Apologies For Being Quiet…

28 Sep

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The reason for this is that I started university this week and due to that I have been so busy!

I haven’t just been to university 4 days this week, but I’ve also been at work 4 days this week too, so as soon as I finish work I’m off to university for my lectures!

This week however I’m only there 3 days and the week after I won’t be at university at all in the week due to activity week. But even so I’m not promising that I’ll be posting loads.

As I am at work at the same time and it has been a hard week due to it.

HOWEVER I will be trying my best to get posts out there, but for the first month I may be a little behind due to university and work and such.

For my three monthly posts they’ll be spread out over next week which will be good.

Right now I’m going to spend the rest of the night juggling blog posts, reading for one of my modules at university as well as chilling out with my boyfriend.

So I’m sorry for being quiet, but work and university is more important I’m afraid.

I hope everyone is well and until next time, take care all!

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Autumn Is Here!

23 Sep

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Yes it is officially here! As of today autumn 2014 is upon us and I intend to make the most of it this year and as I do every year, I’m going to write a post about it too.

This year I’m getting my boyfriend to contribute in a few things that he likes about autumn too, just to make it a little different this year.

AND I know everyone usually posts the same things as one another on these types of posts but… Whatever I’m going to do it anyway! :P

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  • Hot drinks.

You can’t go wrong with meeting up with loved ones and friends to have a good catch up over your favourite hot autumn drink. Over the weekend I tried Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte and I didn’t actually think I would enjoy it, it turns out I love it! I’m not a fan of chai latte like some due to how spicy and cinnamon it tastes so I imagined that PSL would be the same, oh how wrong I was! It is somewhat sickly but with some whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkles it makes it somewhat less sickly. I can definitely see why people love that drink for autumn and winter! Alongside that I love to have their peppermint mocha, but that’s also more of a winter drink for Christmas. Another drink I love to have over the autumn season is Costa’s hot spiced apple. If you’ve never tried it then do but if you aren’t a fan of sickly drinks then ask for a lot less than they put in, they usually fill it quite high. I asked my boyfriend what his favourite how drink was for autumn and he said, “Hot Ribena.” It’s a good choice as now I want one!

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  • Burgundy and mustard.

Burgundy has always been my go to colour for autumn and last year wine bottle green also came into it, however this year I am in love with mustard! I’ve already bought myself two mustard coloured jumpers and I intend to buy myself a mustard coloured dress next… Talk about obsessed! These two shades symbolise autumn to a tee for me and you can dress them both up with navy and grey shades perfectly and of course black, but black goes with everything.

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  • Jumpers and cardigans.

No one can resist a soft and snuggly jumper or cardigan and I am one of those people for sure! I love when the middle of September is here because we start to see all the shops stocking loads of snuggly jumpers and thick cardigans for us to buy and wear! As I mentioned above I’ve already bought myself some jumpers ready for the colder weather, as well as that I’ve also bought myself a new cardigan, which I’m already living in! I love big snuggly jumpers that you can hide your hands inside and snuggle up in whilst out and about! I don’t know why but I’ve really wanted turtle neck jumpers this year and so far I’ve bought one… I don’t know if I’ll buy anymore. We shall see!

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  • Yankee Candles.

Who doesn’t like Yankee Candles? If you don’t GET OUT! No I joke! I love scented candles but as the years have gone by Yankee Candles seem to be the number 1 choice for me now and I don’t really burn anything else… Unless I wish to burn it for less than 4 hours. I have four Yankee Candles, Sweet Strawberry, Berrylicious, Christmas Cookie and Red Velvet. Red Velvet is my favourite for autumn but as this candle is discontinued I don’t have the heart to burn it! As soon as I spot a large jar of it, I shall buy! But for now I’m saving my candle. My boyfriend is currently burning a candle from Village Candles in the scent Brownie Delight. It smells just like chocolate brownies and is so yummy! I need to write-up a Yankee Candle wish list for autumn soon…

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  • Crisp autumn leaves.

I love leaves in autumn, they’re so dried up and crunchy and sound amazing as you walk through them. Don’t you think so? I love wearing my Chelsea boots or Dr Martens whilst walking through the leaves, it just makes everything seem so lush and nostalgic to when you were a child. Not only does it make me feel great walking through the leaves but the photographer inside me does somersaults of joy as soon as the trees begin to turn those gorgeous red, brown and yellow that we all love and enjoy seeing. I really can’t wait to get my photography on this year!

I think I’m all autumn’d out now! I asked my boyfriend about what things he liked about autumn and he said, “I like how it shows that winter will soon be here, that’s my favourite season.” he also said, “As it starts to get colder it means I can start wearing my beanies again.” Which he practically lives in if the weather isn’t too warm! He’s a snowboarder so winter will always be his favourite season.

But autumn is mine and I’m glad it’ll be around for a while!

Do you like autumn? What do you like about it? Make sure to let me know in the comments.

Until next time, take care all and go out and start enjoying the autumn season.

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Mee-Cha Bubble Tea & Frozen Yogurt, Birmingham – Review

22 Sep

Image taken from mee-cha.com

A few weeks ago Mee-Cha advertised on their Facebook page that they wanted bloggers to write a review about their lovely bubble tea and frozen yogurt store. As I’m a huge fan of their bubble tea already I dropped them a message to ask if they wished for me to write a review and I think it’s pretty obvious what their answer was.

So I am here to tell you why you need to pop to Mee-Cha the next time you go to The Bullring!

I’ve briefly mentioned Mee-Cha in the past but I wanted to dedicate a whole post to them as quite frankly they deserve it.

A paradise for your taste buds in the heart of Bullring, Mee-Cha is an oasis for cool, refreshing drinks and delicious 100% fat-free frozen yoghurt’s, complete with a range of fruity toppings and yummy sauces. Create and tailor your very own mix of revitalising flavours and experience a great new concept of refreshments.
Think Refreshments… Think Mee-Cha…

Mee-Cha was started in 2011-2012 and their original name was actually Moo-Cha, which they changed after the start of this year. It is a bubble tea and frozen yogurt stall that is in The Bullring in Birmingham and it’s an amazing place to go if you want something different to drink whilst on the go or for a yummy frozen treat when its hot outiside. But what makes Mee-Cha different to any other food stall in The Bullring? Well, I’ll tell you!

Image taken from mee-cha.com

First let me tell you about Bubble Tea!

Bubble tea was first created in the 1980’s in Taiwan! But it is only recently that it has gone global and now can be found in pretty much every city! It has quite a few combinations of names around the world including pearl tea, boba tea, boba nai cha and zhen zhu nai cha! It’s becoming an extremely popular craze – so popular that in Germany even McDonalds sells bubble tea.

Mee-Cha’s fruity drinks are fat-free and completely refreshing, which means you are having a guilt-free treat! As well as that their tapioca pearls are freshly and constantly cooked throughout the day and have a chewy caramel texture and if you don’t believe me then you’ll see them boiling for yourself when you get there!

When I first tried bubble tea I was alarmed by the odd sensation I got whilst drinking it, due to what the squishy balls (tapioca pearls or popping bubbles) feel and taste like when they come up the straw in the drink. With tapioca pearls they’re squishy and taste like a coffee/chocolate flavour, whilst the popping bubbles can come in all sorts of flavours, usually fruity. My favourite are strawberry. When these enter your mouth they usually pop and when they burst they release the flavour that you chose.

As well as these, you can also get jellies which in my opinion aren’t to my liking but that’s sort of each to your own style opinion. I can’t really say much on these other than them not being like proper jelly at all but more of a solid version of jelly and very chewy. They aren’t to my liking, but they might be to you.

Bubble Tea is something everyone needs to try at least once and everyone I have introduced it to has loved it!

Image taken from mee-cha.com

At Mee-Cha you can get all sorts of flavours to create all sorts of yummy combinations, just take a look at the menu above.

When you arrive at the stall you will be asked 4 different things to complete you bubble tea order, which flavour you would like, which tea you would like, which style of drink you would like, and finally which toppings you would like. With bubble coffee however you would of course skip the part of the order where you would pick tea, but otherwise it’s pretty much the same procedure and it’s as easy as that!

I won’t lie, the process of ordering from Mee-Cha can be a little overwhelming, I mean look at that menu! My friends as well as my boyfriend still get a little flustered whenever I go there with them and I often take over the order for them so that they don’t get too worried that they order the wrong thing. However the staff as Mee-Cha are all really lovely and if you’re confused about what something is don’t feel too shy to ask, they won’t bite and will answer your question(s) no problem.

Image taken from mee-cha.com

Here are the four simple steps you’ll undergo to make your yummy drink!

Step One – Choose your flavour:

You can choose from 3 types of drink bubble tea, bubble coffee or bubble slush.

With bubble tea there are two styles of drink to choose from, milky or fruity and with them both you have 11 choices each! Although these are called bubble tea, you do get to choose if you have these with or without tea, but more on that in step two.

Bubble coffee gives you 11 choices of drink too and of course contains coffee, these are a great alternative to a Starbucks frappuccino!

Bubble slush also has 11 choices of flavour and don’t come with any toppings, although you can add them if you do so wish. These are great on hot days to cool you down, a great alternative to a Slush Puppy and probably better for you as well.

Step Two – Choose your tea:

With bubble tea you will be asked which tea you would like in your drink, green tea, black tea or no tea. I guess this all depends on your own tastes really! I like to mix it up depending on which drink I have. I often go for green tea with lighter coloured drinks and black tea with darker coloured drinks. I can’t say I have yet bought a drink from Mee-Cha and not had any tea in it! If you aren’t a fan of tea but would like it in your drink, let a member of staff know and they won’t put in too much for you and vice versa if you love tea and would like extra!

Step Three – Choose your style:

There are five styles to choose from, hot, warm, cold, with ice or even slush (costs 50p extra). When I’m cold in the winter months I often go for warm as it goes really nice with the milky bubble tea and bubble coffee. Cold is usually the best choice though and even slush when it’s boiling outside and you want a healthy alternative to a Slush Puppy.

Finally Step Four – Choose your toppings:

Image taken from mee-cha.com

You have four choices of toppings for your drink, tapioca pearls, popping bubbles, jellies or even red bean. I can’t say I have ever tried red bean in a bubble drink but I have in sweets from Yo Sushi and they aren’t my cup of tea! However tapioca pearls are really good in milky drinks, especially if they’re warm as they go super gooey and chewy, yum!

Image taken from mee-cha.com

Popping bubbles are always what I go for and you can get lychee, mango, strawberry (my favourite), passionfruit, cherry (another favourite), and yoghurt (another favourite).

Image taken from mee-cha.com

You can get jellies too which when they go up the straw taste of the flavour you pick but personally they aren’t for me, although I am inclined to try them out again soon. They have a sort of gooey sweetie like texture which kind of makes me cringe but otherwise they taste really nice. Don’t be put off by my fussiness! The flavours you can get for these are lychee, pineapple, mango, green apple (these are the ones I tried), strawberry, and aloe vera.

Then you pay for your drink, watch the process of it being made and then you can enjoy!

To give you an example of how the process or ordering works out I’m going to give you a couple of examples of some of my favourite drinks to order from the menu. I wish I had of had something like this, or someone who had ordered bubble tea before to guide me through the ordering process, as I was a bit anxious when I ordered my first drink. But as I said before the staff were lovely and helped me order a drink that is now down as one of my favourites!

Bubble tea option 1:

Milky green tea latte (matcha), with black tea, warm, and with yoghurt popping bubbles.

Bubble tea option 2:

Fruity green apple, with green tea, cold, and with strawberry or cherry popping bubbles.

Bubble coffee:

Coconut, cold, and with tapioca pearls.

Image taken from mee-cha.com

If however you aren’t in the mood for a bubble tea Mee-Cha also offers frozen yoghurt and let me tell you if I fancy a treat I opt for going there and I’ll tell you why!

When I first visited Mee-Cha back at the start of 2012 I bought one of their frozen yoghurt’s and it was amazing. For just under £3.00 I picked up the smallest tub of ice cream and got to have as many toppings on it as my greedy gut desired.

Unlike the process of bubble tea, ordering yourself a frozen yoghurt is pretty straight forward and only really requires 2 or 3 steps.

Step One – Which flavour?

You can choose between original and vanilla.

Step Two – Which size and do you want toppings?

You can choose mini, small, medium, large or even a fruit parfait. You also get the choice of whether or not you would like toppings. This only applies to mini, small, medium and large and costs an extra 80p on all of them apart from large, which costs a £1.00 extra.

Image taken from mee-cha.com

Step Three – Pick your toppings!

As you can see from the above image you have loads of choice and you know what? You can STILL have as many as you do so wish! I think that’s amazing to be honest considering most places will only let you have 3 and charge you for each additional topping.

Image taken from mee-cha.com

Like most places these days Mee-Cha offer a loyalty card and I of course have one… I’ve probably been through 5 of these already to be honest and I recommend them to everyone who visits Mee-Cha! After 10 stamps you will earn yourself a free bubble tea or a small frozen yoghurt, which is great of course. You of course earn a stamp every time you buy a drink or a frozen yoghurt. These are free to pick up and each one you use up you just start a fresh one.

Some other great things that Mee-Cha do (“Wait!” I hear you ask, “There’s more?”) is their promotions and discounts! They offer 10% to students with NUS cards as well as staff who work at The Bullring in Birmingham. Not bad eh?!

Image taken from mee-cha.com

At the moment they have an awesome deal on where you buy 1 get one half price from 22/09/14 – 25/09/14 and from 29/09/14 – 02/10/14!

Over the past 2 years Mee-Cha have grown into a successful little bubble tea stall and I really hope for the future that they open their own shop as I think that would be amazing!

Here are all the links you may wish to check out from Mee-Cha

Official website




So! Will you be going to pay them a visit next time you’re in The Bullring? I know I’ll be heading there at some point this week!

Make sure to let me know that you’ve been and if you go to the store with a recommendation from my blog, please make sure to mention it! The staff at Mee-Cha are such amazing people and work really hard to give their customers yummy drinks and yoghurt.

Until next time, take care all and I hope you all have a great week.

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One Lovely Blog Award

21 Sep

On Thursday I was nominated by my good friend Amy over at Von Dork for the One Lovely Blog Award! It was unexpected when I saw a random tweet from her in my notifications with dozens of fellow bloggers tagged for this award and when I found out what it was for I was super happy! I highly recommend Amy’s blog, she’s one of my closest friends and I’ve guest posted on her blog many times! She still owes me a guest post. :P

The rules of the award:

1. Thank the person nominating you and link back to them in your post.

2. Share seven things about yourself.

3. Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.

4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know.

  1. I’ve known my best friend 20 years this year. Boy how time flies! I can’t believe we’ve known each other that long, it’s really amazing. I think we’ll be best friends forever and I hope we do indeed become those old ladies you see in coffee shops sharing a pot of tea and talking about their latest piece of knitting.
  2. I love foxes and I’m one of those people who when my friends and family see anything fox related, chances are they’ll think of me. It’s become an obsession to say the least!
  3. My favourites shades of lip colour are definitely dark pink, red and purple. I have always been a huge fan of dark pink shades, ever since I was a little girl so I’ve always swayed towards them. However with red I only started to dare to wear it when I was studying my undergraduate degree at university. Finally this past year purples have come to be a staple lip colour in my life and every couple of months that pass by, I dare to go a brighter or even darker shade of purple.
  4. Autumn is by far my favourite season! I love the colours at the time of year, as well as the weather changes and how dark it gets really early. It also means that Halloween and Bonfire Night are soon upon us as well, which are two of my favourite events of the year! Autumn is just such a fun month and it’s an excuse to wear big thick jumpers and drink lots of coffee and hot chocolate.
  5. Lady & The Tramp is my all time favourite Disney movie. It’s so cute and a typical love story that makes my heart melt and go all gooey and soft. Plus I love dogs so it already got me by the heart-strings when you see Lady as a puppy pop out of that box with a red bow around her neck.
  6. Speak of dogs, I am craving a puppy so badly! I think my boyfriend and I are going to wait until we have our own place to finally get a puppy. I think we recently came to a decision which breed we might buy too…
  7. Lately I’ve been listening to Maroon 5 loads and came to realise they are one of my favourite bands. Alongside those Evanescence, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Flyleaf and The Pretty Reckless are just handful of my favourite bands.


  1. Mish from Mish Mreow – I met this amazing girl at VintSetFest over a year ago and out of the hundreds of girls who attended that event, she was the only one to actually hold a conversation with me and quite frankly I’ll never forget that. That was my first ever blogger meet up and it was really not as great as I imagined it would be. However having a chat with her was amazing and as well as that she is an amazing blogger. She loves purple lipstick and isn’t your usual beauty blogger, she’s different and I like different. If you like the more alternative side of make up, as well as great reviews, then you’ll love her.
  2. Emma from Milk Teef – She’s such an amazing blogger, who keeps her blog post pictures looking clean and fresh. She’s also very pretty! I love when she swatches and reviews lip products as the pictures she puts up for them look great.
  3. Alex from Bambella – A great fashion blogger with a unique sense of style! I can’t even remember how I came across her blog but I followed her as soon as I went through a few pages of her blog. Check her out if you need some style inspiration.
  4. Zoe from A New Chapter – A beauty blogger who is down to earth and I love her for it. She replies to your comments and sounds so sweet and friendly. She doesn’t have an SLR or any swanky editing footage and I actually like it, it shows you don’t need all that photography jargon to run a good blog. :)
  5. Jess from Dungarees And Donuts – I heard about Jess through Mish and I really love her blog. She’s the type of blogger where when you read her posts you really can relate and I love how she doesn’t just focus on one topic or theme, she covers everything! I really do enjoy reading her blog.
  6. Mary from Strike A Pose – This blogger is going places, fast! She’s such a lovely girl and although she gets loads of comments on posts she replies to the majority of them. She’s covered beauty, fashion, lifestyle and even shares helpful posts for bloggers who are new as well as old. If she isn’t in the position beauty bloggers like Tanya Burr and Zoella are in the future, then I’ll be shocked, by far one of my favourite bloggers out there.
  7. Becky from Milk Bubble Tea – She has such a lovely clean-looking blog with mostly pastel shades. As well as that I am in LOVE with her Dachshund Oscar, I want a puppy do badly.
  8. Mikhila from Miss Budget Beauty – The 30 lipsticks in 30 days that she did a while ago got me excited for a new day just to see what lipstick she would be talking about! As well as that I love her lip product reviews and the swatches she puts up are perfect.
  9. Laura from Beyond Blush – Laura is a Canadian blogger and I love her reviews! She reviews all sorts but my favourites are of course her lipstick and nail polish reviews. I recommend her!
  10. Mali from Maliberry Makeup – One of my friends and by far one of my favourite bloggers out there! I love Mali and if you don’t go and check her out then you are missing out!
  11. Caroline from Sparkly Vodka – I love Caroline! She has the same taste in fashion as I do and I just love how thorough her reviews are for products. She’s such an awesome blogger, definitely one of my favourites out there.
  12. Sarah from Found On Film – Sarah is so awesome! I read her blog occasionally but I’m more for her YouTube channel and have been subscribed to her on there since… 2008/2009. So for a long LONG time!
  13. Beaumaquillagex – Amazing blogger and I especially love her lip reviews and swatches and they show off the colours accurately. She comments on my posts every now and again too, which makes me smile.
  14. Emma from Kitten Moustache – An alternative blogger who I really do like! I discovered her through her YouTube channel so when I found out she had a blog too I went to check her out. She pulls of black lipstick perfectly. Definitely go check her out if you’re an alternative girl like me. P.S. Her septum piercing suits her perfectly too!
  15. Hannah from The Diary Of A Poor Girl - The modern-day/real life Bridget Jones! She’s not a beauty blogger or a fashion blogger but a lifestyle blogger and I love her for it. She writes so honestly and on some occasions I’ve found myself really relating to her from either the past or present. Check her out if you’re a single lady, or even a taken one. She’s amazing and needs her own column in a magazine.
  16. Sarah from Temporary-Secretary – I couldn’t do one of these styles of posts and not mention Sarah, so I’ve saved the best until last. Sarah is an amazing blogger who writes about a bit of everything. She’s one of the top bloggers out there and I’ve had the privilege of having her leave comments on my blog, which made me so DAMN HAPPY! Other than that she is such a lovely blogger and if you aren’t following her already, then why not? Get on her blog now!


I just want to thank Amy again for nominating me! Now go forth all the bloggers I have tagged and take part in the One Lovely Blog Award!

Until next time, take care all and I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend!

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I’m Going Back To University!

18 Sep

Image taken from weheartit.com

Yes it is official, I’m going back to university! This was something I was meant to do last year and the fact that I have gone through with it this year has really made me happy. BUT I won’t lie I’m also completely shitting myself.

I’ll be going to study my creative writing masters, which is a huge thing for me as it means I’m finally sorting out my career.

I left university in 2011, that’s 3 whole years of not learning anything… Well apart from when I went to study a short photography course at college, but I don’t think that counts!

Either way I am a mixture of excited and frightened and the fact that this has been a decision made within a week, it means I’m super stressed too.

I’m not studying in Birmingham but in Gloucester and Cheltenham so I’ll be having a dramatic change in my life for the rest of 2014. I’ll not only be traveling there and back for 4 days of the week but I’ll also be working 5 days a week. As well as that I’m hoping to move down there in mid-late October.

I’m really hoping to join some societies when I’m down there too, preferably the anime and snow societies!

I’m glad to have Poppy, one of my closest friends live down there as well as having my boyfriend come and live with me. My family and friends are being incredibly supportive and without them I wouldn’t even consider trying to take my masters again so I just want to thank them like 100 million times for helping me gain this opportunity and going through with it.

I’ll be keeping you all up to date with how my postgraduate university experience goes!

But I thought I would post this quick update on here… I really hope I do okay, please have your fingers crossed for me. ^_^

Until next time, take care all and I hope you’re having a good week.

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Do I Look 60’s Enough Yet? – What I Wore (13th September 2014)

16 Sep

Another what I wore post, already?! Wow I’m really on the ball this month, aren’t I? I think it’s because I love September so much and with some new knit wear to try out I’m likely to want to do posts about what I’m wearing.

I love autumn and with it finally coming up next week I’m getting out my jumpers and cardigans to wrap up warm in and after buying myself two new jumpers and a cardigan a few weeks back I’m ready for autumn already!

On Saturday my boyfriend and I decided to go for an afternoon walk and so I took him to a park in Birmingham that he had never been to before, due to him being from Coventry. We had a good walk around, enjoying the nature as well as the wildlife in the area whilst we both did a spot of photography too.

It was a last-minute decision to take some pictures for a look post on my blog and whilst the pictures aren’t the best in the world, I really like them and I especially love the outfit I wore as it was comfortable, warm and perfect for a late summer walk.

Glasses – Ernest Hemingway.

Lips – Maybelline Superstay 10hr Tint Gloss in Forever Coral.

Mustard Jumper – Zara.

Tartan Skirt – Primark.

Tights – Tesco.

Chelsea Boots – Topshop.

Wow how 60’s does my outfit look eh? Mustard jumper and a blue skirt! This reminds me of the sort of outfit my Mom would have worn when she was my age.

With my autumn clothing I love big baggy jumpers you can really snuggle into, as well as ones that make you feel toasty and warm without the need of a coat! I’m obsessed with the colour mustard this year and have literally been pining after a mustard jumper. So when I went shopping with my friend Poppy a few Saturday’s ago I just KNEW I needed to buy one. We didn’t have to look far for me to find one and I spotted this gorgeous mustard jumper in Zara. I only ever look in Zara when I’m out shopping with Poppy and I don’t know why because their autumn and winter pieces are amazing! Think I will be venturing in there more this year. As well as that I picked up another mustard jumper from Forever 21, but that one is a turtle neck. I’ll be sure to wear that soon for a look post!

I love my new jumper from Zara and is already one of my favourite jumpers that I can see me wearing a lot in both autumn and winter. This would look great with a pair of skinny fit jeans, and a white or black shirt underneath with the collar peeking out of the top. This jumper makes me feel really good about myself as it isn’t too tight or too baggy and really feels good on my body whilst I wear it.

My skirt was a complete bargain from Primark! It was only £5 and is perfect for all year around, especially autumn and winter due to the blue and grey shades of tartan. I’ve worn this with all sorts of clothing and whilst I love this skirt it is on the short side, so does tend to make me paranoid… But with a good pair of tights and someone to warn me of any bum shots, it’s wearable.

As I have been so much lately, I wore my Chelsea boots with this outfit. They work with pretty much everything and are super comfortable and warm, as well as looking amazing. They really compliment this outfit which makes me happy.

I can safely say that I thoroughly enjoyed mine and my boyfriends walk around the park. We spotted some squirrels running around the leaves and having a feed in the trees, some ducks having a rest, some geese pestering us to feed them and finally a caterpillar finding an attraction to one of my boots. Clearly he/she had taste!

Either way this will be the perfect outfit for autumn and with only a week left to prep for all the gorgeous autumn days, I think I’m near enough ready!

And of course in true what I wore post spirit I always post a picture of me and my boyfriend, or at least a picture of him.

He’s so precious!

Oh and speaking of autumn, you like my new header? I love it!

So, what do you think of my look? What colours are you liking this autumn? Let me know all your answers in the comments down below!

Until next time take care all and have a good week.

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14 Sep

Image taken from weheartit.com

It’s Sunday and I’m currently sat in bed watching Animal Saints and Sinners whilst I catch up on blog posts over on Bloglovin’ and think about which posts I would like to write for the next week. Then I realised that I haven’t made a blog post since Wednesday! I’ve just been so busy with something happening at the moment (which I hope will happen…) that I haven’t really had time to think of what to write next, let alone write anything!

But I found this tag over on Lauren’s blog and thought I would join in! I rather like Disney and I think most bloggers will agree that they have a soft spot for it too.

So… tag time!

1. Favourite Disney Film?

Definitely Lady and The Tramp! I remember watching it as a child and falling in love with Lady and even more so with Tramp. I love dogs anyway, so this already is the perfect Disney film for me but the story itself is really sweet and a typical love story. Cannot go wrong!

2. Favourite Disney Character?

I’m not sure to be honest… I don’t really have one who I love the most really. I do rather like Dumbo and Lucky as they’re both so sweet and innocent but really strong characters at the same time.

3. Favourite Disney Princess?

Either Pocahontas or Mulan as they’re both such strong women who think of others before themselves and do whatever they can to help those who they love but try their hardest to try and find out who they are.

4. Rather be Aurora or Cinderella?

Cinderella as she’s such a strong person and I wish I could be like that.

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5. Rather be Hercules or Tarzan?

Tarzan, swinging through trees, hanging out with animals and having a nice tan? Gimme that any day! ;)

6. Rather be Lizzie McGuire or Raven Baxter?

Raven Baxter! I loved That’s So Raven when I was growing up! I never missed an episode.

7. Favourite Disney Song?

I’m really not sure to be honest… There are just so many… Damn I can’t pick!

8. Which Disney character would be your best friend?

I’d like to think Alice as we’re both adventurous people who are trying to escape reality for a while. We would go on mad adventures and then study together at the end of the day.

Image taken from weheartit.com

9. Which Disney character would be your pet?

Lady and Tramp, as well as all their pups! I love would to have them both in real life. :’)

10. Have you ever been to Disneyland?

I haven’t, but I hope to in the near future. It has been a dream to go all my life. :(

Well that was short but a very enjoyable tag to take part in! Now who do I tag? All of you of course, as I always do! If you decide to take part in this tag make sure to let me know in the comments down below so that I can go and view your post!

Sorry I’ve been quiet this week, it won’t be like that next week so don’t worry!

Until next time, take care all and see you in the week.

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