August Favourites 2014

1 Sep


It’s September… Really 2014, really? I know I say this every month and I think I always will but bloody hell is this year going quick! They say times goes fast when you’re having fun, but I wouldn’t say this year has been 100% fun… I’m going off subject now!

It was actually really hard to pick my favourites this month, I don’t know why!


  • I Love… Cosmetics Hand Wash in Mango & Papaya.

I bought this on a whim as it was only a £1, I needed hand wash, and I rather like I Love… Cosmetics products. I’ve been using this for the past couple of weeks now and it’s a really lovely hand wash to use. It leaves your hands feeling lovely and soft, as well as smelling fresh and beautiful! I would definitely try their other hand washes and I’m sure I will be as soon as this one finishes. A little bit of this hand wash goes a long way, which is great! Try it whilst it’s on offer for a £1 in Boots!

  • Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire EDP.

I’ve mentioned this perfume before in a previous favourites post and I still love it! During the cold and rainy weather this has been the scent that has really picked me up when I’ve been feeling a bit sluggish and bleh. I think this will definitely be my scent for autumn and winter this year, as it’s such a lovely warming scent and you can’t go wrong with that, eh? If you want to read more about it, check out this post.

  • Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Shower Gel.

I LOVE this shower gel so as soon as some of my shower gels were finished up and thrown away, I was able to pull this out of my toiletries cupboard and pop it on the side of my shower/bath. This smells like key lime pie and due to the citrus scent of it, it really does wake you up when you use it, making it perfect for mornings when I feel really sluggish! I’ve worked a lot of early shifts at work throughout August so this really did help wake me up! I’ve already used quite a lot of this shower gel, which  is hardly surprising and as soon as it runs out, I’m sure I’ll pick up another bottle. You can read more about this here.


  • The Body Shop Hand Cream in Coconut.

These are some of The Body Shop’s newest products and I was counting down the days until they came out in store to buy! I randomly popped into one of The Body Shop stores for a look and they had all the samples for their new hand creams out for people to look at and try, but they weren’t for sale. I asked when they would be out, as I was sure I read on a blog that they would be out in August, however I was told by the cashier that they wouldn’t be out until late September. So I let out a disappointed sigh and forgot about it. I randomly popped in for a look and they had them for sale, IN AUGUST! So I picked up Coconut and Strawberry and all I have been using when at home is the Coconut scent. It smells so beautiful and is really relaxing to sniff whilst snuggled up in bed. It leaves my hands gorgeous and soft and even my boyfriend has noticed how it has made my hands feel lovely! This and the Strawberry scent will be reviewed very VERY soon so keep your eyes peeled for it!

  • Etude House Peel Off Base Coat.

Peel off base coats are now becoming something new that all nail polish wearers need, especially if you love wearing glitter nail polish! OPI have brought one out but at a high price, and one I don’t wish to pay for myself. SO to eBay I went (as I always do) and discovered that Etude House have a peel off base coat! So for £3.70 (including P&P) I bought this and it arrived pretty quickly too, as I ordered it from Korea. Since then this has been a staple of mine whenever I use glitter nail polish. I’ll be reviewing this in September as it just NEEDS to be spoken about in further detail.

  • Bath & Body Works PocketBac in Crisp Morning Air.

This is one of the most beautiful PocketBac’s I have come to own and it’s all thanks to Hollie over at Eating Lipstick, who has recently posted quite a few Bath & Body Works haul videos over on her YouTube channel. She mentioned how beautiful Crisp Morning Air smelt and I knew I had to have it. SO I once again ventured over to eBay and found someone selling it for a good price, so I ordered it straight away and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive! When it finally did I was pleasantly surprised that I hadn’t ordered something that I may not like and it really does remind me of autumn. It has a lovely crisp warming scent to it, apples, cinnamon and just yummy goodness but not like a cake smell. It’s hard to describe but I recommend ordering it, or smelling it if you’re over the pond at the moment or soon. I wrote a post about hand sanitizers recently and this one was mentioned in that post, you can check that out here.


  • Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Lip Balm in Berry Bomb.

Another month, another Baby Lips lip balm! This is by far my favourite out of the four I’ve tried! I had seen swatches of this online from bloggers from over the pond so when I heard that it was going to come out in the UK I was super excited! This is a gorgeous purple shade and smells delicious, like dark berries. The only flaw with this is that I’ve bought a shoddy lip balm as this rubs up the side of the tube and before I know it this will break soon, I’ll probably need to buy another one soon. ANYHOO! I love to use this over my purple lip products whilst at work and on the go. Even on its own this shows up really lovely and I really like it. I can see this being a staple, I keep it in my handbag all the time.

  • Carmex Lip Balm in Strawberry (review here).

I’ve been using this a lot lately at home, due to the weather being on and off hot and then cold my lips have taken a turn for the worst and got really dry and sore and to be honest I think Carmex is what has helped them go back to being lovely and soft. This tastes vile mind, I won’t lie nothing like strawberry if you ask me and I much prefer the original due to that, however my original is now close to running out and I need to use this lip balm up anyway! This is alright to use underneath some lip products too, especially stains and lip crayons. I can’t wait to finish this mind so that I can try one of the other Carmex flavours, which include Cherry and Mint.

  • elf Cosmetics Lip Exfoliator.

I read a review for this lip exfoliator a while ago and thought it sounded ideal! I ended up purchasing it as a treat and I’ve ended up being unsure of how I feel about it. It DOES work and leaves my lips feeling lovely and smooth, but at the same time the stick has actually gone a bit deformed in the tube, making it a little awkward to use. This isn’t a major issue mind! As I mentioned above my lips have been horribly dry during August so this and Carmex have both been lifesavers! If you’ve tried Lush’s lip scrub and found it was too fiddly to use then I recommend this for sure! I find the Lush lip scrubs are rubbish and too awkward to use, so this is much easier and tidier too.

  • Collection Lip Butter in Perfect Plum.

I LOVE this lip crayon! I don’t think I’ve ever liked one as much as I do this one. My best friend and I whilst looking around the shops stumbled across these in Boots and we both decided to take up their 2 for £5 offer. I bought Perfect Plum, a near dupe of MAC Rebel and she picked up Vintage Rose. This is so creamy and smooth to apply to the lips and lasts ages too! It’s easy to apply too and doesn’t need sharpening, which makes it great to use on the go or at work. I recommend these to everyone and soon I’ll be writing a review for this as it’s too good not to share and talk about.

Wow I can’t believe it’s September! I’m actually really excited as August was a pretty crap month for me and this month I aim to sort my life out… Well try to anyway, and that’s all you can do!

What were your favourite products for August? Make sure to let me know in the comments down below.

Until next time take care all and happy September.

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Fresh Start September!

29 Aug

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I don’t know why but with September I have always seen it as a fresh start, maybe because of the start of school, college and university. I also love it as it marks the start of autumn, my favourite month!

Overall September is one of my favourite months of the year and if it goes to plan each year then I’m super happy! However if it doesn’t I often end up feeling rather down about it and end up thinking and deciding that the rest of the month and sometimes even the rest of the year will follow the same.

This September I have decided to have a fresh start with loads of new things I will start doing. I always see September as a fresh start anyway but this time I’m facing it with a different approach.

I thought I would share these with you all, as I hope that it will encourage you all to join in with my Fresh Start September, or FSS for short. :P

Mochi ice cream from Wagamama, my own image.

Start: Eating better!

Although I have slowly began this already I’m going to plod on and continue with it. Instead of bread I’m now eating rice crackers, they make a great alternative and don’t contain as many calories either! I’m also trying to eat more fish, eggs and veg as these are all good for you. As much as I love going out for meals with my boyfriend, friends and sometimes my family I need to stop doing this. At one point every weekend my boyfriend and I would go out for a meal on our own or with friends and it needs to stop. Once a week for a treat isn’t bad and even when I was smaller than I am right now, I used to do this but I want to save money. My boyfriend took me out for a treat to Wagamama on Thursday and it was lovely, we didn’t eat too much and shared a pudding instead of having one each. I’d like to limit eating out to once every 2 weeks and that includes takeaways too, but I hardly eat takeaway food. I want to try and start home cooking too, like good old pies, lasagne, etc. It won’t hurt! SO no more snacking on crisps or any rubbish like that! I’m going to aim to try and lose some weight by the New Year.

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Start: Walking everyday!

I used to walk everywhere when I first started college and I used to walk everyday due to it too. Sadly the past two years it has stopped due to being at work all the time and I’m not going to lie, me being too lazy and too tired to move my butt! Times are changing! I miss walking everyday and with England’s beautiful autumn evenings on their way I thought now would be a good time to start walking again. I’ve decided that everyday after work I’ll get my iPod, my most comfortable clothing and a bottle of water and go out for a walk for about half an hour, as that’s the amount we’re meant to walk everyday and I know for a fact I don’t walk that much anymore. Even if I can’t get out to walk due to rain I’m going to try and start going somewhere just to walk around inside, even if that means window shopping in Asda, local shopping centre, hell even Ikea! You can get lost in there due to its size. I’m excited, I’ve been meaning to start going out walking again but due to my health I’ve just not got around to doing it.

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Start: Saving money!

With  my holiday in less than five months I want to try and save as much money as possible for it! As well as that Christmas will soon be upon us again, so it’ll be good to save for that too, although hard to save up for my holiday at the same time. Saving money is always good to do anyway, as you never know really what may happen. I’ve always been one for saving money, which I get from my Dad. He always taught me from a young age to save money for as much as it may burn a hole in your pocket, it’ll be worth it in the long run, which is true. I always try and save a little bit every week, but sometimes I’m not able to due to bills etc. At the moment it’s due to paying for my holiday, but in the long run it’ll be worth it. I’m going to try my hardest not to spend money on things, but if I really want something I will indulge. Recently I’ve felt very down in the dumps so I have been treating myself to the odd thing, but that’s stopping now as I NEED to save.

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Start: Reading more!

I really do love reading, but I don’t read half as much as I would like to, and used to. When I was at university I used to read loads and even in my old job I used to read quite a bit. I don’t do that anymore, as my current job I don’t get breaks so I never get a chance to read a book for half an hour like I used to. At home I do try and read as much as I can these days mind, I’ll take my current book of choice out and about with me if I know I’ll get a few minutes to read. Sometimes I try to read before work, whilst traveling on the train (which I hardly do anymore!) or if I pop out with my Dad somewhere, as I know he’ll be nattering away to someone at some point! I would love to be able to join a book club, or even borrow books from the library to read but due to how slow I tend to read, or the fact I never have any time I can’t and that really sucks! I’m hoping by the end of 2014 I’ll have read all of John Green’s books! I’ve read one, currently reading another and have three gathering dust on my shelf. I shall keep you updated…

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Start: Writing again!

Something else I miss doing is writing, creative writing that is. It’s my number one hobbie and passion and something that my anxiety and depression has made me forget about, especially how much I enjoy doing it. With NaNoWriMo coming up in November I’m excited to let my creative juices flow again and I already have a story plot written up from start to finish. I’ll be talking more about NaNoWriMo throughout October. I would love to try and do more writing, even if it involves me being a proof reader for someone, I just miss doing it so much! I’m hoping to try and find a writing group that I can join soon as it would be nice to meet up with people who love writing just as much as I do.

So that’s my five start something’s, I can definitely work on all of these! I also have a sixth one but I’m not going to discuss that on here, but it’s definitely my number one start something that I want to do!

I want whoever reads this to go off and make a list of five start’s that you would like to start in September.

I’m going to keep everyone updated on how I’m keeping with my start’s, probably be at the end of every month!

Will you be taking part in Fresh Start September? Let me know in the comments if you will and what start’s you’ll be doing!

Until next time, take care and see you in September. ;)

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24 Aug


I am a germaphobe, I won’t deny that and I have been for a very long time, if not all my life. I remember as a child my Mom when she first bought hand sanitizer, I hated the stuff. She picked up from school one afternoon and said, “Now you don’t need any water or towels to use this stuff, you just squib a bit on your hand and rub until it’s dry.” So I did as she advised and it was rubbish (in my mind anyway!) and I ended up wiping it off with a baby wipe.

Since then I have learnt that this stuff is wonderful and over the years it’s only got better as companies and shops have brought out more and more different alternatives, aloe vera, moisturising, sensitive, and of course scented!

Scented are definitely my favourite and in the past year and a half I have come to have loads in my possession.

So I thought for today’s post I would write a huge post on which scented hand sanitizers I recommend! It’s really cold lately and with autumn and winter coldness comes plenty of flu and colds, as well as kids and students alike going back to educate themselves once again where germs and freshers flu are all over the place.

Keep yourself germ free with these gorgeously scented beauties!


I’m going to talk about the only bad one first, just to get it out-of-the-way. I bought this hand sanitizer thinking it would be great, as I’ve used Carex’s Strawberry Laces hand wash in the past and it smells gorgeous! However, this doesn’t even smell that much of strawberry, let alone strawberry laces! I’m rather disappointed with it to say the least and I know I won’t be buying it again. I keep one of these in my handbag as a spare for work and on the go, but I’d much rather use one of my The Body Shop ones instead as they actually smell strong! These aren’t worth the money if you’re expecting a strong scent like I was, however if you don’t like strong scents or even a strong alcohol scent then this will suit you down to the ground!


I LOVE The Body Shop’s hand sanitizers and whenever I pop into The Body Shop I usually pick one up to add to my collection, or even try out for the first time. I’ve tried them all now apart from mango and absinthe. I doubt I’ll try mango, as I’m not a fan of that scent myself but absinthe is definitely one I’ll be giving a go next! The ones above are Lemon, Satsuma, Coconut, Strawberry and Pink Grapefruit. Lemon was limited edition and is now no longer available, however if you look hard enough SOME The Body Shop stores will have the odd lemon scent available. I have seen some before in the best and next time I see one I may pick it up. These cost £2.50 each, but are often in deals such as 3 for 2, or even buy one get one 50% off. My favourite of the bunch depends on my mood, but possibly coconut if I don’t want something strong and strawberry if I want something stronger. These are amazing for the money and I always get compliments whenever I wear these at work, or on the go. These are well worth the money and I recommend you give them a go if you fancy updating how you cleanse your hands on the go.


Saving the best until last, these are ALLLLLL my PocketBac’s from Bath & Body Works. May I just add, I have never been over the pond to America, but eBay does that for me, as well as my friend Poppy being my PocketBac dealer!

eBay is amazing for products from Bath & Body Works, but sellers aren’t cheap with these and if you can find a bargain on there then I suggest snapping it up straight away. Whenever I find any on there that I would like and are just under or over £2.00, I make sure to pick them up as they often don’t come up that cheap.

As you can see I so far have thirteen, although three are finished with now. They’re all in the order of which I have obtained them and most of these I have bought myself off of eBay, but as I mentioned my friend Poppy brought me some back this year and being the awesome person she is, she’s going to bring me back some more later this year.


L-R: Party Animal Confetti Cake, Fresh Picked Strawberries and Zippy Fruit Punch (A light refreshment of sparkling fruit punch).

Party Animal Confetti Cake Review

Fresh Picked Strawberries Review

Zippy Fruit Punch Review

Starting off with the PocketBac’s I’ve used up! These are all lovely starter hand sanitizers to start off with and are all fruity scents and were lovely to have over the spring and summer months. Party Animal Confetti Cake is one of my first favourites and smells delicious, definitely good enough to eat! Zippy Fruit Punch wasn’t exactly the nicest scent in the world but it was good enough to keep by my bedside table. I picked up Fresh Picked Strawberries really cheap for just a £1.00, but since then I haven’t found any other PocketBac’s that cheap. :(


L-R: Twisted Peppermint and Pink Sugarplum.

Twisted Peppermint Review

These are probably two of my favourite scents, and they’re also from the Christmas line. As far as I know these come out every year, but I do know that last year the labels design changed which is a shame as they aren’t as cute as these ones are for sure! Twisted Peppermint is definitely my favourite scent and due to that and the fact its limited edition I don’t use it all that often, only if I fancy it as a treat. Pink Sugarplum is gorgeous and one that is really nice to use to cheer you up on cold winter days. I need to get more of the PocketBac’s from the Christmas range!


L-R: I Love S’Mores, Mr Fox Sugar Maple (The sweet scent of sugar maple, like a perfect drizzle of syrup) and Crisp Morning Air (Breathe in the invigorating scent of mountain pine, fresh juniper and pear).

Some of my newest scents, as well as an old favourite! I Love S’Mores is a definite favourite and it came out last year for autumn, and sadly I don’t know if it will be coming back out this year. I have a feeling it won’t… Although they have brought out Graham Cracker Marshmallow recently, which I want to get. The next two are my most recent purchases and already firm favourites. I recently watched one of HollieEatsLipstick‘s videos on YouTube where she was talking and showing off what she had recently bought from Bath & Body Works, which included Crisp Morning Air. She sounded in love with this scent and I knew I had to find out for myself what all the fuss was about, and I’m glad I did! This reminds me of autumn for sure! Crisp apples show through this and it makes me really happy, I have to say. It also smells like fresh air, just as the scent says and is named after. I love this and I really do want to order more of these to last me through until the end of the year and autumn time. As well as that I have Mr Fox Sugar Maple, which reminds me of maple syrup you get on your breakfast pancakes in Frankie & Benny’s. It smells sugary and just amazing and like something I haven’t smelt for a very, VERY long time. My boyfriend loved this too and the scent lasted on my hands for ages.


L-R: Fresh Picked Garden Strawberries (Succulent scent of sun-warmed strawberries fresh from the vine), Fresh Picked Meyer Lemon (Fresh and clean meets the legendary sweetness of Meyer lemon in this sun-kissed scent), Strawberry Cheesecake, Caribbean Escape (Lightly scented with crushed raspberries, sweet strawberries and warm musk) and Beautiful Day (Lightly scented with sun-kissed apple, wild daisies & fresh pink peonies).

Finally I have some PocketBac’s that my friend Poppy brought me back from New York. It was lovely of her to get these for me and I didn’t even ask her to pick me up any scents in particular, she just went off what scents I have smelt and liked on our days out together. Let me tell you, she did very well! Garden Strawberries smells just like Fresh Picked Strawberries and is one I keep on my bed side table to use before I go to sleep. Meyer Lemon is a beautiful fresh citrus scent that I am saving for winter mornings to perk me up. Strawberry Cheesecake is by FAR my favourite of the bunch as not only does it smell like it says on the bottle but it also have glitter/shimmer running throughout, which makes a pleasant change and also looks super pretty and girly. Now with Caribbean Escape and Beautiful Day I didn’t actually know if I would like either scents or not, but I love these both more than the fruity scents! Caribbean Escape reminds me of holidays as a teen as I used to use a body spritz just like this, it smells creamy and like coconuts, which I adore! Beautiful Day reminds me of spring in my garden, it smells of fresh apples and cut grass, which as a hay fever sufferer you think I would hate but this is delightful and light, something I will enjoy using during autumn and winter to perk myself up.

So those are alllll my hand sanitizers, and Pocketbac’s mostly as you can see. If you have seen any you are interested in finding out more about, feel free to request a review (or two), I’ll be happy to write some up in the future.

Until next time, take care all! I’m shattered, need a cup of tea and some much-needed sleep. Have a great bank holiday Monday!

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OPI Peanuts Collection For Halloween 2014

22 Aug

I can safely say I have never been so excited about any collection as I am about this one. Peanuts have teamed up with OPI to bring us this collection for Halloween 2014 and I am counting down the days for it to land in the UK.

As a child I watched Peanuts on and off and I have a fond memory of when I first discovered it. I was watching Mary Poppins with my Dad and accidentally changed the channel to an episode of Peanuts which my Dad changed back to Mary Poppins after discovering my error. I was somewhat gutted as Peanuts being a cartoon I began to enjoy the few minutes it was on for and ever since then I have loved that show.

Since this collection being revealed and posted about on pretty much every beauty blog out there, I’ve started to watch Peanuts episodes and films again, and realised how much I loved it as a kid. I love it so much I even have my little Snoopy dog who sits on my bed. He’s so snuggly, nice to cuddle when you crave one and no ones around.

ANYWAY back to the amazing nail polishes!

Peanuts by OPI brings to life Charles M. Schulz’s comic strip characters for Halloween 2014. Inspired by “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” the four new limited edition nail lacquer shades include seasonal yellow and black crèmes, as well as two black-based glitter hues.

“‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’ is a classic, beloved film,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder & Brand Ambassador. “Peanuts by OPI celebrates the fun, youthful nature of Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus and Snoopy with four limited edition nail lacquer shades designed to capture the spirit of Halloween. With two crème and two glitter options, you can switch between a cheery yellow or chic black look, or try adding a layer of glitter for a unique finish.”

There are four polishes in the collection:

Good Grief – A bright yellow shade, the same as Charlie Brown’s t-shirt.

To Be or Not To Beagle – A glitter polish with pretty much every colour of the rainbow inside! OPI have said “Snoopy’s happy-dance of colours in a joyful glitter.”

Where’s My Blanket??? – Another glitter polish but this one has black and orange glitter running throughout, perfect for Halloween!

WHO ARE YOU CALLING BOSSY?!? – A black creme polish that is meant to signify Lucy’s black hair.

If you wish to see swatches of these there are actually quite a lot out there on the internet now, but here’s a couple I shall link you to:


swatchandlearn (Good Grief) & (To Be or Not To Beagle) (WHO ARE YOU CALLING BOSSY?!? & To Be or Not To Beagle)

As well as buying these all in their full-sized individually you of course can but them in their mini forms in a gift box, which also comes with stick on nail decals too! I think these will be what I pick up, as let’s face it, I won’t use the full size polishes and if I really want to get one shade in the full size I already know it’ll be To Be or Not To Beagle.

These are said to come out in September, but seeing as they’re available over the pond already then I assume we won’t have to wait TOO much longer for them to arrive here.

I assume they’ll also be the same prices as usual £11.95 for a full size bottle and about £13.95 for the mini set.

I can’t wait for these to come out, soon as they do I’ll be buying them!

What do you think of this collection? Will you be buying?

Hope you enjoyed this post, until next time take care all!

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Adventure Time Wish List

19 Aug

Image taken from

This is a random post, and not something I usually do… Well apart from at the start of each month!

Recently I have been reminded of my love of Adventure Time and upon a nerdy shopping trip to Forbidden Planet with my boyfriend a few weeks ago I decided to put a wish list together.

I will tell you now that this wish list is so big, it had to be edited into two pictures!

I don’t often bother doing wish lists halfway through the month, but I just want so much stuff lately that it would be hard to choose one or two things to add onto my monthly wish list.

Plus with school starting back soon I strongly recommend you head to Forbidden Planet if you love Adventure Time as much as I do, as they have some amazing stationery and school items there to choose from at the moment. I wish Adventure Time was around when I was a kid, I’d have owned so much stationary!

So without further ado, Adventure Time wish list time!

Adventure Time Wish List 2

Like most people who watch and love Adventure Time I do rather like BMO. They aren’t my favourite character from the show but they are likeable and I especially love the fact that they look just like an old Game Boy hand-held system. There are a few t-shirts that have been brought out with BMO’s face on but in my opinion this one is the nicest of the bunch. It’s a simple grey t-shirt with an image of how BMO looks when being assembled. Simple but lovely!

I have wanted this hoodie for months now and although I nearly bought it the weekend, the Forbidden Planet I went into were sold out… I was gutted but it meant I saved money! It’s a gorgeous cobalt blue hoodie that features an adorable image of Jake in the pocket, with an arrow saying “Jake’s in here”. This is from one of the Adventure Time episodes where Marceline asks Finn where Jake is, to which he opens his t-shirt pocket and there’s Jake. I know I’ll be getting this hoodie in the near future, for the moment though I’m probably going to be good and wait a while. I know I want it for my holiday, as I’d love to wear it in the evenings.

Image taken from

I LOVE this t-shirt! My boyfriend and I both love the song Jake sings about making bacon pancakes and whenever we make bacon, pancakes or even both we sing it. We love it so much we recently discovered a version of this song mashed with Alisha Keys “Empire State of Mind” which we both downloaded and now have as our phone ringtones. Sad much, eh? :P Anyhoo! This t-shirt is just perfect and whilst this is in the women’s skinny fit style, they do have this in a man’s design too and if I don’t buy this for myself I’ll certainly buy it for my boyfriend at some point. This post will feature some more making bacon pancakes items.

Adventure Time Wish List 1

I don’t exactly need a  new bag, but I have been contemplating getting a new one. This one is super cute and if you don’t get the design, I shall briefly explain! It’s a spin on the Studio Ghibli movie My Neighbour Totoro and as I love that film anyway this bag is just full of win for me. This bag isn’t available to buy until next Thursday (28th August) and I did contemplate pre-ordering it, but although I love this bag I couldn’t see myself using it… I shall see though! It’s just so cute and I’m sure it’d be huge so I wouldn’t have to worry about not fitting my whole life into it. :P

Just to say if you like this tea towel this is only available at Forbidden Planet as it’s an exclusive for those guys. I would snap this up straight away but this will be something I’ll buy when my boyfriend and I eventually move out together as I don’t think my family would approve! :P You can’t go wrong with a funky tea towel as I find it can really brighten up a kitchen (as long as it matches, of course!) and I would love using this especially when I had friends over.

This is the last making bacon pancakes piece, I promise! This is another Forbidden Planet exclusive, so if you want this, that is the only place you’ll be able to pick it up from. Like the tea towel I wouldn’t buy this until I had a place of my own, as I know my boyfriend really wants this, possibly a bit more than I do. I don’t use an apron at home when I cook as I’m not really a messy cook/baker. The only time I actually wear and use an apron is at work, where making a mess is inevitable! I would enjoy wearing this apron whilst cooking dinners, as well as doing some baking, but I won’t lie when I say it would just look nice hanging up on a baking cupboard in a kitchen to give it a bit of an edge.

As I am off on holiday at the start of 2015 I am extremely excited, so much so I am planning every little thing to as much detail as possible, my passport being included. I’ve never had a passport holder but I have been thinking that I might pick one up and out of all the Adventure Time ones I like the BMO one the most. I’ve seen these in Forbidden Planet many times and they do look really good quality for money and all the designs are gorgeous too. Everyone I’ll be going on holiday with will know which passport is mine with this! ;)

When I last visited Forbidden Planet I saw this book and was so tempted to buy it, but I was good and left it for another time. It’s basically a notebook where you write your secrets in, and I am a complete sucker for stationary, especially notebooks! The pages in this book are all designed nicely and it would be a pleasure to write things inside of. As well as that the way you secure this book is pretty cool, it has a standard notebook rubber band on it so that when you close it you wrap the band around the back of the book, so that people get confused when trying to open it… I’ve probably not even explained this properly but it’s hard to describe! Either way it’s amazing and I need it!

I heard about these amazing tins months ago through Ashes on YouTube as he received this in a mystery subscription box and I knew then that I wanted one of these! So I went on a YouTube search to see if I could find out anymore about these, where I found a YouTuber had made a couple of videos showing off each tin and what you got inside. These are blind tins so you won’t know which character you’ll get inside of the tin you buy. All the tins looks gorgeous and I legit want them all, same can be said about the characters you get inside the tins too as for the money they’re really well made and so beautiful! But I’d probably be inclined to wait until I move out so that I can have a little collection of them on a shelf, bookshelf, etc. These aren’t exactly cheap but from the videos I have watched they’re well worth the money! These aren’t out until the end of October but they are available to pre-order and I have seen these on eBay too.

So that was my Adventure Time wish list! I love Adventure Time, even though most people I know hate it due to how “annoying” it is. I only really discovered my love for it nearly a year ago now and I just wish I had discovered it sooner.

Do you like Adventure Time? If you do, let me know about it in the comments. Favourite episode, items you own, favourite character, everything!

My favourite episode is either when we first meet Fiona and Cake, any with Lumpy Space Princess or the one where we meet Jake and Rainicorn’s babies. My favourite characters (I can’t pick one!) are Jake, Fiona, Marceline and Lumpy Space Princess.

Image taken from

Until next time all, take care and I hope your weeks have started off well!

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Dr Martens & Topshop Shoe Dupes…?

16 Aug

Today is a very different post from usual… It’s a fashion post! One I haven’t done for quite a while, sorry about that.

Recently I decided that I would like some new flat shoes, not your standard ballet pumps but something different, with a bit more of an edge and more tomboyish than your usual flat shoes, but something similar to brothel creepers (which I live in when I’m not wearing my ballet flats).

Dr Martens 1461 Shoe (Image taken from

I had a look on Dr Martens website as whilst my favourite style of boot is of course their 1460, I have started to grow more towards their 1461 shoe too but at their £80.00 price tag, I knew I wouldn’t be buying any for quite some time. I wouldn’t necessarily go for the patent pair, as they just look a little too shiny, but I have linked this pair for a reason (as you shall see soon). These of course come in normal leather, different colours, different designs, etc. I’ve seen in the flesh myself how Dr Martens are made and although pricey, for £80.00 you are getting a well made pair of shoes that will last you a very long time! However you don’t wish to pay £80.00 for a pair of these then go to eBay! I bought my patent 1460 boots off eBay for less than £30! Yes they are second hand, but they were already worn in for me and are amazing. I’ve worn them loads since buying them so they were worth every penny for sure.

Topshop Kooler Heavy Sole Shoes (Image taken from

Topshop Kooler Heavy Sole Shoes (Image taken from

Recently someone I follow on Instagram bought these shoes and took a picture of them on her account and I instantly fell in love. Literally searched high and low for where she bought these from and eventually found out they were from Topshop, which I should have known really considering she works there. As you can see they look very similar to Dr Martens 1461 shoes, but the sole of the shoe looks a lot thicker, which I really like! Shoes have gone back to the 90’s the past could of years and instead of having a normal sole, they’d adapted to the double sole and larger! These shoes come in five different variations. You have white leather, blue box leather, black leather, black box leather (which is what the ones above are) and finally red box leather. So the choices are varied! They’re a little cheap than Dr Martens 1461 shoe at £62.00 and I was close to picking a pair of these up in the near future, as whilst it was still pricey, they seemed reasonable. I’ve bought Topshop shoes before and I love them a lot! I bought my Chelsea boots from Topshop and whilst buying them was a nightmare they were worth it and I look forward to wearing them again in the autumn.

However, there is a dupe pair for both of these shoes that are less than half the price of both of these shoes, can you believe it? Well start to because I introduce to you, my new shoes…


These are from Primark and guess how much they were? You guessed yet? These babies only cost me £14.00. YES! You read correct, £14.00!

Whilst having a mooch around Selfridges with my best friend and my boyfriend we had a look at the Primark section at what they had, as we were too lazy and not brave enough to venture to the actual Primark store. I found these and tried them on and I won’t lie, they were a little tight when I tried them on but this was due to the laces not being adjusted to my feet yet, plus the fact they’re new shoes. I took them to the till and couldn’t wait to get them home to try them on once again!

Now it’s been a week since buying these and I’m only just starting to wear them in so I can’t really comment much on the shoe itself, but I can say a few things about them.


First thing, they are gorgeous to look at and whilst they will take some breaking in and more than likely blister my ankles, I think these will be lovely once that process is over and done with. I’ll make sure to wear thick socks and plenty of plasters!

These aren’t a plain style like the Dr Martens 1461 shoes and the shoes from Topshop, they have a brogue style on them, which I really like as it just looks that little bit more tomboyish, which is always a look I go for for when autumn and winter are upon us!

Of course being £14.00 shoes, these aren’t real leather which doesn’t really bother me and as you can see, they are patent which is nice. It’s a lot easier to clean than leather/pleather too.

The grip on  the bottoms of these are crap, I won’t lie. But I didn’t expect the grip to be amazing so I’m hardly surprised, thus it doesn’t really bother me, but for those who may think the grip on these will be amazing, you’ll be disappointed! I’m sure with some wear these will get a natural grip.


I know exactly what I’ll be wearing with these shoes, plenty of black, grey, navy and wine coloured pieces! Black skinny fits with some patterned socks will look amazing, alongside with a shirt for a smart look, or a baggy jumper for a laid back look. I’d also team these up with tights and a pretty dress… Black of course! These would also look amazing with a jumper dress for a slouchy and laid back look. I actually can’t wait to do a look with these on my blog in the future.

DSC_0010 1

Overall I love my new shoes and I hope they’ll last me a while for £14.00! If they happen to be worn a lot and sadly decide to fall apart on me, I could see me purchasing the Topshop or the Dr Martens pair. I have wanted a pair of shoes like this for a long time and I’ve finally picked them up!

So, would you splurge out on a pair of these shoes, or save some pennies and go for the cheaper and more cheerful option?

Let me know in the comments!

I’ve really enjoyed writing this post today, I hope to have some looks featured on my blog in the future with these shoes.

Until next time, take care all and have a good weekend.

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Right Here, Right Now TAG!

14 Aug

Image taken from

I found this tag over at lifestylebeautyx blog and thought that it sounded like fun to do myself, so what the hell! I may as well give it a go before I go into work this afternoon. Enjoy!

Currently I Am: Sitting in my bed, with my favourite sweater on. It’s a little chilly today!

Reading: I’m not really reading anything at this moment in time… Other than what I’m typing! However book wise I am currently reading Looking for Alaska by John Green. I’m really enjoying it!

Listening to: I have a film on at the moment, Candy. It’s an Australian film from 2006 and stars Heath Ledger and Abbie Cornish. It’s about a couple in love with each other as well as heroin. I recommend watching it if you haven’t already!

Laughing At: As morbid as it sounds… Nothing much right now.

Swooning Over: My new shoes, which I shall be talking about on my blog over the weekend. ;)

Planning: A big day out for my boyfriend and our mutual friends!

Eating Lots Of: Crap and I hate it. :(

Feeling: A bit tired and lazy.

Discovering: That I’m not alone.

Looking At: My Nintendo 2DS and considering whether to play Animal Crossing or not.

Wearing: One of my old sweaters that I used to live in 2 years ago. It’s a grey Original Adidas sweater and it really is a snug one to team with joggers. I have my snug pajama bottoms on too that have dalmatians on.

Cooking: I’m planning on cooking bacon and noodles for dinner. I’m working until late so it’ll be more convenient than a proper dinner.

Image taken from

Wondering: What to write about on my blog next week, ideas and suggests welcome in the comments!

Trying Out: Nothing much… I won’t lie. xD

So that’s the Right Here, Right Now TAG completed! Well that was fun to do on my lazy Thursday morning!

Now I tag EVERYONE to take part! It was a short but fun tag to take part in and I want everyone to do it too. Let me know in the comments if you join in on it.

Until next time, take care all I need to be off and be more lazy.

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