Lush Halloween 2016


As most Lushies will know the Halloween and Christmas collection for 2016 leaked recently on Instagram and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for all the goodies heading our way!

There are quite a few products that I am sad to see not return, but all the same I am excited for some new goodies that we will be getting. The most disappointing is that Lush aren’t bringing back Yog Nog bath bomb! Well as far as I can see anyway… It was such an amazing bath bomb and I know they’re bringing an alternative instead but it just won’t be the same.

This is part one of this post, part two being about Christmas. I’m only going to talk about what I’m excited for.

 photo Halloween 1_zpscnavdcjl.jpg

The bath bombs looks so exciting this year, as for a while I have found the Halloween collection to be really boring so I am really pleased they’ve mixed it up a bit this year.

Monsters’ Ball bath bomb is said to lime scented, amazing! It’s a shame Lush don’t have anything like this around for spring and summer. This will be nice to use in the morning on my days off work. Miaowzer bath bomb is right up my street with its creamy candy scent. It’ll either be Snow Fairy or Creamy Candy/Rock Star scented. Either way I am so damn excited. I don’t even want to get started

 photo Halloween 2_zps8uz3bcv0.jpg

Not going to lie… The soaps from Lush never excite me anyway and these really don’t.

 photo Halloween 3_zpsbdebjv6w.jpg

I am so disappointed about Boo luxury bath melt as it looks so damn cute! Hey I might like the smell of it when I give it a sniff in store, but from looking at it I doubt that’ll be the case. I’m never a fan of the massage bars but the Goth Fairy shimmer bar sounds amazing! I would probably use this on evenings with Dane as a massage bar on our backs. I bet it’ll smell just like The Comforter.

 photo Halloween 4_zps80sxprgc.jpg

I might finally pick up a Lord Of Misrule shower cream this year!

So what are my thoughts on the Halloween collection so far? It looks exciting and promising and definitely a damn sight better than last years collection. I’m most excited about the Monsters’ Ball and Miaowzer bath bombs as they just sound so delicious!

What are you excited for in the Halloween collection so far? Make sure to let me know in the comments down below.

Until next time all, take care and see you Sunday for my thoughts on the Christmas collection!

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A/W 16 Games I Am Excited About

I am a nerd, gaming is my thing and since moving into the house I have realised how much I love playing games. They’re something I get to mong out in front of and just relax. It’s also nice to be able to take out some frustration and stress on them.

My current favourite to play right now is LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which I am currently trying to complete 100%, because I’m sad like that.

Alongside that I love playing Minecraft with Dane, as well as our friends online. Can never go wrong with that game!

But with so many games announced at E3 this year, I thought I would put together a post today about which games I am excited about for the remained of the year.

  • South Park: The Fractured But Whole – Release date 06.12.16 – £43.99 (link)

I love South Park, no denying that! I never got to play the first game The Stick Of Truth when it first came out but eventually my old job at Costa gifted me this and I was so hooked onto it. I even completed 100%, woohoo! So when Trey Parker and Matt Stone announced this a year ago I was so damn excited! Over the past year it has been developed and finally given the end of the this year the launch date. I won’t be waiting until Christmas to get this, it’ll be pre ordered a week before it’s due out. I’m so damn excited!

  • World of Final Fantasy – Release date 28.10.16 – £33.99 (link)

I’ve never been a gamer who can say, “OMG I LOVE all the Final Fantasy games!” Until 2011/2012 I had never played any of them and I’m not going to lie when I say that I don’t feel like I lost out. I’ve always been interested in the stories behind the games, but whenever I’ve played them I’ve never been a huge fan of the game play. Recently when I tried the demo for Final Fantasy XV I fell in love with the new game play. Due to being excited for this game (which will be mentioned on this post!) I started to get excited for other Final Fantasy games. This one included. I mean for a start the characters are so adorable looking, very kawaii and right up my street! All I know about it is you play as two twins who go to a different world from their own and fight, etc. Just all the chibi characters are adorable and pulled at my heart.

  •  Final Fantasy XV – Release date 29.11.16 – £42.00 (link)

This has so far been the only Final Fantasy game I have actually liked the look of and played feeling excited about too. I don’t know if it’s because the game play has changed with this game (according to a lot of people I know who love FF it has…) which I didn’t realise to be honest, but it is definitely due to said chance that the controls don’t seem as complex as they did before. The demo was a joy to play too, especially the cute little fox that you follow around throughout. The story just looks awesome too with the brothers and their emo alternative looks. I won’t be in a rush to pick this up, but I hope to eventually!

  • Detroit: Become Human – Release date TBC – £46.00 (link)

I can not express how damn excited I am for this game! I’m a massive fan of all David Cage’s games including Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls so this one HAS to be a part of my collection. It’s a very interesting concept revolving around robots and them becoming human, instead of just doing as we humans say. The trailers are beautiful and David Cage hasn’t let us down again! There have been so many trailers leading up to this game, so I advice you to YouTube search for them if you wish to see more. I hope this gets a release date for this year!

  • The Last Guardian – Release date 28.10.16 – £44.00 (link)

This game has been in the works for almost ten years now and it’s amazing that it is finally going to be released! Do you know what though? I waited so damn long for this game that I’m not as excited for it as I thought I was going to be… It won’t stop me from buying it though as it’s a game I am still excited to play. I guess it’s just a shame that it took so long to get it where it is today. The creature in the game is what has sold out to everyone is you ask me. The graphics of the game don’t look that amazing in all fairness, which is something a lot of people have been commenting on with this game. However this doesn’t bother me, as it still looks like a lovely game to play.

  • Mafia III – Release date 07.10.16 – £42.00 (link)

I like the Mafia games and I felt that the second one was ignored quite a bit due to Grand Theft Auto 4 coming out, which I thought was a bit of a shame! However now Mafia III is out and there isn’t any GTA game to compete with! I love the look of Mafia III too as it’s set in a period I love as well as in a part of America I would love to visit one day. The plot is very strong and I know I will love playing this game. I get a bit anxious playing games like this as I worry of shoot ups in missions and such that I won’t get very far as I’m not that great at playing games like this. However I am hoping that this game will help me gain some confidence as I really do want to get it.

  • Pokemon Moon – Release date 32.11.16 – £32.00 (link)

This is one of the games I am super excited about… Don’t think I need to explain why really. It’s Pokemon and that’s all you need to know!😛 No I kid! I am excited for this, it’ll be cool to see what they’ve done differently with this game like the new Pokemon, the aloha evolution for older Pokemon such as Vulpix, Raichu, etc. I’ve also heard that you don’t battle at gyms or in the elite four anymore either, which will be odd! I’ll be getting this the day it comes out and probably playing it until I finish. I hope Dane will get it to play with me too, and if not I’ll buy it him for Christmas.😉

So that was the list of games I am super excited about for 2016! I am going to be so poor by the end of the year I swear to God.😛

What games are you excited about coming out this year? Make sure to let me know in the comments down below.

Until next time take care all and I hope you had a lovely weekend.

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Lush Tooth Fairy Tooth Powder – Review

 photo Photo 17-08-2016 8 55 12 pm_zps2x2htqdr.jpg

This review has been a long time coming… Well since I moved into the house with Dane over three weeks ago anyway! Jesus I can’t believe it’s been that long already…

I didn’t know whether or not I was going to use this product or even review it! But I haven’t reviewed a Lush product for ages and I just HAD to review this. That makes this sound like it’s going to be a super exciting review now doesn’t it? Well don’t get too excited.

The first thing I am going to say about this tooth powder is how incredibly disappointed I was by it. I’m sorry Lush but what were you thinking?!

I had heard mostly good things about Tooth Fairy from how tasty it is, to what a great job it does. I didn’t get either of these.

 photo Photo 17-08-2016 8 55 22 pm_zpshiomy4yd.jpg

First of all let’s talk about what Lush say the product is all about! They claim that it’s a strawberry tooth powder that will turn your toothbrush into a magical wand. I’m sorry to sound rude but I don’t know what the Lush employee who came up with this was smoking at the time but I want some!😛

 photo Photo 17-08-2016 8 56 20 pm_zpszzpcxvbk.jpg

When you open the tub the powder inside is incredibly sparkly and looks really pretty. It reminds me of something you would see being launched at Christmas time as part of the Snow Fairy range. I gave it a sniff to see if I could inhale some of that yummy strawberry flavour they insist is in this product, only to feel like I was sniffing a bar of soap. ICK!

 photo Photo 17-08-2016 8 55 17 pm_zpshilbggpf.jpg

As the instructions state you dip a wet toothbrush into the powder and then brush away. I did this only to find that there was no strawberry taste at all and I was left with a horrible taste in my mouth, as well as a horrible feeling too. Literally like someone had washed my mouth out with soap. URGH.

I thought it might have been just me or even something I had maybe eaten before brushing but I encouraged Dane to try this too and he felt exactly the same as I did. I tried it again the next morning for good measure, but I encountered the same problem.

 photo Photo 17-08-2016 8 55 43 pm_zpsfmo16khz.jpg

The one thing that both me and Dane picked up on with this product is that it contains no fluoride, which is a key factor for good dental hygiene as it can help prevent tooth decay.

This review was never going to be long due to my major dislike for it, but I just feel that sometimes Lush gets super gimmicky and hipster with their products and I personally feel like Tooth Fairy is one of them for sure! I have tried their toothy tabs in the past in store with a friend and we both had to spit them out because they tasted foul! I don’t get how people go through tubes and tubs of these.

 photo Photo 17-08-2016 8 56 47 pm_zpsscibxscl.jpg

 photo Photo 17-08-2016 8 56 50 pm_zpsgw6rcqn5.jpg

Before writing my review for this I decided to check out what other users of Tooth Fairy thought about it over on Lush’s website and one persons review really caught my attention. She had felt the same way that I feel about the product and said how she had tried the product out as a body shimmer. I gave it and go and hey presto! It really works as a body shimmer! I’ll definitely be using it for this on evenings out with Dane when I fancy a bit of glitz. My only issue with it is it smells a bit funny… Like chemical, which isn’t very pleasant. I know this isn’t what it’s original intention was for, but hey it saves wasting it doesn’t it?

This was free as it was a gift, but to buy this yourself it’ll cost you £4.95. I’m sorry but my regular toothpaste costs me under £3.00 and leaves my teeth feeling clean and breath smelling fresh.

Lush you disappointed me this time around… I’ll just stick to the bath and shower products from now on.

Have you tried Tooth Fairy Tooth Powder? If so what did you think of it? Have you contemplated trying this product? If so how do you feel about it after my review? Make sure to let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time take care all and I hope you have a great weekend.

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Wish List Wednesday – Killstar

Woohoo it’s Wednesday and I thought I would do a wish list, seeing as I haven’t done a wish list Wednesday for quite a long time. I was planning to do one based on games that are due to come out later this year, but I decided to save that for another post and base this one off of one on a brand I really love the look of, Killstar.

For those who may not know Killstar was founded in 2010 and is a clothing company that creates stunning and beautiful gothic pieces for both men and women. They’re also from Glasgow!

 photo Wish List Wednesday - Killstar_zpsybakfvcd.jpg

  • Addams Dress – £39.99 (link)

This is the dress that led me to discovered who Killstar were. I can’t remember her name but an alternative fashion blogger wrote about this dress and did a lookbook with it. She wore it so nicely and I instantly fell in love with the dress. It’s called the Addams dress because it’s inspired by Wednesday Addams. Ha! Wednesday!😛 This looks like the kind of dress you would wear for special events and nights out, hell no! I’d wear this out and about with brothel creepers and in winter a nice warm coat! This is a gorgeous dress and one I nearly ordered from their recent sale. Wah why didn’t I?!

  • Sorcery Hood Dress – £49.99 (link)

I don’t know what it is I love about this dress, but I think it’s the hood! I’m weird and love rocking up with a baggy hoodie on looking all gangsta and shizzle and getting ready to be kicked out of the shop because they can’t see my face. I’d love to say that’s a true story but it isn’t…😛 ANYWAY! I probably wouldn’t wear this out and about as much as the Addams dress but it’d be nice to wear if I fancied dressing up with some Dr Martens to make it look edgy, or some heels to make it look more sexy than it already does.

  • Unicorn Tarot Kimono Dress – £39.99 (link)

Not going to lie this is probably my favourite dress on this list and I don’t really know why! I just love the unicorn tarot card print on the front, it looks funky and cool without it being too in your face about it. If that makes sense! I mostly love the style of this dress with the kimono look to it, as it’s a style I have always loved but never been able to find anything in said style that I really like the look of. Either way I really want this dress, but when it was in the sale last week it sold out in every size apart from XL, which is a size too big for me… So I ordered it anyway. It’s meant to be fitted so I thought meh sod it the extra room will probably be nice. We shall see!

  • Tartan Skater Dress – £31.99 (link)

Out of all of the Killstar dresses I think this is the most normal one… Like the sort of style and print etc that you would find in a high store shop such as New Look, or Topshop. I really like the print on this due to the tartan red and black print turning into a black print at the bottom. It gives it that nice gothic look that isn’t too in your face. This would be nice to wear all year around too, with no sleeves in the summer and with a nice white or black shirts underneath.

  • After Effect Knit Dress in Grey – £44.99 (link)

Finally we have this grey knit dress which I can just imagine me wearing when I’m having a can’t be arsed to do sod all day but I need to dress somewhat reasonable so I put this dress on. This is me pretty much every day! It’s a really nice day and instead of dressing summery I’ve got grey joggers, bunny slippers and a Deadpool tee on. BUT this dress is gorgeous at he same time. They also have this in black but I thought the grey one looked nice. The sleeves look really baggy too, so you can cover your hands with the sleeves. Hashtag shy hand!😛

So that was my Killstar wish list. I was intending to have six instead of five items on this list, but when I talk about my recent Killstar purchase of the Kruger jumper (you can see it on my haul post here) I’ll mention a few more items that I wanna get in the future.

Have you ever heard of Killstar? If so what do you think of them? If you hadn’t heard about them before this post then is it your type of fashion? Make sure to let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time take care all and I hope you’re having a lovely week.

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Pay Day Haul!

Dayum have I really been M.I.A. the past week? I’ve been so busy this past week with being off work, as well as Dane being off work too. Everyday I kept saying to myself, “Nat you REALLY need to get some blog work done!” to then reply back, “Yeah… After this level on Lego Star Wars.” That level ended up turning out to be THE WHOLE GAME! Seriously fuck my life, and fuck you Lego!😛

 photo Photo 12-08-2016 7 20 28 pm_zps7hgpqvt4.jpg

BUT me and Dane finally moved our arses after I got paid on Wednesday and took ourselves out for some very much needed retail therapy on Friday. We were like big kids that day too… I’m sure you can already see why!

We decided to go to one of our local shopping centers and this is actually a good little hail for me considering I am meant to be being good, and I’m after a new casual dress and some skirts/denim shorts so I have been on the warpath! Not a successful one mind. Onto the haul (by the way I apologise that the pictures aren’t super duper crisp and magical! I wanted to get the pictures taken quickly so we could play with the Nerf guns! :P)!

 photo Photo 12-08-2016 7 20 38 pm_zpsbxtaycuv.jpg

There’s a Yankee Candle store in the place we usually go shopping and it is amazing! They have all the exclusives in there, as well as some great two for offers. We always go for a mooch every time we visit as it doesn’t hurt to have a sniff on what candles you may buy next. We weren’t going to go in this time, but I’m glad I did as I picked up Candy Cane Lane, one of my favourites! It’s from the Christmas line, but the Christmas scents are by far the best in my eyes. This one came out a couple of years ago now and Dane was good enough to buy it me when it first launched. I’m coming to the end of that jar now and I refused to burn it anymore until I picked up a new one. This was in the sale for £10.99! A bargain for a large Yankee Candle. I won’t lie, I wish I had bought two of these.😛

 photo Photo 12-08-2016 7 20 43 pm_zpsahp60cnt.jpg

Now I have a bit of a complaint/back story about The Body Shop! I saw that they were doing 30% off of everything on the website so I thought sod it I’ll order those tea tree goodies I want! I ordered, paid with PayPal and at first I got two emails saying the payment had gone though and everything was fine. Then the website told me it hadn’t gone through and there was a problem… I got an email stating the same as well. BUT The Body Shop STILL took my money! I think it has been put back after me complaining etc. But what if I had assumed anything? I would be £16 down! This isn’t this first time this has happened with The Body Shop online and due to it happening again I refuse to use their website now… I’m sorry but The Body Shop is a big company and they should have this stuff sorted by now. It’s  been going on for years, very disappointed guys!

Phew rant over, onto what I bought. I picked up their tea tree ranges three step cleanse, tone, and moisturise kit. A girl I work with (hey Rhi!) has told me that she loves the tea tree range and said how good it is, so I thought I’d try it. So far it’s pretty good, but it has caused my skin to break out a bit… Think this is meant to happen but I don’t think I like it. The foaming cleanser is lovely and cleansing and is fun to use! It reminds me of when I was a teenager and use to use the Simple foaming cleanser. The toner is the real “wow” factor of these steps. If you have sensitive skin then this probably isn’t for you. It’s very strong due to the tea tree and due to that it does sting the skin when applied. I was stupid enough to go over my eyes with it. The burn, oh the burn! Now the moisturiser is great but it’s probably my least favourite part of the kit. Purely because it states that it will matt the skin… Bollocks it does no such thing! Wasn’t surprise to be honest. Other than that it is an amazing light weight gel based lotion that really does wonders for my skin… Just doesn’t matt it like it says it will. The set cost £14 BUT as I had a £5 voucher on my Body Shop card it only cost me £9. What a bargain eh!? Even at £14 I think this set was a bargain as the cleanser and toner are both £5.50 each, and the moisturiser is a shocking £9! I’ll definitely pick up this set again for the money though.

 photo Photo 12-08-2016 7 20 45 pm_zpsiom8rls7.jpg

Random but this is something I picked up with Dane when we popped into The Range for some home ware goodies. I’ve spotted it in loads of shops but never been bothered to buy it. Dane pointed it out to me due to the fox on the cover, and at £6.99 I thought meh why not pick it up! Give me something to do when the weather is nice and I want to sit out in the garden. I haven’t yet given this a go but bloody hell it’s going to be fun to do once I get started!

 photo Photo 12-08-2016 7 20 31 pm_zps2akv2vcj.jpg


This little guy has been on my wish list since before Christmas when I spotted him in Forbidden Planet. Since then I have asked and pestered Dane to let me buy him, or him to buy it for me but each time he has said no. I get why as this wasn’t cheap at £39.99! You know what though? Totally worth it! We visited two Toys R Us stores to get our Nerf guns and in the first store we picked this Lego Wall-E up. That evening we put on some Kevin Smith and Clerks and built this little guy up. We only got half way and went to bed as it was getting late, but when I woke up the next morning Dane had finished him and popped him on our fireplace. He’s absolutely gorgeous and really is a nice piece to add to our living room.

 photo Photo 12-08-2016 7 20 35 pm_zps6tqbbtus.jpg

The one thing that Dane was after when we went shopping was a Nerf gun… Well guns, one each. We had said about a year ago how when we finally bought our first home and were settled we would buy ourselves Nerf guns to play with in the house. Well now we finally have some, as well as some extra ammo! Dane always wanted the Stormtrooper blaster and after finding one in a second store he decided to get it. It cost a mean £39.99 but it’ll be great for cosplaying a Stormtrooper in the future (something we both want to do). I couldn’t settled on something however, and I constantly ummed and ahhed at the bow and arrows, as well as various different guns. I eventually said, “Meh I may as well match you and get a Star Wars one.” and as I reached for the Han Solo gun, I saw that they had made one for Rey! Perfect! So low and behold I picked up a Star Wars gun too. Mine cost £24.99. The extra bullets were under £10 which was pretty reasonable if you ask me.

 photo Photo 11-08-2016 5 42 20 pm_zpsetjk7xtg.jpg

Finally we have my favourite item on this haul (apart from the Wall-E and the Nerf guns because come on! Nothing better than being a big kid! :P) which is my new Killstar jumper. I didn’t get this from the official website, but instead I bought it from someone on eBay. It was brand new with the tags on as she had only tried it on to see how it would fit on her. So for £25.00 (inc P&P) I thought I would snatch it up before someone else could! This is of course still available to buy from the Killstar website, which I have linked here for you! I haven’t worn it yet but I’ve tried it on and it is so damn soft and comfortable! I want to team it up with some denim shorts or thick black leggings and Dr Martens boots or brothel creepers. It’ll probably end up being one of my staple pieces for autumn and winter this year. CAN’T WAIT!

But yes that was my short pay day haul for August! I’m meant to be being good so yes there are a couple of treats in here but I am trying to be good and watch my money at the moment.

What have you been buying yourself this pay day? Make sure to let me know in the comments!

Until next time take care all and I hope yo had a lovely weekend.

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30 Things You Think About On the Dreaded IKEA Trip


Image taken from

As regular readers of my blog will know, me and Dane recently bought our first house together, woohoo! Of course with buying any home or even living in one you need to decorate it as and how you want it/need it. Of course we had zero furniture inside the house (other than the built in wardrobes) so we were in need of a lot of bits and pieces.

Now I know people get so damn excited when you announce you’re going to IKEA, but it really isn’t that exciting when you have a lot of stuff to buy and not a lot of money… I love reading list posts so I thought I would create my own for this topic!😛


Image taken from

  1. You get really excited on the way to IKEA, talking to your fellow IKEA companion about how excited you are to walk around the showroom, and sit in the made up parts of the house and pretend they’re your house.
  2. You also discuss whether or not you’ll visit the cafe for the meatballs or go get a hot dog and an ice cream from the takeaway section. This is a tough choice, but hot dog and ice cream always usually tend to win! You may be feeling fancy and have both.
  3. You finally arrive and as usual it is rammed. You search for ages to try and get a good spot by the doors. You’re here for a BIG shop and want to make sure you don’t have to push the dreaded trolley(s) for too long if they’re going to be covered in brown boxes.
  4. You wait in the huge queue for your hot dog and ice cream. BEST £1.10 I EVER SPENT!
  5. Every time being given the hard choices of strawberry, chocolate, or no sauce. Always chocolate. Always.
  6.  Finally your belly is satisfied and it is time to shop. You have a list either in hand on paper (the old fashioned way), your iPhone’s notes or via the IKEA app. When a member of staff stops you to ask if you’re having a nice day and wish to join the IKEA Family. You politely say no, too busy with your head in your list to really care until you hear “You get free coffee in the cafe and a free gift!” SOLD GIMME A CARD. GIMME NOW!!!
  7. After being taken over to a screen to sign up for said family card (even though it’s just you and your boyfriend, friend, etc) you’re excited to find out what you can get free that day. Maybe that new desk and desk chair you have your eye on!
  8. Then you are full of emotions, anger, disappointed, distraught when you are told you will get to choose from three things, none of your dream items being any of them. Fuck.
  9. Finally you’re on your way to going to the showroom to sit, stroke, and wish all of the items in there are yours.
  10. Then you start to wonder if you could maybe live here and hide out in one of the showrooms. Imagine all the adventures you could have?!
  11. Why did we have to come to IKEA during the kid’s holidays and on a weekend? Fuck my life it’s rammed and there are kids running around everywhere!
  12. Finally it goes quiet and you can peacefully sit in one of the showrooms and wonder whether to buy the cabinet for the TV in brown, or black. The choices, the choices.
  13. Then when you finally decide on a colour you can’t decide what design you want and have a mini argument in the middle of the bookcases section (this actually happened with me and Dane!).
  14. After sitting on various things, admiring pieces you would like to soon enough buy (but not today because money), and jotting down or taking pictures of shelf numbers you finally head to the market hall so you can start shopping!
  15. You make sure to grab a trolley, because last time you didn’t and you had to walk ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE START to get one.
  16. You pick up all sorts of things including a drinking glass with a flamingo on it (come on who doesn’t like flamingos), some martini glasses (for when the girls are over and you have to drink your gin and tonic out of something classy whilst you watch Bridget Jones and Sex and The City), and of course you can’t leave without picking up loads of scented candles! Yankee are good, but they’re hella expensive and sometimes you just want to burn something everyday that won’t make your wallet cry.
  17. You get to the warehouse section and you know this is where shit gets real! You need to start lifting big heavy flat pack boxes onto the crappy flat trolley that IKEA expect you to use. God help you if you are on your own!
  18. You end up picking up so much stuff you need to get another trolley.
  19. Yay another trolley can fuck about on it and play on it, even though it says not to on a sticker on the trolley itself.
  20. Oh look, said trolley has a wonky wheel. OH GREAT WHY HAVE I GOT THIS DEVIL TROLLEY?! NOW I CANNOT SKATEBOARD ON IT!
  21. Must have a look at the bargain section incase the chest of drawers I just struggled to pick up, place and maneuver on this wonky as hell trolley are cheaper by £100!
  22. Alas they do have the chest of drawers in the sale section! Was as excited as a kid in a toy shop and about to take the flat pack boxes back to their section until you see a child sneeze on their hand and wipe the snot from hand onto said chest of drawers… Never mind then, I bet they were damaged and shit anyway!
  23. Now you have all your goods you have nothing more to do than pay. You wait in the queue for a maximum of five minutes and it’s your turn to be seen to.
  24. What is the first thing wrong that you have done? You haven’t faced all the bar codes the same way and make the poor IKEA customer sales assistants job harder than it needs to. SHIT! You apologise 100 times and the girl serving you is nice about it.
  25. You feel great, you have all the items you came for and hoped to leave with… Then you hear how much it costs. “That will be £558 then please.” What is that I heard? My heart? Dropping? Oh surely not? Fuck my life I NOW HAVE NO MONEY! But at least I have some fabulous looking furniture!
  26. For a moment you think about how skint you now are, only to be presented by the glorious sight that you decided to venture to before your IKEA adventure began… The hot dog and ice cream stand. Do you be a greedy bastard and have another hot dog or ice cream? OH GO ON THEN! You go for the latter, and have chocolate sauce AGAIN. Oh this is what makes the IKEA trip so much sweeter!
  27. After pushing that wonky as hell trolley and having to make sure none of the flat packages doesn’t slide off you finally get to the car. Oh sweet relief! You are just one step further to being done with this.
  28. Until you realise the majority of the flat packages you bought are huge and won’t fit in your car without putting them in at weird angles. You scream, “OH MY GOD WHY DID WE NOT GET THIS STUFF DELIVERED?” only to realise it would have cost money to have stuff delivered, and you have zero funds after four ice creams, two hot dogs, and shit loads of furniture.
  29. FINALLY after loads of patience and an invisible degree in Tetris you manage to get everything into the back of your car and you’re now ready to head home. Phew at least you burnt off all that food after the amount of effort that just went into that jigsaw puzzle.
  30. You’re happy, poor but happy. You have everything you wanted to get, managed to get it into your car, got to have some yummy treats for cheaps from IKEA, and you’re on the way home. Only for it to suddenly dawn on you… Now you have to put ALL THAT STUFF TOGETHER! #fuckmylifeimpoorandallihavetoshowforitissomeflatcrapihavetobuild #someonesendreinforcements

Image taken from

SO that was my list post about IKEA and how dreadful the shop can be! I kid it isn’t really that bad… Unless you’ve spent as much as me and Dane have the past month. We are very poor to say the least, but it’s so damn worth it in the long run.

I already know that I’ll be having another IKEA list post up on my blog soon. One about building all that flat pack furniture! However, I won’t be writing this post up, Dane will. It would be full of lies if I wrote it as Dane built most of the furniture as I kept losing my temper… Ha!😛

So what do you think about IKEA? Have you ever had to do this sort of trip? Do you have any funny IKEA stories to share? Please share them with me on the comments down below!

Until next time, take care all and I hope you’re having a lovely week so far.

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Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Summer Bundle 2016 – Review

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 3 48 26 pm_zpsffqawfzl.jpg

Oh my I have been so damn excited to write this post up since I got these babies a week ago, and I am proud to finally write about them. I have all sorts to talk about on this review, including the recent drama with Jeffree Star, as well as where I bought these from. It’s going to be a long review people! I’ll make sure to include swatches alongside my other shades, and of course pictures of me wearing them. LET’S GET TO IT!!!

First of all let’s address the elephant in the room which is the Jeffree and Kat drama that has been happening recently. I like Kat Von D and I also like Jeffree Star, and I know they were best friends so I was gobsmacked when all that stuff happened. I haven’t yet tried Kat Von D’s products but as soon as they land in the UK at the end of the year I know I will be! I know a lot of people have claimed they will no longer buy Jeffree’s goods due to all this palava. So when this shit hit the fan a lot of people asked if I would stop buying Jeffree Star products, and will I? No, I will continue to buy his products. Why? Because his products are fucking amazing, and some of the stupid things he has said or done years before (which I knew about LONG BEFORE it was all posted about on Twitter due to being a “fan” of him for 10 years) don’t reflect to me on his products.

I understand completely why people will stop buying Jeffree Star products from now on and I support people in this, but it won’t stop me buying them, and on that note if you want to sell any Jeffree goodies, come my way!😉

PHEW! Talk about a heated discussion going on! Finally onto the review!

The first thing I want to talk about is where I ordered these from. I have previously ordered from two different places online. Cocktail Cosmetics and Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Both websites have been great to order from, but I do have issues with them both too…

Unless you’re living under a rock it won’t be surprising news to hear that Cocktail Cosmetics have now stopped stocking Jeffree Star. I was expecting to order my summer bundle from them, so I was saddened when I found out why they weren’t going to stock it. It’s basically because it’ll cost them a lot to ship the products over here to sell, so they would have to charge us a fortune. I think it’s pretty damn thoughtful that they put their customers first and not just think about how much money they could make. That and they probably thought customers may take their custom elsewhere, such as Jeffree Star’s official website, Beautylish, or Morphe. Also it’s nothing to do with the Jeffree and Kat drama like a lot of people assumed either. I didn’t once think it was due to that, but it does suck that this has had to happen. Sad times. Hopefully in the future they will be back with Jeffree Star Cosmetics again! For the meantime they have two shades left, Blow Pony and Prom Queen. I wish I could buy them both but I am skint.😦

I didn’t order from the official Jeffree Star website because after last time, it cost me a lot… Which wasn’t worth it really. It cost me $10 (it’s not gone up to $10.95) to ship, and it cost me nearly £20 just to get my parcel from customs! So it cost me pretty much the price of one shade to get two, what the fuck? Not just that, the wait that I had to do for the two products at the time was a complete joke. I know this wasn’t the companies fault as they had some issues, but the amount of worry and stress I did during it being shipped to me was a piss take, and one I don’t ever wish to do again. I don’t know anyone from the UK who likes to order from the official website.

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 3 46 40 pm_zpswsm8ro6c.jpg

So who did I order from? I went for Beautylish in the end because the awesome ladies over at Cocktail Cosmetics recommended it, and I am so glad they did. I’ll tell you why.

First of all if you order over $35 worth of goodies you get your postage to the UK free! How good is that? The official Jeffree Star website only does that if you order over $100! Oh… Hang on… I just double checked this and it’s not $150 and over and you get free postage. Ouch. SO over $35 sounds better to me to be honest!

As well as that Beautylish calculate all the customs charges for you when you place your order and charge you for them there and then, so all you have to do is think about your lovely package coming straight to you. Not getting a silly red card from the Post Office and being told you owe a ton to Royal Mail and need to go down to the depot to pay it and collect your parcel. YAWN! Aint nobody got time for that!

Also it took just over a week for my parcel to arrive, which I was really happy with. It took nearly three weeks for it to arrive from the official Jeffree Star website.

So if you’re gutted about Cocktail Cosmetics no longer stocking Jeffree Star then don’t worry, Beautylish is your saviour! They stock all the Jeffree Star goodies too (even limited editions) as and when they come out, so keep your eyes peeled on the website for details and stock coming back. I know that’s what I’ll be doing from now on and doing mass orders.

Right FINALLY I can get onto the review! I told you this post was going to be long. I guess I just wanted to let fellow Jeffree Star Cosmetics fans know about alternative place(s) to order from, especially if you’re from the UK.

As the title reads I ordered the summer bundle, which means I got all five of the limited edition shades for summer. I am very 50/50 with them at the moment, which I will explain.

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 3 46 30 pm_zpsb7rizbob.jpg

First of all I want to say how beautifully presented my package was when I opened it. I was gobsmacked! It already made me think, “Yep I’ll be ordering from these guys again!”

Nothing was damaged in the box, and everything was perfect. The only thing I was sad about was not getting my postcard that Jeffree has put into all his packages from the official website. Gutted!!!

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 3 47 03 pm_zpsqpeianzx.jpg

A lot of people were surprised when they discovered that I was going to be buying the bundle, and not just a couple of the shades. Well as I have mentioned before on my blog, as well as to a few people IRL I intend to collect all the shades, and hopefully (and eventually) all the holiday shades/packaging too. That’s a bit obsessive, yes. But sod it!😛

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 4 22 38 pm_zpsu85kzqeq.jpg

As I mentioned there are five shades in this collection (from T-B), Queen Bee, Nude Beach, (714), Virginity and Watermelon Soda. All of them smell like watermelon sweets apart from (714), which is an old limited edition shade that Jeffree decided to bring back.

Pretty much the only two shades that appear to suit me are Virginity and Watermelon Soda… Although I have mixed up Queen Bee with a couple of shades I already own to create some beautiful unique shades!

Of course as you can see (and may have known anyway!) the summer shades come in limited edition packaging too which is yellow instead of pink for the main colour, and neon pink instead of rose gold for the writing on the packaging. Very summery indeed!

I have to be honest when I say that I didn’t know how I felt about the majority of the shades when I first bought them. It’s only been the past few days when I have grown more attached to the majority of the shades in the bundle. They are very bright to say the least and I’m used to wearing darker shades. A lot of people have been complaining that these are streaky when applied and need a couple of coats to get them looking opaque. I myself have had this issue and read online that due to the heat in America right now and packages being left out in the sun, we need to pop them in the fridge when we get them for half an hour max, and then cool them down to room temperature. This is the reason for them being streaky apparently… But I doubt this is the case because I did just that and it hasn’t worked 100%. I find the way to get around them being streaky is apply two coats. Apply one coat, wait for it to dry and then apply another. I’ve had to do this with Queen Bee, Nude Beach and (714).

The one thing I did worry about with these was the watermelon sweets scent that it carries. I hate the smell of watermelon so much, so I worried I would hate these because of that. You know what, it isn’t that bad. It’s not strong and in your face, but it is noticeable when you use this and the scent does linger for a while after applying it. It’s not that bad though, as I said.

Onto each shade anyhoo. I’ll review them all individually and show pictures, etc.

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 3 49 07 pm_zpss37kofvi.jpg

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 3 49 34 pm_zpsupmycj0h.jpg

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 3 50 05 pm_zpso0qyzzvu.jpg

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 3 54 04 pm_zpsrbpgruzt.jpg

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 3 54 20 pm_zpsz8pw7gx6.jpg

Queen Bee

Queen Bee is a yellow shade and one shade that Jeffree has been working on for a long time. This sadly doesn’t have a description on the official website, only because I imagine it’s just a bog standard yellow… I find it’s a more creamy shade of yellow than neon and in your face. I found the formulation for this was somewhat thick and reminded me of Masochist and HoeHoeHoe a little bit. I don’t think I’ll be able to pull this off without mixing it with something or doing an ombre lip. I’ve already mixed it with Mistletoe to create a lime green shade. Also I’m sorry but I couldn’t pull a straight face whilst wearing this shade.😛

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 3 57 38 pm_zpsc1qwprzu.jpg

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 3 58 08 pm_zpsfnzlfmol.jpg

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 3 58 55 pm_zpso2qz0xer.jpg

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 4 03 12 pm_zpsmnjaxep7.jpg

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 4 03 53 pm_zpsbwk4djni.jpg

Nude Beach

Nude Beach is a peach nude shade and one I wasn’t expecting to be so light to be honest. Again like Queen Bee this doesn’t have a description for it. It reminds me of when my teacher taught us how to make the colour peach by mixing red and white until we got the shade we wanted.  Unlike Queen Bee this has a more liquidy consistency to it. It is a beautiful colour and one I at first thought didn’t suit me at all! I tried it again the second time when I was taking pictures for this post and BAM I think it looks rather nice, and it sort of suits my yellow toned skin. I’ll probably mix it with another shade soon to get something that will suit my skin tone.

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 4 04 43 pm_zpsz7j9vsz8.jpg

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 4 04 56 pm_zpsfdxmkomc.jpg

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 4 05 26 pm_zpsdqemgdsc.jpg

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 4 08 58 pm_zpssh7x7zso.jpg

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 4 09 23 pm_zpsyx1skndr.jpg


I was rather excited for this shade as I wanted to get it when it came out in 2015, but sadly I never thought I could pull it off to pick it up. It’s a bright coral shade and when I say bright I mean bright! It is described as, “neon pastel coral shade” which is spot on. It is an incredibly bright shade and one I have tried to wear on a few occasions but just felt silly and took it off… Which isn’t like me at all! Maybe it’s due to me being poorly at the moment… Me saying this again like Nude Beach when I tried this on again to take pictures for this post it didn’t look that bad! Either way this is a shade I’m going to try and mix up with something else. If anything it would go nicely with Nude Beach! I will have to give it a go and let you all know how I get on. Like Nude Beach this has the same consistency of it being liquidy.

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 4 10 44 pm_zpsub1kosgi.jpg

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 4 10 56 pm_zpsb7grjyql.jpg

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 4 11 17 pm_zps9yh7wya3.jpg

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 4 12 41 pm_zpsytn6jxfr.jpg

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 4 13 16 pm_zpsjaygr33d.jpg


I didn’t know what to expect from Virginity, which is a lilac shade. I have mixed one of my dark purple liquid lipsticks from another brand with Drug Lord to create my own lilac shade in the past, which I loved. Now I own one in a bottle and I bloody LOVE Virginity! It is described as, “This is our version of a “lavender nude” – think of this shade as I’m Nude’s purple sister!”. This has fast turned into one of my favourites in the set, and when I’ve worn this out I’ve felt so damn confident! I’m glad it suits me because I would be gutted otherwise. Like the previous two shades spoken about, this is also a liquidy consistency.

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 4 13 56 pm_zps8lxy3ruv.jpg

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 4 14 05 pm_zpssut5ltou.jpg

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 4 14 27 pm_zpseargcuk9.jpg

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 4 15 51 pm_zpskjnabfzg.jpg

 photo Photo 04-08-2016 4 15 58 pm_zpsxvblzyky.jpg

Watermelon Soda

The final shade I will be talking about is Watermelon Soda, the gorgeous watermelon pink shade that everyone has been lusting after. Who can blame people for doing so either? It’s not only the most wearable shade in the summer collection, but also the prettiest! Sadly there isn’t a description for this shade either but it is a pinky red shade which reminds me of watermelon sweeties, and smells just like them too! I’ve worn this shade a few times now and I love it so much, and have had so many compliments on it. I would love to buy a back up of this so I never run out, but that’s a little bit dramatic. It is a beautiful shade, and by far the nicest one from the collection.

To wrap up my thoughts on the bundle I thought I would do a little mini Q&A!

What is my least favourite shade? I don’t really dislike any of them but I think I’m going to have to say (714) to be honest… When I swatched these on the back of my hand during writing up my review I found it was the most streaky… Which is a bloody shame!

What is my favourite shade? This is a tough one but I think it’s safe to say that it’s Watermelon Soda. I love Virginity too but I was just so damn excited for this colour and it hasn’t let me down. Of course Virginity is a close second.

Would you recommend people to buy the bundle? Definitely if you’re a Velour Liquid Lipstick collector like I am! Also if you’re a make up artist, love to experiment with different colours, or want to gain some more confidence with some crazy shades then this is a pretty good start due to Queen Bee and Virginity! However, if you aren’t that confident and just want the bundle for the sake of it then I would say don’t waste your money…

Do you think it was worth the money? Well I paid about £60-£70 for the bundle as well as my customs, which when you think about it is £12-£17 a lipstick… So it was kind of worth it! I love my Jeffree Star lipsticks and I know these will all get used and worn. If anyone ever thinks, “Is it worth the money?” then you shouldn’t buy it. Never buy anything you have second doubts over!

Would you shop from Beautylish again? Oh hell yeah! Whenever I talk to people about Jeffree Star I’ll be making sure to tell them where to order from. Their customer service is amazing, their shipping and such is beyond reasonable, and I am just so damn happy with my order from them.

So that is my review of the Jeffree Star Summer Bundle! Will you be picking up this bundle? If not the bundle, which shade(s) do you want to get? Make sure to let me know in the comments.

Until next time, take care all and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

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