MAC Viva Glam Nicki lipstick review

This is the final MAC lipstick review I will be posting on my blog until I purchase a new one, as I only own four, sad times. 😦

Anyway I’m glad to have reviewed all my MAC lipsticks so far as I love them all and have wanted to share that with you all for as long as I have been reviewing products on my blog.

So I hope you have enjoyed all these reviews and will enjoy this one just the same!


DSC_0008The most recent MAC lipstick to enter my collection was the Viva Glam Nicki lipstick, which I nearly didn’t buy.

I’d been having a crappy day and Debenhams was staring at me in the face with their 20% off of beauty products again, MAC included in this offer. I had my eye on this lipstick for a while, as it looked like a gorgeous bright coral, a shade I didn’t own at that point (or at least I didn’t think I did) so eventually I gave into temptation and ordered it!

I’m not a fan of Nicki Minaj, but fan or not this lipstick is gorgeous and due to it being a Viva Glam product its a part of the MAC Aids Fund the full price paid for all the Viva Glam lipsticks is donated to this charity, which goes towards helping women, men and children everywhere affected by HIV and AIDS.

The Viva Glam Nicki is also limited edition, and as a second lipstick has already been released by Nicki Minaj since this one, I’m wondering if this lipstick will be around for much longer.

Anyhoo, onto the details of this lipstick!



MAC describes Viva Glam Nicki as a bright yellow pink and is a satin finish. As mentioned before the pictures above, this product is limited edition but its been out for about a year now, so if you’re pining after this lipstick, I’d say snatch it up as soon as possible! Or keep reading to the end of this post for advice on the perfect dupe of this lipstick. It comes in the classic black bullet but instead of silver, its red, which is for MAC’s Aids Fund. As well as that, like all Viva Glam celebrity lipsticks, inside Nicki Minaj’s signature can be found across the red of the bullet. I love the black and red look of this, as I think it makes a nice change to the stand black and silver bullet.

This lasts AGES on the lips due to it being a satin and I find if you blot it and reapply, it can last even longer. Out of all my satin MAC lipsticks (Rebel and Daddy’s Little Girl being the other two) this one is the hardest to work with and it took me a while to get used to its formulation. I don’t know if it was just me who suffered/suffers with this but I’ve only recently got to terms with how to use this to the best of my ability. This is a great lipstick though when you get used to applying it to the lips, as I found it could be rather drying and it would sometimes feather too. I usually pop a clear lip gloss over the top of this to give my lips a bit more moisturisation, which is nice.

I think Viva Glam Nicki is a hard colour to work with, as it’ll either suit you or it won’t. This will look beautiful on yellow, olive and dark skin tones, but I feel it would flush out someone with really light skin, as it’s such a yellow toned pink. I’m surprised it suites my skin tone (yellow toned) and I feel rather grateful that it does! I especially think this would look lovely on dark skin tones as it’s such a beautiful light coral pink, the sort of thing you would catch Barbie wearing!

This is the least used of my MAC lipsticks because it was so hard to work with over the spring and summer and now autumn and winter are upon us, I like to wear dark lip colours, so this probably won’t be used all that much. I could see me trying to wear it more during work because it is a lovely, bubbly lip colour and something I could get away with, unlike my other MAC lipsticks.

Like all the MAC lipsticks this smells just like sugary doughnuts, but to many it smells of vanilla. Either way the MAC lipsticks smell and taste delicious, which is just an added bonus in my book.

Although I do like this lipstick and it makes a change to my usual dark shades, I wouldn’t re purchase it because it just doesn’t seem to be me and plus after buying this I realised my Maybelline lipstick in shade Shocking Coral (review here) is an exact dupe for Viva Glam Nicki, which to be honest pissed me off a little bit.

This being said I always put on my Viva Glam Nicki lipstick over Shocking Coral.

It retails for £15.00 from MAC but as I said I got mine from Debenhams on one of their % off sales on beauty. Keep your eyes peeled for these, they’re great for when you want to get yourself a bargain.

Viva Glam Nicki EditI think in future I’m going to make more of a habit of wearing this lipstick as I do really like wearing it. It’s creamy to apply, lasts ages and is a gorgeous light coral pink. Perfect for the summer and even perfect for winter! I’m going to try and wear it more as the summer fades away and we make way for autumn, which will bring out my hot pink and plum shades.

What do you think of Viva Glam Nicki? Do you own it, if not have you had your eye on it? Please let me know in the comments down below!

As I said at the start of this post, this will be my last MAC lipstick review until I can afford to purchase another. However next Thursday I’ll have a list of MAC lipsticks I want to try out and (fingers crossed) buy in the future. So make sure to keep your eyes peeled for that!

Until next time, take care and have a good week everyone!

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MAC Rebel lipstick review

After months, maybe even a year of saying I would review this lipstick, I’m FINALLY getting round to reviewing it!

For years I had always wanted a MAC lipstick, especially after buying MAC’s Mineralize Eyeshadow in Sea & Sky, which was my first MAC purchase.

Rebel was my second MAC purchase but my first lipstick and I know it won’t be my last one, as I now proudly own four MAC lipsticks and already have my eye on two more.



I remember looking on Temptalia’s blog at all the MAC shades and colours and I couldn’t decide which one I liked the most so I wrote out a massive list to them all and headed up town to the MAC counter in Selfridges.

I must have had about 10 lipstick shades on that list and hardly any of the even existed anymore, but I was determined I was going to be purchasing a lipstick that day and swatched all the ones that were available to try and buy that day. Eventually it was a heads up between Girl About Town and Rebel and as you can tell, Rebel one. I also had one of my friends with me who agreed with the assistant that Rebel really suited me. So I bought it and left it on all afternoon!

I even wore it out in the evening after a sudden decision to go clubbing.



MAC describes Rebel as a mid-tonal cream plum  and it’s a satin finish. Of course Rebel is a permanent shade and also comes in a lip glass of the same name. Due to it being a permanent shade it comes in the legendary black and silver bullet.

Okay now I realise how scary Rebel looks when you first try it out, but when it is applied to the skin for a swatch or to the lips it turns out to be a lot lighter than it appears and is as MAC describes, a plum colour. As I mentioned, Rebel is a satin and three out of four of my MAC lipsticks happen to be a satin finish and from this I have discovered that I love the finish that satin gives you. It’s drying without it being matte and thus lasts a long time, especially if blotted. This is where my first experience comes into this review.

I went clubbing with friends, so that involved a lot of drinking, I was single at the time so I was kissing my friends as well as a guy I had been dancing with that night and lots of singing too. I didn’t have to apply Rebel all that much because it was just lasting for ages!

However with Rebel I find it does feather, but that’s nothing a lip liner can’t fix and I’ve seen the perfect MAC lip liner that will go with Rebel, but I need to save up to buy it yet.

I did worry for a while when I first bought this that it would make me look really pale and end up being a wasted lipstick and never be worn. How wrong I was, as this is one of my favourite lipsticks. In all honesty I can imagine all skin tones pulling this off, even the palest or darkest of people.

As well as this looking gorgeous on the lips it smells and tastes really nice too. When I first bought it and was sniffing it reminded me of doughnuts you would get from one of those little stands in town, although many disagree and say it smells more like vanilla. Either way it smells delicious and tastes it too.

I’m so glad my friend encouraged me to buy this lipstick a year ago, I would have regretted it otherwise as I said before, this is one of my favourite lipsticks I’ve ever owned and as soon as it runs out I’ll be going back to MAC to re-purchase this.

It retails for £15.00 from MAC but sometimes Debenhams will have their % off sale on beauty, which often includes MAC and is usually where I try and get my MAC lip products from whenever I want something new.

Edit 1

Picture has a higher saturation than the original to show Rebel’s colour better than the original image did.

I really love Rebel and I only ever wear it during autumn and winter due to how dark it is and I’m so glad September is less than a week away now as I can’t wait to start wearing this again! I’ve really missed wearing it throughout spring and summer. Going to be covering plenty of people’s cheeks in purple kisses!

What do you think of Rebel? Do you own it, if not have you had your eye on it? Please let me know in the comments down below!

Next week I’ll have another MAC lipstick review for you lucky lot! You excited? You better be. 😛

Until next time, take care and have a good week everyone!

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