The 90’s Tag!

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Okay I know I haven’t posted on my blog for a week now, but I have been pretty busy! It was my boyfriends birthday the weekend and let’s just say I’m still recovering from it and that isn’t due to drinking too much alcohol, I didn’t drink any. We just went to a lot of places, with a lot of people.

We went for a meal with his old work friends on Friday evening, Milton Keynes for snowboarding with one of his friends on Saturday, Sunday we chilled out all day but in the evening we went round to a friend’s house and watched films and ate Chinese, and finally for his birthday on Monday we both went to Warwick Castle.

It was a hell of a tiring weekend and now I’m just sat in bed relaxing after a busy morning/afternoon at work.


As I was born at the start of 1990, I am indeed a 90’s child, and for a while I saw this tag floating around Bloglovin’, as well as around the blogging world and when I finally saw this tag done on Lauren’s blog over on Keep Calm It’s Only A Blog, I thought I would take part too.

So without further delay, let’s get on with it! 😛


1. Favourite Disney film?

I’d probably say Pocahontas. I remember how much I loved that film as a kid, as well as when I went to the cinema to watch it. My parents and I had been out shopping beforehand and during that trip my Mom bought me a Pocahontas sweater, which I loved. It was a dark red and had a picture of Pocahontas on it. I don’t remember where she bought it from, but I’m gunna guess Marks & Spencer. Anyhoo days later we went to the cinema to watch the film, where I wore my sweater. I loved that sweater so much and as well as that for the following Christmas I received a Pocahontas doll with a Meeko hair braider, which I still own somewhere! Picture of said toy down below…

2. NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?

Neither, I wasn’t into either of those bands and I couldn’t sing any of their song lyrics if I tried…

3. Favourite candy/sweets?

I didn’t each much chocolate or sweets as a kid, I was and still am more of a crisps person… Although I do remember blue dolphin sweets, I loved those as a kid.

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4. Weirdest fashion trend?

Mmm… I’m not sure to be honest. Probably jelly shoes, so wrong but oh so right, cool and strangely comfortable!

5. Favourite music artist/band?

I had a soft spot for Simply Red when I was younger, as well as Oasis and I loved S Club 7… Which I am embarrassed to admit. xD

6. Favourite game? (board game, playground)

Playground game I loved to play was What’s The Time Mr Wolf, that was a fun game to play! Board game I used to love spending Saturday and Sunday afternoons playing Scrabble and Monopoly with my Dad. 🙂

7. What would you watch on TV after school & Favourite TV shows?

SOOTY! My Mom always made sure to get my home to watch Sooty & Co in the 90’s and although when I look back it was never as good as The Sooty Show, it didn’t stop me loving it just as much. As well as that I loved SMTV Live, even though that was more towards the late 90’s. Also Art Attack was a good show to watch, as well as Rugrats, Kenan & Kel, Tot’s TV, Brum, The Queen’s Nose, and many more.

8. Favourite book?

I won’t lie, I didn’t read much when I was younger, which I feel quite sad about to this day as I really do love to read now. I do remember reading Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse though and I really did love that book! I want to re-buy it as I don’t have a clue what I did with the original copy I owned, plus I would love to read the sequels that came out after it. It’s a children’s book, but who doesn’t like reading back on books they loved as a child, eh?

9. Favourite clothing store?

I want to say New Look… But that seems too old, doesn’t it?! Every time my Mom popped into New Look she would end up buying me a nice funky t-shirt to wear. I still own a couple of the quirky ones I had from back in the day, including one of a dog called Afro Ken, which in hindsight may have fueled my intrigue of anything Japanese related.

10. 90’s beauty memories?

My cousin was really into make up when we were approaching 10 years old and it wasn’t that I wasn’t into make up, but I wasn’t into it quite as much as she was. She would do my make up for me and popped glitter gel on my cheeks and all this stuff and from day one of her popping eyeshadow onto my eye lids, I wasn’t a fan of the stuff but I LOVED glitter gel and to this day I wish I could still use it and get away with it, but I’m old now. I can’t be doing that anymore! I loved glitter gel, whether it came in a small jar, a roller ball tube, or a spray bottle, I loved to apply it wherever I could.

11. Favourite McDonald’s happy meal toy?

When the Snoopy World Tour toys came out for the first series! My cousin’s and I went mad for them and every weekend we would have Happy Meals just to see how many we could collect, as well as who could collect the most. I still own all mine to this day (please don’t ask why!) and the reason why this was my favourite toys is purely because I love Snoopy, I have done from a young age and I don’t think that love will ever leave me.

12. Favourite toy?

Favourite toy… I’m not 100% sure to be honest with you. I loved playing with my Barbie’s, but I also loved playing with my cuddly teddies too… But I think my most memorable toys were my TY Beanie Babies, one in particular being my big black and brown cat, which was called Chip. I took it everywhere with me, especially to school and I just loved it a lot. I can’t remember where it was bought from, but I just loved it so. As well as that when 102 Dalmatians came out, I fell in the love the cartoon versions of the puppies Oddball, Domino, and Little Dipper. Knowing how much I was in love with the film my parents bought me a plush version of Oddball, which I fell in love with for quite a long time. It was the last teddy they ever bought me and last one I ever grew to love as a child. I still have it somewhere and it’ll never be thrown away!

So that was my version of the 90’s tag!

I wasn’t tagged to do this post, but I’m going to tag ALL OF YOU WHO READ IT to take part!

If you do take part please let me know in the comments down below so I can come and read your answers. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this tag post, I really enjoyed doing it as it brought back a lot of memories for myself.

Until next time, take care all!

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