June Wish List 2015

June is quite a nice month. It’s the month me and my boyfriend celebrate our anniversary, and also the month where summer begins. It’s also the sixth month of the year, which means we’re officially halfway through 2015. That’s pretty scary, isn’t it?

I won’t lie when I say this wish list was hard to put together. Most of the products on here I don’t really need, and I’m more lusting after. Some I will need shortly… Okay maybe one. Even though this is my wish list for June, I won’t buy two or three of them until probably after summer ends.

But a wish list is better than no wish list! Even so, I am on a spending ban as I was really naughty in May and need to save my money back up. Oh the joys!

  • Pandora Saint Bernard Charm.

I haven’t had my eye on many Pandora charms since I received my Seahorse charm for my birthday. I used to lust after that one all the time and now I have it, I’ve not really had anything to lust after. I decided to have a look on Pandora’s website recently to see what they had in new and I spotted this cute Saint Bernard charm. I love dogs and this charm looks so detailed and cute! My one Pandora bracelet has mostly animal charms on it, which I rather like, so I would like to keep this theme going. For £30.00 too, this is a pretty affordable charm.

  • OPI Nail Lacquer in Peace & Love & OPI.

This is a pretty old nail lacquer, two years old in fact. This came out in 2013 for the San Francisco collection and I recently stumbled upon it… Don’t ask me how as I can’t remember myself! But it is rather pretty and something I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection. It’s a grey based duochrome polish and on pictures has looked blue and purple, right up my street. I really want to sort out my nail polish collection by throwing away/selling a lot of my polishes and replacing them with better brands. I’ve found this on eBay relatively cheap too.

  • Neal & Wolf Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo.

I tried this shampoo nearly two years ago when I received a sample from a blogging event (you can read about that here). This is a sulfate free shampoo, something I’ve been after for a while now and as my Philip Kingsley shampoo is running low, I’ll be in need of something new soon. I’ve found a salon that sells this near me so in June I’ll be picking up the huge 950ml bottle! You can of course pick up a smaller size which is 250ml. I think this shampoo is also decently priced too with the larger bottle costing £21.50, only £10 more than the smaller size. This is a gorgeous shampoo and it made my hair feel amazing when I used it. It also smells divine! I can’t wait to pick it up. I have contemplated picking up the conditioner to start conditioning my hair, as when I tried that my hair felt amazing. I will have to see how I feel… I’m not a huge fan of conditioner…

  • Lush Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub.

I have had my eye on this for as long as I can remember and I won’t lie when I admit that the colour of this product what was caught my eye. I love anything blue… It’s just not normal is it? 😛 BUT when I went out shopping in May the shop assistant in Lush let me try this product out on my hands and it felt beautiful, and smelt just as good too. It’s a fine scrub that foams up as you use it with water and feels like it works rather well. Why didn’t I pick it up then? I was given so many samples in the store that I wanted to go away and try those before settling on something. But another reason was because the store was rammed and my poor boyfriend (who hates busy places and crazy women shoppers, like myself) was waiting outside for me and I’d been in there for at least half an hour looking at products. So to give him a break and some social interaction (how considerate am I, eh? :P) I left it. I will be picking this up in the future, but not until I use up my Soap & Glory Sugar Crush.

  • New Look Black Knee Ripped Skinny Jeans.

I mentioned some items I bought from New Look in May over on a haul post (here) and I had to return one of the dresses I bought as it was too big. I received a £10 voucher to use in store and as of yet, I haven’t. I’ve been into three or four different New Look stores since then and lusted after these jeans. I’ve wanted some new black skinny’s for a while now as mine are faded, but I’ve also been after some that are ripped. These look perfect to me and I would have bought them by now but in all honestly my confidence hasn’t been too great, and neither has my anxiety. So each time I have contemplated getting them, I leave it and look elsewhere. The one time I actually had the courage to try them on, the changing room had been closed. I was a very sad Nat. However, the next time I’m near New Look I’ll be trying them on! I’ve already planned what I can wear these with, including my new shoes, as well as my Adventure Time Dr Martens (post about them here) for in the autumn! These cost £24.99, but with my voucher they’ll only cost me £14.99. Bargain!

  • Lush You Snap The Whip Body Butter.

This is another product I tried out when I went into Lush for AGES. It was also something else I contemplated picking up, but I left it. This is something I have been thinking about buying since I first started using Lush in 2008. I first of all want it due to how amazing it smells, it contains cassis so it smells like blackcurrant. Also it’s called a body butter, but it does infact scrub the skin too. I tried this one on my hands too and whilst the shop assistant told me it’s the roughest of the body butters (WRONG! Buffy is!) it didn’t feel as rough as I thought it might. It also contains charcoal, which is great for the skin. I would probably use this on my face as well as my body. The reason I didn’t pick this up is I’ve heard so many complaints that it doesn’t last long due to it melting when in contact with the body and the shower… So I’ll wait a while to try this out. It’s a shame I can’t get a sample of it really. I may ask when in store next.

  • Diesel Loverdose Red Kiss EDP.

I love Loverdose, it’s one of my favourite perfumes so whenever Diesel bring out a new one relating to it, I have to give it a sniff! I tried Loverdose Tattoo and I didn’t like it, which I was sad about. However when I tried Loverdose Red Kiss, I LOVED it. It reminds me of an old limited edition version of Jean Paul Gaultier Classique (back in 2004, I still own the perfume but have hardly used it!) and it just reminds me of when I was a teenager. I still have the card for it by my bed and it still smells amazing. I have been so tempted to buy this various times but I’m leaving it… I’ll wait until I feel the need to treat myself. I can’t even describe the scent though… Sweet yet somewhat floral and fruity. Perfect if you don’t actually like the original Loverdose!

So that’s my wish list for June. It’s my anniversary in less than a week. I’ve bought my boyfriends present and he’s bought mine. We both know what we have bought for one another… Although I may attempt to buy him a couple of little surprise pieces.

What’s on your wish list for June? Let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time, take care all.

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Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm (in both Classic and Strawberry) review

This is probably a pointless review, due to the fact everyone and their mother loves Carmex. Like Vaseline and Nivea, they’re one of the most popular lip balms out there.

I’ve known people time and time again to use them and I was one of these who said, “Nope I won’t give into the yellow and red packaging.” plus I enjoyed using my Palmer’s lip balm too much.

However the past year I’ve branched out a little and tried new lip balms, but with my Classic Carmex lip balm I didn’t buy this one. I got it free in my goodie bag from when I attended VintSetFest back in July (you can check out the posts about it here and here).

In this review I’ll be talking about both the Classic lip balm as well as the Strawberry flavoured one.


I was given my Classic Carmex at the VintSetFest event, whilst I bought my Strawberry flavoured Carmex from Primark for £2.00. They have three flavours of these, Strawberry, Mint and Cherry. I tried to find a mint one to pick up too but I didn’t have too much luck finding one as the queue was moving along rather quickly, which makes a change for Primark!

When applying this to the lips it reminded me of Vaseline, due to the fact it’s made of petroleum. It feels almost like a lip gloss on the lips and looks like it too, but without that horrible sticky residue. As well as looking like this on the lips they create a tingly sensation on the lips, pretty much the sort of feeling you would get with a plumping lip gloss and this because these also contain menthol, which I liked.

The Classic smells slightly minty due to the menthol which I like, whilst of course the Strawberry smells of strawberries, a must for anyone who loves strawberries. I hate most strawberry flavoured things that are edible, but I love this! The smell really does remind me of a Strawberry Split ice cream/ice lolly, which I lived off as a kid during hot summer days.


Strawberry Carmex on the left, Classic Carmex on the right. Please excuse my gross hand. >.<


Strawberry Carmex on the left, Classic Carmex on the right.

The texture of the Classic Carmex is a lot thicker than the Strawberry Carmex, which I find odd. I don’t know if this is because of the different flavours or due to where I bought my Strawberry one from. I found that the Strawberry Carmex was awkward to use on a hot day as it went really watery and it went everywhere! However the Classic Carmex stayed thick, which I was glad about.

I really like how thick the Classic Carmex is, it just feels like I can have more control when applying it onto my lips and I hope when I purchase this in future that tube will be the same.

I love these lip balms, but if I had to choose between the Classic and the Strawberry, I would hands down pick the Classic.

Whilst the Strawberry one smells delicious and reminds me of my childhood, the strawberry flavour doesn’t last that long (all of 2 minutes…) and the texture isn’t as thick as the Classic Carmex.

I would definitely like to try the Mint Carmex, so when my Strawberry one has run out, I’ll be picking that one up.

I’m keeping my Classic at home to use around the house, but my Strawberry one is going to be kept in my handbag for while I’m out and about. I’ve used it quite a lot at work and when I’m at my boyfriends so it was definitely worth the £2.00 I paid for it!


Please excuse my silly duck face, I thought it would be fun to do. 🙂

As you can see, it looks quite a lot like a lip gloss, which is nice. This can also be used underneath lipsticks, which is what I’ve been doing quite a bit lately. I can see this coming in handy during the colder months, as I’ll be wearing my lipstick and darker shades a hell of a lot more so this will make a great base for those.

I’m so glad that VintSetFest gave me the Classic Carmex lip balm as a freebie as otherwise I wouldn’t have discovered this product so soon and realised that now I can’t live without it in my pocket!

Do you like Carmex? If so which product of theirs is your favourite?

If you don’t like Carmex, how come you don’t? If you have yet to try it, would you try the Classic first or a flavoured version?

Let me know your answers in the comments down below and of course if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their week and you’re all having a great weekend!

Until next time, take care.

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#VintSetFest goodies *warning image heavy again*

Hello again, as I mentioned yesterday my VintSetFest post was going to be split into two, the first one being about the event itself and the second being about the awesome goodie bag you received when attending the meet up, as well as the stuff I bought and made (yes made!) at the meet up too.

As well as stands selling amazing little bits and pieces and making your make up, nails and hair look pretty, there was also a crafting stall there, where you could make something of your own for free. Yes, completely free!

I decided to give it a go and instead of just making one thing, I decided to make two.



You had the choices of making a sunglasses case, a collar and a bracelet, I decided to go for the collar and bracelet. I wanted to go back to make my best friend a bracelet too but by the time I went back, they were getting ready to leave, which was a real shame.



DSC_0017 DSC_0018

The first I decided to make was a collar, as I was one of the first people to sit down and have a go at this there was plenty of materials and such to choose from.

I decided to go for a white-collar and cover it in studs. I was going to cover the whole thing in studs, but it took long enough just to apply 5, so I left that idea out. The ladies who were working at the craft stall were lovely and extremely helpful! They came over to everyone one at a time as the stall began to get busy, ensuring and making sure that everyone was getting on okay. I’m really pleased with how my collar turned out, and although I’m unsure of how I’m going to wear it yet, I WILL be wearing it throughout the autumn and winter season as I think it’ll go well with grunge and punk outfits.



The second thing I decided to make was a bracelet. These were easy to make and can be made at home, which I liked. You gather together three different materials, cut them to the desired shape and size, put together and sew the top of the bracelet to create one of the tassels. Then putting the sewed side underneath something heavy, you begin to plait the materials together, as tight as possible. It was fun to make one of these and even though it’s chunky, it looks awesome! I’m going to start making these with little pieces of thread to wear like surf bracelets for when autumn and winter come along.


Sadly, not every thing was free but I didn’t mind for the prices I paid for these things.

I picked up two bracelets from The Vintage Set and Love Without Measure. The black and silver peace sign being from Love Without Measure and the green and gold bird one being from The Vintage Set, which was also a special edition bracelet for VintSetFest, so I knew I had to pick one up while I had the chance! They were both £4 each and I haven’t stopped wearing them since buying them.



Macadamia Hair were at the event selling some of their products for less than they would on their website, so I thought I would pick up one of their No Tangle Styler Brush for £10. Although it is retailed on their website for £9.95, I got a free sample of their Deep Repair Masque and a 10ml bottle of their Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment. So I got quite a bit for my money, which was nice.

I love this hair brush so much! It’s just like a Tangle Teaser, but it has a handle so it’s a little easier to use. I’ll be writing a review about this in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I also picked up a 75ml can of Catwalk Work It hairspray, as it was only £2.50 and I thought it would give it a go for such little money! I can’t wait to use it when I start making my hair curly and wavy again.


Finally onto the goodie bag that I received when I arrived at the event! It was so generous of them to give goodie bags away and I can tell you, for my first one it was amazing! Full of things I know I’ll enjoy trying out and possibly buying in the future. I know I’ll be reviewing most of them, for sure! I’m going to make sure to talk about everything I received in my goodie bag, just so you guys know what amazing products I got.


L-R: Neal & Wolf Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo & Daily Conditioner. Both for all hair types. Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. Goody Good Stuff Sour Koala Gummy Bears. Halo Eye Make-Up Remover Pads.

Neal & Wolf Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo & Daily Conditioner. This stuff sounds amazing and right up my street for the type of shampoo and conditioner I would choose to use on my hair. I can’t wait to try this stuff out and as it’s for all hair types I won’t have to worry I’m using something wrong on my hair type.

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. My hair could do with some repairing lately as I haven’t had time and I’m not lacking funds to go and get it trimmed, so I’ll definitely be giving this a go soon on my hair and as I received a free sachet of this with the brush I bought, I can give it a couple of goes, or maybe even give a sachet away to my Mom or a friend to try as well.

Goody Good Stuff Sour Koala Gummy Bears. I didn’t expect to get sweets in my goodie bag and I’ve been fighting off the urge to eat them before making this post on my blog. I offered them to my boyfriend late last week and he declined. What a silly boy because these taste delicious! I’ll be checking out this company for what else they sell, as I’m trying to diet right now and these sweets will be perfect to help me ween myself off of Haribo.

Halo Eye Make-Up Remover Pads. As regular readers will know, I don’t wear make-up… Well apart from lipstick and nail polish, that’s all. These won’t be much use to me, but I know they will be for my Mom and maybe to me when I next wear a lip stain, as I only find that make-up removers can get them off clean without scrubbing for ages.


L-R: Argan Oil Healing Shine Treatment and Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment. Macadamia Oil Revitalizing Shine Hair Treatment and Hydrating Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment. Keratin Protein Smoothing Shine Oil and Smoothing Deep Conditioner.

Argan Oil Healing Shine Treatment and Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment. This stuff sounds like a spa treatment for my hair! It strengthens dry and damaged hair, which is what I need right now due to this hot weather we’ve been having lately, and as I mentioned above, it’ll help my split ends that I need to get trimmed off ASAP. I had a sniff of the oil and it doesn’t smell amazing, but it isn’t unpleasant either. I’ll soon see what it’s like when I pop it onto my hair.

Macadamia Oil Revitalizing Shine Hair Treatment and Hydrating Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment. This isn’t as appealing to me as the Argan Oil, but it still sounds really good and will would work wonders over the cold winter months when my hair is getting damaged from being under hot and cold, over and over. The oil smells absolutely amazing! It smells like sweets and I really can’t wait to use this on my hair soon.

Keratin Protein Smoothing Shine Oil and Smoothing Deep Conditioner. This stuff will help my hair loads with its split ends until I can get it cut and even after I have, it’ll continue to keep my hair strong and prevent it breaking. The oil smells really nice, it reminds me of oranges and lemons. I can’t wait to try this one out either, although I’m going to wait until after I get my hair trimmed to try it.


L-R: Green People Sun Lotion in SPF 15. Little White Lie Tanning Lotion in Lighter.

Green People Sun Lotion in SPF 15. This is an organic sun lotion, which i think is a really nice idea! I’ll be using this on my face while we have some nice weather to enjoy. It smells like lavender and isn’t heavy on the skin at all, thus it doesn’t take too long to rub into the skin and sink into the skin too. I’m excited to try this out!

Little White Lie Tanning Lotion in Lighter. I won’t be using this, nope not even on my pasty white English legs. Why? Well why not? I hate self tan, if you want a tan go out and get one. I can sympathise with people who burn as soon as they enter the suns rays, but for people who can get a tan, go and get one if you want one that bad. I’m sick of seeing people resorting to fake all the time and plus it looks orange and horrible, even when done properly. I’ll be giving this away to my Mom to try out.


L-R: Polaroid Contacts Pod Pre-Filled Contact Lens Case. Dylon Fabric Dye in Navy Blue.



Polaroid Contacts Pod Pre-Filled Contact Lens Case. Oh how I wish I wore contact lenses right now, even if they were for a cosplay or for Halloween, as it looks like this contact lens case is going to be wasted, unless I find someone who will give them a good home. Either way this looks amazing and if and when I do wear contact lenses, I think I will invest in one of these.

Dylon Fabric Dye in Navy Blue. I really can’t wait to try this fabric dye out! I wish I could have got a different colour, as out of everything bloggers received in their goodie bags, this was the only thing that was different from each others. But I can’t complain, this stuff will be fun to try out and I’ll probably try and do some dip dye with some shorts, t-shirts and cardigans.

I completely forgot to take a picture but I also received a Carmex Lip Balm Tube, which was really nice to get and since VintSetFest, I’ve used it everyday! I’m hooked on this product and not only will it be featuring in my July favourites, it’ll also be getting a review in the future. It’s just that good!

So that was everything I bought and received at VintSetFest.

I can’t express how much I loved this meet up and I can’t wait for next year to do it all over again, as it did so well, I would be very surprised if they didn’t do another one next July.

I met a couple of lovely girls there too, but sadly didn’t exchange details, but I hope through writing my two posts, that they’ll find me here and say hello (I won’t bite!).

I want to thank The Vintage Set and Tiger Bam who organised the event, got everyone involved and sent out all the invitations to beauty bloggers alike!

I’m really pleased to have been a part of it and excited to attend more blogger meets in the near future.

Did you attend VintSetFest? If you did let me know in the comments!

Until next time, take care and continue to have a good week.

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#VintSetFest *warning image heavy!*

On Wednesday 24th July, along with various beauty and fashion bloggers alike, I attended VintSetFest, the first beauty blogger and fashion blogger meet up event, and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last!

The Vintage Set, who organised the whole event sent me an invitation in June and I happily accepted it! I’d never been asked to attend a bloggers meet up before, so I thought it would be a great way to socialise, network and meet other bloggers like myself, as well as snap up a few awesome beauty and fashion bits.

If you took a picture of you wearing your VST bracelet that came with your invitation, you got to grab yourself a goody bag, which I picked up not long after entering the event.









There was a couple of pop up vintage stands there where you could buy clothing, accessories and jewelery pieces from. Some of the prices for pieces were a little high, but they were gorgeous and worth the money, I was just sad that I didn’t have any money to afford some of the pieces I wanted.

I love how gorgeous this look is, the white shirt, black skirt and sunglasses just make this look simple yet perfect. I'd team it with creepers.

I love how gorgeous this look is, the white shirt, black skirt and sunglasses just make this look simple yet perfect. I’d team it with creepers.

This kimono style jacket is really nice, perfect for summer, especially if you're going on holiday or it's a really hot say as it's not a very thick material.

This kimono style jacket is really nice, perfect for summer, especially if you’re going on holiday or it’s a really hot say as it’s not a very thick material.

As well as that there was a panel of various people there to answer people’s questions with some great answers! The turn out for the event was amazing!


The panel who answered people's Q&A's. Clothes Show Live, Macadamia Oil, Style Birmingham Magazine, and others.

The panel who answered people’s Q&A’s. Clothes Show Live, Macadamia Oil, Style Birmingham Magazine, and others.


As well as this there was so much more for people to do and have fun with! Including getting your nails done by Nails by Rosie, she's an amazing artist and has decided to bring it to people's nails. I never got a chance to get my nails done by her, but I'm already decided I'm going to pay her a visit down at The Depot, her work is amazing!

As well as this there was so much more for people to do and have fun with! Including getting your nails done by Nails by Rosie, she’s an amazing artist and has decided to bring it to people’s nails. I never got a chance to get my nails done by her, but I’m already decided I’m going to pay her a visit down at The Depot, her work is amazing!



There was a guy there selling Polaroid camera’s too, which were a real win with me and I stood there with him and another blogger discussing camera’s for a good half an hour. If I’d have had more money I would have bought both the Diana by Lomography and the Polaroid 1000 camera too. He sells them often in Urban Village so if you fancy picking one of these up for a great deal, head on down there.

There were two white picnic tables at the event that were covered in various old fashioned sweeties, including these. I loved these as a kid, however due to being on a diet I didn't take advantage of free sweets and left them be on the table. Not many people took these ones to be honest, which is a shame.

There were two white picnic tables at the event that were covered in various old-fashioned sweets, including these. I loved these as a kid, however due to being on a diet I didn’t take advantage of free sweets and left them be on the table. Not many people took these ones to be honest, which is a shame.


Towards the end of the night a band called New Killer Shoes, they were pretty good and although I didn’t stand and watch them, I listened to them play whilst I let a lovely girl from The Depot style my hair. She did an amazing job and I was so happy with the results. I loved her hair, it was a gorgeous grey colour and her style was amazing too. I would love to be able to have grey hair… Oh I almost forgot, I’m going grey at 23!




I loved my hair so much, I want to do it more like this in future, especially in autumn and winter.

I bought myself two bracelets from two of the vintage shops that were there as well as some Catwalk hair spray and a hair brush from Macadamia Oil, but that will be on a separate post in a couple of days time (link here).

Finally to end off this post there was a fun competition of hook a duck during the event. I didn’t get to have a go but when I went outside to wait to go home. I saw the rubber ducks still in the pool outside the room where the event was held and it just set the end to a perfect afternoon/evening.


I had an amazing time at the event and I haven’t even finished talking about it yet! The event was so amazing that I have to make two posts about it!

I hope you’re excited about the second one, as I know I’m excited to write about it! Plus I apologise that the pictures from the event weren’t taken on my digital SLR, I didn’t fancy taking this along with me, so I took my nifty little digital camera instead. I think it did just as good a job as my SLR could have.

If you have stumbled across this post and recognise me from talking to you at the event, please leave a comment with your blog address so I can go and check out your blog!

Until next time though, take care all and I hope your week has started off well.

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