Ernest Hemingway Glasses


Last week I picked up my brand new glasses and as much as I love them and was excited for them, I wasn’t exactly planning on buying any new ones this year… I do have my reasons why though!

Sadly a few weeks ago my Versace glasses broke, with the arm pathetically falling off after I attempted to put them on after a shower. I was gutted to say the least and with some superglue they were fixed… For all of a day!

Thankfully during the time my new ones were on order my Dad did what Dad’s do and fixed them for  me, but of course it wasn’t to be a permanent fix, just a meantime one to tide me over until I got my new pair.

I have to add a few pointers here about my old Versace frames…

1. They were just over a year old and for them to break that soon I was extremely pissed off. This is the second pair of Versace frames to have their arm fall off. Not pleased.

And 2. I bought these glasses just after my Gran died, so to have them break and then a week later have the wallet she bought for me stolen too sucked BIG TIME. Someone’s sending me a sign I think…

Anyway moving on…

Since having these I love them so of course I had to talk about them today.



As with most pairs of glasses (especially designer ones) they come in gorgeous cases, and whilst this isn’t the most beautiful case in the world, it is really sturdy and feels like it would actually protect my glasses… This being said I won’t be using it as due to needing to wear my glasses all the time, I don’t really need to keep them away. My bedside table looks after my glasses whilst I sleep.




These frames weren’t cheap at £99 bit they’re probably the cheapest ones I’ve bought since before I turned into a teenager. I love the tortoiseshell colouring for glasses frames, so of course I opted for that finish. They came in black, grey and even a light blue frame, as well as a club master style, which I tried on and found didn’t suit me as much as I’d have hoped.

And for all those asking, yes these are infact named after the writer, Ernest Hemingway. I didn’t think they were at first but after asking my optician, he reassured me that they are! I studied The Old Man and The Sea for my GCSE’s and I remember staying up until late at night reading his book, night after night. I don’t think I’ll ever read it again in my life. xD

Anyway… The frames are geek chic frames, my favourite and the bigger they are, the better! Geek chic frames finish off my signature look and without this style of glasses adorning my face, I don’t really look like me.


My old Versace pair are on the left, and my new Ernest Hemingway pair are on the right.

Out of the three geek chic frames I have owned over the past 3 years, these are by far my favourite (and so far the biggest too!) due to the fact they’re gorgeous, cheap and cheerful and most of all the frames come in an array of colours and styles to suit anyone! Hell I may even get the club master style frames in the future.

Now for some funny pictures of me wearing them, enjoy!




Can’t go wrong with a silly cross eye face… Please excuse the uglyness and my wonky eyebrow. 😛

Anyhoo that was my quick post about my new glasses!

I would link to where you can view and buy these frames, as well as other frames by Ernest Hemingway but I’m afraid there doesn’t seem to be many reliable websites out there. I recommend you just Google search them and see what you can find!

Until next time, take care all and I’ll see you next week!

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