although many may not love this hand cream as much as I do, it is definitely perfect for warm days in the summer, and summer holiday’s in the sun! I’m pretty lucky this works on my eczema, as it may not work so well on people who have it all year around, or daresay worse than I have it.

Either way it is definitely worth picking up a sample of, which alone lasted me a week!

Will you be giving Love and Light Hand Cream a go? Have you already got it? Let me know what you think of it in the comments below?

Until next time, take care all.

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