Soap & Glory The Yule Monty Gift Set


From 13th to the 19th of this month Boots had their best deal of the year up on their website, as well as in stores across the country.

Soap & Glory are fast becoming one of my favourite brands as they’re amazing products for great prices and I’ve been eyeing up one of their Christmas gift sets in Boots for quite a while now.

When I heard from a few beauty bloggers as well as an email from Soap & Glory themselves that their Yule Monty Gift Set would be £27 down from £60!!! If you don’t think that’s a bargain, then clearly you don’t know what a bargain is when you see one.

When Friday morning came I went online and ordered my gift set straight away, picking it up the next day from Boots. I didn’t actually know that Boots were doing this in store too, I thought it was just an online offer! So when I was walking around town on the Friday and saw loads of bags lined up in Boots stores, I felt a tad silly.

But who cares! I got my Yule Monty Gift Set! I cannot complain!

This set contains 9 different products, 10 if you count some samples in there.

So, although this offer isn’t around anymore, I thought I would share with you what is inside the gift set!

I warn you this is going to be a very long post!



The bag itself is incredibly glamorous and may I add, HUGE! At this moment in time I’m using it to keep my boyfriends Christmas present inside of. I don’t know what I’ll be keeping in there after his present leaves it, I’m sure I will think of something mind!

The bags design is a limited edition print by Jonathan Saunders and at that it is a gorgeous print. As well as the print being glamorous the zips are also really nice and gives the bag a little bit more glam, not that it needed it of course!



Inside the bag there is a cardboard box full of gorgeous Soap & Glory products! You get a body scrub, body wash, facial cleanser, hand cream, foot cream, body lotion, body butter, a mascara, lip plumping gloss and some serum samples. This makes this gift set perfect for either a huge Soap & Glory fan or someone who has wanted to try the range for a while, but hasn’t known which products to buy. And ALL of these products are full size products!

scrub DSC_0283

Above is the Hand Food Hand Cream and the Heel Genius Foot Cream. These are both some of Soap & Glory’s best-selling products and as someone who hasn’t tried neither before but heard nothing but good things about them, I was excited to try them both.

First I shall talk briefly about Hand Food. I have heard nothing but good things with this, especially people who suffer with eczema like I do! It’s not a thick cream, but it’s not really watery either which gives it the perfect consistency for me. I’ve tried this hand cream a few times now before going out Christmas shopping and throughout the day my hands have stayed soft and beautiful looking!This is a 125ml tube but if you want to just try this hand cream out you can pick it up in a cute little 50ml tube, which I’m tempted to pick up to keep in my handbag. The 125ml tube retails at £5.50, whilst the 50ml tube retails for £2.50.

I can’t really say much about Heel Genius Foot Cream as I haven’t had the chance to use it yet! You’re meant to use this cream with foot socks and sleep with the cream on your feet overnight. Sadly I have misplaced my foot socks and need to repurchase myself a pair before I can try this out. However, trying this product out on the back of my hand meant I could see what consistency this product is. It’s a thick gel like cream and doesn’t so much feel oily but very conditioning and I want to slather this product all over my hands, as well as my feet! It smells gorgeous too, which is never a bad thing. This only comes in one size, 125ml which is the same size you get inside the gift set, this retails for £5.50.



I’ve been using Peaches and Clean 3-in-1 Wash-Off Deep Purifying Cleanser since I got it and I have to say it’s amazing stuff! It does state on the back of the bottle itself that you should use it at night, but I’ve been using it morning and early afternoon whenever I’ve been getting ready to go out. The cleanser itself is rather thick but I personally like that and as it’s a creamy consistency it doesn’t foam up when applied to the skin. I’ve been using my facial sponge with this and it’s such a pleasure to use too as it smells of peaches! This only comes in one size, 200ml and alongside that it doesn’t come cheap either at £8.00 a bottle but at the moment this is seeming worth the price tag and if by the end of this bottle my skin has improved, I’ll be re purchasing it.

Make Yourself Youthful Super Serum is in this gift set, but only in sample form and luckily there are three of them. I’ve only tried one of these so far and I can’t say whether or not I noticed a difference with my skin but the next time I try it I’ll make sure to look out for any noticeable changes. Each little sachet contain a lot of product and you can either use them under a moisturiser or alone, I went for underneath a moisturiser and it felt really nice on the skin. The full size version costs £20.00!


Out of all the products in this gift set, these are by far two of my favourites! I’ve already owned a full size version of Sugar Crush Body Wash but I’ve never owned a tube of The Scrub Of Your Life and quite frankly, I don’t think I’ll be able to live without it again… Unless I find something better or like this!

The Scrub Of Your Life is basically what it says, a body scrub and a damn good one at that! Most body scrubs don’t foam up when they come in contact with water, however this one does and it also leaves my skin feeling beautifully soft and smooth! You don’t need much of this and it goes a long way, however I am thinking of buying some more scrub gloves so that I can give myself a good scrub! I’ve used this on its own without a body wash or shower gel afterwards and I really didn’t need to. I used this one evening in the bath and the next morning when I woke up my skin was as soft and smooth as it had been the evening I used this. This being said I would recommend to use a body lotion or butter afterwards. This comes in two sizes, 200ml which is what you get in the gift set and a small sample size which comes in a 50ml. The full size of this product costs £7.00 whilst the smaller size costs £2.50.

Sugar Crush Body Wash is by far one of my favourite products by Soap & Glory and only at the start of this month in my November Empties post did I comment about how I would be re purchasing this! I’ve also mentioned this in my February Favourites. I’ve spoken highly of this over on this two posts but I will say a bit about it here. It smells just like key lime pie and lathers up beautifully! When I first bought this it was this time last year and I couldn’t see it as being a winter scent, but this works all year-long and I’m glad to have another full size version! My boyfriend loves this too and I was rather tempted to give him this as one of his Christmas presents but I was somewhat greedy and had it for myself… Sorry Dane! They also have a body scrub and buttercream in the same scent, which I would like to get in the future. This only comes in one size, which is a whopping 500ml bottle, which is what you get in this gift set. It’ll cost you £6.50 in Boots, but it’s worth every penny!


I’ve only ever tried one body lotion by Soap & Glory and I love it, although I haven’t used it for ages! The New Year will mean time for change as I am going to make sure to spend at least 10 minutes moisturising my skin as I haven’t done it properly since before I got together with my boyfriend. With two new moisturisers I have plenty of choice as to what types of products I use on my skin!

The Righteous Butter Body Butter is a thick body lotion that I know I’ll be using after relaxing baths before bed. I can’t stand thick lotions or greasy body butters but this isn’t really neither of them. It’s a lovely feeling cream and is something I would use once or twice a week as a moisturising treat after a relaxing bath. I haven’t tried this yet, but I think I will be soon! In the gift set you get a 300ml tub, but you can also but a HUGE 1L tub or a tiny 50ml sample tub. 50ml retails for £2.50, 300ml for £10.50 and 1L for £25.00!

I love a moisturiser that contains a pump on it and this one is no exception! This is slightly thick but I know it would be lovely to use on a cold morning as it would warm me up quite a bit. This is Butter Yourself Ultra Nourishing Fruity Liquid Moisture Lotion and it smells amazing! It reminds me of the Mist You Madly Body Spray which I wear to work quite a lot at the moment since forgetting my cheap work perfume in my boyfriends car, silly me! I’ll be using this around Christmas and New Year as I’m sure the scent of this lotion will make me smell gorgeous throughout the holidays! This comes in one size which is a huge 500ml pump bottle, this is the one you get in this set and retails for £10.00.


Apologies for how dark this picture is, but due to these earlier nights in the UK my camera is struggling a little bit! These are the last two products I will be talking about from this gift set, wow what a long post this has turned out to be!

Thick & Fast? Super Volume Mascara Superjet Black is one of the two make up related products that came in this gift set and I knew when I was ordering this gift set that I would be giving this away to someone for Christmas! At first I thought about my Mom but then after much thought I realised that my friend Poppy would love this as a Christmas present, so on my last time seeing her before Christmas I gave her this, which cheered her up. I did have a look at the wand of this mascara and it is HUGE! I’m hoping Poppy will review it over on her blog in the New Year. I would have kept this myself if I wore mascara but alas I do not and thus it has gone to a good home! This costs £10.00 to buy new.

Finally we have what is one of my favourite items from this gift set and one I tried out as soon as I got it home! Sexy Mother Pucker XL Lip Plumping Gloss in which I can assume is Very Berry. It’s a gorgeous orangey pink shade, which I would describe at coral and bloody hell does it plump! I popped this onto my lips and within seconds my lips felt tingly and like they were buzzing. It was so odd and I’ve never felt anything like it before in my life, so much so I gave my boyfriend some to pop onto his lips to see if it had the same effect on his lips. Luckily it did as I was rather worried that I had a bad allergic reaction to it! I’ll be writing up a review for this in the New Year, I just love it so much! It retails for £10.00 and is worth EVERY PENNY!

At the time of writing this I have tried 6 of the products mentioned above, but hope to have everything tried and tested by the New Year!

Wow have I finally finished this post? I think I have! Thanks for sticking through it if you have, you’re a star! Sadly the £27 offer for this gift set has come to an end, but for £60 it’s still a complete bargain, especially as it would normally cost £73.00 for all those items and I haven’t even included the limited edition bag in there, which I assume would be another £15.00-£20.00!

I nearly didn’t order this bag but after much encouragement from my boyfriend, I went for it and I’m so damn glad!

Did you get your hands on The Yule Monty Gift Set for £27?

Would you buy this at full price? Let me know your answers in the comments down below!

Well what a lovely long post for Monday afternoon, eh?

I hope you’re all well and have your Christmas shopping done now, there’s only a few more days left until Christmas now, I’ll be having a post up on here Christmas Eve and Day, because I’m lovely like that!

Until next time, take care all!

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