Models Own Sticky Fingers Nail Polish in Sweet Candy – Review


Recently as you’ll have seen on my haul of Models Own products, you’ll have seen this nail polish in there. The Stick Fingers collection by Models Own is a new addition to their ever growing nail polish collections and is one I’m glad to have bought from.

I decided I was going to go for the 6 for £20 offer as soon as Models Own announced that their Speckled Eggs collection would be a part of the offer and as there are 5 polishes in said collection, I just had one more product to pick up. I didn’t really want any lip products and as regular readers of my blog will know, I don’t wear any other make up other than lip and nail products. So I left off ordering for a while so that I could have time to think what other product I could pick up.

After seeing Brit Nails review and swatches of the Sticky Fingers collection, I knew what I wanted to add as my sixth item! I also knew which one of the seven polishes in the collection I wanted, Sweet Candy.

As I just mentioned there are seven different nail polishes in this collection, Pastel Petals (which comes in Green Gladiola and Lilac Dream), POW Nails (which comes in Red Alert and Black Magic), Bows (Pastel Pink), Blobs & Drops (Snow White) and finally the one I have which is Sweet Candy (Nude Beige).






As I mentioned before Sweet Candy comes with a Nude Beige nail polish, as well as with some stickers that you apply to the nail. Each polish in the Sticky Fingers collection comes with these and due to the theme of sweets and candy, mine came with stickers related to these, such as ice cream, sweets, candy, candy floss, doughnuts, cake, cupcakes, cupcake sprinkles, lollipops, candy canes, as well as two cute little gingerbread men, which I doubt I will EVER use!

Now enough of the minor details! Let’s get really into depth about the nail polish itself, as well as how the stickers apply!

The nail polish is Nude Beige (sorry I know this is the third time mentioning this now!) and applies to the nail beautifully in two coats. One coat COULD be enough but as I wanted the colour to be pigmented I went with two to be on the safe side. Personally I felt that this dried with a slight gel feel, which I really did like.

Lasting power was really quite good with this nail polish and I didn’t even wear a top coat with it… Well apart from the middle finger that I applied one of the stickers onto. I got a lot of compliments on the polish itself when I went out wearing it and since then I’ve worn it quite a few times.

Even without the stickers this polish would have been gorgeous alone and I can see me wearing it like this in the future, especially for both spring and autumn!

Now onto the stickers! I would have worn a sticker for each nail but I want to make sure that the stickers last, so I decided just one on my ring finger would look gorgeous and alas, it did! The stickers apply really easily and boy, do they stay! I applied a top coat on top of the sticker mind to ensure to give it some staying power but I probably didn’t need it to be fair.

The way you’re meant to apply the stickers is to paint your nails as usual with the Nude Beige shade and when it’s dried you apply your stickers to the nail and hey presto, you’re done! Of course apply a top coat if you do so wish.

I won’t lie, a part of me did think that the sticker would fall off within a few days and begin to peel away but hell no, this baby stuck! When I sadly had to remove this nail polish for work, the polish itself came off with a few twists in my nail remover pot but no matter how much I scrubbed with cotton pads and twirled my nail around in the pot, it wouldn’t budge! In the end I had to pick off the sticker with my nails, which wasn’t so bad considering! It shows their staying power, which is pretty awesome!

Overall I LOVE the Sticky Nails collection and although this is probably the only nail polish from the collection I’ll have, I think it’s the best one of the bunch as the stickers are just so cute and due to the gingerbread men and candy canes as stickers of choice, this polish can be used at Christmas too.

Here are some pictures of my nails with Sweet Candy applied!


What do you think of the Sticky Fingers collection? Have you seen them before and added them to your wish list? If so which ones do you want? If you have any questions about this polish, please feel free to leave them in the comments down below.

Models Own Sticky Fingers nail polishes cost £6.00 each and are available from Models Own website, as well as from Boots stores.

Models Own are still doing their 6 for £20 offer, so you could pick up 6 of these for £20 if you do so wish, but hurry as the offer finishes soon! Go to for more details.

Until next time all, take care and I hope you enjoyed my review. 🙂

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P.S. This is my 300th post on my blog! HORRAY!

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