April Wish List

Okay I won’t lie, I did infact write up a brief post about how I wouldn’t be writing up a wish list post this month, due to not having anything to really talk about wishing for this month… But after thinking for a while I came to realise that there are at least 5-6 things that I would like to get my mucky paws on soon… Whether it be this month or not, I dunno but soon would be nice. Some things are pure lusting after and some are more expensive treats, but either way I would like them and rather than not writing up a wish list post and thinking half way through April, “Bloody hell Nat! Why didn’t you do a post about those few things at least?” I thought I would get something written, as to be honest out of the three posts I write up and schedule for my blog at the start of each new month, the wish list is my favourite one. So I won’t put it off a second time, here is my wish list for this month. 🙂

April Wish List

  • Fearne Cotton Stripe Cardigan – Was £35.00, Now £24.00.

I’m a fan of Fearne Cotton’s collection for Very and have been for quite some time now, infact since she released her first collection, which I have a few pieces from. This cardigan is currently in their sale and although it isn’t exactly cheap, it looks extremely comfortable and something I could imagine myself living in throughout the mild spring days and evenings, as well as the warm summer evenings. I’d team it with my gorgeous black skater skirt, a quirky t-shirt and some boots. On the reviews for this cardigan it is said to be a little over sized but that isn’t a problem for me as I like my cardigans like that quite frankly. This wouldn’t just be worn in spring and summer either! It’d be great to layer up during the autumn and winter months too and although I probably don’t need another cardigan, I really can see me picking this up soon before they’re all gone!

  • Barry M Limited Edition Birthday Nail Paint for Superdrug – £2.99.

This nail paint is so gorgeous and when Brit Nails reviewed it on her blog recently I just fell in love with it and I already know that I NEED it in my life and at £2.99, can I go wrong or break the bank? Not really! Superdrug has been open for business for 50 years and Barry M has created this nail paint to help celebrate just that. I have a lot of childhood memories of joining my Mom as a little one in Superdrug and watching her buy all her beauty products and make up, not knowing I would go with her into the same store 10 years later to purchase my own beauty and make up products. If you want to know more about this polish, as well as see for yourself how beautiful it is, go and check out Brit Nails post here. It’s not available to buy from Superdrug until 9th April but as soon as it hits the shelves in store I’ll be popping into Superdrug to pop one into my basket! I can see this being one of my nail polishes for the summer this year!

  • Disney Store WALL-E 3D Mug – £9.00.

I know this mug isn’t cheap, but it is hella cute! I’ve had my eye on this mug for months now, but only recently has it become available to buy online again after being out of stock for quite a while. I don’t exactly need a new mug, I am rather fond of my 101 Dalmatians Lucky one from the Disney Store but I can’t really resist WALL-E. I loved the film when it came out in 2008 and it still has very fond memories for me, 6 years later. I had contemplated picking up the WALL-E mug for myself and the EVE mug for my boyfriend so that we would match, or the other way around with the whole girl and boy thing, but I’m not sure right now. I would love to pick this mug up though, as the Disney Store mugs are somewhat of a collectors item for myself and I know when I move out all I want to serve people their hot beverages in are none matching Disney or cartoon mugs, because I’m just quirky like that. 😛

  • Muru Anchor Pendant In Sterling Silver – £37.95.

Victoria’s Vintage recently posted about this on her blog and as soon as I saw the necklace I fell in love with it. I only have two proper pieces of jewellery, my Pandora bracelet and a heart locket necklace my Mom bought me years ago. I don’t wear my locket much anymore, not for any reason in particular other than I just don’t think it’s very me right now and plus due to my anxiety I find I click it all the time which at times can drive other people, as well as myself crazy! This being said I do want to wear it more, as well as get myself something new and more delicate. So when I saw this anchor necklace I just fell in love, it’s very me and the meaning behind it is also very me too. I love the whole background of sailors and why they would get anchor and swallow tattoo’s and at one point I contemplated getting either, if not both of these tattooed somewhere on myself, only to realise later how everyone is doing that and I’m not everyone. This necklace isn’t expensive, but it isn’t cheap either but as I don’t have much jewellery and thus don’t spend much on it (if anything!) I might treat myself to this necklace very soon.

  • New Look Black Chunky Double Strap Biker Boot – Was £34.99, Now £17.00.

I have wanted these boots since February when I spotted them in New Look whilst shopping with my Mom. Sadly they didn’t have any in my size and since then I’ve searched in both the Birmingham New Look’s, as well as two in Coventry and at some stores they didn’t have my size, and some they didn’t have any at all! So when I searched New Look’s website for these boots, I was delighted to see that they not only had them, but they had them in my size too! I have wanted some of these boots for a while and whilst I might not pick THESE boots up, they are pretty much what I would like and New Look are pretty good when it comes to shoes. I just want to update my grunge look a little for when the summer comes upon us, but I’m keeping my options open, so we shall see if I pick these up or not.

  • piCture pOlish Nail Polish in Aurora – £13.50.

Another nail polish that I heard about from Brit Nails and another one that I NEED in my life… But really I need this polish in my life and I doubt very much that I am the only beauty blogger, nail polish lover, or woman for that matter that feels this way. This polish is just the galaxy in a bottle. It looks just like it without having to go to all that hard work of using 5 different coloured nail polishes, dotting tools, sponges, and all sorts of nail polish tools to get that look on the nails, only to have to remove it mere days later due to chipping, being bored of how it looks, or work. This isn’t cheap but for how much it is, the fact that it is limited edition, and finally how beautiful it is it is worth EVERY penny! If you can’t take my word for how gorgeous this polish is, then head over to Brit Nails again to see the swatches she took of it and see for yourself… I shall say no more apart from if you think it is gorgeous then comment down below telling me what you think of it. Well that’s pretty much it for my wish list this month! Plenty of nail polishes on there, some clothes and some other bits and pieces. What are you lusting after this month? Let me know in the comments! I’m meant to still be on my spending ban this month, so I’m going to try and be good, the only things I can see me being naughty and splashing on are the nail polishes and the necklace. But we shall see, eh? Until next time, take care all and I hope you all have a great weekend!