Spending Ban

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You read the title correctly, I’m going on a spending ban!

At the moment I’m not exactly rich and due to Christmas I’m down Β£100 in savings but as well as that I’m not earning as much money as I was just before Christmas, which in itself sucks!

So I thought a spending ban would do me some good and I’ll probably be taking part in this until April or May.

I really need to save up the earnings I lost after I quit my old job and as well as that, save money for my snowboarding lessons, as well as the snowboarding gear I’m left to purchase.

I’m hoping I’ll be on more hours at work by then too, as I’m struggling at the moment and it’s causing me a lot of upset and stress.

I’ve also got to the point where whenever I go out shopping I don’t exactly feel the need to buy certain things, but I put this down to Christmas, my birthday coming up and the massive splurge I had just before Christmas.

I’ve got pretty much everything I need right now, the only thing I could really do with are some new skate trainers and some jeans but I’m not exactly struggling.

My bills are my priority right now and my car too as that’s how I get from A-B when I’m at home, as well as soon enough when I’ll start driving to Coventry and back.

My spending ban started on 1st January and the only time I will use my money on beauty or clothing is if I really need them. This will mean a lack of reviews on new items but I will be reviewing items that are classics and available to buy all year round. Soap & Glory will be featured a lot these next couple of months, as well as various perfume and lip products.

My spending ban won’t stop me from posting wish list posts, but it will probably mean there won’t be as many things in there and when I do post a wish list post, I’ll be updating you all on how my spending ban is going!

So, am I the only one going on a spending ban for the start of 2014? Or is anyone else going on one too? Let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time take care all and I hope 2014 has started off well for everyone.


6 thoughts on “Spending Ban

  1. I am going to join you on this! I overspent on christmas presents and I’ve just paid off my rent and bills a couple of days ago, so I’ve got very little left in the ol’ bank account! I have already set myself a food shopping budget where i buy only what i need (saving money, and avoid wasting food). I’s only the 4th day… but we can do it! x

    • I know so many who are doing spending bans from the start of the year until probably mid year. Christmas is such an expensive time of year and my job doesn’t pay as well as it could do. 😦

      We can still do it! πŸ˜€ It’s gunna be hard not buying things for a while but I know it’ll be okay. πŸ™‚ I just need to not buy any thing I don’t need like make up or new clothes I don’t need. xD


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