My first Jo Malone Purchase! Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne

21 Apr

This is a very exciting post today and something I honestly never thought I would own. And do you want to know the best part? I didn’t spend a penny on this! This was free. I will go into detail about that somewhat soon enough.

I’ve always wanted a Jo Malone cologne, ever since me and my friend Poppy realised what all the fuss was about some years ago. We’ve always liked the look of certain ones and the amount of times we have stood at the store in Selfridges, just sniffing all the different fragrances… Oh I can’t even remember!

I don’t want to go into too much detail about how I managed to get this for free, because it’s a bit too personal. All I will say is I saved up enough points with a point system to be able to afford to buy this.

So after much thought about this, I decided to take the plunge and order. I don’t regret it and so far I’ve loved this just as much as I thought I would.

I’m a total perfume lover and alongside Chanel and Thierry Mugler, Jo Malone is one of the brands up there that perfume lovers all want to have perfumes by.

This arrived in a black box, with the perfume nicely presented inside of this. There was however a gift bag inside, with a gift card too. So I decided to pop it into said gift bag for the pictures for this blog. I just like how I was sent all that sort of stuff too, as if I wanted to give this as a gift, I would be able to!

I won’t lie, this really did make me feel posh and special. Never had that with a perfume before!

I’ve enjoyed a few of the scents but the Earl Grey & Cucumber cologne is the one I preferred the most. It is classed as a citrus scent, which I couldn’t quite believe at first but it really does make sense! It also smells really fresh but also warming.

A British tradition…afternoon tea. A fragrance with a burst of bergamot, distinct to Earl Grey, and the cool succulence of crunchy cucumber. Counterpoised with a sweet base of beeswax, vanilla and musk. Reviving and refined.
It really does remind me of the sort of scent your grandmother would wear, or what your mother’s bedroom would smell of when you were little. It just reminds me of my gran and it’s lovely on its own because of that.

I’ve never owned a cologne before, so this is a first for me. I did find the perfume settled really nicely and lasted for ages! Which of course I loved.

I picked up the massive 100ml bottle, which is the largest size you can get. It cost me £92-£96 worth of points, even though this only costs £82.00 in store, so I’ve saved a lot of money!

The bottle isn’t anything special, but this being said I like how simple it is. It feels like something you would keep by your bathroom sink alongside your hand wash and bath products. Or even on a dressing table to quickly spritz on before you go out for the day, or before a night out with friends.

I just love this cologne! It’s so different from anything that’s currently out there and I’ve found that with all the Jo Malone scents that I feel this way.

I think if you’re after a new perfume and want to splurge out and go for something grown up, then Jo Malone may be a good investment. You can of course pick up smaller 30ml bottles for £40.00, but these look tiny to be honest.

I doubt I’ll be throwing this perfume in my handbag anytime soon, as I would worry about it breaking! But I will be transferring it to one of my Travello’s to use on the go!

I would love to be able to buy another Jo Malone cologne in the future and one in particular that I have my eye on is Sakura Cherry Blossom, which is only available in a 100ml bottle.

I would also love to try the body products and candles, but overall I love the scents. They’re classic, grown up, and very, VERY posh.

What do you think of Jo Malone? Do you like it, or not? Let me know in the comments too if you own any! I would love to know which ones.

I do apologise for the images not being super-duper amazing, but I was too tired at the time to take some on my SLR and edit them.

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend either way and until next time, take care all.

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Badged up for Spring & Summer – What I Wore (12th April 2015)

19 Apr

Doesn’t hurt to start the post with a silly picture!

I haven’t made a what I wore post for ages and I already intend to have another one up on my blog towards the end of the month. I used to love doing these posts and being able to show off my unique style. These days however I either don’t have time, or make zero effort.

I recently picked up a new jacket though from Topshop and it’s one I’ve wanted for months. So long infact I mentioned it in a wish list post last year. June to be exact. I remember eying this up in Coventry and wanting to buy it. Then stating I would pick it up when I went to Bristol. I never did mind and in December and January  it went into the sales. I went to pick it up then so many times, but I never did due to trying to save money. I do regret that, especially when I looked for it again and it was gone. I was gutted.

Only recently did I think about it again and check out eBay. I’m a huge fan of eBay and have been for a long time, something regular readers on my blog will know!

This jacket (from memory) was originally £50-£60, it went into the sale for £25-£30 and I picked this up on eBay for £25.50. I’m happy with that! Yes it was worn a few times by the original owner and it needed a wash, but that doesn’t bother me at all.

Glasses – Ernest Hemingway.

Lips – Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob.

Black t-shirt (underneath jacket) – Primark.

American flag denim shorts (underneath jacket) – Topshop.

Tights – Tesco.

Sneakers – Vans (LE Star Wars Darth Vader).

I love it and since buying it I’ve worn it constantly. I love my parka from Topshop for cold spring and autumn days, and especially for freezing cold winter. But for the warmer days in spring and autumn, and definitely hot summer days, I NEEDED a good transition jacket.

This is perfect. I’ve always loved the military style look and ten years ago I owned a jacket exactly the same as this. If it still fit me, I would wear it.

I feel so confident and great when I wear this and it’s something I’ll be excited to create more looks and posts about in the future.

I really enjoyed taking these pictures, especially some of the ones my boyfriend took closer to my face as they just look really cool. It was also cool to edit these images and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Me and my boyfriend had a lovely day out and whilst the weather wasn’t amazing, it was just great to walk around and relax. We went out for a pub lunch too and it was nice to just get out of the house and do something other than uni work!

I can’t wait for the nicer weather, I’m excited.

What did you think of my outfit? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time, take care all and see you soon.

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New Year, New Car!

17 Apr

If you read one of my older posts a few months ago about my life lately, then you may have noticed that I said that I had some things happening that I couldn’t talk about yet.

This happens to be my new car! Well, I say new but it’s actually a second-hand car, but you get what I mean.

I’ve stated since Christmas how I would like a newer car than my old one, just because I wanted to start traveling on the motorway and I wasn’t able to do so in my old car.

Whilst on holiday in January I discussed with my parents the idea of getting a new Peugeot, which is what my first car was. However if it wasn’t the engine size being too small, it was the finance being a rip off and unreasonable.

Randomly my dad found a gorgeous Citroen for sale and showed it me as soon as he could. I fell in love with it and said yes to it becoming mine. I checked the insurance and the tax and that was what made my decision official.

I’ve owned my new car for two months now and I can safely say that I LOVE it.

As my first car was pretty old, had a small engine and also had no power steering, my new car has been like heaven to drive. Two engine sizes larger, power steering and also ten years younger than my previous, it’s ideal for my motorway traveling needs now.

As my Peugeot was my first car I was pretty sad to let it go, but I’ve sold it to a family member and I know they’ll take good care of it! I owned that car nearly five years and it did me well until now and hey, it could have done me well for even longer but it just wasn’t doing what I needed it to do anymore and the time came for me to get myself an upgrade.

I feel so grown up and special with my Citroen and I won’t lie when I state how excited I got for my key having an unlocking and locking mode on it. Not to mention loads of other little things that made me happy.

Some being the light inside my car working as the one in my old car broke due to the roof leaking!

Another being how amazing the car radio works, it’s really loud and the speakers sound really good quality.

Something else I really like is that my new car is five doors, unlike my old car which was three doors. It just looks and feels so different.

As I said before and will say again, I really do feel grown up!

Something cool about my new car is that it’s actually limited edition, although I don’t know how… I don’t mind to be honest.

I’m hoping that this is just the start to me changing dramatically this year, I want to become a better person and the person I want to be as soon as I can… This is only the start but I already feel so much better.

I’ve already driven on the motorway quite a bit but I do still feel really anxious and as of yet I haven’t driven to uni or my boyfriends house on my own yet. But I hope after May to be confident enough to be driving on my own.

I will keep you updated on this for sure!

I hope you enjoyed this post today, is definitely something different and something I have been waiting months to talk about, but I’ve just been so busy.

Do you drive? If so, which car do you drive? I’d love to find out!

Have a great weekend all and take care.

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Sorry… Again…

16 Apr

Image taken from

Yes I’m apologising again for being quiet.

I haven’t posted since Easter and that was nearly two weeks ago! I’ve just been so busy with uni, and work, and life in general AND OH MY GOD TOO MUCH TOO MUCH.

Yeah that pretty much sums it up. Even when I did get a chance to have some time for myself this week, I’ve been left with exhaustion and what feels like a horrible hangover.

BUT I’m going to try and spend the weekend writing blog posts, as well as doing my uni work.

I love writing for my blog, so when I don’t get to it does make me feel sad.

I have some exciting posts coming up for the rest of April and maybe the start of May so I can’t wait to get those written and scheduled for you guys to see.

So alas, I am still alive. I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth and for my followers who are still here. Thank you for sticking with me and understanding.

I’ll be back after today. ^_^

Until next time, I love you all and take care.

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Happy Easter!

5 Apr

Image taken from

Just a little post today to wish everyone a lovely Easter!

Don’t eat too much chocolate and make sure to have a yummy Sunday roast.

I’ve been spending Easter snuggled up with my boyfriend in bed whilst I do uni work. We bought ourselves some chocolate eggs to indulge in and boy have they been yummy! Think we’ve eaten too much though.

As well as that I’ve just been thinking about some exciting posts I want to write on my blog in the future.

I’m so pleased to have two weeks off of uni for Easter. It means I get to have a break, as well as get some of my assignments started.

But enough of me going on, here are some cute Easter related pictures for you to enjoy.

Image taken from

Image taken from

I hope everyone has a great day and I’ll see you again soon.

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April Wish List

3 Apr

I won’t lie when I say that this wish list post seemed hard to do at first because I honestly don’t really want anything special at this moment in time. I put that down to wanting to save money and I did infact treat myself towards the end of March to a few things (3DS game, Wall E Pop Vinyl and Attack on Titan badges…).

However I did think long and hard and even searched through my wish list folder in my bookmarks, as well as my history and found 6 things to talk about. One I actually spoke about last month but there is a reason why I’m bringing it up again this month.

So this is my wish list for this month, some I don’t need, some I would like. But for the majority, I probably won’t even buy.

  • Cooking Mama Bon Appetit Nintendo 3DS Game.

Now I’ve bought a new game I probably have enough games to last me another couple of months, but no. No that never happens. I’ve always loved the Cooking Mama games and whilst they’re seen as being stressful due to the sort of challenges you need to complete, I find it rather relaxing at the best of times. I also never get time to cook in my real life (not properly anyway!) so it’d be good to try and attempt to make some dishes in game anyway. This isn’t that much money either so if I’m really bored and want something new, it won’t break the bank for me.

  • Yankee Candle Set of 2 Celebration Large Jars (Red Velvet & Celebrate).

I know I spoke about Celebrate last month (link here) but this is sold as a set so sadly I couldn’t avoid mentioning this candle again. My favourite Yankee Candle is Red Velvet but sadly it has been discontinued in the UK, so whenever I find it for sale at a decent price I usually want to buy it. These candles are being sold by QVC at a bargain and whilst they are currently on a waiting list, me and my boyfriend are probably going to be picking these up. I’ll keep Red Velvet and he can have Celebrate. QVC always offer some really good deals so keep your eyes peeled on them for these.

  • Vans Realm Backpack in Stars and Stripes Print.

I’m not in any need of a new backpack, but I’m keeping my eye firmly peeled on this one for in future sales. It’s a really pretty Vans one with stars and stripes print all over. My current backpack is amazing, but I have a feeling by the end of uni life it’ll be on its last days. I would like a purple galaxy print backpack, but I shall still keep my eye on this one. I may be trying to get away from my skate/snow style but I love my backpacks, they’re comfortable and roomy.

  • Yankee Candle Love is in the Air Hearts Melt Warmer.

I’ve been after a new wax tart warmer for ages, as whilst my current one does the job, it is badly chipped in most places and not exactly the best to look at due to it. Plus I only paid a couple of quid for it, so I can’t complain much. Who can deny a cute melt warmer, which will leave your melts in heart shapes? I’ll wait for this to go into the sale mind, as I’m not paying over £10 for this. That’s just too much for me.

  • My Neighbour Totoro Notebook.

I love notebooks. I always want a new one and I honestly don’t know why. But for my dissertation I really want this notebook. I’d carry it around with me everywhere for ideas and to jot bits and pieces in. This isn’t that expensive and I’m pretty sure it isn’t official, but I’m not that bothered about it. I love My Neighbour Totoro so I can’t really deny this being mine. I have also spied an Attack on Titan notebook that looks exactly the same as this one, but I don’t think any are for sale over on eBay at the moment… I will keep my eye out though.

  • Nendoroid Yoshino.

Finally we have a Nendoroid I’m after and my boyfriend has actually bought for me. I’ve always been drawn to this Nendoroid and whilst I don’t know why, I do at the same time. I mean, look how cute she is!? She’s from the anime Date A Live, which I’ve only started watching recently and whilst it is rather odd, it’s also pretty cool too. I need to finish watching the first season so I can move onto the second, which started not long ago in Japan. Nendoroids have definitely turned into my guilty nerdy pleasure and I just can’t help but be fascinated by them. They’re so damn cute and make great collectables for adults and anime fans alike. She didn’t even cost that much including postage which is amazing. The sad news is I won’t be able to have her until August, sad times. But she’ll certainly be worth the wait!

So what do you have on your wish list this month? Make sure to let me know in the comments down below.

Until next time, take care all and see you soon.

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March Favourites 2015

1 Apr

Wow it’s April already and I’m somewhat excited for this month. It’s my boyfriends birthday in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to give him his presents.

As well as that it’s Easter and soon we can have a couple of lazy days to eat chocolate… Well you might be able to, but I probably won’t!

Either way March flew by and it was a pretty decent month. It was hard to try and think of some favourites as I hadn’t even realised how much I was even using some of my products until I looked around my room and pretending I was getting ready to go out.

That sounds bizarre I know, but here we go.

  • Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this lip liner, so after swatching it in Boots, I decided to pick it up. Since buying this I’ve done nothing but use it. This is a gorgeous pink nude lip liner that works on its own or underneath a lip colour of a similar shade. The best thing about this lip liner is the packaging. It isn’t one you need to sharpen (which I HATE) and instead is one you quickly twist up to get more pencil. It’s also really creamy to apply but I always pop some lip balm on underneath to keep my lips moisturised, as well as give myself some more comfort when applying this. I’ll hopefully review this soon, as it’s just too good not to. But even so, I doubt there is much point as this lip liner is loved by so many that people probably already know how good it is. We shall see!

  • Lush Pot O’ Gold Shower Jelly.

I’ve really started to get back into the shower products by Lush lately and I find they’re at a pretty decent price too. Their Mother’s Day range has now come and gone and we currently only have the Easter range left to take advantage of whilst it’s around. Which of course I have done. I remember smelling this jelly a while ago and I didn’t think much about it, but when I popped back in a few weeks ago I fell in love and bought it straight away. It smells just like Honey I Washed The Kids Soap which I LOVE. Not only that but it’s a gorgeous yellow gold colour and gives off a bit of shimmer when you use it. I’m going to be reviewing this before it leaves us soon as it’s just too good not to talk about. I can’t wait to review it now.

  • Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy EDP.

I’ve mentioned this perfume time and time again on my blog and this is my second, maybe third bottle of this now. It’s by far one of my favourites and will always be one I pop on during the summer too. This smells yummy and of berries, especially blueberries and is very strong too. It doesn’t remind me of the original Fantasy in any way, shape, or form (which I also really like) which is what I love the most about it. The bottle even looks gorgeous! This is a strong perfume too and whenever I wear it out I get compliments of how nice I smell, which I can’t complain about! Just love this one so much.

  • Nivea Rescue & Care Hand Balm.

My hand creams have been letting me down lately, even my L’Occitane ones which I’m pretty disappointed about. So whilst I was out food shopping I picked this one up which was on offer at the time. It’s one of the best hand creams I’ve bought for a long time! I use this before I pop out the house for the day and it leaves my hands lovely and soft for ages. It also has a light and pleasant smell to it which I really like. For a hand cream that is aimed towards dry and chapped hands, it isn’t thick which is another plus for me. I’d definitely pick this up again, probably for my bag next.

  • Burt’s Bees Refreshing Lip Balm in Pink Grapefruit.

This was one of my Christmas presents from my friend Poppy and it’s one I’ve really enjoyed using since then. I love Burt’s Bees lip balms and sadly I recently accidentally left my one in my work trousers, which resulted in a ruined lip balm. I was gutted but oh well, shit happens. Either way the Burt’s Bees lip balms really are moisturising and I find this one is rather thick for a tube too which I love. I’ve been applying this throughout the day when I’m at home, as well as in the evenings and before bed. It smells of pink grapefruit which really wakes you up if you use it in the morning. I would love to try more Burt’s Bees in the future!

So those were my favourites for this month. What products have you been enjoying? Make sure to let me know in the comments!

Until next time, take care all and see you soon.

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