October Favourites 2014

October, where did you go? If I thought September went quickly than October just went by in the blink of an eye. Can’t believe it’s November but I’m not going to complain! I for one am super excited for Christmas, and I’m also super excited for my holiday.

I have to say I do apologise for being quiet on my blog for over 2 weeks now but I have been pretty busy. I’ve been busy trying to juggle having a social life, having a boyfriend, having a job and also having my university course. My personal life and such like that come first and sadly my blog will just have to be put on the side until I get a change to write-up a post.

Although before and during December I will either be posting regular or only once a week as I need to get 5 assignments finished by the start of January, which will suck, but totally worth it!

I do hope you enjoy my favourites this month, I have a few new bits and pieces in here as well as some old favourites… Enjoy!

ALSO I want to apologise for how CRAP these images look. They aren’t the best and I took these late at night and i thought the settings on my camera were okay.

  • Yankee Candle in Fireside Treats.

Like most people out there I love my candles and now that it’s autumn (and soon to be winter) I’m burning as many as possible! I bought this one at the start of October and since then I have loved it each time I’ve burnt it. It was one of the two fragrances of the month and due to that it was only £14.99 for the large jar instead of £19.99, bargain huh? Considering I have wanted this ever since it came out 1-2 years ago, I’m glad I was finally able to pick it up for a great price. It smells sweet but not over the top, sickly sweet but more of a subtle sweet scent. I like this as it means I can burn it for hours on end and it won’t get to the back of my throat, nor will it give me a headache. I’ve been enjoying burning this during the late afternoons and evenings whilst I do my work for university and chill out.

  • Paul Smith Rose EDP.

I love this perfume and I have done since I discovered it back in my final year of university. I remember my Mom buying it and ending up not liking it as much as she originally did, so she gave it to me and for about two years it became my signature scent. Sadly it ran out and I was without it for a good year, until my Mom bought me a new bottle for my 24th birthday this year. Since then I have been using it on and off, but throughout October it’s been the number one choice for work and some days at university. It’s a gorgeous deep floral scent that lasts ages and smells so lovely on the skin. This is a very romantic scent and due to how deep it is, it works better during the colder months than the warmers ones. I can’t wait to wear this more throughout winter.

  • The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel.

I’ve owned this shower gel for quite a while now, never going to use it until all my other shower gels were used up. So when I looked into my shower cupboard and saw this at the back, I decided it was time to start using it. I want to say how my boyfriends loves this! Whenever he stays over at mine it’s pretty much the only shower gel he’ll use and at once point I was contemplating giving it to him. He recently finished his huge bottle of the strawberry shower gel and I can tell it was very much-loved. ANYWAY This smells really fresh and the citrus from the satsuma really does come through every time I use this. Due to this it really does wake you up when you use this, so I love to use this mostly in the mornings to get me going for the day, and even in the evenings to perk me up. This leaves my skin feeling lovely and clean as well as feeling smooth and smelling lovely! Although I love this, I doubt I would buy it again mind as I much prefer the strawberry shower gel but also because I want to try out some new things in 2015. Just to let you know these huge bottles are once again in The Body Shop’s sale at just £8 a bottle, AND if you own a Love Your Body card you’ll get an extra 10% off too! These make great presents for Christmas so it’s always worth stocking up for that.

  • Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch (review here).

I know when Baby Lips first came out in the UK every girl and women into their beauty were after these, and they were either left disappointed or their expectations made reality and accurate. I bought two of these when they first came out, including Pink Punch. I had a clear out recently of all my make up items and I re-discovered this lip balm. I’ve been using it lots for work and it’s a nice balm to use alone or over pinky lip shades. This smells really nice, link fruit punch and it is really a pleasure to wear. It isn’t the most hydrating lip balm out there but as I make sure to moisturise my lips all the time at home, it isn’t so bad when I’m out of the house. I can see me stocking up on Baby Lips for my holiday as they have a lovely pigmentation to them and they’re really easy and quick to apply. PLUS they contain SPF 15, can’t go wrong with that, eh?

  • L’Occitane Lip Balm in Zesty Lime.

Recently I wrote a post about how you could pick up a free L’Occitane hand cream with Marie Claire (post here) and how the magazine was offering its readers to pick up a free Hugs & Kisses gift set from L’Occitane too! All you had to do was buy something in store and as I was feeling the urge for some new L’Occitane I decided to get my hands on said gift set. As I said I would, I picked up the Zesty Lime set and inside the set was the lip balm. The balm itself is really lovely and glides onto the lips ease and thanks to the applicator on the balm it makes it easier to apply it too. It feels really moisturising and also smells of lime sweeties which is perfect, I’m a sucker for lime sweets and I’ll always be the one who steals the green ones from your Fruit Pastilles tube! 😛 I’ve used this quite a lot this month, however I am going to cut back on that a tad as I do want this for my holiday. I recommend checking out the L’Occitane lip balms as they really are better than I thought they were going to be.

  • Shiro Cosmetics Intertube in Smashing.

I have to firstly say that this is now discontinued and no longer available to buy, which sucks as I want to try more of the Intertube’s! As well as that I’ve never been so glad to grab a bargain as my friend Mali (maliberrymakeup) put this up on her blog sale so I only paid £1 or £2 for this and quite frankly I’m chuffed to bits with it. It’s a gorgeous purple shade and applies really smoothly and with ease, which is always good. It doesn’t have a scent or taste to it which is good and lasts ages on the lips, leaving behind a slight stain. I really do want to try more of Shiro’s lip products, especially their Studio Ghibli collection… So I may have to spend a few pennies in the New Year…

  • OPI Matte Top Coat.

Back in January my Mom bought me an OPI top coat gift set and this was one of the three polishes in the set. I hated it when I first used it, it made my nail polish look horrible and it didn’t dry… But oh how the times have changed! I tried this out again to see if it would work and alas it did! It made the originally shiny nail polish matte AND it dried it super quick too. I was shocked by pleasantly surprised and since then I’ve used this on every manicure I’ve given myself. This looks works wonders over darker shades and I’ve found it works best with OPI’s How Great Is Your Dane? and also OPI’s WHO ARE YOU CALLING BOSSY?!? It’s what I’ve been wearing over my nail polishes throughout October and you really can’t go wrong with matte nails so I strongly recommend this top coat if you want a good one for that matte nail look.

  • OPI Nail Lacquer in WHO ARE YOU CALLING BOSSY?1? (review here)

I recently reviewed this polish and the set that it came in, and since then I’ve worn it quite a lot. I’ve of course team this up with my OPI matte top coat and it looks perfect for autumn and winter! The polish itself is really pigmented with two coats and has a gel like look and texture to it, which looks lovely. I can see me teaming this with plenty of various glitter polishes, as well as some lighter shades for some nail art. I can’t wait to wear this at Christmas time too!

  • L’Occitane Hand Cream in Zesty Lime.

This is the hand cream I got free with Marie Claire (post here) and I can safely say I am in love. I’m so glad I decided to pick this up to try as since then I have gone on to buy two more… Obsessed, me? Get out of it! I’d been eying up some new hand creams for a while to get me through autumn and winter and it really does look like I’ve found a staple for my collection. This is super nourishing due to its number one ingredient, shea butter and also smells so yummy and citrus like due to the lime scent. A little of this hand cream goes a long way, so I can see those three tubes lasting me quite a long time… I hope anyway! I will definitely be buying this again.

  • Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella.

I LOVE The Shopaholic series and I have done since I started my BA course at university back in 2008. So for four years I waited in anticipation for a follow-up to the last book and in September I finally got it! I used my saved up Nectar points to buy this and I’m really glad as whilst this is worth every penny, it’s good to save pennies where you can. I’m currently on chapter six and I can hear you saying “WHAT? It’s been out for over a month and you’re only on chapter six?” yes I’m only on chapter six. As much as I love reading, I do have a busy lifestyle right now and sometimes sitting down and reading a book isn’t really what I want to do. I’m a very slow and laid back reader, which sucks and it’s a habit I’ve never been able to shake, sadly. I know next month or in December I shall be writing a blog post about the Shopaholic series to keep you eyes peeled for that. If you haven’t yet bought the book and want to read the first chapter, then go onto the website ALL the books from the series have first chapter extracts in there.

So those were my favourites from October, but what were your favourite products? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time, take care all and Happy Belated Halloween!

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June Wish List

As most of you will know, for the weekend just gone I’ve been off in Bristol and what an amazing time I had! I’ll be writing up a post all about that soon mind, so keep eyes peeled for that.

I very much intended to do a little bit of shopping whilst I was in  Bristol and surprisingly enough, nothing on my wish list this month was bought whilst I was in Bristol, which surprised me hugely! I doubt very much I’ll be buying things now I’m back home as I’m pretty skint, but IF I do buy anything, it’ll be something off of this wish list.

I don’t have many things on my wish list this month as well… I just don’t! I guess they all went onto my wish list last month!

June Wish List

  • Vagabond Dioon Closed Toe Sandal from Office  – £80.00.

This was a recent find thanks to Company’s High Street Edit. They didn’t even talk about these shoes in their summer magazine, they were on an advertisement in the Office magazine that came with theirs and I fell in love with them straight away! I’ve been trying to find some nice sandals that I can wear during the warmer days, as well as for in the evenings when the weather is a little colder as I’m rather fed up of wearing my flat shoes all the time! As I love my grunge look, these seem rather apt for it and besides that, they just look comfortable and gorgeous! I don’t like showing off my feet all that much, especially my toes and the backs of my feet so these covering those parts mean they’re perfect! I won’t lie, I had a look for these whilst I was away in Bristol but alas I had no luck, and a good job too as they aren’t cheap at £80.00 a pair, but they are real leather. I really can see me buying these in future and if not these, a pair that looks identical!

  • Tatty Devine Dog on Wheels Necklace – £30.00.

I spotted the brooch version of this necklace in Tatty Devine’s Birmingham store in Selfridges a while ago and asked them if they made a necklace version of it, which they said they might still make and to check the website. I forgot all about it until mid May when I was having a random nose around the Tatty Devine website and stumbled upon the Dog On Wheels necklace and since then I’ve wanted it rather badly! I was going to buy it for my trip to Bristol but sadly I don’t have time now, but I have a feeling when I get back from Bristol I’ll pick it up, as I only have one necklace and would like something a little bit more quirky and to be fair, how much more quirky can you get with this necklace?!

  • Shiro Cosmetics A Girl and A Cat Tinted Balm – $5.00.

My friend Mali over at maliberrymakeup wrote a post about Shiro Cosmetics in April/May time and from that post I discovered the brand, thus finding out about the Studio Ghibli collection they have on their website. I checked out the whole collection and fell in love with this one tinted balm. It’s a purple shade that looks deeper in the tube than what it comes out like on your lips. I’m a sucker for berry shades at the moment and this was right up my street when I saw it. I have thought about ordering a couple of the tinted balms from the Studio Ghibli collection, as I love Studio Ghibli anyway and I know I’d be able to use the tints for work on off days when I don’t fancy wearing any lipsticks or lip glosses. $5.00 converts to £2.98, so nearly £3.00 which I don’t think is a bad price for what it is and from what I’ve read with peoples reviews, it’s meant to be a great tinted balm too!

  • Topshop Badged Lightweight Short Parka  – £55.00.

I noticed this parka in Topshop on Sunday whilst out shopping and whilst I wasn’t after a new jacket for the summer I tried it on and fell in love, nearly buying it there and then! I knew that I wasn’t in any rush for one however, well that plus the fact I had spend nearly £50 already on things… Oops! Anyhoo! I decided against it as well because I was contemplating picking it up in Bristol, but I never bothered with it. It did feel gorgeous on though and I really liked the look of it and everyone I have shown it to has said how it would suit my grunge style. I’d dress it up with some Dr Martens I’ve bought (YES I BOUGHT SOME!), skinny fit jeans, dresses, shorts, anything and everything really! And no, £55.00 isn’t cheap but I know I would wear it loads during the spring, summer and even autumn months… Maybe even winter if I was to wear it out to a club.

  • Midnight Owl Skater Dress from eBay – £ Prices vary.

Before you go thinking it, I’m going to say it. Yes this is a copy of Black Milk Clothing’s Midnight Owl dress. I can’t afford their one, okay!? Otherwise I would be buying theirs. Now that that is over with, let’s continue. I really love the print and colour of the original design, it’s just so gorgeous and pretty. It reminds me of night time and woods and it just looks great, plus who doesn’t love owls, eh? This dress could be worn throughout the year, especially for nights out as it would just get so much attention! I was meant to order this weeks ago before Bristol as I was intending to wear it for then, but the sizes are really weird for it and I wouldn’t want to worry that if I bought it and tried it on that it wouldn’t fit for my holiday, so alas I’ve left it… For now!

  • Pandora Tropical Seahorse Pendant Charm – £35.00.

As a Pandora wearer and very much lover I’m often keeping tabs on which charms Pandora are bringing out and their summer charms are absolutely stunning! They’ve gone with two separate colour themes this year for summer, orange and blue. Blue is one of my favourite colours to wear, whether it be clothes or jewelery. SO when I saw that they had brought out a seahorse charm out, I KNEW I needed to check it out! On their website it was absolutely gorgeous and I knew when I was in Bristol that I would need to physically check it out, which of course I followed through with. I NEED this charm in my life and as soon as possible. My boyfriend bought me some amazing anniversary presents whilst we were in Bristol and he said that as much as he would have loved to get me this charm, he wanted to buy me something else instead (which will be shown on a haul and or anniversary presents post soon) so alas, he never bought me this. That being said I have decided that due to the fact I only have one necklace and I am craving something new so I thought, “Well why not have this charm as a necklace instead of as a new charm for my bracelet?” SO alas this is what I am going to do! The necklace chains from Pandora aren’t cheap, but I would prefer to have a Pandora chain to go with my Pandora charm. I can’t wait to get my hands on this, when I do however mind, I dunno.

So that was my wish list for June! I’m so poor right now that I doubt I’ll even buy anything off of here, but you never know. xD

What things are you lusting after this month? Let me know in the comments down below!

I apologise for the lack of posts over the past week but I’ve been so busy with work, preparing for Bristol, as well as being in Bristol that I’m only just getting a chance to sit at my laptop and catch up with YouTube videos and blog posts on Bloglovin, let alone write a blog post!

So until next time all, take care and I hope you had a lovely weekend.

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