I just wanted to post a quick update for regular readers, as well as new ones. I will be back on my blog this week (probably tomorrow in fact!) but due to having five assignments in the past week I’ve been so busy. I only have one left, which is due Thursday, YAY!

I’m in the process of writing a long haul post, which will be scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday.

But in the meantime, take these pictures of puppies. Me and my boyfriend keep researching what dog we would like to get in the future, so these are just a few we’ve been looking at.

Australian Shephard:

Image taken from weheartit.com

Australian Cattle Dog:

Image taken from weheartit.com

Finnish Lapphund:

Image taken from weheartit.com

And on that note, I must go and look at more cute puppy pictures!

I hope all my readers are well and hello to any new ones. But for now, I must dash.

Take care all, and see you soon.

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