March Wish List

Afternoon all, I hope you’re well! I’m here again with one of my favourite posts, my monthly wish list. I really enjoy sharing with my readers what I’m lusting after each month, even if I’m poor and need to save money! Since Valentine’s Day I’ve been on a spending ban as I need to save money to try and move out, as well as bills and such but the odd treat may not hurt, especially if they don’t cost a lot of money. I shall see…

There are quite a few items from Etsy in this wish list and I do apologise for this, but I have been loving Etsy lately!

  • Etsy Eeveelution Zip Bag.

I have been looking on Etsy lately for Eeveelution related items, as Pokemon don’t sell much of this over in the UK so it can be really hard to find and if you do, it can then turn out to be pretty expensive, which sucks! Etsy isn’t exactly cheap due to how expensive delivery can be from over the pond, BUT the stuff you can find can be beautiful. This zip bag being a great example. I mean LOOK how cute the Eeveelution’s are on it? I would definitely use this for when I have a long day at university and want to keep loads of little bits and pieces with me, such as sanitary towels (for time of the month!), make up, perfume, pens, etc. If this was big enough I’d even think about using it on a night out to give me a quirky look.

  • Yankee Candle Large Jar in Celebrate.

Easter is looming and with that all the shops bring out their limited edition products and chocolates, and this includes Yankee Candle. I’d heard about this candle coming out and it sounds delicious! It’s meant to smell like a lemon cake, which I personally love and have owned candles in the past with this same scent. This is selling out everywhere and I’m really not surprised to be honest. I haven’t yet been able to give this a smell, but when I do I can see me falling in love and wanting to buy. I don’t really need anymore Yankee Candle jars as I have loads at the moment, but I want to make sure I pick this up whilst it’s out to buy. I don’t actually think this is limited edition but I do feel like it won’t be around long. Yankee Candle would be silly to take this away mind as it sounds lush!

  • Esty Eevee iPhone 5 Customised Case.

I love my iPhone and when I got it over a year ago the one thing I was excited about the most was all the amazing cases I could put on it. Since then I have owned various lovely cases (mostly fox themed!) and like most people, I always crave more. I love Pokemon and have been after a Pokemon themed case for a while, but the official ones are hella expensive! My friend Gabriella (hey hun!) has been recommending Etsy to me for ages now so I ventured there for a mooch of some cheap and customised Pokemon related items and this is one I have found. You can get all sorts of customised cases on Etsy but the one that got my attention was the Eeveelution ones and the Eevee one stood out the most. It’s so cute and imagine using this whilst out and about? The  only thing I don’t like about it however, is the price. At over £20 including delivery it is shocking… But I’ll probably has this as a treat in the future.

  • eBay Galaxy Skirt.

I love Black Milk, however I don’t like their price tags and whilst I own one piece of Black Milk clothing, I got it for a bargain! These bargains aren’t easy to come by however and I’ve began to think about buying some similar knock offs. Oh naughty me! I’m not rich like some people so… Anyway… I love galaxy print and I always have, so when it came out everywhere I should have been happy, but I was actually annoyed. Now that phase has died down I’m getting back into it again. I would love some purple galaxy leggings or a skirt and this skirt is ideally the sort of thing I would like, especially with spring and summer looming. This won’t break the bank and will look gorgeous dressed up with black tights, a black or even navy t-shirt tucked in and some boots. I don’t mind paying less than a tenner to be honest, it’s better than over £50 for a Black Milk one.

  • Etsy Eeveelution’s Phone Charm.

Like I’ve already said about my iPhone, I love it. I’m pleased to finally have a phone that won’t just do good things, but can look good too! Recently places have created and brought out phone charms that you pop into your phones ear jack. They’ve been out since the iPhone 4s came out and have continued. I’ve bought one in the past and it really did give a personal and unique feel to my phone. When I found these cute Eeveelution’s ones on Etsy I know I wanted one. You can actually pick these up at a decent price from the official Pokemon Center but I really like the look of these customised ones as they give a lovely personal touch. I would get the Sylveon one myself as it just looks so cute.

  • Sugarhill Boutique  Curious Fox Jumper.

I’ve been eying this jumper up for months now but never bought it as it was too much money for £45.00 in my opinion. However now the sales are on it’s only £25.00, which is a bit more acceptable for me. This comes in grey and black, but I think the black looks better, and plus it’s the only one left out of the two. This would look gorgeous with all sorts, especially jeans and a skirt. I would wear this loads for uni as it looks so comfortable and snug. I don’t think this is even selling in my size anymore, but I shall keep my eye on it.

There is another item on my favourites, but this will be mentioned in a separate post on Saturday, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for this as it’s a very exciting thing I will be talking about! All I shall give away about it is that it’s footwear and Adventure Time… Keep tuned!

What’s on your wish list this month? Make sure to let me know in the comments.

I hope everyone’s week is going well, as well as March so far.

Until next time, take care all.

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MAC Archie’s Girls Collection Double Trouble Nail Lacquer – Review

Last Sunday (not yesterday) I got to see my best friend as we went out for the afternoon to go and watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug as she hadn’t seen it yet and we’d both gone to see the The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey when it first came out.

As I hadn’t seen her since just before Christmas she hadn’t yet been able to give me my birthday present, so no time like the present (ha!) she brought it with her to give to me before we went to watch the film and it’s one of the loveliest presents I could have received!

She said to me as she handed it to me, “I looked at your blog for some inspiration so I hope you like it!” and when I opened the two gifts in the bag I discovered a gorgeous MAC make up bag from the Archie’s Girls collection as well as the product I will be reviewing today, Double Trouble nail lacquer, also from the Archie’s Girls collection!

Back in February last year when the collection came out, I picked up Daddy’s Little Girl lipstick (review here) and to this day it is one of my favourites to wear and now I have another two Archie’s Girls pieces to add to my collection!



Like all of the Archie’s Girls pieces, Double Trouble comes in this lovely white packaging with a picture of Archie and the two girls Veronica and Betty on the front of the box and the name of the product on the top. The packaging is gorgeous and I know I’ll be keeping the nail lacquer in the actual box!


The bottle itself is probably one of the loveliest I’ve ever come to use so far. OPI polishes have lovely packaging, but bloody hell do MAC do a good job! The lid it white and on the bottle there is a picture of Veronica, whose shades were all dark in the Archie’s Girls collection, whilst Betty’s were all lighter and more natural looking shades.

When I go to open the polish itself the top screws off lovely, which I know isn’t exactly a selling point, but something I noticed and rather liked… I am a nail polish and lipstick nerd, I apologise!

The brush is also lovely and with a few strokes the whole nail is covered! The brush isn’t too thick, but it isn’t too thin either, a great size and it picks up a lot of product, which is a good selling point to me too, alongside the cap screwing off and on lovely.

Finally, let’s get down to the shade of this polish! It’s a gorgeous dark blue fountain ink pen colour, which I think is beautiful! I love a good dark nail polish, especially a blue colour and this will be gorgeous to wear all year around! MAC described this shade as “deep navy” which is pretty accurate! I don’t know what finish this is, but I have read online in reviews that it is cream based, but personally I can’t see that myself. I would have said it was more of a gel looking polish, but maybe that’s just me! It took two coats to get it looking good and it dried really quick too, which I liked a lot as I was actually in a hurry when I painted this on my nails.


The colour you get in the bottle really does come out that way on the nails, which in some cases I find doesn’t happen with some polishes, which is a shame. I love this nail polish though, it’s a gorgeous dark blue and one that you can wear throughout the year with other shades, as well as with glitter!


As you can see on the pictures, I applied a holographic glitter to my ring finger, this being Snowflakes in the Air by OPI. My Mom bought me this recently in a gorgeous top coat gift set, as well as a mini Mariah Carey gift set, I’ll be showing these off soon in a post.

The glitter itself looks gorgeous applied over the nail and it took a good two coats to get it looking this sparkly! I actually loved wearing these two polishes together and I know I’ll be wearing them again really soon!

My overall thoughts on Double Trouble is nothing but positive! As a MAC fan you probably know that any of the Archie’s Girls collection isn’t available anymore, as the collection came out about a year ago. My best friend picked this up and the make up bag she bought me from an outlet shop. She also picked something up for herself too! I don’t remember what the shop was called, or where she went but she said how it was full of cheap MAC, as well as other high-end brands. I plan to go soon for a look!

Well I hope you enjoyed my review for Double Trouble, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments down below.

Also if you own this polish, do you love it, hate it, etc? Let me know your thoughts in the comments too!

Until next time, take care all and I wish you all a good week, seeing as it’s the last in January.

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