The Winter Tag!

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There’s nothing better than Winter and as today is the official start of winter I thought I would take part in The Winter Tag! I know it was only last week I was doing The Christmas Tag but who cares! Tags are fun and as it’s Christmas then I shall do as I want. 😛

I wasn’t tagged to do this but I thought I’d take part in it anyway as it looked like a nice one to do. I found this over on Charlotte’s blog – Makeup by Candlelight. Go check out her blog, she’s lovely! I’ll mention at the end of the tag who I’ll be tagging myself to go this too.

So, on with the questions!

What are your favourite things about winter?

Has to be wrapping up warm in your favourite coat and jumper, with some boots and a chunky scarf. As well as that I love going into the countryside during the winter to venture around the woods and take walks. I’m really excited about doing this with my boyfriend this year!

What is your favourite winter outfit?

I have so many to be honest but one that’s standing out right now are my wine skinny fit jeans, black slim fit t-shirt, my boyfriends grey jumper, my Dr Martens boots or my Chelsea boots and either my brown hounds tooth coat or my navy military coat.

What is your favourite winter food?

I’d like to say soup but I don’t really cook and eat soup all that much! Definitely something comforting like a jacket potato with cheese or garlic bread. Something stodgy but so amazingly good! I think I’ll say soup is fast becoming a favourite, it just warms you up after a really cold day and it’s healthy too.

Favourite winter drink?

Definitely mint hot chocolate! Red Bush tea has worked its way up there since NaNoWriMo too.

What is your dream way to spend a Winter’s day?

There’s a couple. Walking around a part of the countryside with someone and taking in the crisp winter scenery and air, another being to stay in bed all day whilst looking at the cold outside and just have a lazy day with vast amounts of tea and hot chocolate. Also The German Market has proven to be a really nice one too, just to walk around and look at the stalls.

How do you like to do your make-up in the Winter?

Well as I don’t wear a full face (just the lips) I LOVE wearing red and dark vampy shades for winter. I think it just looks gorgeous and somewhat warming. I’m wearing Illamasqua’s Magnetism loads at the moment (review here)!

What are you hoping Santa brings you?

What I REALLY want is a 2DS with Pokemon X but I know I won’t get that. I’m really wanting a Roxy hoodie I spotted with my boyfriend a couple of weeks back. I tried it on and fell in love but at £69.99 I really can’t afford to splurge right now. 😦 Other than that some Yankee Candles would be nice and maybe some new jeans as I think I could do with some! Anything with foxes on too, I’m obsessed!

What are the first three things that remind you of Winter?

Hot chocolate, the colour burgundy and pub food.

What is your favourite Winter song?

Favourite winter song? Mmm I dunno if I have one, well not one I can think of anyway! Possibly something by Evanescence to be honest with you but which song? I don’t know, most of Fallen and The Open Door seeing as I got then both during the winter season when they first came out.

 What is your favourite Winter memory?

Walking around The German Market recently in both Birmingham and Coventry. It was lovely to just walk around with my boyfriend and our friends discussing all sorts and cupping our warm and cold drinks. When my boyfriend and I walked around Coventry late Sunday afternoon it was somewhat relaxing even though everyone was rushing around us getting their Christmas shopping done and all we were thinking about was how to kill three hours.I can’t wait for more winter memories with my boyfriend, I just love being in his company more than ever right now.

What is your favourite Winter scent?

I answered this on The Christmas Tag so I’ll just copy and paste my answer here:

Oh this is a tough one, I have so many to choose from! Literally have my perfume box next to me so I can sniff away at all my perfumes! I can’t pick one, but since purchasing them the ones I have found myself going towards during the winter have been Thierry Mugler’s Alien EDP and Chanel’s Chance EDP. I also love Diesel’s Loverdose EDP too but as I’m running out I haven’t been able to use it, which in turn makes me rather sad. Gucci by Gucci also reminds me of Christmas time as my Mom gave it to me the night of the only Christmas party I attended when I went to university. It’s a gorgeous smell and definitely one for winter time.

Finish this sentence… If I could have one wish this Christmas it would be…

To be honest I really don’t know. I just want to have a good Christmas this year with no stress, upset, falling out or arguing with people, which in all honesty happens every year! I really want to spend it with my boyfriend this year, as I want our first Christmas together to be a memorable one. As well as this I want the present I’m getting for him to be one of the best he’s ever had. :’) So I wish for a wonderful Christmas as in all honesty every year I have felt really quite low. I don’t want that anymore.

So that was The Winter Tag! Did you enjoy reading it?

I really did enjoy doing this tag and therefore I tag ALL OF YOU to take part in it!

If you do have a go at this tag please comment below linking me to your post or even drop me a tweet over at MayBeeCoffee! 😀

Anyhoo I’m shattered, so I’m off to bed. I’m writing this tag up at 1am, deary me.

Take care all and here’s too a wonderful and very cold winter!

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Illamasqua Magnetism Lipstick Review

Whilst I have no reviewed all of my MAC lipsticks, this won’t stop me from carrying on reviewing what other lip products I have, and as this is one of my favourites I thought it was worth finally reviewing after nearly a year of owning it.

I remember when this lipstick came out and my friend Poppy recommended I go and try it. The first time I tried it I loved the colour, but decided to leave it because it was too much like Rebel, but after going to look at it again I realised whilst it was a lot like Rebel, it was more glossy than Rebel and it would be ideal for work, so I gave in and bought it!

This was my first Illamasqua purchase, and thus my first lipstick purchase from Illamasqua too. I love this lipstick and although I haven’t worn it since last winter, its been worn loads for work the past two weeks and I forgot how much I love it!



I remember it like yesterday that Magnetism came out for the Generation Q Collection and it looked so nice on the various different women who wore it for the promotional images. So I took myself the second time around to the Illamasqua counter in Selfridges and got them to put this on for me. It looked beautiful and I snapped it up, I had £16 to spare and thought it would be a nice autumn/winter treat for myself.

I’ve always been told how Illamasqua lipsticks are all a matte finish and to be honest, I hate matte lipsticks with a passion. They dry my lips out and chap them really quite badly so I tend to stay away, so when I found out that Magnetism was more of a creamy and sheen finish which are the type of lipsticks I sway toward.

The evening I bought this, I wore it out to a pub/bar with my friends. It lasted ages and I’ve been hooked on it ever since.



Illamasqua describes Magnetism as a deep raspberry pink, but doesn’t state what finish it is, like MAC does. This is a permanent shade, even though I think when it was released (about) a year ago, it was meant to be a limited edition lipstick for the collection. I’m glad its permanent however as its such a gorgeous lipstick and probably  the only Illamasqua one I’ll purchase, until they make anymore finishes like this one anyway. The lipstick itself comes in Illamasqua’s usual black rectangular packaging, which is shiny black and has Illamasqua’s name printed on the lipsticks lid. The packaging for their lipsticks is simple, but I like simple things, personally.

The lipstick itself can look scary to some due to the fact it is a dark pink shade, but when applied to the lips it looks like a gorgeous dark pink that most skin tones would suit. It is pretty much a dupe of MAC’s Rebel, but Magnetism is more creamy than Rebel and leaves a glossy finish, whereas Rebel leaves more of a matte finish.

The finish that this lipstick leaves is beautiful and due to it being so creamy your lips don’t feel dry and it looks like you have a clear gloss over the top. This lipstick does feather but it does so in such a nice way. An example of this being when I first wore it to work, after about three or four hours of hard labor it feathered, but it left behind a nice just bitten affect, which I really liked and with some lip balm applied to the lips and a bit of rubbing with your ring finger, your lips will look just bitten and gorgeous.

I wouldn’t wear a lip liner with this lipstick as I feel it really would ruin the lipsticks beautiful colour.

This lipstick does have a slight scent of something to it, but I don’t know if it is vanilla or just my nose playing me up. Either way the scent doesn’t bother me and it doesn’t taste unpleasant so that doesn’t bother me either.

When I first bought this it soon replaced Rebel but after a while Magnetism was beaten and replaced by Rebel instead. This lipstick is gorgeous though and for me is ideal for work, whereas Rebel isn’t.

If you’re contemplating trying Rebel but you’re too scared to due to how dark and scary it does seem, I say go for Magnetism instead as while it is a dupe, its glossy and looks less scary than Rebel does.

I’ve worn this lipstick on many dates in the past, whether they be with guys or even on dinner/drink dates with my favourite girls and I’ve always found in a hurry that this lipstick’s lid has been shot across many tables at most restaurants and bars in Birmingham. Embarrassing, yes but it has left me shaking my head at this lipstick whenever I go to apply it since.

I’m so glad I have this lipstick in my collection and this month it has fast become one of my favourites to wear for work and I get nothing by compliments from customers, which I lovely in itself!

It retails for £16.50 from Illamasqua but now that Illamasqua stock their products on Debenhams website you may be able to try and get it for a maximum of 20% off in their beauty sales in future. Keep those eyes peeled!

Magnetism EDIT

I really love Magnetism and it’s pretty much become my staple for work, especially in the mornings when I need a pick me up or I’m feeling a little low. I only wear lip products, make up wise and rely on a strong lipstick to brighten up my whole face. Magnetism does this perfectly and even in the spring and summer months, this lipstick could be pulled of beautifully.

What do you think of Magnetism? Do you own it, if not have you had your eye on it? Please let me know in the comments down below!

I’ll keep trying to write lipstick reviews, I have enough of them to talk about!

Until next time, take care and have a good week everyone!

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